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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fluoride "The Devil's Poison". Response to Board of Health Fact Sheet

     Templeton Residents are encouraged to get the fact sheet from the Board of Health website concerning fluoridation.  The Templeton Board of Health (BOH) has decided to continue to promote fluoridating the town’s water supply. http://www.templeton1.org/board_of_health.shtml 
This fact sheet should be read in its entirety so that Templeton residents can become aware of the arguments both pro and con forced fluoridation.
     In my opinion the pro-fluoride document from the Board of Health has questions that are only partially answered by our Board of Health’s fact sheet. 
     It is my quest to help educate the reader further and try to fill in some of the missing information by going question by question from the BOH fact sheet.  You may wish to print out the BOH questions so that you can better understand what is being addressed in this article. 
     The website Fluoride Action Network is a website manned by dedicated anti-fluoridation individuals and is an excellent resource on problems associated with fluoride.http://www.fluoridealert.org/
     Please visit the facebook site Templeton Mass. Afa for a collection of interesting videos concerning fluoride and its effect on you the Templeton Resident. I can be contacted concerning fluoride at petefarrell44@hotmail.com or 978-939-2501.   
     Now on to the fact sheet questions concerning fluoride, found at the BOH website.    
Q. What is fluoride?
Fluoride is the most reactive element on the periodic chart. It is the most powerful oxidizer known to man and is used as a rocket propellant.  It is an electron thief.  Fluoride belongs to a group of elements known as the halogens and is the active ingredient in Sarin nerve gas, a most poisonous gas that was recently used in the Tokyo subway incident harming many. Also in the halogen group are the elements Chorine, Bromine and Iodine. Prior to 1940 fluoride was known as “The Devils Poison” and with good reason. Fluoride is a deadly enzymatic poison and has been used by biochemists for years to stop enzymatic reactions.  Fluoride is the thirteenth most abundant element in the earth’s crust.  The fluoride that is found naturally in water is Calcium Fluoride.  Calcium Fluoride is approximately one fifth as biologically active as Sodium Fluoride so when comparing the two Sodium Fluoride is more biologically active. Fluoride is not a nutrient; your body does not need fluoride.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR6C2AB4RL0&feature=share
As you can see from the link above EPA scientist believe that fluoridation needs to be looked at much closer. 
     Charles Eliot Perkins in his book The Truth About Water Fluoridation published in 1952 goes into specifics on the difference between Calcium Fluoride and Sodium Fluoride.  It should be noted that 90% of the fluoride used in the United States is an industrial waste by-product that is usually referred to as hexafluorosilicic acid or hydrofluorocsilicic acid. This material has not been tested properly by our government and has other contaminants in it as well such as arsenic and lead to name a few.
     No government agency will take legal responsibility for the damage fluoride may induce not the EPA or FDA or even The Public Health Service.
     Fluoride is a toxic substance and rates more toxic than lead but slightly less toxic than arsenic.  
Q. How does fluoride help prevent dental decay?
     It is believed that corporate interests sold fluoride to the American Public due to potential damaging lawsuits and its bold claims for good dental health have not held water according to Christopher Bryson in his book The Fluoride Deception.  It has been shown by many Scientists that fluoride if it works at all works topically.  Arvid Carlsson the Nobel Prize Winning Scientist from Sweden who kept fluoride out of Sweden’s water supply agrees.
Dr. Carlsson is not the only Nobel Prize Winner in medicine who has seen through the fluoride deception. 
     Even fluorides use topically has come into question as the fluoro- appetite that results from calcium being removed and replaced by fluoride at a molecular level and the damaged cross linking of the collagen forming the enamel has been shown to be more brittle and more susceptible to acidic action according to the book “The Devils Poison” by Dr. Dean Murphy.
The above link is a dissertation given by Dr. Hardy Limeback a teacher of Dentistry in Toronto Canada.  Dr. Hardy Limeback is a respected Scientist and was on the committee involved with the 2006 National Research Counsel report on Fluoride.  
Q. Is Fluoridation effective in helping to prevent tooth decay?
The cities of Newburg, New York and Kingston, New York began a study to see if fluoride prevents tooth decay in the year 1945. This test was to last ten years and then the data would be evaluated.  Templeton started fluoridation in 1951 about half way through the test.  It should be noted that Newburg has higher levels of nutrients in their water supply that naturally prevent tooth decay such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus according to the book “Truth Decay” the study continues to this day, as Kingston has not fluoridated their water supply. There is no difference in the rate of decay in these communities.
The above link is the Fluoride Deception a short video involving Christopher Bryson who wrote the book “The Fluoride Deception” a must read for Templeton Residents who are looking for answers about fluoride.  Mr. Bryson’s short video covers some of the material involved in the Newburg-Kingston trials as well as the Grand Rapids-Muskegon trial a study started also in 1945.  In the latter study the control city of Muskegon was fluoridated three years into the ten-year study when data showed no difference in the rate of tooth decay between the two Michigan cities.  Someone apparently had decided America was going to get fluoride whether they wanted it or not.    
     You may also wish to read The Case Against Fluoride by Connett Beck and Micklem.  These doctors who have written the book have researched the subject extensively.  A video by Paul Connett one of the authors is referred to later on in this article.
Q. With other forms of fluoride available is water fluoridation still an effective method for preventing dental decay?
      According to Christopher Bryson in his book “The Fluoride Deception” fluoride was never an effective method for preventing dental decay.  The data obtained from the study done in Bartlet and Cameron Texas that supposedly showed fluoride preventing dental decay were flawed and not done in a scientific manner. 
     In a similar situation in Texas in an article promoting fluoride , its author Dr. Heard later refuted his article in the Readers Digest titled “The Town Without a Toothache” on March 15 1954 according to the book Truth Decay by Gladys Caldwell and Philip E. Zanfagna, M.D. on page 217.  Dr. Heard states for the record “ The dental investigators made a serious mistake when they gave fluoride the credit for our good teeth.  They overlooked the food grown in our rich, well-mineralized soil.  It is these minerals, of which processed foods rob the body, that build health and good teeth.”  He also noted: As the town grew and people began to live on processed foods, tooth decay increased by leaps and bounds in spite of the fact that people were drinking the same water.”
     In his book “Fluoride The Aging Factor” Dr. John Yiamouyiannis explains how Collagen cells are made weaker by fluoride’s interference in the cross linking of the enamel.  This is what is referred to as mottling or dental fluorosis. Collagen is a structural protein found throughout our bodies.  It is estimated the twenty five percent of the body’s protein is in the form of collagen according to Yiamouyiannis. 
    The rate of dental fluorosis is at epidemic proportions at this time approximately forty percent of our young children have dental fluorosis.  
    Many may think fluorosis of the teeth is not a big deal but according to Dr Dean Murphy in his book “The Devil’s Poison How fluoride is killing you” on page 95 Dr. Murphy explains how Hypoxia Inducible Factor’s metabolic pathway in vascularizing cancer cells is very similar to the metabolic pathways involved with Dental Fluorosis.  Dr. Murphy also explains the effects of fluoride on Succinate Dehydrogenase and the electron transfer mechanism in our mitochondria.  A must read for Doctors and Dentists who may wish to answer questions in regards to the health effects of fluoride on their patients. 
   The cancer link concerning fluoride has been shown in a court of law by Burk and Yiamouyiannis.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClqK7XvfLg0&feature=share
The cancer rate has been shown to be from four to ten points higher in communities that fluoridate. 
     The precautionary principal alone should be reason enough to put a halt to forced water fluoridation. When in doubt take it out. 
Q. What happens if water fluoridation is discontinued? 
The United States is one of the few remaining countries that fluoridate their water supply.  Most of Europe has never fluoridated or have discontinued fluoridation and have the same or better teeth than us Americans. It is possible we have been sold a bill of goods.  This young lady lets you know the facts concerning fluoridation 

     In the book “Fluoridation The Great Dilemma” by Waldbott, M.D. and Burgsstahler PH.D. and McKinney, PH.D. the authors point out that about one percent of the population is allergic to fluoride.  Walbott goes on the explain fluorides effects on soft tissue, bones, vital organs and its mutagenic effects.  Fluoride has been associated with Down’s Syndrome also known as Mongloidism.  Mongolia from which the word mongloidism is derived is a country bordering China and is known for their high levels of fluoride in their water supplies according to the book “Fluoridation The Great Dilemma”. Fluoride has been shown to lower the IQ of children exposed to fluoride prior to birth and has been shown to be a neurotoxin according to Phyllis Mullinex. 
     Here Dr. Mullinex is shown at Clark University in Worcester after losing her job because of pointing out the toxicity of fluoride at her place of employment. 
     For those insisting on fluoride in their diet look no further than your toothpaste.  A pea- sized amount of toothpaste will get you all the fluoride that is currently recommended.  Be careful not to swallow this pea-sized amount as it is recommended to call poison control on the package due to the toxicity of fluoride contained in that pea-sized amount. The same amount of fluoride about one milligram is contained in a liter of water but there is no warning to call poison control on your facet.
     It is believed that much of the dental fluorosis occurring in our young children today is due to the swallowing of fluoride during brushing.    
Q. Does fluoride in the water supply, at levels recommended for the prevention of dental decay, adversely affect human health? 
According to EPA scientists the safe level of fluoride is very low. EPA scientists put the safe level of fluoride at .000007/mg per kg body weight. A glass of fluoridated water at one part per million would be one hundred times the safe level of fluoride according to EPA scientists.  
     Fluoride bio-accumulates in the body not just in the bones but also in the soft tissues.  Here is a video on the affects fluoride has on the pineal gland or our body’s third eye.
The above video shows fluorides affect on the pineal gland.
     Fluoride makes bones weaker and is often associated with hip fractures in the elderly.  Many of our elderly succumb to these hip fractures.
     It is interesting to note that the speaker at last years Annual Town Meeting Dr. Myron Allukian a disciple of Frederick John Stare from Harvard help promote fluoride for stronger bones years ago.  Dr. Allukian is mentioned in the book “Truth Decay” on page 249-250.  It would appear from the book that Dr. Allukian and Dr. Stare are more concerned with selling fluoride to America than the facts.  Both Allukian and Stare were promoting fluoride for strengthening bone when scientific evidence showed otherwise.  Fluoride is corporate science that means if it makes money it must be a good thing. 
     It is hoped that the Harvard Endowment and the great rate of return on these companies contained in this portfolio is not based on deceptions and lies such as what is perceived to be the case with the claim fluoride builds strong bones.     
Q. What is dental fluorosis?
     Dental fluorosis is the white blotches or yellow to brown staining on the enamel of our teeth caused by too much fluoride.  It can be costly to fix and severe fluorosis usually leads to the premature loss of teeth.
       Fluorosis is the body’s way of telling us we have ingested too much fluoride but what other organs have been affected?   
     The Fluoride that is used in 90% of the water supplies in America is an industrial waste by product.  Although fluoride is being administered as a drug to improve your teeth it is not pharmaceutical grade Sodium Fluoride that is being used.
Dr. Paul Connett in the link above does an excellent job explaining where our fluoride comes from and what affects it is having on you and your family.  Dr. Paul Connett’s book “ The Case Against Fluoride” is a must read.
     Like an American flag flown upside down outside of a domicile fluorosis is a grave warning sign.  Do not miss what your body is trying to tell you. 
     Fluoride has been shown to decrease the age of puberty in young females possibly due to its effect on the thyroid gland.  It has also been shown to delay the eruption of permanent teeth. This delay has been shown to be the reason for the decrease in cavity rates in studies that claim fluoride helps prevent cavities.  After the delay factor has been eliminated much of the statistical difference in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated communities and their cavity rates disappears according to Dr. Hardy Limeback in the dissertation given above.     
     It is hoped you will not believe a thing that I have written or any of the facts on the Board of Health “fact” sheet.
      It is your responsibility to protect the health of your family.
     Like a traitor waiting to strike his pray fluoride has been in this town’s water supply for far to long.  We have come to accept fluoride as our friend we may be mistaken.
      How could something so seemingly benign harm our family or us?
      The answer to our questions have been answered we only need ask and have the courage to do the homework we should have done years ago. 
     This document hopefully will allow you to begin your journey towards the truth.  Only you can take the trip towards better health for you and your family. 
      In my opinion when you learn the facts regarding fluoride and the effects it has had on you your family a feeling of betrayal may be felt.  Don’t despair educate yourself. 
     Get started learning about fluoride today.   

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