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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Pentagon Admits That They Are Still Investigating UFOs – Because They’re Real

Pentagon Admits That They Are Still Investigating UFOs – Because They’re Real

In Brief

  • The Facts:The Pentagon recently admitted that they still have programs to investigate and study UFOs.
  • Reflect On:Governments an those above them have been studying this phenomenon for more than 100 years. What have they found out? Have they had contact with extraterrestrials? Have they reverse engineered these craft?
In 1979, General Carlos Castro Cavero told the world that “Everything is in a process of investigation, both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” He said that “the nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon” and that there is an “international exchange of data.” (source) It really makes you wonder, what have they discovered so far? We may never really get mainstream public disclosure of that information, but we do have a lot of statements from some very interesting people that suggest many of these objects are extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional and that multiple governments are aware of this and have even had contact with many groups. In fact, there are so many of these people telling stories of extraterrestrial contact it’s overwhelming, be it multiple astronauts like Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Brian O’Leary or Gordon Cooper to name a few, or high-ranking military personnel like Lord Admiral Hill Norton, former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, who said that that there is a very real possibility that we are being visited by people from outer space, or Dr. Norman Bergrun, a mechanical engineer who has worked for Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (now known as Lockheed Martin), who said the same thing. The point is, there are hundreds of these people who have expressed that many of these “UFOs” that governments are studying are extraterrestrial crafts, and that is known. There are literally hundreds of examples one could give.
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This is why when it comes to mainstream UFO disclosure, it’s pretty surreal for a long time UFO researcher to experience. For example, Christopher Mellon, who served 30 years in the federal government and was Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Intelligence from 1997 to 2002 and in security and information operations from 1998 to 1999, has been publishing articles on mainstream media outlets emphasizing the reality of UFOs and how the government should be investigating them. He is part of the To The Stars Academy, which was key in disclosing the Pentagon’s Ariel Threats Identification Program, a program that was used to track and study UFOs.
In Mellon’s latest article for The Hill, Mellon states that:
Congress need do at this juncture is require the secretary of Defense and the director of national intelligence to review the UAP issue and deliver a report providing a comprehensive assessment. This report should include not only an estimate of the situation but a description of the structure and processes required to ensure effective collection and analysis going forward.
But again, mainstream UFO disclosure is completely ignoring the high-ranking witnesses and whistle-blowers as well as the fact that a “secret” or “rogue” group of international leaders have been studying this phenomenon for a very long time.
Furthermore, the New York Post just admitted that programs to study UFOs were never even shut down, and that they are still being studied. Any UFO researcher would know this, but to see it leak out into the mainstream is encouraging.
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The Post reported that:
The Pentagon has finally uttered the words it always avoided when discussing the possible existence of UFOs — “unidentified aerial phenomena” — and admits that it still investigates reports of them.
In a statement provided exclusively to The Post, a Department of Defense spokesman said a secret government initiative called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program “did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena.”
And while the DOD says it shut down the AATIP in 2012, spokesman Christopher Sherwood acknowledged that the department still investigates claimed sightings of alien spacecraft.
These programs, as mentioned above, are part of black budget special access programs (SAPs). From these we have unacknowledged and waived SAPs. These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as ‘deep black programs.’ A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.” (source)
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Multiple investigations and testimonies from high-ranking sources have discovered that trillions of our tax dollars are going towards programs that not even the highest ranking people within government know about. The most recent investigation was conducted by economist and Michigan State professor Mark Skidmore, alongside some of his graduate students as well as Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development. They discovered trillions of unaccounted for dollars missing from the Department of Housing & Urban Development as well as the Department of Defense. You can read more about that here.
The main point here is that there is an entire black budget world, almost a “Breakaway Civilization,” a term coined by UFO reseacher Richard Dolan, that has been studying these crafts, possibly reverse engineering them, and has been in contact with multiple extraterrestrial civilizations. They are way ahead of the mainstream world with regards to their understanding of this particular phenomenon and many other fields of study within history, science, technology, and the nature of our reality. There are documents that’ve been uncovered showing that governments have actually been quite desperate to capture these objects and figure out how they work, and you can access those and read more about them here.
Perhaps this is why Paul Hellyer, Ex Canadian Defence Minister said that the priority is to “shoot first and ask questions after.”
CETV is a platform we created in order to combat the censorship and demonetization we have been facing over the past few years. On episode 4 of The Collective Evolution Show on CETV, we discussed the black budget in much greater detail. Below is a clip exploring the validity behind missing money from the black budget and special access programs, explaining where the money is going and what exactly it’s being used to do.
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The Takeaway

As I’ve said many times before, this is a topic that branches into all aspects of humanity and raises questions in multiple fields. The implications are huge, and it’s the biggest story in human history, one in which the veil is slowly being lifted. The evidence is out there for those willing to look, and perhaps one day we will be the extraterrestrials visiting another civilization.

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