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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Concerning Contaminants Have Been Discovered In The Gardasil 9 Vaccine

Concerning Contaminants Have Been Discovered In The Gardasil 9 Vaccine

In Brief

  • The Facts:Concerning contaminants have been discovered in the Gardasil 9 vaccine. Vaccine safety group CORVELA, who received a €10,000 donation from the national order of biologists, has put out
    the report.
  • Reflect On:Are our vaccines as safe as they are marketed to be? Why are scientists, doctors and people who question vaccine safety ridiculed and vilified? Why not just have an open discussion with experts on both sides?
“Merck lied above this vaccine (HPV). It deceived the regulators. It deceived the public… There’s no proof that the vaccine does anything to solve the problem of cervical cancer. There’s indications the vaccine actually gives you cancer. And if I am misstating anything, I know what I’m talking about, and I’m not saying this in belief, but because it’s true, and I’m saying it that way so that Merck will sue me if I’m saying something wrong.” (Robert F. Kennedy Jr)
The list of concerns is quite large when it comes to the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Perhaps even more concerning is the censorship media outlets and even scientists are experiencing for simply asking questions and having a discussion. When that happens you know we’re straying far from science and that something is up. Despite big media’s efforts, who receive large amounts of funding from corporations and governments, to censor and shape the vaccine safety dialogue, information is still coming out. What gives big media away even more is their constant attack on those questioning vaccine safety, labelling them as “anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists” and ridiculing them instead of actually addressing the concerns they have and countering them with information. Why wouldn’t they just do that?
No doubt, the “brainwashers” will also categorize a company called CORVELVA as “anti-vaccine,” despite the fact that it’s made up of numerous reputable scientists and has been in operation since 1993. Its mission is to encourage the free choice of vaccinations as well as preaching the importance of sharing scientific research related to the effectiveness of vaccinations and the possible adverse reactions to certain vaccines.
They are a very influential group based out of Italy, so much so that they made a lot of noise after the highly regarded National Order of Biologists in Italy made a  €10,000 donation to the group, as explained in an article published in Nature, International Journal of Science titled “Italian scientists protest funding for vaccine-safety investigation.” The Nature article points out that “Some scientists in Italy are up in arms over a donation from the organization that oversees the nation’s professional biology qualification to an advocacy group that opposes the country’s policy of mandatory childhood vaccination.” This part is confusing: Why would any group or any scientist oppose more safety studies regarding vaccinations? Wouldn’t professionals on both sides of the coin be in support of as much vaccine safety testing as possible?
My last article on the vaccine safety awareness group was on their testing of the Infanrix Hexa vaccine. It’s a six-in-one vaccine that’s manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that’s supposed to contain the following antigens: tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis toxoids; inactivated poliomyelitis viral strains 1-2-3; and hepatitis B surface antigen. CORVELVA discovered that none of these antigens were actually in the vaccine, which means it had zero antibodies to the intended antigens to be created. This was a huge shock, and in addition they found much more, including 65 contaminants that shouldn’t be in there. You can read more about that story here.
The ridicule vaccine safety studies are subjected to reminds me of Dr. Christopher Exley, the world’s leading authority on aluminum toxicology who was recently denied funding from scientific authorities to study aluminum in vaccines. His GoFundMe page was also shut down. A number of studies in the past few years have emphasized how injected aluminum doesn’t exit the body and travels to distant organs and the brain. This sparked Exley to open up the brains of multiple autistic people where he found some of the highest brain aluminum content ever measured, so he wanted to do some more research. You can read more about that and access those studies here.
When it comes to the Gardasil vaccine, it contains heavy amounts of aluminum compared to other vaccines on the market. The Gardasil 9 vaccine was the most recent one examined by CORVELVA. What they discovered was quite disturbing:
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From a metagenomic and chemical point of view, we found many non-conformities that, to our opinion, they should require the authorities to re-analyze at least the lots analyzed by us, the immediate withdrawal if our data are confirmed and a wider re-evaluation of the analysis to be performed on all the vaccines on the market.
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From what we could see the problems were, under the metagenomic profile, the presence of adventitious genetic material presents such as bacteria, human and mouse DNA, adventitious viruses like phages and retroviruses and yeasts.
What most impressed us was the presence of L1 fragments of the genome of papillomavirus. These fragments should not be present in the vaccine because the papillomavirus is carcinogenic and their presence together with the aluminum adjuvant is believed to be the cause of some of the serious adverse reactions in the injured.
The same chemical analysis, even if shocking due to the number of potential non-residual contaminants found, had left a huge question mark. The analysis with the technology used in the laboratories we identified, gave us 338 signals of which only 22% are known. What has seemed to many unbelievable, that is the list of the probably identified compounds, in reality, to us, it created enormous interest the remaining 78% not known.
A study of this unknown 78% started a further study and, after repeated analysis carried out in two different laboratories and with two different instruments, we can now tell you that a signal we found, compared to three databases consulted, leads us to determine that in some lots of Gardasil 9, especially in lot R009338, there is a contamination corresponding to an amazing drug called APDB.
Currently, it has been impossible to determine with absolute certainty that the signal is just the APDB amphetamine because of the current regulations our laboratories could not buy the certified analytical standard as it was a drug and could not be acquired by subjects not provided with the appropriate authorization, however, the correspondence of the fragmentation spectra in several databases with this molecule gives us a very high degree of probability. (source)
The group filed a complaint with the Carabineer Command for Health Protection in Italy to verify their results, the report was filed in August of 2018 at the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Rome, and you can access it HERE.

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On a recent episode of CETV, we discussed the mainstream media and the way they fear monger and blame the unvaccinated without addressing important facts. We talked about the history of measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, provided multiple clips from scientists and doctors sharing information related to the above, and cited examples of fraud, specifically with regards to the MMR vaccination and the CDC.
Below you can watch part of our discussion, but to see the whole thing you have to become a member on CETV. We created this platform because we were demonetized on Youtube and our reach on Facebook was dramatically reduced simply for sharing information like what you’ve read in this article. We had to create it in order to keep doing what we do, and we are barely hanging on, but we will continue to do our work regardless of our financial situation. We thank you for your support if you are already a supporter!

The Takeaway

A number of safety concerns exist when it comes to vaccines, yet the mainstream continues to ignore them and ridicule those who question vaccine safety. The medical establishment continues to claim that vaccines are completely safe when they cannot provide any evidence themselves. Why are vaccine safety studies being shut down, like the aluminum example mentioned in this article? What is going on here? It’s OK to question vaccines, do your own research, and think for yourself. It’s our right and obligation to defend our freedom of choice.

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