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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Chapter 10 Polling comes of age: The Tavistock Instutute for Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman from antimatrix.org

Polling comes of age

The Tavistock Clinic in London was where Sigmund Freud had settled when he arrived from Germany, and where his nephew, Edward Bernays later held court.
Thus it was that England became the world's center for mass brainwashing, social engineering experimenting that spread to postwar clinics spread all over the United States.

Psychological Warfare Bureau and MI6

During World War II, Tavistock was the headquarters of the British Army's Psychological Warfare Bureau which, through the arrangements of the British Special Operation Executive (SOE) (later known as MI6) dictated policy to the United States Armed Forces in matters of psychological warfare.
Toward the end of the war, Tavistock personnel took over the World Federation of Mental Health and the Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) in Europe.
Tavistock's chief theoretician, Dr. Kurt Lewin, came to the United States to organize the Harvard Psychological Clinic, the MIT research Center for Groups Dynamics, the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan; while his colleagues, Cartwright and Cantrill joined him to play a pivotal policy role at the psychological department of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the Office of Naval Research ONI), the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey and the Committee of National Morale.

Topological psychology - the most advanced method of brainwashing

Moreover, a large number of influential people at top policy levels were trained in Dr. Lewin's theory of topological psychology, which is to this day the worlds most advanced method of behavior modification-brainwashing. Important colleagues of Kurt Lewin at Tavistock, Eric Trist, John Rawlings Reese, H.V. Dicks, W.R. Bion and Richard Crossman plus selected personnel from the Strategic Bombing Survey, the Committee on National Morale and the National Defense Resources Council, joined Lewin at Rand Corporation, the Stanford Research Institute, the Wharton School, the National Training Laboratories and the National Institute of Mental Health.
The United States government began contracting multimillion-dollar projects with all these institutions. Over a period of the forty years, tens of billions of dollars have been allocated by the Federal Government to fund the work of these groups; while additional tens of billions of dollars found their way into these institutions from private foundations.
As years passed, these institutions grew and the scope of projects they contracted grew with them. Every aspect of the mental and psychological life of the American people was profiled, recorded and stored into computer memory banks.

Developing policies for the U.S. Government

The institutions, personnel and networks kept on expanding and penetrating deeply into every nook and cranny of Federal, State and Local governments. Their in-house specialists and graduates were called in to develop policies for welfare departments, labor mediation boards, trade unions, the Air Force, the Navy, the Army, the National Education Association and psychiatric clinics, and the White House, the Defense Department and the State Department. It also has extensive contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Close cooperative relations with polling organizations

Close cooperative relations were developed between these think-tanks and the U.S.A.'s key polling organizations and the major media companies. Gallup Poll, the Yankelovich - CBS - New York Times poll, the National Opinion Research Center and others incessantly conducted psychological profiles of the entire population, sharing the results for evaluation and processing with the ubiquitous social psychologists.

Fox News - a virtual seamless propaganda machine for the government

What the public sees in newspapers as opinion polls represents only a fractional portion of the work that the pollsters undertook to do. A key to the control of Tavistock over key sectors of the daily business of government in the U.S. is that it now has its own de-facto television outlet in Fox News, since its acquisition by Richard Murdoch, a virtual seamless propaganda machine for the government.
Above this closely knit grouping of social psychologists, pollsters and media manipulators, presides an elite of powerful patrons, "the Gods of Olympus" (the Committee of 300). It is known in informed circles, that the group controls everything in the world with the exception of Russia and latterly, China.

The Committee of 300 commands over 400 of the top Fortune 500 companies

It plans and acts out long-term strategies in a totally, disciplined and unified manner. It commands over 400 of the top Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. with interlocking connections that reach into every facet of government, trade, banking, foreign policy, intelligence agencies and the military establishment.
It has absorbed all the other "power groups" of earlier U.S. history; the Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller group, the Eastern Liberal Establishment personified by the Perkins, Cabot, Lodge families, the creme of the old East India opium trade that generated billions of dollars.
Its hierarchy comprises the old families descended from the British East India Company with its vast fortunes derived from the opium trade that is run from the top down, including European royalty among others.
In the deeper recesses of the intelligence establishment in Washington, veteran intelligence officers refer to this awesome group, in hushed tones and mysterious language as the "Committee of 300." The leaders are called "The Olympians." No U.S. president is elected or remains in office save and except by their favor.
Those who buck their control are removed. Examples are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.
The Committee of 300 is the international Socialist One World Government that runs the New World Order from behind the scenes where it will remain, until it is ready to emerge and take open and full control of all governments of the world in an International Communist dictatorship.

The paradigm shift in education


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