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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fluoride: THE WEST’S Covert Chemical Sterilization: From Killing us Softly by Kevin Mugur Galalae

Fluoride: THE WEST’S Covert Chemical Sterilization: From Killing us Softly by Kevin Mugur Galalae

THE WEST’S Covert Chemical Sterilization

Europe & Russia 19% growth since 1960 TFR 1.6 (45% since 1950); 400 million births prevented Japan 35% growth since 1960; TFR 1.4 (-62% since 1950) ; 100 million births prevented  USA 77% growth since 1960 ; TFR 1.9 (-34% since 1950) ;150 milion births prevented

The low fertility levels found in the
developed world and their falling populations are conveniently attributed to the effects of affluence
to mask their true source, namely the chronic
poisoning of the masses via chemical agents
delivered through the basic elements
of life, water and food.
If affluence were indeed the reason for falling fertility rates than the oil-rich countries of the Gulf would have the lowest number of children
but that is not the case, as women in
wealthy countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates continued to have
unchanged reproductive rates
, at 4 to 6 children per woman, until 1990 when they began introducing fluoride and BPA in their people’s water and food. Since 1960, the 27 member states of the European Union
have grown from 420 to 500 million
a paltry 16 % increase, while countries in the developing world grew 300% and thus tripled their populations during the same time
According to EUROSTAT, the total population in EU27 will continue to increase at a reduced pace until 2025 due solely to migration and then begin a steady decline.


Without migration the EU’s population would
 have started a rapid decline in 2010.

The  birth of approximately 300 million Europeans has been prevented by the Global Depopulation Policy.The entire European continent, including Russia, has entered the last stage of the demographic transition, the shrinking stage.This shows that the covert chemical sterilization methods chosen by western nations, in conjunction with a variety of psychosocial methods have been
extraordinarily effective in halting population growth. In fact they have been so effective that
many EU nations have had to introduce economic incentives to boost births in order to prevent a population decline that is too rapid
and could spell their economic collapse
Russia’s demographic transition is even more
advanced than that of Europe. Its population
reached a historic peak in 1991, at 149 million,
then declined at a rate of 0.5%
until 2009 down to 143 million
, and has been growing modestly
since. The high death rate (due to rampant
alcoholism) and low birth rate (due to covert
chemical sterilization measures and tough
economic conditions) account for the drastic
fall. The Russian government, having been
poisoning its people for the past 60 years in
order to lower their fertility, now has to
encourage more births to prevent a population
collapse.  Russia’s TFR has climbed to 1.7
(from a low of 1.15 reached in 1999) and is now
higher than in any other Eastern
European country.
Russia had a population of 120 million
in 1960 and 102 million in 1950. That means that its population has increased by a paltry
16% since 1960 and by only
23% since 1950 Russia
therefore, records one of the
smallest population increases
in the world since World War II.
This is the result of the clumsy and callous way in which the Soviet and later the Russian government has combated population growth.
Japanis at an even more advanced stage in its demographic transitionthan Europe.  In 1945,
when the Allies started their occupation and began controlling the growth of the Japanese
population through chemical means, Japan had 72 million people. By 1960, when it already
reached replacement level fertility, Japan had grown to 95 million. Its population peaked at 128
million in 2010 and has been decreasing ever since. That means that Japan has grown only 44% since the end of World War II when the Allies imposed population control, and by a paltry 25% since 1960. Its population is expected to decline by nearly one million people per year in the
coming decades and settle at 85 million by 2060, by which time more than 40% of the population

will be over the age of
65. The birth of
approximately 100 million Japanese has been
prevented by the Global Depopulation Policy.
As the first country in the world to be subjected to
chemical sterilization, Japan was also the first to
reach replacement level
fertility, and the first to have
more elderly than young people. Forty years from
now Japan will have an inverted population pyramid
and its numbers will have been greatly reduced, just
as it was intended by the architects of the Global
Depopulation Policy
The United States is a high immigration country which is why its total fertility rate (TFR)
has not declined as quickly as Europe’s, Japan’s
 or Russia’s despite equal efforts.
    The TFR for  white Americans stands at 1.95, for blacks at 1.96, and for Hispanics at 2.4.
At 317 million, the  US is the third-most populous country in the  world.
Since 1960, its population has grown by
138 million, or 77%, a far cry from the tripling of
the population experienced elsewhere.
    While its  population is still growing due to immigration, the total number of births has been declining  since 2007 when it reached an all-time high of 4,313,233.
The most optimistic
projection shows that the US
population will peak in 2040 at around
360 million inhabitants.
Clearly, the West’s covert chemical sterilization has worked extremely well at halting the
population growth but at what cost?
The evidence shows that poisoning the
people to lower
fertility has terrible consequences.
downgrades the
genetic and intellectual endowment
of humanity
medical and statistical
data shows that long-term low-intensity fluoride

poisoning lowers intelligence and irreversibly damages genes
. The negative effects are
cumulative if the poisoning continues over generations, as has been the case in Europe,
Russia, Japan, the
U.S., Canada, New Zealand,
, Hong Kong and Singapore
; all
of whom have
subjected their
fluoride poisoning since c. 1950
In 2012 there were 3,952,937 live births, that is, 360,295 fewer births than in 2007, a 9% drop.

poisoning since 1980
to aluminum poisoning since 1995.
It is estimated that 5
to 10 IQ points are lost by each generation of children subjected to fluoride in the womb
and during the first years of life.
Research also shows that BPA and aluminum, like
fluoride, are endocrine disruptors and therefore damage the human body
universally and
at the molecular level.
The benefits of natural selection acquired over millennia of
evolution are being reversed by
reckless human intervention over a period of decades to
accomplish the goals of the Global Depopulation Policy by covert
toxic means rather
than proceeding as China has done by overt
legislative means.
unnecessary illness and suffering
Since all chemical agents chosen to undermine human fertility work
by damaging the endocrine system, the unintended side
human health
are legion.
By disrupting the endocrine system,
fluoride has an adverse effect on every part and function of the
human body, impairing reproduction and development, the immune
system and the nervous system.
Illnesses associated with Western
living standards
heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer
conveniently attributed
to poor diet and lack of physical
in fact, for the most
the result of the
endocrine disrupting poisons deliberately fed
to people
in the developing world since 1950.
As the architects of the Global Depopulation Policy
have widened the use of these poisons to the developing
world, the same illnesses are beginning to wreak havoc
These so
called illnesses of affluence are in fact
the effects of chronic
and the epidemic is
spreading to the developing world far in advance of the
affluence that supposedly brought this curse upon the
developed world.
In countries like Brazil and Iran,
for instance,
fluoridation and BPA use have been introduced fast and
furious, and not as gradually as in the developed world,
these so
called Western ailments
are more
 deadly there
than in the West. The WHO, which
is central to the
Global Depopulation Policy, predicts even more deaths
in the future due to chronic illnesses
, knowing
what to expect once their poisons of choice are
unleashed upon virgin populations.

A second branch of illnesses caused
or exacerbated
by chemical sterilization agents are
neurological and span the entire spectrum of
 mental disorders
learning disabilities
speech and language impairments, mental retardation, autism,
attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (
ADHD), bipolar disorder, depression,
anxiety disorder, obsessive
compulsive disorder,
Down syndrome,
dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome, dyslexia, epilepsy, motor skill disorders,
Parkinson’s disease, Tourette syndrome, antisocial behavior, schizophrenia
, and
countless other ailments.
More than 25% of the populations exposed to chemical
sterilization agents are affected by mental or
developmental disorders; a ten-fold greater
incidence than in populations that have not been chronically exposed to such toxic
A third group of illnesses concern sex hormone disorders: disorders of
sex development,
acquired sex disorders, disorders of gender, disorders of puberty, and menstrual function
and fertility disorders. Of these by far the most concerning are gender identity issues,
which is why the incidence of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual
is at least
10% higher in
countries that have chemically poisoned their people to lower their
fertility than in countries that have not.
A fourth group of illnesses concern the damage done to the immune system, which is
rendered either
hyperactive or repressed, resulting in either autoimmune diseases and
allergies or, respectively, in viral attacks and cancers.
In one way or another, everyone
who is subjected to the poisons of the Global Depopulation Policy
suffers from
done to
the immune system.
The overall effect of the West’s chemical sterilization program will not be known until
research is allowed to occur and scientists are not punished for publishing anything
related to the pervasive chemical agents we are intentionally
being subjected
for the
sake of population control.
What is certain is that the general health of people in the developed world is inferior to
that of people in the developing world despite the huge gap in the quality of their
healthcare. And that can
 only be adequately explained by the toxic substances that
people in developed nations have been chronically subjected to for the past 60 years.
induces state of bovine obedience Sodium fluoride,which is the fluoridating compound used most often as a byproduct of the aluminum and phosphate industries, is known as the, obedience drug and anyone poisoned with it
Dr. Stepehn Cooter,
Obedience Drug

experiences fluoride fatigue and
lives in a state of behavioral control.

A fluoridated population is an easily managed, obedient population whose ability to
think and act is greatly impaired by the tranquilizing effect of sodium fluoride. But since
everyone is being poisoned in the womb, no one knows the difference.
The stability of
the political system of the western world has little to do with people’s level of
satisfaction with the status quo and everything to do with the fact that westerners are
involuntarily controlled by fluoride poisoning by their eugenic goverernments.
The same  is true of the former Eastern Bloc countries which is why
the insufferable conditions of
communism were tolerated with little or no dissent and political change had to wait for
the system’s economic collapse. leads to
genetic impoverishment.  A well
guarded and revealing statistic is the percentage of women who remain childless
in developed countries versus developing countries. It is no coincidence that 1 in 4
women in many European countries (such as, Italy and Switzerland), and 1 in 5 women
in Canada and the U.S.
and elsewhere in the West
never have children, whereas only 1
in 20 women in China and a mere
1 in 30 in India remain without child. The West’s
covert chemical sterilization methods, in other words, remove up to a quarter
of the
populace from the procreation cycle and this results in a dangerous genetic
impoverishment if continued for even two or three generations.
The total fertility rates
of developed nations hide the fact that a significant and growing percentage of women

have no children whatsoever because their family tree has been pruned by chemical
Even a conservative estimate
that at least 300 million genetic lines
have been stopped dead
by the Global Depopulation Policy in the western world alone.
This frightening statistic makes the Nazis, who killed at most 20 million people, look
like amateurs compared with the depopulationists that followed suit.
annihilates democracy
The primary duty of democratically-elected governments is to ensure the people’s
security. Poisoning the masses in secret with toxic chemicals to lower their fertility goes
against fundamental moral tenets and violates the premise that the government respects
the will of the people. The people have never given their government or the UN the
consent to turn the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility and morbidity.
Authority that is not rooted in the people and considerate of the fundamental rights of
citizens ceases to be legitimate. Since legality is the basis for legitimacy, and poisoning
people is clearly outside the law, western governments since 1950 have been illegitimate
and to this day remain illegitimate.
Dr. Bruce Spittle,
Fluoride Fatigue
, Paua Press, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2008.

subverts the rule of law.
No government that has used or is using covert chemical sterilization agents on their
people can claim to respect the rule of law,
since interfering with people’s fertility is a
violation of the genocide convention,
which states unequivocally:
Article 1
Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace
or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent
and to punish.
Article 2
In the
present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with
intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group,
as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to
bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within
the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Article 3
The following acts shall be punishable:
(a) Genocide;
(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
(d) Attempt to com
mit genocide;
(e) Complicity in genocide.
Article 4
Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall
be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or
private individuals.
The West’s
covert chemical sterilization program violates every article of the genocide
except article 2 (e)
and does so with impunity and universally.
To get away  with it, the freely elected governments of western nations have made the Global  Depopulation Policy impervious to legal challenges and this requires the active
subversion of the rule of law across the board. What remains is the illusion of legality
when in fact governments that commit genocide
and crimes against humanity
, and have
done so for more than 60 years, operate
entirely above and outside the law, as no criminal code, constitution or legal covenant, be it national or international, even remotely
attempts to justify the poisoning of people causes irreersble social division.
By necessity, the Global Depopulation Policy is driven by a limited number of people
who are in the know while the rest of the population is utterly ignorant. This splits
society into insiders, who are
an empowered elite, and outsiders, who are
innocent victims. More than this, due to the damage chemical sterilization does to the intellectual and genetic endowment of the race, the insiders, who know how to protect themselves and their offspring, will in just a few generations be genetically and intellectually
superior to the general population, who is subjected to chronic and inescapable
poisoning. The Global Depopulation Policy, therefore, makes eugenic claims of genetic
and intellectual superiority a self
fulfilling prophecy.
demands a
culture of secrecy, deception and cruelty
The architects of the Global Depopulation Policy know that pursuing covert chemical
sterilization is a hard sell and that no one
in their right mind
could be persuaded to
voluntarily subject himself or his children
to chronic poisoning regardless of the greater good.
That is why they have proceeded in secrecy by deceiving the general public with
lies and dissimulation so as to be able to cruelly poison their fellow men and damage
generations of children in such
fundamental ways as to rob them not only of their health
and future but also of their dignity.
All western nations are as a result sustained by a culture of secrecy and by universal
hypocrisy that if unveiled would cause their sudden and well
deserved collapse.
media, the scientific, the political, the military and even the religious elites
are part and
parcel of the deception and equally complicit
in crimes against humanity.
The only way
they could have
implemented such a
global policy by such murderous
means is by
consenting to cooperate and by agreeing
to preserve the veil of secrecy at all costs
they should all be called to account for their crimes.
Once they have agreed upon this
of action
they knew there would be no way back and no way out, which is why
every international meeting at Davos
, at any of the many Rockefeller foundations,
or at
the executive level of every UN organization involved happens behind closed doors.
brings about the
of man
The multigenerational effort demanded by the demographic objectives of the Global
Depopulation Policy
means that people’s intellectual and genetic endowments will be
subverted and downgraded for several generations. The damage done and
yet to be done
reverses nature’s work and brings about the devolution of man.
The damaged offspring
of damaged parents who themselves are born of damaged parents will have suffered such
degradation that they are unable to cope with the demands of society,
which is why we
see a growing class of dysfunctional
, demoralized
and disabled people in developing
countries that have entered the last phase of their
demographic transition.

endangering the ecosystem
All three methods of chemical sterilization
fluoridation, BPA and aluminum spraying
contribute to environmental degradation
at a time
when the world can least afford it.
Fluoride, a highly toxic element, especially when derived from heavy industry as a
byproduct laced with other lethal poisons, is the last thing we should be adding to our
drinking water.
If it is in our drinking water it will make its way into our aquifers, lakes,
rivers and creeks and will in time make all
water undrinkable.
Our landfills
in non
biodegradable BPA plastics when we could be using clean glass that
can be reused again and again, as was
 done until the 1980s, and that can be
And spraying aerosolized aluminum laced with
ethylene dibromide
barium and cationic polymer fibers from the air
is nothing short of insane considering the
devastating effect these elements have on us and on all plant and animal life.
misusing science and censoring research
The application of science and medicine to
cause intentional damage to the human
reproductive system and unintentional damage to our general health and to our precious
intellectual and genetic inheritance irrevocably undermines our trust in the people and
institutions that are charged with protecting us, but that instead severely harm us.
everyone were to misuse their professional credentials the same way the lawyers,
doctors, scientists and politicians on the payroll of the Global Depopulation Policy are
doing in order
to also contribute
effort to reduce the population, then architects
would design every fourth home to collapse on top of its
, engineers would
bridges and tunnels
deadly traps
, teachers would encourage their students to
bash each other’s heads
automakers would make sure that the wheels
on their cars
of regularly to cause fatalities,
and janitors would apply slippery oils
to their newly
swept floors to make sure that a sufficient number of people break their necks on any
given day.
Knowledge is supposed to be used to make our lives better and safer not
deprive us of our children and to make us ill, stupid, and fat.
The level of control,
and repression necessary to steer scientists
away from doing vital research
and from
telling the truth invalidates
the entire purpose of scientific research and
corrupts entire fields of knowledge thus undermining people’s trust in science and
invites conflict and mistrust within and between nations
If we cannot trust our
doctors and scientists, our generals and politicians, our judges and
archbishops, then who can we trust.
And why should we tolerate being treated like an
infestation and exterminated like vermin?
This is the ultimate betrayal of our trust by
the very people we need to trust most. No society can or should function at such a
morally reprehensible level.
That it has come to this speaks volumes about the
decadence of western society, which is where this diabolical policy has originated, and

about the perversion of westerners, who are the architects of this murderous plan.
people open their eyes and realize what is happening there will be hell to pay, as we will
have to start from the very beginning and replace all our institutions and people who are
now in control of the system. There will be no trust left within or between nations and
no one to trust.

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