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Friday, February 24, 2017

Graphic Video: Raqqa City Reduced to Rubble by US Airstrikes, Scores of Residents Killed By Chris Tomson and Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research

Graphic Video: Raqqa City Reduced to Rubble by US Airstrikes, Scores of Residents Killed

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What is at stake are extensive crimes against humanity committed by the US under the pretext of a counterterrorism operation.
The Liberation of Raqqa is fake. The US is bombing Raqqa in Northern Syria largely targeting civilians. 
The city was occupied by ISIS and the ISIS is supported by the Western military alliance. ISIS was protected by the US. 
The ISIS combatants were recruited by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey on behalf of Washington. 
The occupation of Raqqa and Mosul by the ISIS has provided Washington with the justification to wage a counterterrorism operation launched by Obama in 2014.
During a period of more than two years, extensive bombings have taken place.
The object of the counterterrorism operation was not to go after ISIS. 
It was largely intended to destroy the civilian infrastructure of both Iraq and Syria.
The ISIS are the foot soldiers of  US-NATO supported covertly by the CIA.
The destruction of Raqqa as described in the video below has largely been ignored by the Western media. Crimes against humanity committed by the US and its allies are not front page news.
The source of the video is Amaq Agency, the official Islamic State outlet. Amaq published footage on February 21 “showing the aftermath of coalition airstrikes that have targeted the Islamic State capital since 2014.  The video is graphic and should not be watched by the faint-hearted”
The Islamic State (ISIS) and its rebel force was until recently an instrument of Washington. It is now cannon fodder.
Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, February 24, 2017
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