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Monday, June 18, 2012

Chemtrail Update PL 105-85

                              Chemtrail Update
                                    PL 105-85

     Templeton residents who followed an earlier blog concerning the material being sprayed in the air also know as Chemtrails may be interested in knowing that “we the people” have consented to this spraying due to our elected Representatives not objecting to Public Law 105-85.  A short video explains the situation we are faced with. 
     Templeton residents are very lucky to have Paulys Templeton Watch to bring you this information.  Check your Gardner News to see if there is a follow up to this article in that paper concerning this issue.   
     If this information is important to you it may be a good idea to contact Senator Brown, Senator Kerry and Congressman Olver and ask that this program be stopped.
    Please do you homework on this issue as your health may be at issue.  

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