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Monday, July 3, 2017

How your immune system can rebuild weak heart tissue by Frank Shallenberger

How your immune system can rebuild weak heart tissue

Volume 14 | Issue 74
July 3, 2017
My readers know a thing or two about keeping their cardiovascular systems healthy. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, genetic factors, infections, or lifestyle choices we made before we knew (or cared) better win out. However, even if you suffer from certain heart conditions, you can still strengthen and protect your heart to keep it as healthy as you can going forward. New research shows how this is possible.

Researchers at Osaka University have been investigating heart cells called cardiomyocytes. Previously, scientists assumed these cells didn’t really proliferate in mammals. But the researchers in this study recognized that this isn’t true. After all, cardiomyocytes proliferate in newborn humans. So they decided to see if anything else could trigger these cells to help build up and strengthen the heart.

They found their answer in myocarditis, or inflammation in the heart, which often occurs to fight off a viral infection. Myocarditis can cause cardiac dysfunction, but typically isn’t fatal. That’s thanks in part to the immune system’s ability to trigger cardiomyocytes to get to work repairing and strengthening the heart.
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In their study, they found that in mice with myocarditis, the immune system activated factors that were not just cardioprotective, but cardioproliferative as well. The immune system told the cardiomyocyte cell cycle to start back up again to multiply and rebuild the heart.

Unfortunately, this process won’t work to rebuild portions of your heart that you lose in a heart attack. That damage is often permanent. So it’s vital that you keep your heart as strong and healthy as possible in case parts of it ever have to take over for the damaged portions – or so you avoid a heart attack in the first place!

This study tells us that there are two keys to strengthening your heart after an infection: your immune system and inflammation. You want your immune system to always be ready to jump in and tell your cells what to do and how to rebuild. That’s why I recommend Super Immune QuickStart powder. It contains 22 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to ensure your immune system has everything it needs to function optimally. It also supports healthy detoxification so that your immune system isn’t stretched too thin dealing with toxins if your heart ends up needing help.

To address inflammation, I recommend Reduloxin, an herb-based anti-inflammatory. It helps your immune system use inflammation appropriately rather than excessively. Having a healthy rather than an out-of-control inflammation response is essential to triggering cardiomyocytes and letting them do their work.

Hopefully, your heart will never have to repair itself – and you’ll never need an extra strong heart to help you keep going after a heart attack. But you want to be ready just in case. Super Immune QuickStart and Reduloxin can help ensure your heart has all the tools it needs.
Yours for better health,
Frank Shallenberger, MD


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