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Monday, December 30, 2019

The $50,000 Challenge: Can Jim Fetzer prove he served in the United States Marine Corps?

The $50,000 Challenge: Can Jim Fetzer prove he served in the United States Marine Corps?

Jim Fetzer

A fellow calling himself “Michael Lewis” has challenged me (several times, in fact) to prove that I served as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps, which I have regarded as a frivolous psyop. I replied by publishing photos including my commissioning as a 2nd Lt. USMC upon graduation from Princeton, a photo of the Regimental Staff at the USMC Recruit Depot in San Diego, where I served as a Series Commander with 15 DIs and 300 recruits under my command
going through the training cycle, one series after another, and a photo of my first wife pinning on my bars when I was promoted to Captain, USMC, which he discounted as possibly “photoshopped”:

Since these images appear on page 440 of Mike Palecek and Chuck Gregory, eds., White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin: Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer and The American Resistance (Moon Rock Books edition 2016), it’s a bit of a stretch to take the idea that they were photoshopped seriously. But Mr. Lewis has now reiterated his challenge in comments on Kevin Barrett’s brilliant article, “The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial”, suggesting that I post my DD-214, which is the standard military discharge form:
  1. Dr. Fetzer: I hereby renew my commitment to fund your legal defense in the amount of $50,000. You need only demonstrate, with clear and convincing evidence, that you at any time served in the United States Marine Corps, as you claim.
    Please, no more faked blurry photos or mere assertions. Only documentary evidence will do here.
    This is a one-time offer and expires at midnight on December 31, 2019. Declining my support back in October was foolish of you, and if you decline this time, the world may begin to question your mental health.
    • Replies: @James (Jim) Fetzer
  2. @Michael Lewis
    Since I doubt your sincerity, I will be glad to accept your proposition on the condition that (a) you provide Ron Unz the $50,000 to serve as custodian and moderator; (b) once he has the $50,000 in hand, I will provide documentation of my service; and (c), when accepted as authentic, Ron Unz will keep those funds until my verdict has been reversed and I need them to fund my trial. Is that acceptable? If I cannot establish my history as a Marine Corps officer, then (of course) your money will be returned. Ron Unz can cast a vote if you challenge my submission, since I believe you will never accept even the most definitive proof as part of an elaborate psyop, which explains why I have declined to play your game in the past. Is this acceptable? I think it covers the contingencies in this case.
    • Replies: @Michael Lewis
  3. @James (Jim) Fetzer
    With all due respect, Professor, I’m not the clown who walked into a courthouse with watertight evidence and walked out half a million dollars poorer. You’re in no position to dictate terms. Inquire whether your counsel Mr. Bolton is willing to hold the money in his client escrow account.
    But, again, there is no need for all this circumspection and delay. Simply dig out your DD-214 and post it, redacting your SSN. Why continue to act like a man who’s hiding something?
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I have “dug out” my DD-214, I am happy to report, and post it here, redacting only my SSN, as he has requested:

In addition, here is my certificate of honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps as a Captain:

I have added a copy of the photograph of the Recruit Training Regimental staff, which appears to be the same as the one I included in the book, where you can find me as identified there: the second from the left in the back row. I take it that these are three proofs that demonstrate, with clear and convincing evidence, that I “at any time” served in the United States Marine Corps, as I claim, thereby satisfying the condition for receiving Mr. Lewis’ financial support. I have many other forms of proof, including my old uniforms, orders and records, which are distinctive to the history of my military service.

My attorney, Richard Bolton, is willing to hold the money in an escrow account for me to finance the trial that I was denied by the Court’s Summary Judgment. While I have (what I consider to be) “watertight evidence” that Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill–strictly speaking, “a mass casualty exercise involving children”–I was not permitted to present it, which you can discern from several blogs I shall reference here. I have found your offer difficult to take seriously as “too good to be true”, where I am going to be enormously grateful when you fulfill your obligation, which will make an important difference.

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Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founded moonrockbooks.com.
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