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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Chapter 32 Exposing the upper level parallel Secret Government: The Tavistock Instutute for Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman from antimatrix.org

Exposing the upper level parallel Secret Government

The only way in which we are going to defeat this powerful and insidious enemy is by educating our people, especially our young people in the Constitution, and by standing fast on our Christian faith. Otherwise, our priceless heritage will be lost, forever. The power that Tavistock wields over this nation must be broken.

Hopefully, this work will become a training manual in the hands of millions of Americans, who want to engage the enemy, but who have, hitherto, not been able to identify that enemy.
The political forces controlled by secret societies, all opposing America's republican, constitutional ideals, do not like anything that seeks to expose Tavistock Institute and their disloyalty to America, and even less still, where such disclosures cannot be ridiculed and ignored. Of course those who engage in unmasking the deeds of our secret government invariably pay a high price for such disclosures.
No one who is interested in the future of America can afford to ignore the manner in which Tavistock Institute has whipsawed the American people and manipulated government, even as the majority of Americans remain in ignorance of what is transpiring. With the almost complete control exercised over our nation by our upper-level, parallel, secret government, America has ceased to be a free and independent nation. One can generally fix the beginning of our decline around the time that Woodrow Wilson was "elected" by the British aristocracy.
Most of Tavistock's more recent activities in the United States have centered around the White House and in directing former President G.H.W. Bush, former President Clinton, and President G. W. Bush to engage in war against Iraq. Tavistock is leading the drive to destroy the Second Amendment right of citizens to keep and bear arms.
It has also been instrumental in advising key members of the legislature that they have no further need for the U.S. Constitution, hence the mass of new laws enacted that are not laws at all, since they do not meet the test of constitutionality and fall to the ground.
Tavistock remains the mother of all research facilities in America and Britain, and the leader in behavior modification techniques, mind control and opinion making and shaping.
The Rand Institute at Santa Monica under the direction of Tavistock created the phenomena known as "El Nino" as a weather modification experiment. Tavistock is also heavily engaged in the New Age "UFO" experiments and sighting of aliens, under its mind control contracts with the C.I.A.
Rand Institute runs the ICBM program and does primary analyses for foreign governments. Rand and Tavistock successfully profiled the white population of South Africa as a preliminary to testing the waters for a Communist African National Congress takeover, assisted and strongly supported by the U.S. State Department. "Bishop" Desmond Tutu, who played a leading role in the preamble to the fall of the white government, is a creation of Tavistock.
Georgetown University was taken over in its entirety by Tavistock, back in 1938. Its structure and programs were reformatted to suit the Tavistock "brain trust" blueprint as a center for higher learning. This has had great significance for the United States when we consider that Georgetown University was where Mr. Clinton learned his art of mass manipulation and dissembling.
All State Department field agents are trained at Georgetown. Three of its best-known graduates were Henry Kissinger, William Jefferson Clinton and Richard Armitage. Georgetown's "invisible army" loyalists have done untold harm to the United States and will no doubt play their roles to the full until the end, a time when they will be uprooted, exposed and rendered harmless.
Some of the ugliest and most horrifying actions taken against America were planned at Tavistock. I am referring to the bombing of the Marine compound at Beirut Airport, which took the lives of 200 of our finest young servicemen. One person believed to have been aware of the impending attack by Lebanese terrorists, was Secretary of State George Schultz. As unconfirmed reports stated at the time, Schultz was tipped off in advance of the attack by the Mossad, Israel's secret service agency.
If Schultz did receive such a timely warning, he never relayed it to the Marine base commander at Beirut. Schultz was, and still is, a loyal servant of the Committee of 300 through the Bechtel Corporation.
However, one year after I expressed my suspicions about Schultz and Bechtel (1989), a disaffected high-ranking Mossad agent broke ranks and wrote a book on his experiences.
Parts of the book included the very same information I had printed a year earlier, which has led me to believe that the suspicions I voiced about Schultz in 1989, were not altogether without substance. The whole episode reminds me of the treachery of Gen. Marshall, who deliberately kept information about a pending Japanese air attack against Pearl Harbor from the commander at Hawaii.
There is mounting evidence about an increase in the input and influence Tavistock is having at the CIA. There are great many other intelligence agencies receiving instructions from Tavistock, notably the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DJA), the Treasury Intelligence, and State Department Intelligence.
Every year when the anniversary of the murder of President John Kennedy comes around I am reminded of the leading role played in the planning of his public execution; particularly the part played by MI6. After a 20-year in-depth investigation into the murder of JFK, I think I have come very close to the truth, as detailed in the monograph "The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. "
The unsolved murder of Pres. Kennedy remains a gross insult against everything the United States stands for. How is it that we, a supposedly free and sovereign nation, allow the cover up of a crime to remain in place, year after year? Surely our intelligence agencies know who the perpetrators of the crime are? Surely we know that the murder of Kennedy was carried out in broad daylight in front of millions of Americans, as an insult, and a warning that the reach of the Committee of 300 goes far beyond what even our highest elected official was able to defend himself against?
The perpetrators of the crime laugh at our confusion secure in the knowledge that they will never be brought to justice, and glorifying in the success of the foul deed and the inability of We, the People, to pierce the corporate veil that hides their faces from view.
The massive cover-up of the Kennedy assassination remains in place. We have full details of how the House Assassinations Committee failed to do its duty, ignoring strong evidence and latching onto flimsy here-say; ignoring the plain fact that the X-rays of Kennedy's head, taken at Bethesda Hospital, were tampered with.
The list of the sins of the Committee of 300 and its servant, the Tavistock Institute is endless. Why did the Senate committee make no effort to investigate the strange disappearance of Kennedy's death certificate; a vital piece of evidence, which should have been found, no matter how long it took and no matter what the cost? Nor was Admiral Burkely, the naval officer who signed the certificate, seriously questioned about the circumstances surrounding the strange-very strange- unexplained disappearance of this vital piece of evidence.
Here I must leave the subject of the murder of John F. Kennedy (which in my opinion was a Tavistock -related project) carried out by MI6 and the FBI Five Division head, Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield. The CIA is a client of Tavistock's along with literally scores of other U.S. Government agencies. In the decades that have passed since the murder, not one single one of these agencies has ceased to do business with Tavistock. In fact, - Tavistock has added many new names of government agencies to its client list.
In looking through my documents, I discovered that in 1921 when Reese founded Tavistock, he was under the control of British intelligence SIS.
Thus from its inception, Tavistock has always been closely associated with intelligence work, even as it is to this very day. The case of Rudolph Hess may be of more than passing interest to not a few of our readers. It will be recalled that Hess was murdered by two SIS operatives in his Spandau prison cell, the night before he was to be released.
The RIIA was afraid that Hess would blow the lid off what had been kept a dark secret; the close relationship between members of the British oligarchy-including Winston Churchill-and the German Thule Society, of which Hess had been the leader.
Of more than a passing interest is the fact, that the Tavistock Institute was named after the 11th Duke of Bedford, the Marquise of Tavistock. The title was passed on to his son, the 12th Marquise of Bedford. It was to his estate that Hess flew in an attempt to end the war. But Churchill would have none of it and ordered Hess to be arrested and imprisoned. The Duke of Bedford's wife committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills, when it became apparent that Hess would never be released, even when the war ended.
In my work "Who Murdered Rudolph Hess" and "King Makers, King Breakers-The Cecils", I reveal just how close was this virtual kinship with Hess and other important members of Hitler's inner-circle right up to the start of WWII. Had Hess succeeded in his mission to the Duke of Bedford, Churchill and almost the entire British oligarchy would have been revealed as frauds.
The same thing would have happened had Hess not been kept a solitary prisoner at Spandau in Berlin, guarded for years after the end of WWII by troops drawn from Britain, the United States and the USSR, against all logic and at a tremendous cost (estimated at $50,000 a day).
Because a changed Russia felt they could embarrass America and Britain-especially Britain, they suddenly announced Hess would be released. The British could not afford to run the risk of having their wartime leaders exposed, so the order was given to kill Hess.
Tavistock provides services of a sinister nature to those people we find all across the United States, in every city of note. They have the leading personalities of those cities in the palm of their hand, whether it is in the police department, city government or any other authority.
This is the case in every city also, where the Illuminati and Freemasons join with Tavistock in exercising their secret powers to walk all over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
One can only wonder just how many innocent people are in prison today because they were not knowledgeable about their Constitution and the Bill of Rights; victims of Tavistock, one and all. Pay close attention to the television series, "COPS."
It is standard Tavistock mind control and opinion making fare. In it you find every possible violation of the constitutional rights of persons stopped, and or arrested by the police. It is my firm opinion and belief that "COPS" is meant to condition the public and make us believe that such gross violations of rights we witness is the norm; that the police actually have such excessive powers, and that
constitutional safeguards to which every citizen is entitled, do not exist in practice. "COPS" is a most insidious brainwashing, opinion-making controlling program, and it would not be at all surprising to find Tavistock mixed up in it, somewhere.

Interpol in the U.S.: Its origin and purpose exposed


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