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Wednesday, July 12, 2017





This is the fifth in the Illuminati series. And this time we’re going to get some more insight into how the foundations are used to further the drive toward the New World Order. But we’ll be paying particular attention to the Red Cross, to get a practical feel of how the delusion works. Delusion? The one we live in, the one constructed by the Illuminati. It’s just like the movie, The Matrix. You know, my old pappy used to say, “It ain’t a lie just cuz you ain’t heard it.”

I want to start with just a brief thing about three of the foundations before we get into the flow chart. I will talk about Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford. And this is all from a book that you can get on the internet, called Final Warning, written by David Allen Rivera, 1994, but the latest edition is 1997. He’s got 12 pages of source listings. This is no peanut publication here! Just do an internet search on “David Allen Rivera” and you can come up with this thing called Final Warning. It’s over 100 pages; it’s a huge thing.

The Rockefeller Foundation

“In May 1913, after three years of Congressional opposition” – somebody knew something back then – “the New York State Legislature voted to establish the Rockefeller Foundation (which was located in the Time-Life Building), ‘to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.’ However, a 1946 report stated that the ‘challenge of the future is to make this one world.’” Oh, now we’ve got one world, the New World Order. “The endowment to establish the Foundation totaled $182.8, and was given in securities, enabling the foundation to disburse over $1 billion, even though it is only third in total assets, compared to the Ford and Johnson Foundations.”

“Rockefeller was quoted to have said: ‘So it may come to pass that someday ... no one will speak of ‘my country,’ but all will speak of ‘our world.’” See, get up off of the local level where people have gotten a $10,000 grant to supply needles or something to hemophiliacs, and get up to the purpose, the overall purpose of these foundations: One world government.

“Rockefeller pushed his sons into five different areas of influence,” just like Rothschild did in Europe: “John III, into philanthropy; Nelson, into government” – remember, he was once vice president, he was the four-term Governor of New York, too – “Laurance, into business; Winthrop, into oil (also two-term Governor of Arkansas)” – Arkansas is a favorite state of the Illuminati evidently; Clinton was there – “and David [Rockefeller], into banking (Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank and Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York).

”Now this Rockefeller Foundation is the primary foundation of the family. There are many others operated by them. There are some who believe that the Rockefellers may run close to 200 trusts and foundations.

”Prior to their appointments, Cyrus Vance, Secretary of State under President Carter, and Dean Rusk, Secretary of State under President Kennedy, were both presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation. ” You see, the people at the top in the government and the people at the top in the foundations and the big non-governmental organizations, they just play musical chairs, in and out of the government, in and out of the foundations.

“Through interlocking directorates, the foundation controls the Carnegie Endowment, and the Ford Foundation. While the Carnegie Endowment deals with education, as it relates to international matters, the Rockefeller Foundation concentrates on education, as it relates to domestic issues. It financed and influenced seven major policy-making agencies: Social Science Research Council (who explored the means of controlling people through scientific methods, such as mass media)” – it’s right out there in the open, isn’t it? – the “Russian Institute of Columbia University (who developed methods of conditioning Americans into accepting a merging of the Soviet Union and America under a one-world government), the Council on Foreign Relations,” – we should have to say hardly anything about that – the “National Bureau of Economic Research (who worked closely with the Federal Reserve Board), Public Administration Clearing House (in Chicago), the Brookings Institution,” – okay, these think tanks are all Illuminati run – “the Institute of Pacific Relations” – which is pretty much as the same thing as the Council on Foreign Relations, only it’s the Pacific instead of the United States, and they were responsible for planning the communist subversion of America.

“The purpose of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, is the ‘support of efforts in the U.S. and abroad that contribute ideas, develop leaders, and encourage institutions in the transition to global interdependence.’ In 1974, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave grants to” – listen to all of these people – the “A.C.L.U. Foundation ($45,000); Atlantic Institute for International Affairs, in Paris” – In Paris, wait a minute! – “($10,000); Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ($60,000); Columbia University ... Council on Foreign Relations ... Foreign Policy Association ... International Institute for Strategic Studies, in London ... NAACP ($145,000); National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. ... National Urban League ($100,000); Trilateral Commission ... U.N. Association of the U.S.A., Inc. ... United Negro College Fund, Inc. ... and the U.S. Conference for the World Council of Churches, Inc. ...” And every one of those people are influenced, every one of those organizations are influenced by the Rockefellers’ objectives, their overall Illuminati objectives of one-world government and reduction of the world’s population to a half a billion people.

The Carnegie Endowment

“In 1889, William Torrey Harris, the U.S. Commissioner of Education, told a high-ranking railroad official that the schools were being scientifically designed not to overeducate children.” Don’t over-educate those kids; don’t teach them too much! They might get smart! “He believed that the schools should alienate children from their parents and religion. In 1890, Carnegie wrote eleven essays, which were published under the title The Gospel of Wealth. The underlying premise was that the free-enterprise system had been locked-up by men such as himself, J.P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller, and that they not only owned everything, but also controlled the government. His worry was that subsequent generations would realize this, and work against them. His solution was to control the education system, and to create a direct relationship between the amount of education a person had, and how good of a job they could get.” That doesn’t sound like much, but the implications are far-reaching. “Therefore, this created a motivation for children to attend school,” – oh, well, what’s wrong with that? Oh yeah? – “where they would be taught only what the social engineers of this country wanted them to know.” A couple of shows ago we talked about this. They’ve dumbed down American education ever since the 30’s, from John Dewey. One example was how they lumped in about seven previously separately taught subjects, like civics, economics and stuff like that, into social studies. And now, instead of seven textbooks you’ve got one textbook with a bunch of generalities in it, and a lot of misinformation.

“This was to be accomplished by instituting the educational system developed by Prussia between 1808 and 1819. German Philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte ... in his ‘Addresses to the German Nation’ (1807-08)” – this is 200 years ago, 1808 – he “said that he did not trust parental influence and preferred education to be carried out in a ‘separate and independent’ environment controlled by the state. Prussia became the first government to have compulsory education, setting up a three-tiered system. The children of the elite, about one-half of one percent, went to schools called academies, and were taught to think and be independent. About 5-1/2% went to Realschulen, where they were partially taught how to think. The other 94% went to Volkschulen, where the idea of being a follower and a good citizen was stressed.” And that’s what our education is all about today, being part of the one world, the global community, the group.

“This system of education was brought to the United States through the effort of a coalition of big business led by Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller; major universities like Columbia, Johns Hopkins, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, and the University of Chicago; and large foundations like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Mellon, Peabody, Sage, and Whitney. The success in creating an organized compulsory educational system in this country has allowed the elite of this country to prevent each generation from truly understanding how this country is actually run, thus keeping them from doing anything about it. This 'dumbing-down' has enabled the government to more easily assimilate the people of this country into a population which can be easily deceived and controlled.”

Do an internet search on Phyllis SchLafly. Her website is www.eagleforum.org, and she is way into this dumbing down part.

“The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was established in 1910, to promote international peace and bring about the abolition of war; and the Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1911 (with a grant of $125,000,000), was set up ‘to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding among the people of the United States by aiding technical schools, institutions of higher learning, libraries, scientific research, hero funds, useful publications, and by such other agencies and means as shall time to time be found appropriate therefore.’” Gee, that sounds really great! Oh, they’re out to help the schools.

“With such a history of philanthropic contributions, the Carnegie Endowment, on its face, appeared to be innocent. However, its goal of promoting international peace was just a ruse to disguise its true purpose to promote one-world government.

“The first three Presidents of the group were: Elihu Root, socialist and former Secretary of State under President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a leading advocate of the League of Nations” – one-world government – “he was succeeded in 1925 by Nicholas Murray Butler, the former President of Columbia University; and then Alger Hiss, the communist who helped found the United Nations. Their President during the 1960’s was Joseph E. Johnson (a member of the CFR), a close friend of Hiss, who was known as the ‘permanent unofficial Secretary of State.’ He worked closely with the Donner Foundation, which financed the Temple of Understanding, an occult organization connected to the Lucis Trust in England (a group of Satan worshipers with ties to the Theosophical Society)” – Alice Bailey and all those people. I’ve talked several times on this radio show about that. “Members of the Temple met at the Endowment headquarters in the United Nations Plaza. Among their members” – of the Temple of Understanding, an occult organization, were “Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Johnson), Eleanor Roosevelt,” – oh, what a saint she was made out to be – “Thomas Watson (President of IBM), Max Lerner, James Linen (of Time-Life), Norman Thomas, James A. Pike, Ellsworth Bunker, and John D. Rockefeller IV.”

“The Carnegie Endowment and Rockefeller Foundation gave over $3,000,000 to the Institute of Pacific Relations,” – I mentioned them earlier – and they “used the media to convince the American people that the Communists in China were agricultural reformers.” Oh, just an agrarian society, that’s all. Never mind all the millions that got killed over there. “The Endowment has also given money to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the United Nations Association of the U.S., and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation.

“Norman Dodd, who in July, 1953, was appointed as the research director of the Special Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations, said he discovered that the oldest tax exempt foundations were established before the initiation of income taxes,” – that was in 1913 – “therefore they existed for a different purpose.” Oh, yeah, you put your money in a foundation and you don’t have to pay taxes. Well, before they had to pay taxes, they must have had some other reason. “He examined minutes of the Board of Trustees, and found that for the first year, the members concentrated on whether there was any means more effective than war to alter the life of the people of a nation.” Huh? “They concluded that to get America into an upcoming war, they had to control the diplomatic machinery of the State Department.” This is out of their own minutes here.

“Dodd discovered that all high-level appointments in the State Department took place only after they had been cleared through a group called the Council of Learned Societies, which was established by the Carnegie Endowment. He saw in the minutes of the Carnegie Board, record of a note to President Wilson, requesting that he ‘see to it that the War does not end too quickly.’” Heavy stuff.

“Syndicated columnist Joseph Kraft, writing in Harper's in July, 1958, said that records indicated that the Carnegie trustees hoped to involve the United Sates in a world war to set the stage for world government. Dodd said they wanted ‘to bring the idea of 'one-world' (government) to the point where it is acceptable to the people of this country. That is the primary aim, and everything that has happened since then is a means to that one end.’ Their memos indicated that they believed their efforts were successful, because the war ‘had brought about a change in the American psyche.’”

“The investigation by Reece's Special House Committee” – that was on un-American activities – “found that the Carnegie Corporation financed the writing and publication of the Proper Study of Mankind by Stuart Chase, the book praised by the communist agents Harry Dexter White and Lauchlin Currie, which outlined an ‘ideal’ society in which the individual is suppressed. Over 50,000 copies” – I mentioned this last time – “of the book were distributed by the foundation to libraries and scholars. They also gave a $340,000 grant to print a 17-volume study on American education by Dr. George Counts” – remember him, from the last show? – this study “was later called ‘an educational program for a socialist America.’”

The Ford Foundation

“In 1936, with his son Edsel, Henry Ford established the Ford Foundation as an inheritance tax dodge, which he saw as a plot to take money away from Americans; and for his family to retain control after his death.

”Henry Ford said, ‘If the American people knew the corruption in our money system, there would be a revolution before morning.’” He’s right!

“An enemy of the establishment, Ford wanted American hero Charles A. Lindbergh (who supported the conservative ‘America First’ movement) to be the Director of his Foundation, but Lindbergh refused. Ford, and his son Edsel, died before the Foundation's leadership could be placed in safe hands, and control passed to Edsel’s widow, and grandson Henry Ford II (who later married into the Rothschild family)” – just so you’ll know where he’s coming from. And he “brought in such ‘insiders’ as William Benton, Dr. Robert M. Hutchins (who became Associate Director), and Paul G. Hoffman (who became the Chief Administrator).

“The Ford Foundation, with assets of $4 billion, is the world's largest endowment. They own 90% of Ford Motor's stock. Ford also established the Edison Institute; and the Henry Ford Hospital, which gave two-thirds of its grants to education, and one-third to communications, public health, economic development, science, engineering, senior citizens, the humanities and the arts.” Oh, what a wonderful foundation they are! That’s what they do.

“In November, 1953, Norman Dodd, Director of Research for the House Special Committee investigating the tax-exempt foundations, was told by Roman Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation, ‘that most of the men who are now running the foundations formerly worked for the State Department, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Association, the Marshall Plan or other foreign relief agencies, and that in those capacities, they were working under instructions from the White House” – wait a minute, the Ford Foundation and the high-level men, they were under instructions from the White House? Yeah. – “to bring about such sociological, economic, and political changes, as would make union with communist Russia easy and comfortable for the American people.” Again, merging with Russia to make one-world governments, you see. “‘Now, in the foundations, we are working toward the same objectives.’” That’s the end of the quote.

“He said that the Ford Foundation operated under directives which ‘emanate from the White House,’ and that the ‘substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.’” Hey, did you ever notice that the U.S. and the Soviet Union have the same initials reversed? S.U., and U.S.?

Continuing: “Robert McNamara, an executive with the Ford Motor Company, became the Foundation's President in 1960, later resigning to serve as the Secretary of Defense ... in the Kennedy and Johnson Administration” – I mentioned that earlier. “He helped lay the foundation for the SALT treaty. In 1968, he became President of the World Bank.” See, musical chairs. Ford Foundation, Secretary of Defense, and then the World Bank. “McGeorge Bundy, a CFR member, the Chief Advisor for Foreign Affairs for Kennedy and Johnson, became President of the [Ford] Foundation in 1966. He ushered in an era of social unrest by announcing that the Negro movement, ‘the first of the nation's problems,’ would be his top priority.”

There you have the foundations.

All right. Now, I’ve got this flow chart of the foundations, and this is really going to be hard for a lot of us to hear. There are six foundations on this flow chart. You can get it off the internet, if you go to www.questionsquestions.net, you’ll find the Gatekeepers. [Jack, I checked this site and there’s a note that it’s no longer being maintained, although there is some stuff on there.] “Foundations Fund Phony ‘Left Media.’” Here’s a quote, “If they don’t like what we’re doing, we don’t get funded next year.”

All right. There are seven foundations listed here: Shuman, Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Soros, Kaplan and McArthur. One or two of those you might not have heard of, but they’re all in there.

First of all, we’ve got an organization called FAIR. I mentioned that at the beginning of the show. They got $2 million from Shuman, Ford, Rockefeller and McArthur. Two million dollars! Well, they’re supposed to be on the left. Out of FAIR comes Noam Chomsky, our hero! I’m not saying that these people don’t say the right things or give us good information; they just don’t give us all of it. Donahue comes out of FAIR also, MSNBC. Then we’ve got the Progressive magazine; they got a half a million dollars from Ford, Rockefeller and McArthur. Next we’ve got The Nation. The Nation? Wait a minute, they’re one of my heroes! Who listens to The Nation on KMUD? I do; my hand is up! The Nation got $150,000 from McArthur, Soros and Kaplan. And here’s the part that’s going to be the hardest for practically everybody to hear: Pacifica Radio received $200,000 from Ford and Soros, $150,000 just from Ford. Pacifica Radio; I mentioned that at the beginning of the show. And Amy Goodman got an additional $100,000. Phew! You see, you have to have two sides to a war, and so they promote all of this “phony left media.” If we don’t tell the truth – I’ll paraphrase what I said at the beginning – if we don’t tell the truth, [I mis-spoke. I wanted to say, “If we tell the truth…] we don’t get money next year. Heavy stuff, huh?

The Foundations

The American Red Double Cross, by Leonard Horowitz, Sand Point, Idaho

“The American Red Cross (ARC), is widely considered a great American institution. It is generally thought of as among the world’s premier humanitarian organizations. Clearly, almost everyone thinks of it as a life-saving agency. Most people know this non-governmental organization (NGO) to be heavily dependent upon the blood and currency generously donated by the American people. But, what if all of the above is untrue? What if everything you think you know about the American Red Cross is a ghastly nauseating lie?

“My name is Dr. Leonard Horowitz. What I am about to share with you is deeply disturbing, yet potentially life-saving. The American Red Cross is not what it appears to be. ...

“Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself, and about my bias. For the past ten years I have been conducting health science and U.S. Government cover-up investigations as an independent, Harvard-trained, award-winning medical journalist and internationally recognized authority in public health.” He’s got a lot of credentials here; I’ll just read this one more.

“In 1999, I won the prestigious ‘Author of the Year Award’ from the World Natural Health Organization for my tenth book.” He’s got ten of them. “It is called Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional? Government health officials have said this book is largely responsible for America's rapidly growing anti-vaccination movement. The blood banking industry is meticulously explored here as well.”

“... let me explain by giving you a little background on the people who run the American Red Cross. ... Founded in 1881 by American humanitarian Clara Barton, the American Red Cross (officially named The American National Red Cross) was first chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1900. A second charter, still in force, was granted in 1905. Not long after, however, John D. Rockefeller pirated the entire blood banking industry, along with the administrative leadership of the ARC. As you will soon learn, this quintessential coup de’etat represented more than a glorious economic opportunity. The takeover of the ARC, and the entire blood industry, was apparently required to fulfill a far more sinister, even occult-linked, political objective-eugenics management for a racially purified planet.” Uh-oh, sounds like the Nazis, doesn’t it?

“To begin, during this time, John D. Rockefeller and his associates were making a concerted effort to control the entire field of medicine in America.” And since then they’ve done that. “During the 1890s, Rockefeller interests in medical education and ‘scientific medicine’ were spearheaded by Frederick T. Gates, John D. Rockefeller's investment manager.” He knew a lot about medicine! “1901 saw the founding of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. In 1902, Rockefeller's General Education Board was founded with a mission to annihilate the causes of racial discords.” Well, that sounds pretty good, but – “This agenda was clarified two years later with the publication of John D. Rockefeller’s Occasional Letter No. 1 in which he detailed his plans to mold Americans to his concept of ‘perfect human nature.’ This, he claimed, might best be accomplished by destroying parental influence, traditions and customs, while reducing national intelligence levels.” Pretty good guy!

“In 1904, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (home to today's Human Genome Project) was built on the estates of John Foster and Allen Dulles, lawyers for the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company. The Dulles Brothers, who openly professed John D. Rockefeller's racial hygiene doctrines, later directed the U.S. military's Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which became after World War II, the CIA. Charles B. Davenport constructed the Cold Spring Harbor facility to provide a home for racial hygiene research, what was then called ‘eugenics research.’” Who really knew what eugenics was? “The first racial hygiene laws in the world evolved from investigations and reports issued from here. John D. Rockefeller and Averill Harriman, America's wealthiest oil and railroad magnates, invested more than $11 million – an extraordinary fortune at that time – in funding this facility. Soon thereafter, in 1909, the first genetics laboratory was established at the Rockefeller Institute and directed by Dr. Phoebus Aaron Theodor Levine.

“By 1907, medical education had been mostly monopolized by the Rockefeller consortium. That year, the American Medical Association (AMA) advanced its medical education rating system effectively eliminating, by 1918, approximately 600 of the initial 650 medical schools. Through Rockefeller cohorts in the Andrew Carnegie Endowment for the Advancement of Teaching, Abraham Flexner was appointed to survey medical schools throughout America. This led to the infamous ‘Flexner Report’ that vilified every alternative to drug-based medicine.” These are the same guys that want to make it illegal for you to buy vitamins at the store. “The Rockefellers’ political control was clearly reflected in Flexner family relations. Abraham Flexner served on the Rockefellers’ General Education Board. Abraham Flexner's brother, Simon, headed the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. Simon's brother, Bernard, later joined the board of trustees of the Rockefeller Foundation, after he helped found the politically powerful Council on Foreign Relations.

“In 1910, following the death of Averill Harriman who presided over Yale's infamous secret society, the Skull and Bones, his widow donated 80 acres of estate property to establish the Eugenics Research Association at Cold Spring Harbor, New York, along with the Eugenics Records Office. The following year, social Darwinism subscriber, John Foster Dulles, revealed his desire to help develop a ‘super race.’” What kind of a Nazi is he? “He explained that by eliminating” – do you see, this is where this goes, okay; this is where the Red Cross goes. This is where these foundations go. “He explained that by eliminating ‘the weakest members of the population,’ a purer Aryan race might be created.” Sich heil! “According to several reputable authors, the Dulles brothers directing Rockefeller’s management group and law firm at Sullivan and Cromwell on Wall Street, later administered the American affairs of I.G. Farben – Germany's leading industrial organization – linked intimately to Hitler and the rising Third Reich.” They made hundreds of millions of dollars off the Second World War and the slave labor in the concentration camps. “The Dulles law firm also directed U.S. business affairs for Fritz Thyssen, Hitler's primary financial backer. Thyssen later introduced Allen Dulles to the rising Nazi fuehrer, after which brother John negotiated loans for the Nazis.

“All of this activity foreshadowed, in 1928, the Rockefeller financing of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology and Human Heredity in pre-Nazi Germany. Ernst Rudin, Hitler's chief racial hygienist, was given authority over this institute principally funded by the Rockefellers. Eugenic psychologist Dr. Franz J. Kallmann, and blood geneticist Otmar Verschuer assisted Dr. Rudin. Their institute was named for Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II who was a solid supporter of early eugenics experiments” – and why was that? Because he was into the occult, and he wanted to further his royal bloodline.

“According to historic records, Hitler was also an avid student of the occult and a member of the largely secret Thule Society that contained members of the British royal family and European banking industry. ... Thule Society members, with connections to other politically influential leaders in the United States, including members of the Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale University, are believed to have founded the National Socialist Party in Germany, primarily to initiate World War II.” Oh, they don’t do that kind of stuff. Yes, they do. That’s how they work. All of our wars have been Illuminati constructions.

The Occult, Freemasonry and Rockefeller Blood Banking

“In my 1999 book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, I shed more light on these shadowy figures of eugenics history. Shortly before the war, in 1936, according to investigative journalist Anton Chaitkin, Nazi eugenicist and Rockefeller grantee, Dr. Franz Kallmann published his schizophrenia experiments after immigrating to New York because he was half-Jewish.” Schizophrenia experiments, okay? “The secret society known as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry published his account of more than 1,000 cases.” Well, why did they do that? What have the Masons got to do with schizophrenia experiments? Because they’re all run at the top by the Illuminati, that’s why. “His book was used in 1939 to rationalize the ‘murder of mental patients and various 'defective' people,’ according to Chaitkin and others. At the same time, the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele” – and we’re going to do a lot about him in the coming shows on mind control – “and Otmar Verschuer were collecting blood samples, particularly from twins, to conduct genetic experiments to further advance the eugenics field.” And they did some heavy stuff.

“Thousands were butchered and their heads, eyeballs, limbs, and organs were delivered to Mengele, Verschuer, and the other Rockefeller-linked contingents at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

“It was apparently no random coincidence that the Rockefeller family gained so much control over the ARC and blood banking, because Laurance Rockefeller assembled the New York City blood council that evolved to largely control the international blood banking industry. The importance of blood and bloodlines is a recurring theme throughout history with the Illuminati, particularly when considering the highest level and objectives of the secret Scottish Freemasons. According to the ‘Structure of Freemasonry,’” – a publication – “the ‘Order of the Red Cross’ stands third in the top echelon of power just behind the Sovereign Military Order of Malta ...”

“According to authors Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in Holy Blood Holy Grail, themselves Freemasons, this practice of identifying the red cross with Masonic tradition began in 1188” – you see, the Masons had the red cross in the 12th century. And you thought the Red Cross was new, huh? It’s call the Rosicrucians, people! The Rosicrucians! ”They adopted this symbol when the Prieuré de Sion”– the Merovingian top royal bloodline of the Illuminati – “accepted the ceremonies of Ormus, said to have been an Egyptian sage, mystic, and ‘a Gnostic 'adept' in Alexandria’ – a ‘hotbed of mystical activity’ during the first century A. D.”

”In the 14th century in Germany, the word “Illuminati” applied to the high initiates of the “Brotherhood of the Snake.” Well, the snake, “used by Rockefeller-directed organized medicine today, became a symbol of evolving illuminance or intelligence.” You know, the snake around the cross, the AMA. “Likewise, the Knight's Templar symbol shows the snake beginning and ending with a swastika. Citing van Helsing's research again, ‘One of the main branches of the Illuminati in Germany were the mystical Rosicrucians who were introduced at the beginning of the 9th century by Charlemagne.’” And you thought you knew what the Red Cross was! Yeah, so did I.

“In Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? I explained how and why, at the end of WWII, the Dulles brothers, in support of Rockefeller alliances” – this is very, very important that you know that this kind of stuff happened here – the Rockefeller-supported alliances “arranged false Red Cross identifications for Nazi war criminals, scientists” – like Wernher von Braun and Joseph Mengele – “and military officials to escape through what they called the ‘rat lines.’” They brought a whole bunch of Nazis over here. Mengele was brought here and put to work on mind control by the CIA. “A couple of years ago, the New York Times carried a story that explained that Red Cross officials were aware of the Nazi atrocities occurring in the concentration camps of WWII. They said they were remiss in reporting that evidence. They omitted, however, the intelligence that the entire Red Cross organization was directed, from high above, by the same devils that directed the business dealings between the Nazis, I.G. Farben, the CIA and the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company from the rise of the Third Reich. No wonder, the New York Times reported in another article, much of the Nazi-stolen gold suddenly emerged in Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank.” Oh, boy. See, Rockefeller supplied the Nazis, he supplied Hitler with the technology to turn coal into oil and to gasoline. Hitler didn’t have any gasoline for his tanks and his planes. But thanks to Rockefeller, and Rockefeller selling him oil through Spain.

Laurence Rockefeller, the “Laurence Rockefeller-directed New York City Blood Bank knowingly released” – oh, this is hard, this is very hard. But you remember this. They “knowingly released thousands of pints of blood contaminated with the AIDS-virus, HIV, despite holding secret the oxygenation technologies capable of cleaning the virus from infected supplies.” Do we remember that scandal? “After developing AIDS, approximately ten thousand hemophiliacs died throughout the United States, along with countless others around the world. Likewise, in 1999, CNN reported that approximately 500,000 Chinese people became infected with HIV and received the hepatitis B, C and herpes (cancer) viruses through contaminated blood, likewise preventable, but purposely neglected.

“In my latest book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare ... I detail the Rockefeller family's and their foundation's association with the population control industry. They are currently moving to eradicate half of the planet's current population” – half of the population; some figures go down to a half a billion people – “including America's civilian population as well. According to the Rockefeller-directed Population Council of the City of New York, and its affiliate, the Negative Population Growth, Inc. of New Jersey, the U.S. population requires culling to 125 or 150 million people.” That’s less than half the number already that we have right now. “And that, in a nutshell, is what ‘America's New War’ on terrorism – leading to WW III – is really about. Global population control and reduction through managed chaos. Using the standard Machiavellian practice of creating urgent problems, then costly solutions, America has been railroaded into what promises to be a long and deadly war against people previously, and likely still, on the payroll of a secret government and the CIA.

“Now you might comprehend, if you have ‘the eyes’ to read the above text, and the discernment necessary to perceive the truth it relays, why I found it nauseating that Americans so readily gave their blood and money to the Rockefellers’ Red Cross. If you are among the millions who made that mistake, chalk it up to simple deception. But for heaven's sake, don't do it again! Please donate directly to the families who have been victimized. That way your contribution might do more than aiding and abetting the enemy.”

Now, if you want to look up this whole article – I didn’t read even half of it – you go to www.americanreddoublecross.com. I got the article off of rense.com, which is another good source.

Scary stuff, huh? Well, I’d rather be scared and informed than scared and ignorant. See, the GI out there in the foxhole, he’s able to overcome his fear because he knows the enemy.

I promise that we’ll get started on the subject of mind control, and I mean individual trauma-based, drug-based hypnosis-based programming in order to produce couriers, assassins, spies and sex slaves.

One of the best ways I can think of to overcome our denial that the Illuminati are real is to find a way to overcome our fear of them. The best way I know to do that is to prove to yourself that God is real and that He’ll give you a hand when you need it.

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