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Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Vote: The Betting Sites Were Wrong. So Were the Polls. So Were the Pols.by Gary North

Brexit Vote: The Betting Sites Were Wrong. So Were the Polls. So Were the Pols.

Gary North - June 24, 2016
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The betting sites were wrong. The polls were wrong. The politicians were wrong.
The last YouGov poll was 52 to 48 "remain" hours before the voting ceased. The vote went the other way: 52-48.
The law of large numbers was wrong: polls and betting. So were the capital markets. The Dow was up 230 on June 23: 18,011. The S&P 500 was up 28: 2113. The pound was up 1%. Soon after the first numbers came in, the pound fell 4%. That is a huge drop. Then it fell another seven percent.
Nigel Farage had conceded defeat before the voting ended. Wrong!
So, the voters just handed the EU its greatest defeat.
There will be more nations leaving.
There is a loss of faith visible. It is widespread. It is not yet sufficient to overturn the status quo, but when the next recession undermines the status quo, the switch will not be from Eurosceptics to true believers. It will be in the other direction.
The Left sees this. The EU has hit its limits of sovereignty. Push back has begun.
It took the NWO 70 years to cobble together the EU. They never did get a common fiscal system, which was the crucial factor. It will not take 70 years to break it into component parts.
Before the vote, some Leftist commentator in Canada who loves represents the NWO wtote this:

There is a growing realization in many corners of the U.K. that the EU referendum should never have been called in the first place. Unlike the national sovereignty debates of Scotland and even Quebec, which were largely dependent on a people's sense of cultural identity, the question of EU membership and whether it truly benefits Britain is exceedingly complex, fantastically dull, hugely important, and exactly the sort of thing policy-makers are elected to decide so normal people don't have to.
This the attitude of the the globalists: arrogant, dismissive of the voters. They are not going to maintain control for another generation. They will cry: "It's not fair. We knew what was good for the world."
There is nothing deader than an idea whose time has passed.
The EU's time has passed.
The globalists will not put lipstick on this pig. It is their biggest setback, ever.
Cameron is fried. Gone. Labor is fried. It was already gone.
Now it's all about negotiating the best exit. The better the deal, the more tempting it will be for other "leave" movements. "We can get an even better deal!"
One more time, let me quote Bobby Fisher at age 15: "I love to see them squirm."
And let me say today what I said 40 years ago: Enoch Powell was right.
Day: But you said we would not go into the Common Market, and we did go into the Common Market, and are not just as wrong now as you were then? Powell: No sir, the British people do not mean it because they have still not been able to credit the implications of being in the Common Market. They still think they will be a nation. They still think they will govern and tax and legislate for themselves. They are mistaken. It's not the fault of many of the pro-marketeers that they are mistaken, but it is the thing, so incredible to them, that I am not inclined to blame them overmuch. But they will learn.
They learned.
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