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An American Affidavit

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Corporation Behind the Matrix Chapter 5. You Know Something is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher

You Know Something is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher

               Part Five:

          Getting Organized

So when you get mail addressed in the form “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” or “John Quincy
Adams” or “John Q. Adams” or “JOHN Q. ADAMS” you can rest assured that it is not
addressed to any American State Citizen and it is not addressed to the living man, even if that
does happen to be your appellation.

The Articles of Confederation -- The First Act – 1781

While most people think that "confederation" means a loose association of states created for
their mutual benefit, there is a darker meaning to the word familiar in criminal law -- a
collusion of self-interested parties to the detriment of others.

Naturally, the organic states possessed air, land, and sea jurisdictions. The Articles of Confederation which created a "perpetual union" of the states created an unnatural "super state"
-- so that the jurisdictions could be split, with the states retaining the national level jurisdiction
on the Land, and the new entity which was to become the federal government could have
control of the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.

This loss if international jurisdiction was arguably a loss and detriment to the states, especially in that it created Two Masters -- the state on the land and the federal government on the sea --and made the current dilemmas inevitable.

                1787 - 1789

It's a Hot Time in Old Philadelphia!

In the space of only two years (1787-1789) two new nations and two national trusts were

For the American Colonies acting under "The Perfected 1787 Supreme Republican Declaration
of the United States Colonies" there was The United States Trust 1787, and a new nation based
on landed (E)states. This is the land trust owed to the organic states of the United Colonies which underlies everything else. The actual name of the new nation was (and is) States of America
-- "united" was just an adjective used to describe their affiliation -- but this entity is better known as the Continental United States.

Next, the United States of America (Federal United States) was created and defined by "The
Constitution for the united States of America", and the United States Trust 1789 was set up to
receive the assets granted to the federal government.

Much later a third national trust, the Public Charitable Trust, was set up by the Corporate
United States as a welfare fund to mitigate the suffering of Negroes displaced by the Civil War.
This eventually morphed into the Social Security Fund.

According to the 1824 Webster's Dictionary the word "federal" was a synonym for "contract" at
the time, so "federal government" = "contract government"

All "constitutions" are contracts involving debt -- in this case, the debt the American States
incurred as a result of creating the federal government and agreeing to pay for the services it

At the time, the Americans had no Navy, only a commercial fleet was easy prey on the High
Seas. The British had the best Navy in the world and a desperate need for American raw
materials. It was natural to strike a deal allowing the British to manage the Jurisdiction of the
Sea and provide protection for American shipping.

They made several treaties promising perpetual aid, friendship, and amity for the Americans,
guaranteed by the British on the High Seas and Inland Waterways.

Treaty of Peace 1783

"Commerce" is business conducted between corporations, including the Federal "States of
States" like the State of Ohio and the State of Indiana. Corporations accrue "income", hence the
"income tax".

"Trade" is business conducted between people, associations, sole proprietors, simple
partnerships, pure trusts, and other unincorporated business structures.

These entities accrue private property -- not income.

President Number One:

The President's duties under the actual Constitution pertaining to the Constitutional United States have never changed. His job is to determine how -- not what, when, how much, where, at what cost or why business is conducted. That is the business of the Members of Congress --
when and if -- they act as Deputies (accountable fiduciary officers) of their home States, like
the Ohio State and Wisconsin State, and convene a Constitutional Congress. The President's job
with respect to actual States on the land is purely executive; he figures out how to do what the
State Deputies tell him to do, and the State Deputies are directly accountable to the People
(House of Representatives) and to the actual State Legislature (Senate).

Please note that the Ohio State Legislature (Continental State) is not the same as the State of Ohio Legislature (Federal State).

President Number Two:
The President's duties under the similarly named Constitution of the United States of America
pertain solely to the affairs of the Federal States that operate in the international Jurisdiction of
the Sea, including the "States of States" and like the States of Ohio or "STATE OF OHIO" or
most recently "OHIO" and their franchises. He has more power in this role, but still is limited
in that the Federal Congress acts as his Board of Directors, holds the purse strings on the federal
budget, and so on. It is in this capacity that he introduces, lobbies for or vetoes federal
legislation. This is all in-house and only impacts Federal States of States, like the State of Iowa,
other federal corporations, federal territories, and "United States Citizens".

President Number Three:
As President of the United States - a corporate CEO acting under the Constitution of the United
States (no "of America" about it) - he has been given dictatorial style power and can run federal
functions by "Executive Orders" issued to "federal municipal franchises" incorporated under
the laws of Washington DC Municipality (an independent international City State). The
Washington DC Municipality has no actual authority outside of the physical boundaries of
Washington DC with respect to the Continental United States, despite gross pretensions
otherwise, and the President acting in this role has only the powers of any other corporate CEO.
The Washington DC Municipal government has created hundreds of millions of "citizens" for
itself named after living Americans and American cities and towns, and claims to own and
operate all of these franchises as chattel property. These are all UNITED STATES CITIZENS --
debt slaves -- which exist only on paper, but which are used as devices to promote fraud against people, towns, counties, and cities.

So what is the US Constitution?

It is a two party equity contract, consisting of a trust indenture (Preamble and Bill of Rights)
and a services agreement contract.

It obligates the United States (Commercial Company) to provide certain enumerated services including protection of the national trust and the
subscribing States agree to pay for all this.

No wonder United States Citizens are so eager to defend The Constitution from all enemies
foreign and domestic! It's their meal ticket.

~ The Third Face of the Constitution ~

As a document The Constitution for the united States of America is straight forward - a trust
indenture and a services contract, but there is another aspect to it that is a matter of of function
rather than form.

The Constitution - the real one - is a
trilateral international treaty.
1. It binds each State to the Federal Union.
2. It binds each State to the other States.
3. It binds the States as a group to the Federal Union.

Another important point to note is that all Parties are acting in International Commerce. Each
"State of America" is for the purposes of International Law a separate nation, so The
Constitution represents a solemn treaty among many nations, obligating each to provide
services or sustenance or both for the others, all of them interconnected according to the terms
of the agreements reached.

Other important facts to know - not all of the original Thirteen Colonies signed on to The
Constitution. Only nine originally ratified it. The rest joined the Union at a later time, and new
States were added under the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine for almost a
hundred years - right up until the Civil War.

With the Civil War the country entered a crisis that is still not resolved. As a result, no true
American States known as "States of America" have been added to the Federal Union since
1860. All the "States" which exist in the Western half of the United States of America are not
really "States of America" under the Northwest Ordinance because there has not been no
competent Congress convened since 1860 that is able to grant them such status.

Instead, these "States" have been operated entirely as federal "States" and treated more or less like real States of America under separate compacts or trusts that agree to honor their incipient land jurisdiction as if they were true States on the land.

Please note that the People are not direct Parties to The Constitution and have only secondhand
(subrogated) standing. The States and the Federal Union and the direct parties obligated by The
Contract. Also notice that The Constitution is NOT the source of any of your rights and
material interests. Instead, it restricts the Federal Union and limits it and provides guarantees
protecting rights and prerogatives living people already have.

Pick a constitution, Any Constitution, Step Right Up!

1. The original equity contract known as
“The Constitution for the united States of
America” which created the Federal United States
is built both of Articles of Treaty.
Amendments are slight changes or interpretations of the Treaty made by agreement of the
subscribing parties. There are ten Articles and three Amendments to the Original Equity
Contract, including one known as the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) which does not
appear in the Corporate Constitution published by the United State of America, Incorporated
circa 1868.

TONA made it explicitly impossible for members of the Bar Association to hold any public
office, because they were in receipt of a foreign title of nobility—Esquire.

Amendments to the Original Equity Contract require a properly seated Congress composed of
Deputies representing the landed (E)states and a lengthy ratification process by each State
Legislature operating in fiduciary capacity as State Delegates (Deputies).

Because neither the Congress nor the State Legislatures have been operating in their proper
capacity, no Amendments have been made to the actual Constitution since 1860.

This is the actual Constitution that establishes the Law of the Land – that is, the Law that the
Federal Government must operate under with respect to the Land Jurisdiction and the People of
the Land. We are owed all our Natural Rights and a Republican form of government.

2. The Corporate Constitution known as “the Constitution of the United States of America” is
built of Articles of Incorporation—a different kind of “Articles” entirely. Amendments to this
constitution do not strictly require any ratification by the Federal “State” franchises, and they
only represent changes in “Public Policy” by the corporation—not any amendment of the actual
Constitution creating the Federal United States.

This means that the 13th Amendment onward are not Public Law. Only private law affecting the
officers and employees of the United States of America Inc.

The existence of this corporate “constitution” is a direct result of the fact that the Federal
United States is a separate (and with respect to us, foreign) nation. It is allowed to organize its
internal affairs
as it sees fit and to impose whatever laws it wishes to apply to its "citizens"
within its international "territorial jurisdiction".

This is why the entire Federal Code including the Internal Revenue Code persists in calling
birthright citizens of the Continental United States "non-resident aliens".

From the perspective of the Federal United States, we are "aliens" when we enter their
international jurisdiction, and we are either "resident" or "non-resident" in their Federal States.

3. The Municipal Constitution is known as "the Constitution of the United States" - by now you
are shaking your head and thinking - which United States? Continental? Federal? Corporate?

The short answer is "corporate" -- just another form of corporate.

This is the "constitution" of the Washington DC Municipality, an independent, international
city-state run as an oligarchy by the members of "Congress". It is an offshoot of the Federal
United States which granted it a treaty similar to the treaty that the United Colonies granted to
the Continental United States and which they granted in turn to the Federal United States.

Interlocking Trust Directorates

Think of it like a set of nesting dolls. The Global Estate Trust chartered the United Colonies,
which chartered the Continental United States, which chartered the Federal States, which
chartered the Municipal City-State.

This municipal “constitution” is simpler than the Federal United States' Corporate Constitution
and is loosely based on it.

The CITIZENS of Washington DC Municipality and its franchises are all debt slaves, including

          ~ State of States ~

In addition to all these federal constitutions, there are also state-level constitutions. There are
the original State constitutions which are treaties and there are the Federal State constitutions
which are corporate charters and there are the federal STATE Municipal constitutions which are
corporate municipal charters...

The Ohio State is one of the Continental United States operating on the land jurisdiction of the
United States. It's a Republic.

The State of Ohio is a corporate franchise of the Federal United States operating the sea
jurisdiction of the United Colonies. It's a Constitutional Democracy.

The STATE OF OHIO is a corporate franchise of the Washington DC Municipality which is
operating as a n independent international city-state. It's an Oligarchy operated by

And, just recently, the UNITED NATIONS (INC.) bought all the DC Municipal franchises and is in the process of renaming them, so that the STATE OF OHIO will be operated by the
operated as a Public transmitting Utility under the name "JOHN Q. ADAMS".

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