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Saturday, July 15, 2017

THE GRAND DECEPTION AS TOLD BY A CHEVY CAMARO (trespass upon our property and living estate) by the living man, kenneth-william of the House Dost

Ken Dost
READ AND ABSORB FOLKS ....ATTACHED ALSO IS THE INTENTIONALLY CONCEALED MERS/NB CREDIT AGREEMENT ...key word CREDIT..whose credit are they stealing by uninformed consent?....YOURS
THE GRAND DECEPTION AS TOLD BY A CHEVY CAMARO (trespass upon our property and living estate)
by the living man, kenneth-william of the House Dost
This story has to do with intentionally concealed MERS®, that is to say the MERS United States Registered Trademark and the underlying MERS/Nationsbank Credit Security Agreement, which is a material alteration and modification of the Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument that jumps out of the 4 corners and into a world of demonic evil that sets out to destroy all living men, women, and children who were lured into its clutches

Imagine one day you went out and purchased a brand new Chevy Camaro. You did not purchase it to drive it but rather to park it for next 10-15 years for future investment reasons. So you drive it straight from the dealer to a storage warehouse - put a cover over the vehicle, lock the pulldown door and completely walk away, forgetting about the car for the next 10 or so years.
The years roll by until the day arrives you decide to crack open the door and drive out what is now a classic high sought after vehicle, that for all intents and purposes is a brand spanking new vehicle from the year 2015. So, you roll up the door and to your shock and horror your classic vehicle is filthy dirty....Not only are there dents on the hood, the bumper, and rear driver side quarter panel, the interior is worn, the engine is filthy and the odometer has a registered 182,569 miles.....
Furious, you come to find out that the manager that oversaw the storage facility the first 9 years your car was in storage had been renting out your vehicle for fees of which he pocketed.....Of course, that manager is no longer employed at the storage facility.
Liken this analogy to at least over 67 million mortgage loans to real property agreements; liken this to your own mortgage loan. While you believed you had ownership, others were leasing out the use of your collateral time and time and time again - earning fees, compensation, and bonuses by stealing the use of your collateral for which you received not a single nickel........As a worse slap in the face, after making millions upon millions off your collateral, these criminal banksters, brokers, and insurance agents default you, defame and assassinate your character, destroy your credit, your livelihood, leaving you penniless in endless debt and millions upon millions: homeless.
When a mortgage borrower puts pen to paper and signs the Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument, that is to say, the mortgage loan agreement, the assumption is there is an approval for a mortgage loan, from a lender to purchase real property. The greater assumption is one steeped in paradigm and one of pride, achieving the ‘American Dream’ to which they can now call themselves a homeowner.
The 21st century reality however is the paradigm is dead; a mortgage to real property is nothing more than a legal fiction, a ‘pretend’ mortgage to real property. This was by the banksters along with the government’s intent and design, to make us believe in something that no longer exists. For what purpose, you say? The theft of all ownership of course, not just of the real property collateral, but all property, personal and intellectual, currently owned or that ever will be owned.
Our perception is the mortgage (Deed of Trust/Note) is immediately sold to an investment bank who aggregate the mortgage into a pool with other mortgages, establishing an SPE into which the pool is transferred and from which certificates are issued and sold to investors. -----True? Not entirely
The fact of the matter is that the originator/pretend lender does not actually sell anything, rather merely pledges the alleged loan, in other words, the alleged mortgage loan is 'held for sale'....It is ONLY upon default that the alleged mortgage loan's "first sale" actually occurs...Stated another manner, the Assignment of Deed of Trust is the first sale - that is too say the putting back together of title and note, which though in fact was never together to begin with because the 'option' to purchase the defaulted loan was sold before a borrower ever signed the documents.
The option holder (broker) has control of the note and may and does sell it time and time again.....Imagine making 1000 copies of the executed note, putting them in a box and shipping it off to Borders Bookstore. The box is unpacked, labeled with a price tag and put on the shelves for sale - no different from a copyrighted work...except in this case the mortgage is a derivative and the broker is the holder of that copyright derivative.
Ownership of copyrights can be transferred either by operation of law or by a written instrument. 17 U.S.C. § 204(a) (2000). Courts have interpreted "transfer by operation of law" to mean "transfers by bequest, bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosures, and the like." Taylor Corp. v. Four Seasons Greetings, L.L.C., 403 F.3d 958, 963 (8th Cir. 2005) (citing Brooks v. Bodes, 230.781 F. Supp. 202, 205 (S.D.N.Y. 1991))
As a matter of law, authors and owners of copyright immediately possess the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, and display copyrighted works and to prepare derivative works based on them. The Computer Software Copyright Act of 1980 amended the Copyright Act of 1976 to include “computer programs.”
The Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument is a copyrighted work of a computer program which becomes a derivative upon the borrowers signing of the agreement. The banksters are thus unjustly enriching themselves many times over, selling an alleged mortgage loan they do not even own....The broker's future fees and compensation are realized upon default with the actual first sale, which he collects on with the liquidation of the collateral.
Stated another way:
-Derivatives were deregulated
-Derivatives are securities
-Derivatives are credit default swaps, Collateralized Bond Obligations (CBO), CMO'S, CDO'S, CDO SQ., RMBS, MBS, ABS, and whatever other financially engineered (patents and trademarks) these bankster, broker, insurance agent criminals can come up with
-The simplest form of a derivative is in the name of this page - A Copyright Derivative - which occurs when you place your signature upon the copyrighted Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument.
We the people were made reliant on false representations that the Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument was 'personal property' thereby a negotiable instrument - UCC3
How can a copyright DERIVATIVE, a security, be both a negotiable instrument AND a security
It cannot
The common logic is rather clear - We the people were lured into executing a 'basket of securities' of which are STOLEN from us because the one who controls the copyright derivative controls all our 'rights in property'
Not only have they stolen our real property collateral - they have thus stolen all our rights in property - real, personal, and intellectual which was derived our executing what we believed was a mortgage loan to real property (a negotiable instrument) but in fact and truth was a collateralized copyright.
In fact what consumers were lured into giving uninformed consent to is an installment lease to a future purchase; a presecuritized investment contract to which the consumer is the uninformed third party beneficiary, creditor, and entitlement holder.
Most notable, is a 1998 security agreement between Nationsbank (Bank of America) and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. registered under the MERS intentionally and actively concealed Trademark found in the publicly accessible databases of the United States Patents and Trademarks Office ("USTPO").
Borrowers were intentionally misled to placed their signatures upon the Fannie/Freddie Standard Uniform Instrument –MERS with representation MERS was just a registry, which states:
¶Borrower understands and agrees that MERS' holds only legal title to the interests granted by Borrower in this Security Instrument, but, if necessary to comply with law or custom, MERS (as nominee for Lender and Lender's successors and assigns) has the right: to exercise any or all of those interests, including, but not limited to, the right to foreclose and sell the Property; and to take any action required of Lender including, but not limited to, releasing and canceling this Security Instrument.
Further stating,
¶Provides "MERS" is Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. MERS is a separate corporation that is acting solely as nominee for Lender and Lender's successors and assigns. MERS is the beneficiary under this Security Instrument. MERS is organized and existing under the laws of Delaware.
¶Provides - The beneficiary of this Security Instrument is MERS (solely as nominee for Lender and Lender's successors and assigns) and the successors and assigns of MERS’.
What borrowers were not told was they were agreeing to a licensing agreement and not a mortgage loan to real property. They were agreeing to give up all ownership to property (real, personal, and Intellectual) or more specifically agreeing to act as a "LICENSEE OF INFORMATION" under the laws of the Commonwealth of the State of Virginia per terms under an intentionally concealed security agreement between Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. and Nationsbank (Bank of America).
As such under Virginia law § 59.1-501.2(15) Defines a Consumer as
“[a]n individual who is a licensee of information or informational rights that the individual at the time of contracting intended to be used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. The term does not include an individual who is a licensee primarily for professional or commercial purposes, including agriculture, business management, and investment management other than management of the individual's personal or family investments.”
As such under Virginia law § § 59.1-501.2 (41) (42) (43) as to licenses:
(41) "License" means a contract that authorizes access to, or use, distribution, performance, modification, or reproduction of, information or informational rights, but expressly limits the access or uses authorized or expressly grants fewer than all rights in the information, whether or not the transferee has title to a licensed copy. The term includes an access contract, a lease of a computer program, and a consignment of a copy. The term does not include a reservation or creation of a security interest to the extent the interest is governed by Title 8.9A. [8.9A is Oregon §ORS79 – Secured Transactions]
(42) "Licensee" means a person entitled by agreement to acquire or exercise rights in, or to have access to or use of, computer information under an agreement to which this chapter applies. A licensor is not a licensee with respect to rights reserved to it under the agreement.
(43) "Licensor" means a person obligated by agreement to transfer or create rights in, or to give access to or use of, computer information or informational rights in it under an agreement to which this chapter applies. Between the provider of access and a provider of the informational content to be accessed, the provider of content is the licensor. In an exchange of information or informational rights
, each party is a licensor with respect to the information, informational rights, or access it gives.
Is it not time to dispose of the deception and deceit that has ravaged the residents of this state, and the citizens of this nation? Is it not time to wake up the fact that the residents of this state, yourself include and your family, have been targets of a mass grand larceny. How much more must we suffer the illegal acts perpetrated upon us by a crooked federal government, its agencies, banksters, brokers, and the insurance sector? How much more do we endure a court system that ignores the rule of law?

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