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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Are Vaccines Safe for Children? Global Survey Reveals the Truth By Ty Bollinger

Are Vaccines Safe for Children? Global Survey Reveals the Truth

Vaccines are a “hot button” topic, and as a parent you may be asking yourself… are vaccines safe? After all, we want to do what’s best for the health and well-being of our children. At the same time, we’re also under enormous pressure to succumb to the vaccination schedule pushed on us by family doctors, public health, and schools. Let’s consider for a moment the testing procedure to determine the safety of vaccines…
Most in the medical community consider the gold standard of scientific inquiry to be the double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Such studies compare the effects of a given substance to that of a placebo under tight controls. We’re told that, without such research, it’s impossible to know for certain whether or not a given substance is truly safe or effective.
That’s why drug companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to prove the efficacy of pharmaceuticals using such methods. It’s also why many conventional doctors discredit alternative medicine modalities that don’t have double-blind studies to back them up. 

Where’s the Research into Vaccine Safety?

In theory, these rigorous standards are supposed to weed out “pseudoscience” from “legitimate” science, and in some cases they do. But there’s also a much darker side to the story. This is particularly true in the area of vaccine research, and it is rarely discussed in the mainstream. Truth be told, there has never been a single study conducted using the gold standard that compares the health outcomes of vaccinated children to unvaccinated children. This is because depriving some children of vaccines, authorities claim, would amount to child abuse.
It’s the worst kind of circular reasoning. Untested vaccines can’t be tested using proper scientific standards because doing so would supposedly prevent some people from accessing the presumed benefits of the vaccines being tested. Yet this is where we’re currently at as a society, much to the detriment of our health and the health of our children.
The system failed to hold the vaccine industry accountable for this travesty. Increasingly more untested vaccines are being added to the childhood vaccine schedule all the time. All the while, rates of autism, obesity, and other chronic diseases continue to skyrocket. It’s a public health crisis that “We the People” must confront head-on. The worldwide Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Children’s Data (VanVCD) Survey is one way to do this.
no gold standard study answers question: are vaccines safe?

Preliminary Data Shows Vaccinations Aren’t as Safe as We’re All Being Told

Back in the fall, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM, Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in North Carolina, and his colleagues developed a simple 11-question survey. They are asking parents from around the world to complete this survey as part of a global data-collection effort. It’s the largest survey to date looking at the health and development outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.
There’s no cost for taking the survey, and your information won’t be used for marketing or other commercial purposes. The one and only goal is to get to the bottom of the age-old question many of us in the natural health community have been asking for decades… are vaccines safe for children, and is there scientific data to prove it?
I’ve spoken to Dr. Buttar about this ongoing survey and the data that’s already been collected, and I can tell you that the results are sobering. What he’s seeing is that many of our concerns about vaccine safety are indeed valid. He also sees that government health agencies are doing an extremely poor job at informing and protecting the public.
If you’re new the vaccine safety debate, I hope that you’ll keep an open mind as you process the information I’m about to reveal. This is raw data collected from people just like you who simply filled out the survey in accordance with the questions asked. There’s no tricky wording, no manipulative agenda, just honest answers to honest questions… and as you’ll see, figures and percentages that speak for themselves!

Unvaccinated Children Excel Developmentally

When looking at the data for developmental milestones, for instance, it’s clear that unvaccinated children are generally higher achievers than vaccinated children. The latest figures show that the overall percentage of vaccinated children who perform better than others in their peer group is 31.1%. At the same time the overall percentage of unvaccinated children who perform better than their peers is 38.4%.
This gap widens somewhat in the average performers category. Here, 43.7% of vaccinated children performed at a similar level to that of their peers, compared with 56.1% among unvaccinated children. In other words, unvaccinated children are more likely than vaccinated children to keep up with their peers in all areas of normal childhood development.
But the real kicker is the percentages in the “behind their peer group” category. A simple filtering of the VanVCD data shows they are significantly higher in the vaccinated group. More than one-quarter (25.2%) of vaccinated children perform worse than their peers developmentally, compared to just 5.5% among unvaccinated children − a 19.7% variance!

Unvaccinated Children are Healthier

Similar disparities are present in the category of chronic illness, a major concern among vaccine skeptics. It turns out that vaccines aren’t exactly as safe as the medical system claims they are, according to the data. When answering whether or not their children had a chronic illness or neurological deficit, an astounding 92.4% of parents with unvaccinated children responded “no,” while only 7.6% responded “yes.”
In the vaccinated category, a shocking 43.1% of parents responded with “yes” to this same question − a sixfold increase compared to parents of unvaccinated children. In other words, vaccinated children are six times more likely than unvaccinated children to develop a chronic disease. In some cases it could be a neurological problem, and either could follow them the rest of their lives.
“Remember, to have ‘statistical significance,’ you have to have an ‘n’ of 32,” Dr. Buttar explained to me about the scientific legitimacy of these figures. “In other words, the sample size has to be at least 32 to be ‘statistically significant.’ The ‘n’ here is around 1,000 − and it’s increasing daily!” 

vaccine-surveyHave Children? Take the VANVCD Survey and Contribute to Open-Source Science on Vaccines

These are just two examples of the types of data comparisons that can be extrapolated from the VanVCD database. There are many other parameters you can input into the system to learn more about how vaccines are affecting children. It’s an invaluable resource that I encourage you to take advantage of, as well as contribute to, for the betterment of vaccine science.
A few thousand people have already contributed to the VanVCD database thus far. Many more thousands are needed to help either challenge or reinforce the existing findings. Again, the purpose of this survey isn’t to push any specific agenda. The intention is to conduct honest inquiry into the safety and effectiveness of vaccines − research that, up until this point, has never been conducted.
Imagine how invaluable the VanVCD database will be once millions of parents have taken the simple 11-question survey. I strongly encourage you to check out the VanVCD website, take the survey. Don’t stop there − pass it on to all of your friends and family members for them to take. This survey needs to go viral, and you can help make it happen by spreading the word within your circles of influence.
The survey takes about two minutes to complete. This is a very small price to pay for the health of our children, our children’s children, and all future generations that face an ever-increasing onslaught of untested vaccines. We can’t let the medical industry continue to inject our children with substances that may potentially cause developmental delays and disease. We’ll never definitively know one way or another unless we compile the data and present the evidence.
This is what the VanVCD survey is all about, and why its success is critical now more than ever.
To learn more about the VanVCD survey, please visit: http://www.VanVCD.org
You can also use this simple “Tell A Friend” link to access graphics and other referral material to maximize the reach of this world community project: http://www.VanVCD.org/TellAFriend.php

Article Summary

  • Many parents have their children immunized without knowing for sure how safe vaccines actually are for children.
  • Despite enormous pressure from pharmaceutical companies, the medical community, and schools and governments to vaccinate all children, there actually has never been a “gold standard” double-blind, placebo-controlled study into the health outcomes of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children.
  • A new open-source database is looking to provide unbiased information on the health outcomes of vaccination.
  • Parents of both vaccinated and unvaccinated children are encouraged to take a 2-minute survey at http://www.VanVCD.org
  • This data will be invaluable evidence to decision-makers (including parents) about whether or not vaccinations are safe and necessary.
  • Please take the survey and share the link with everyone you know who has children:  http://www.VanVCD.org

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