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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Choosing to agree with Richard Marion on Fluoridation

      Templeton Residents should get to know Richard Marion author of a recent Letter to editor in The Gardner News titled “Choose not to be handed a mandate on fluoridation of water”.  Mr. Marion is a top- notch athlete and performs at a level most can only dream of when it comes to long distance running.  Mr. Marion is not the type of person who tells others in the community how they should or shouldn’t live their lives. Basically speaking Mr. Marion represents the silent majority, a good American. 
     In my opinion the point to Mr. Marion’s editorial is, it is ok for you and your family to use fluoride any way you wish but please allow me the same courtesy of not using fluoride if my belief differs from yours concerning the effects of fluoride.  Live and let live.
          In my opinion the first statement from Myron Allukian and Phil Leger concerning their duty to promote fluoride was the only accurate statement out of their mouths.  
     According to Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Law Part I, Title XVI, Chapter 111,Section 40 it is the law for Myron and Phil to promote fluoride.  http://www.malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleXVI/Chapter111/Section%204O
     Templeton residents will want to read this General Law carefully. Section (5) promoting and providing technical assistance, monitoring and evaluating population-based dental programs including, but not limited to, community water fluoridation programs, school prevention including, but not limited to, community water fluoridation programs, school prevention programs, mobile and portable dental programs and other programs to improve access to services;  Some believe this law is paid for by the very people who are being poisoned by it. 
     Templeton residents who attended the discussion concerning discontinuing the practice of fluoridation know and trust the dental hygienist and nurses who spoke to the article.  Ms. Crocker, Ms Flis and the twins, I know and respect.  If I were to tell them that they and there families were going to be given a drug that has been shown to do much harm to almost every organ in the body it is my belief they would not be interested. 
     What the anti-fluoridation people are looking for is a way not to put what we consider a poison into our bodies.  Many believe that fluoride is truly “The Devil’s Poison”. 
     So what is the answer to this dilemma?  Does a majority of Templeton residents get to decide to poison the other Templeton residents? 
     Would it make sense to make available fluoride free water to those who believe fluoride is harmful? 
     Should the water department install and maintain filter systems that remove fluoride for those who believe fluoride is toxic?
     Is the Templeton Board of Health now legally responsible for health affects that may be associated with fluoride because they are now promoting this substance?  
     What about those individuals who are too young or do not have the mental capacity to decide?
     There was one thing that I noticed when collecting signatures for the citizen’s petition to halt fluoridation and that was almost everyone was either drinking bottled water or filtering the town water supply first before drinking or using it to cook with. 
     In closing I agree whole-heartily with Mr. Marion when he says that the rights of the citizen’s of Templeton are not being considered. We should have the right to choose what we put or don’t put into our bodies.  I quote Mr. Marion when he writes, “ I ask you to make the choice to choose and not be handed a mandate”. 
     For those who wish to continue poisoning yourselves, that is your choice.   

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  1. This Marion guy was the fastest thing in town when it comes to long distance running. He once passed me running and I was driving my pick-up truck. Guess he likes to run a clean machine when it comes to what he is drinkin.