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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman Introduction and Chapter One

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NWO - The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations

Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States

Dr. John Coleman
Tavistock Institue of Human Relations Book Cover - Dr. John Coleman



The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America.
The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations has had a profound effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain. It has been in the front line of the attack on the U.S. Constitution and State constitutions. No group did more to propagandize the U.S. to participate in the WWI at a time when the majority of the American people were opposed to it.
Much the same tactics were used by the Social Science scientists at Tavistock to get the United States into WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and both wars against Iraq. Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating organization at Wellington House in London in the run-up to WWI, what Toynbee called "that black hole of disinformation." On another occasion Toynbee called Wellington House "a lie factory." From a somewhat crude beginning, Wellington House evolved into the Tavistock Institute and went on to shape the destiny of Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States in a highly controversial manner. The people of these nations were unaware that they were being "brainwashed." The origin of "mind control," "inner directional conditioning" and mass "brainwashing" is explained in an easy to understand book written with great authority.
The fall of dynasties, the Bolshevik Revolution, WWI and WWII saw the destruction of old alliances and boundaries, the convulsions in religion, morals, family life, economic and political conduct, decadence in music and art can all be traced back to mass indoctrination (mass brainwashing) practiced by the Tavistock Institute Social Science scientists. Prominent among Tavistock's faculty were Edward Bernays, the double nephew of Sigmund Freud. It is said that Herr Goebbels, Propaganda Minister in the German Third Reich used methodology devised by Bernays as well as those of Willy Munzenberg, whose extraordinary career is touched upon in this work about the past, present and future. Without Tavistock, there would have been no WWI and WWII, no Bolshevik Revolution, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq wars. But for Tavistock, the United States would not be rushing down the road to dissolution and collapse.


My very great debt - an immense one - for the help, encouragement and hard and long hours, sound criticism and encouragement on this book that my wife Lena, and our son John provided at every stage of its preparation, including suggestions for the cover design, research and proof reading.
I also owe a debt of gratitude to Dana Farnes for his untiring computer work and technical assistance; to Ann Louise Gittleman, and James Templeton, who encouraged me to write this book and gave me no peace until I began it; to Renee and Grant Magan for doing the daily work, leaving me free to concentrate on writing. My particular thanks also to Dr. Kinne McCabe and Mike Granston whose faithful and steadfast support was a key factor in enabling me to finish the work.


The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was unknown to the people of the United States before Dr. Coleman exposed its existence in his monograph, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Britain's Control of the United States. Up to that time, Tavistock had successfully retained its secretive role in shaping the affairs of the United States, its government and its people since its early beginning in London, in 1913 at Wellington House.
Since Dr. Coleman's original article exposing this ultra- secret organization, others have come forward with claims of authorship, which they were unable to substantiate.
Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating organization centered at Wellington House, which was where the original organization was put together with intent of shaping a propaganda outlet that would break down the stiff public resistance being encountered to the looming war between Britain and Germany.
The project was given to Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe and their mandate was to produce an organization capable of manipulating public opinion and directing that manufactured opinion down the desired pathway to support for a declaration of war by Great Britain against Germany.
Funding was provided by the British royal family, and later by the Rothschilds to whom Lord Northcliffe was related through marriage. Arnold Toynbee was selected as Director of Future Studies. Two Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were appointed to handle the manipulation of American public opinion in preparation for the entry of the United States into WWI, and to brief and direct President Woodrow Wilson.
From a somewhat crude beginning at Wellington House, grew an organization that was to shape the destiny of Germany, Britain and more especially the United States in manner that became a highly sophisticated organization to manipulate and create public opinion, what is commonly termed, "mass brainwashing."
During the course of its evolvement, Tavistock expanded in size and ambition, when in 1937, a decision was made to use the German author Oswald Spengler's monumental work, Untergange des Abenlandes (The Decline of Western Civilization) as a model.
Previously, Wellington House board members Rothmere, Northcliffe, Lippmann, and Bernays had read and proposed as a guide the writings of Correa Moylan Walsh, in particular, the book The Climax of Civilization (1917) as corresponding closely to conditions that had to be created before a New World Order in a One World Government could be ushered in.
In this endeavor the members of the board consulted with the British royal family and obtained the approval of the "Olympians" (the inner core of the Committee of 300) to formulate a strategy. Funding was provided by the monarchy, the Rothschilds, the Milner Group and the Rockefeller family trusts.
In 1936, Spengler's monumental work had come to the attention of what had become the Tavistock Institute. In preparation for changing and reshaping public opinion for the second time in less than twelve years, by unanimous consent of the board, Spengler's massive book was adopted as the blueprint for a new working model to bring about the decline and fall of Western civilization necessary to create and establish a New World Order inside a One World Government.
Spengler held it bound to happen that alien elements would be introduced into Western civilization in increasing numbers, and that the West would fail at that time to expel the aliens, thereby sealing its fate, a society, whose inward beliefs and sound convictions would become at variance with its outward profession and thus Western civilization would fall by the wayside in the manner of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.
Tavistock thinking was that Spengler had indoctrinated Western civilization to believe that it would err on the side of Roman civilization, and expel the aliens. The genetic loss that has fallen upon Europe-and especially on Scandinavia, England, Germany, France-(the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic Alpine Germanic races) that began just before the Second World War is already so great as to be beyond expectations, and continues at an alarming pace under the skilled guidance of the Tavistock managers.
What was a very rare instance became a common occurrence, a black man married to a white women or vice-versa.
The two World Wars cost the German nation almost one quarter of its population. Most of the intellectual energies of the German nation were diverted into war channels in defense of the Fatherland at the expense of science, arts, literature, music and the cultural, spiritual and moral advancement of the nation. The same could be said of the British nation. The blaze kindled by the British under the direction of Tavistock set all of Europe on fire, and did incalculable damage according to the Tavistock blueprint that matched Spengler's predictions.
Classical and Western are the only two civilizations that could bring a modern renaissance to the world. They had flourished and progressed just as long as these civilizations remained under the control of the Anglo-Saxon Nordic Alpine, Germanic races. The unsurpassed beauty of their literature, art, their classics, spiritual and moral advancement of the female sex with a very large corresponding degree of protection, was what distinguished Western and Classic civilizations from others.
It was this bastion that Spengler saw coming under increasing attack and the thinking at Tavistock ran on parallel tracks, but with a totally different goal. Tavistock saw this civilizations a stumbling block to ushering a New World Order, as did the emphasis on protection and elevation of the female sex to a place of high respect and honor.
Thus the whole thrust of Tavistock was to "democratize" the West by an attack on womanhood, and the racial, moral, spiritual and religious foundation upon which Western civilization rested.
As Spengler suggested, the Greeks and Romans were devoted to the social, religious, moral and spiritual advancement and the preservation of womanhood and they were successful for just as long as they were in control and could arrange matters so that government was carried out by a limited number of responsible citizens supported by the general populace below them, all being of the same pure unadulterated race. The planners at Tavistock saw that the way to upset the balance of Western civilization was to force unwelcome changes in the race by removing control from the deserving to the undeserving in the manner of ancient Roman leaders who were supplanted by their former slaves and aliens, whom they had permitted to come and dwell among them.
Tavistock, by 1937, had come a long way from its Wellington House beginnings and the successful propaganda campaign that had turned the British public from being strongly anti-war in 1913 to willing participants through the arts of manipulation with the willing cooperation of news communications media.
The technique was carried across the Atlantic in 1916 to manipulate the American people to support of the war in Europe. In spite of the fact that the vast majority, including at least 50 U.S. Senators were adamantly opposed to the U.S. getting dragged into what they perceived was essentially a quarrel between Britain and France on the one hand, and Germany on the other, largely over trade and economics, the conspirators were undeterred.
At that point Wellington House introduced the word, "Isolationists" as a derogatory description of those Americans who opposed U.S. participation in the war. The use of such words and phrases has proliferated under the expert brainwashing of the Social sciences scientists at Tavistock. Terms like "regime change," "collateral damage" became almost new English language.
With the Tavistock plan modified to suit American conditions, Bernays and Lippmann led President Woodrow Wilson to set up the very first Tavistock methodology techniques for polling (manufacturing) so-called public opinion created by Tavistock propaganda. They also taught Wilson to set up a secret body of "managers" to run the war effort and a body of "advisers" to assist the President in his decision-making. The Creel Commission was the first such body of opinion-makers set up in the United States.
Woodrow Wilson was the first American president to publicly proclaim himself in favor of a Socialist New World Order inside a Socialist One World Government. His remarkable acceptance of the New World Order is found in his book The New Freedom.
We say "his" book, but actually, it was written by Socialist William B. Hayle. Wilson denounced capitalism. "It is contrary to the common man and it has brought stagnation to our economy," Wilson wrote.
Yet, at the time, the United States economy was enjoying prosperity and industrial expansion as it had never experienced before in its history:
"We stand in the presence of a revolution-not a bloody revolution, America is not given to spilling blood-but a silent revolution, whereby America will insist upon recovering to practice those ideals which she has always professed, upon securing a government devoted to the general and not the special interests.
We are upon the threshold of a time when the systematic life of the country will be sustained or at least supplemented at every point by government activity. And now we have to determine what kind of a government activity it shall be; whether, in the first place, it shall be directed from government itself, or whether it shall be indirect, through instrumentalities which have already constituted themselves and which stand ready to supersede government."
While the U.S. was still a neutral power under the Wilson presidency, Wellington House poured out a cadence of lies about Germany, and what a threat it was to America.
We are reminded of the statement made by Bakunin in 1814 as it tied in so well with the outrageous propaganda that Wilson made use of to bolster his case:
"Lying by diplomacy: Diplomacy has no other mission. Every time a State wants to declare war upon another State, it starts off by launching a manifesto addressed not only to its own subjects but also to the whole world.
"In this manifesto it declares that right and justice are on its side and endeavors to prove that it is actuated by love of peace and humanity (and democracy), and that, imbued with generous and peaceful sentiments, it suffered for a long time in silence until mounting iniquity of its enemy forced it to bare its sword."
"At the same time it vows that, disdainful of all material conquest and not seeking any increase in territory, it will put an end to this war as soon as justice is reestablished. And its antagonist's answer with a similar manifesto, in which, naturally, right, justice and humanity and all generous sentiments are to be found respectively on its side. These mutually opposed manifestos are written with the same eloquence, they breath the same righteous indignation, and one is just as sincere as the other, that is to say they are both brazen in their lies, and it is only fools who are deceived by them. Sensible persons, all those who have some political experience do not even take the trouble of reading such manifestos."
President Wilson's statements just before he went to the Congress to request a constitutional declaration of war embodies every one of Bakunin's sentiments.
He was "lying by diplomacy" and he used the gross propaganda manufactured at Wellington House to inflame the American public by tales of atrocities committed by the German Army in its march across Belgium in 1914. As we shall discover, it was, for the most part, a gigantic lie passed off as truth.
I remember looking through a large stack of old newspapers at the British Museum where I spent five years doing in-depth research. The papers covered the years 1912 to 1920. I recall thinking at the time: "Isn't it amazing that the rush to the New World Order Socialist totalitarian government should be led by the United States, supposedly a bastion of freedom?"
Then, as I recall, it came to me with great clarity that the Committee of 300 has its people at the highest and lowest echelons embedded in the U.S., in banking, industry, trade, defense, the State Department and indeed in the very White House, not to mention the Elite Club called the U.S. Senate, which in my view is a forum for pushing the New World Order."
I recall thinking that President Wilson's propaganda blast against Germany and the Kaiser (actually the product of Rothschild agents Lords Northcliffe and Rothmere, and the Wellington House propaganda factory) was not much different to the "contrived situation" of Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" and looking back now I can see no difference between the propaganda lies about the brutality of German soldiers allegedly chopping off the arms and legs of little Belgian children in 1914, than the methods used to get the American people duped and doped into allowing the Bush administration to invade Iraq. Whereas in 1914 it was the Kaiser who was a "brute savage," a "ruthless murderer", a "monster", the "Butcher of Berlin", in 2002 it was President Hussein who was all of these things and a whole lot more, including the "Butcher of Baghdad!" Poor duped, deluded, deceived, connived, trustful, America! When will you ever learn?
In 1917 the New World Order agenda was being rushed through the House and Senate by Woodrow Wilson, and President Bush forced the New World Order agenda for Iraq through the House and Senate in 2002 without debate, an exercise in arbitrary power and a gross violation of the U.S. Constitution for which the American people are paying a huge price. But the American people are suffering from toxic shock induced by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the American people are in a state of sleepwalking and without leadership.
They do not know what the price is and do not care to find out. The Committee of 300 continues to rule the United States, just as it did in the Wilson and Roosevelt presidencies, while the American people were distracted with "bread and circuses" only today it is baseball, football, endless Hollywood, and Social Security. Nothing has changed.
The United States, harried, hounded, pushed and shoved is headed of a fast track to the New World Order, propelled along by the Radical Republicans of the War Party who have been taken over by the scientists at the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.
Just recently I was asked by a subscriber "where do we find the Tavistock Institute?" My response was: "Look around the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House, the State Department, the Defense Department, Wall Street, Fox T.V. (Faux T.V.) and you will see their change agents in every one of these places."
President Wilson was the first U.S. president to "manage" the war through a civilian committee guided and directed by the Bernays and Lippmann from Wellington House, to which we have already made mention.
The resounding success of Wellington House and its enormous influence on the course of American history began before that in 1913. Wilson had spent almost a year tearing down the protective trade tariffs that had defended the American domestic markets from being overwhelmed by "Free Trade," essentially the practice of allowing cheap British goods made with cheap labor in India to flood the American market. On October 12, 1913 Wilson signed the bill that was the beginning of the end of the unique American middle class, long the target of the Fabian Socialists. The bill was described as a measure to "adjust tariffs," but it would have been accurate to describe it as a bill to "destroy tariffs."
Such was the hidden power of Wellington House that the vast majority of the American people accepted this lie, not knowing or realizing that it was a death knell for American commerce that would lead to NAFTA, GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Even more astonishing was the acceptance of the Federal Income Tax Act that was passed on September 5, 1913, to replace trade tariffs as the source of revenue for the Federal Government. Income Tax is a Marxist doctrine not found in the U.S. Constitution anymore than the Federal Reserve Bank is found in the Constitution. Wilson called his twin blows against the Constitution, "a fight for the people, and for free business," and said he was proud to have taken "part in the completion of a great piece of business..." The Federal Reserve Act, explained by Wilson as "reconstructing the Nation's banking and currency system" was rushed through on a flood-tide of propaganda emanating from Wellington House, just in time for the hostilities that began the horror of WWI.
Most historians are agreed that without passage of the Federal Reserve Bank Act, Lord Grey would not have been able to start that terrible conflagration.
The deceptive language of the Federal Reserve Act was under the guidance of Bernays and Lippman who set up a "National Citizen's League" with the notorious Samuel Untermeyer as its chairman, to promote the Federal Reserve Bank, that secured control of the people's money and currency and transferred it to a private monopoly without the victim's consent.
One of the most interesting pieces of history surrounding the imposition of the foreign financial slavery measure was that before it was sent to Wilson for his signature, a copy was given to the sinister Colonel Edward Mandel House as the representative of Wellington House and the British oligarchy represented by the banker, J.P. Morgan.
As to the American people, in whose name the disastrous measure was instituted, they had not the faintest idea how they had been connived, cheated, lied to and utterly deceived. An instrument of slavery was fastened around their necks without the victims ever becoming aware of it.
Wellington House methodology was at its height when Wilson was coached in how to persuade Congress to declare war on Germany, although he had won election on the solemn promise to keep America out of the war then raging in Europe, a great triumph for the new art of public opinion making. It was just that - the poll questions were shaded in such away that the answers reflected the opinions of the public; not their understanding of the questions, nor their understanding of the processes of political science.
A thorough search and reading of the Congressional Records from 1910 to 1920 by this writer showed very clearly that had Wilson not signed the iniquitous "currency reform" bill on December 23, 1913, the upper-level parallel secret government of the United States foretold by H.G. Wells would not have been able to commit the vast resources of the United States to the war in Europe.
The House of Morgan representing the "Olympians" of the Committee of 300, and its all powerful City of London financial nexus, played a leading role in shaping the "U.S. Federal Reserve Banks," which were neither "Federal" nor "banks," but a private money-generating monopoly fastened around the necks of the American people whose money was now free to be stolen on an unimaginable scale, making them slaves of the New World Order inside the coming One World Government. The Great Depression of the 1930s was the second major catastrophic bill the American people had to pay, the first being World War I. (See Appendix)
Those who read this book as a first introduction to the New World Order inside a One World Government will be skeptical; but consider that no less a personage than the great Sir Harold Mackinder did not hide his beliefs about its coming.
More than that, he gave notice that it might be a dictatorship. Sir Harold had an impressive resume (CV) having been Professor of Geography at the University of London; a director of the London School of Economics from 1903-1908 and a Member of Parliament from 1910-1922. He was also a close associate of Arnold Toynbee one of the leading lights at Wellington House. He had correctly predicted a core of startling geopolitical events, many of them actually coming to pass.
One such "prophecy" was the founding of two Germanys, the Social Democratic Republic of Germany and the Federal Republic of Germany. Critics suggested that he got the information from Toynbee; that it was merely the long range planning of the Committee of 300 that Toynbee knew about.
After Wellington House, Toynbee moved to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), and then to London University where he held the chair for International History. In his book, America and World Revolution he said:
"If we are to avoid mass-suicide, we must have our world- state quickly and this probably means that we must have it in a non-democratic form to begin with. We will have to start building a world-state now on the best design that is practicable at the moment."
Toynbee went on in a forthright manner saying this "world dictatorship" would have to supplant "the local national states which litter the present political map."
The new world-state was to be brought about on the basis of mass mind control and propaganda that would make it acceptable. I explained in my book The Committee of 300, that Bernays "blew the whistle" on polling in his 1923 and 1928 books, Propaganda, and Crystallizing Public Opinion.
This was followed by Engineering Consent:
Self-preservation, ambition, pride, hunger, love of family and children, patriotism, imitativeness, the desire to be a leader, love of play-these and other drives are the psychological raw materials which every leader must take into account in his endeavor to win the public to his point of view... To maintain their self-assurance, most people need to feel certain that whatever they believe about anything is true.
These revealing works are examined and we should add that in writing them, the Tavistock hierarchy apparently felt secure enough to gloat over their control of the United States and Great Britain that had blossomed into an open conspiracy along the lines first suggested by H.G. Wells.
With the advent of Wellington House, funded by the British monarchy and later by Rockefeller, Rothschild and the United States, Western civilization entered into the first phase of a plan that would provide a secret government to rule the world, namely, the Committee of 300.
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was its creation. As this book is not about the Committee of 300, we would suggest that readers obtain copies of the first and second book, The Committee of 300.
The "300's" carefully structured blueprint has been followed to the letter and today as we reach the end of 2005, looking back it is fairly easy for knowledgeable persons to trace the course that was laid out for Western civilization and to mark its progression to the point where we are today. This book is an attempt to do just that.

Founding the World's Premiere Brainwashing Institute

From its modest but vitally important beginning at Wellington House, the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations expanded rapidly to become the world's premier top-secret "brainwashing" institute." How this rapid progression was accomplished needs to be explained.
The modern science of mass manipulation of public opinion was born at Wellington House, London, the lusty infant being midwifed by Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothmere.
The British monarchy, Lord Rothschild, and the Rockefellers were responsible for funding the venture. The papers we were privileged to examine showed that the purpose of those at Wellington House was to effect a change in the opinion of the British people who were adamantly opposed to war with Germany, a formidable task that was accomplished by "opinion making" through polling. The staff consisted of Arnold Toynbee, a future director of studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Lords Norhcliffe, and the Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays.
Bernays was born in Vienna on November 22, 1891. As the nephew of Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis, regarded by many as "the father of public relations" although the title properly belongs to Willy Munzenberg. Bernays pioneered the use of psychology and other social sciences to shape and form public opinion so that the public thought such manufactured opinions were their own.

It is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it

"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it."
Bernays postulated. He called this technique "Engineering Consent. One of his best-known techniques of achieving this goal was the indirect use of what he called third party authorities to shape the desired opinions:
"If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway. This technique he called "opinion making."
Perhaps we can now begin to understand how it was that Wilson, Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush the elder and the younger could so easily lead American into disastrous wars in which its people should never have become involved.
The joint British and American participants concentrated their efforts on techniques as yet not tried out, to mobilize support for the war looming on the horizon.
As previously stated, the British people did not want war, and said so, but Toynbee, Lippmann and Bernays expected to change that by applying techniques designed to manipulate public opinion through the use of polling. Herein we provide a review of the methods that were devised and executed to bring Great Britain and the United States into the First World War, plus the techniques that were put into practice between the two World Wars and beyond. As will be seen propaganda was to play a major role.
One of the main objectives at Tavistock was to achieve the degradation of women. Tavistock recognized that Jesus Christ has brought a new place of respect in the order of civilization to womanhood, which prior to his coming had not been present.
After Christ's ministry, womanhood gained a respect and a high place in society absent from pre-Christian civilizations. Of course it can be argued that such an elevated status existed in the Greek and Roman empires, and that would be true to a certain extent, but not to the extent that womanhood was elevated in post-Christ society.
Tavistock sought to change that and the process began immediately after WWI. The Eastern Orthodox Church which the Rus (Viking) princes of Moscow brought back from Constantinople, revered and respected womanhood, and their experience with the Khazarians whom they subsequently defeated and drove out of Russia, left them determined to protect womanhood in Russia.
The founder of the Romanov dynasty, Michael Romanov was the scion of a noble family that had defended Russia on the basis of a Christian country. From 1613 the Romanovs sought to ennoble Russia and imbue it with a great spirit of Christianity, which meant also, protection for and the honoring of Russian womanhood.
The Princes of Moscow under Prince Dimitri Donskoi earned the unremitting hatred of the Rothschilds for Russia because of Donskoi's defeat and expulsion of the Khazarian hordes that inhabited the lower-regions of the Volga. This barbaric warrior nation of mysterious Indo-Turk origin, had adopted the Judaic religion on passage of a decree by King Bulant after the religion was approved by the chief Khazarian soothsayer-magician-sorcerer, David el-Roi.
It was el Roi's personal flag, now called the "Star of David" that became the official flag of the Khazarian nation when they settled in Poland after being forced out of Russia.
The flag was adopted by the Zionists as their standard and is still mistakenly called the "Star of David." Christians make the error of confusion linking it with the Old Testament King David, when in fact there is no relation between the two.
The hatred of Russia was compounded in 1612 when the Romanov dynasty led a Russian Army against Poland taking back large parts of Poland that had formerly belonged to Russia.
The principal architect of enmity brought to bear against Russia was the Rothschild dynasty and it was this burning hatred that Tavistock used and channeled in its plan to destroy Western civilization.
The first opportunity created by Tavistock came in 1905 with the attack by the Japanese Navy that completely surprised the Russian Fleet. The exercise was bankrolled by Jacob Schiff, the Wall Street banker, who was related to Rothschild.
The defeat of the Russian fleet at Port Arthur in a surprise attack marked the beginning of the pall of gloom that was about to roll in over Christian Europe. The Rockefeller Standard Oil Group directed by Tavistock and with the aid of the "300" engineered the Russo-Japanese War. The money used to finance the operation came from Jacob Schiff, but was actually provided by the Rockefeller General Education Board, whose outward purpose was to finance Negro education. All of the propaganda and advertising for the board was written and crafted by the Social scientists at Tavistock, which was then called "Wellington House."
In 1941 another Rockefeller front organization, the Institute for Pacific Relations (IPR) gave large sums to its Japanese counterpart in Tokyo. The money was then funneled to a member of the imperial family by Richard Sorge, a Russian master-spy, for the purposes of inducing Japan to attack the United States at Pearl Harbor. Again, Tavistock was the originator of all of IPR's publications.
Although it was not yet evident, as Spengler was to mention in his monumental work, published in 1936, it marked the beginning of the end of the old order.

"Russian" revolution was not Russian

Contrary to most establishment accounts of history, the "Russian" revolution was not a Russian revolution at all, but a foreign ideology backed primarily by the Committee of 300 and its arm, the Tavistock Institute, that was violently forced upon a startled, unprepared and dismayed Romanov family.
It was political warfare, low grade warfare and psychological warfare in which Tavistock had become well versed.
As Winston Churchill was to remark:
"They transported Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from Switzerland into Russia," and then once established "Lenin and Trotsky seized Russia by the hair of its head."
Much has been written (but nearly always in passing as if it is a mere postscript to history) about the "sealed truck," "sealed car," "sealed train," that transported Lenin and his Bolshevik revolutionaries safely through the midst of war-torn Europe and deposited them in Russia, there to begin their imported Bolshevik Revolution so mistakenly termed the "Russian Revolution."
Documents the author was privileged to study at Wellington House and what was revealed in the Arnold Toynbee papers and Bruce Lockhart's private papers, led to the conclusion that without Toynbee, Bruce Lockhart of MI6 British intelligence and without the complicity of at least five European nations, ostensibly loyal and friendly with the Court at St. Petersburg, the merciless Bolshevik Revolution would have been still-born.
As this account must of necessity be limited to Tavistock's participation in the affair, it will not be as a complete account of the skulduggery we would liked to have presented. According to Milner's private papers his aides through Tavistock contacted a fellow Socialist Fritz Platten. (Milner was a leading Fabian Socialist although he scorned Sydney and Beatrice Webb.) It was Platten, who planned the logistics of the trip and oversaw it until the revolutionaries arrived in Petrograd.
This was confirmed and borne out by the Wilhelmstrasse Files the majority of which we were able to gain access to, which files were open to certain people qualified to read them. They tallied fairly closely with Bruce Lockhart's account in his private papers as well as what Lord Alfred Milner had to say about the underhand affair that betrayed Russia.
It appeared that Milner had many contacts among the Bolshevik expatriates among them, Lenin. It was to Lord Milner that Lenin went, when he needed money for the Revolution. Armed with a letter of introduction from Platten, Lenin met with Lord Milner and laid down his plan for the overthrow of the Romanov's and Christian Russia.
Milner agreed on condition that he could send his agent Bruce Lockhart of MI6 to supervise the day-to-day affairs and report back on Lenin.
Lord Rothschild and the Rockefellers demanded that they be allowed to send Sydney Reilly to Russia to supervise transfer of Russia's natural resources and the gold rubles held in the Central Bank to London. This was agreed to by Lenin, and later Trotsky.

Lord Milner and Rockefellers Finance "The Russian_revolution"

To seal the bargain, Lord Milner, on behalf of the Rothschilds, gave Lenin 60 millions pounds in gold sovereigns while the Rockefellers contributed around $40 million dollars.
Countries in complicity with the "sealed train" affair were Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. While the United States was not directly involved, it must have been aware of what was going on. After all, on the orders of President Wilson, a brand new American passport was issued to Leon Trotsky, (whose real name was Lev Bronstein) so that he could travel in peace, although Trotsky was not a U.S. citizen.

Transporting Lenin To Russia

Lenin and his compatriots were provided with a private well-appointed rail carriage by the top German government functionaries and always kept locked by agreements with stations along the line. Platten was in charge and he laid down the rules for the trip, some of which are listed in the Wilhelmstrasse Files:
The carriage was to remain locked for the entire trip. No one could board the carriage without Platten's permission.
The train would have extra territorial status. No passports were to be asked at borders. Tickets would be bought at regular prices. No "security issues" to be raised by the military or police of any country en-route.
According to the Wilhelmstrasse Files, the trip was authorized and approved by General Ludendorff and Kaiser Wilhelm. Ludendorff went so far as to say that if Sweden refused to let the Bolsheviks pass, he would guarantee them passage into Russia through the German lines! As it turned out, the Swedish Government raised no objection and neither did the Finnish Government.
One of the notable revolutionaries, who joined the train when it arrived at the German frontier with Switzerland, was Radek, who was to play a leading role in the bloody Bolshevik Revolution. There were some lighter moments too. The Wilhelmstrasse Files describe how the carriage missed its engine at Frankfurt, resulting in it being shunted to and fro for about 8 hours.
The party had to de-train in the German Baltic town of Sasnitz where they were accorded "decent accommodation" by the German Government. The Swedish Government kindly gave them ferry transport to Malmo, from where they sailed to Stockholm, where "nice" accommodation awaited the Bolshevik party for an overnight layover and then it was on to the Finnish border.
There, the intrepid Platten left the high-spirited party and the final journey into Russia was made by train to Petrograd. Thus an epic journey that began in Zurich, Switzerland, ended in Petrograd. Lenin had arrived on the scene and Russia was about to be brought low. And throughout, Bernays and Lippmann and their associates at Wellington House (Tavistock) kept up a steady flow of brainwashing propaganda that it is safe to conclude, duped much of the world.

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