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Friday, January 31, 2020

2273: Mis-Focus from Lincoln County Trust

Thursday, January 30, 2020

2273: Mis-Focus from Lincoln County Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

While everyone's attention is focused on the Circus Maxima taking place in Washington, DC, complete with the pot calling the kettle black, and all sorts of "investigation" intrigue taking place all over the world --- it turns out that the "Russian Collusion" was actually about Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney, all four, very gainfully employing their children in what used to be called Russia -- the Ukraine.

Name games, again.
Apparently, leaders in BOTH political parties are compromised for the same sins and likely to be painted with the same brush of corruption once the dust settles, so that's why Romney and his RINO buddies are trying to justify impeaching Trump with no credible evidence of wrong-doing on his part at all. 
Ukraine was just such a honey pot, they couldn't resist. 
And now, they are scared.  
With the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and lower and middle income families gaining net income for the first time in a decade and average life expectancy in this country on the rise, and many other indicators of Trump's success physically hitting home throughout America, all their lies sound increasingly hollow. 
So, what do they do?  They unleash the deadly and naturally occurring Nipah virus and the Corona virus engineered by Bill Gates, at the same exact time, in China, to signal their displeasure with the China-Trump Trade Deal.  
Reminds me of little kids getting mad because they can't win a softball game, and taking their bat and ball and going home.  If they can't bilk China, and extort racketeering and protection money from China, then nobody else is going to be able to do business with China, either. 
Unfortunately, their home is here, in America---- and we have the responsibility of dealing with these Infant Terribles. Sooner or later, it's going to come down to dragging them out of the halls of Congress, out of St. Peter's., and out of the banks and military as well.  
We have to do it, and there is nobody here but us chickens. 
So, we need to wise up our Democrat friends who are still in a daze from decades of glutting at the trough and assure them that, yes, the dirty laundry is in full view.  The Unions, the Mob, the Oil Companies, Blackwater, Vanguard, Homeland Security, both the RNC and DNC, the FED, the "Marshal Plan", the banks ---- all of it.  
Turns out that Wells Fargo was Crime Central in the time period between the Twin Towers and the 2008 Meltdown.  They and Lloyd's used a three-partner fraud scheme using off shore trusts to generate fake accounts and then created fake mortgages, securitized these as "mortgage backed securities" and sold them to investors on Bloomburg..... Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo N.A. and Merrill-Lynch in America, Lloyd's BIL, Bank of Scotland, and HBOS, PL in England.  Same scheme.  They bilked the public and the SEC and the IRS for billions with a "B".  
And they weren't even breathing hard; all it took was a couple real con men and offshore "trusts" in Jersey and Puerto Rico. 
Now the cows are coming home and millions of innocent Americans and Brits are again being dunned for debts they don't owe--- debts that actually belong to foreign corporations that folded their tents a decade ago. 
And the courts are again turning a blind eye to all this and pretending that they have such a thing as "the Rule of Law" which is only the rules of the court, which the court gets to determine on a "local level" ---- i.e., they make it up as they go along.  
Don't take any wooden nickels and don't mistake a securities corporation operating under the trademark of a bank for a bank.  Also, don't mistake "the Rule of Law" for any actual Law, Public or Private.  It's all up for grabs now, and every man or woman for themselves. 
This system is going down, on the sheer weight of its own criminality and refusal to correct.  What comes after is being determined by those of us who are awake and moving forward to restore the actual and lawful government of this country.  
Do not delay taking action to declare your political status and get your claims in place. 
In Ancient Egypt they had the "Book of the Dead" and the "Book of Life".  These correspond exactly to the Register system (Book of the Dead) and the Recording system (Book of Life).  
Be sure that you move your Good Name out of the jurisdiction of the "dead" corporations.  Keep your nose to the grindstone and your eye on the ball, because sure as I am sitting here, all this fraud and corruption is coming to a head.  
All those who are "dead" and written in the Book of the Dead and who have not made the effort to reclaim their "live status", will lose their identity and their inheritance.  The Evil Doers fully intend to feast upon these "abandoned" estates and to profit from their own deceits and disgusting practices. 
It's up to you to make up your mind and pull your own chestnuts out of the fire, but if I were you, I'd be moving at light speed to rescue my good name and my identity as a lawful American Person and making sure that it gets recorded. 

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Some of Australia's bushfire history!

From one of our readers.

Regardless of your views on current climate change arguments, it is hard to argue against the history of Australian bushfire events. This tends to make a mockery of the 'experts' predictions of just 30 years ago than are regularly updated for their own ends.
And who said that Global warming is a recent  phenomenon?
If any of you know Greta’s email address, would you forward this on to here please
 Subject:  BLACK THURSDAY BUSHFIRES - 6th Feb 1851
 Interesting. Why isn’t this info publicised?

Makes the greens and other politicians etc look like idiots as they

An interesting history lesson of previous catastrophic Australian bush


In preparing for tomorrow’s extreme conditions, it’s important to
look at history to understand  how bad things can get.

Australia’s most extensive Bush fires were known as the ‘Black
Thursday’ Bushfires, where  on the 6th Feb 1851 (Co2 levels 285 ppm)
when the temperature hit an incredible 117°F (47.2 C) at 11am in
Melbourne, and quarter of Victoria, 5 million hectares in total were
burnt out (10 times more than from the current Bushfires in NSW). 12
lives were lost  and one million sheep and thousands of cattle were

Thomas McCombie recorded the scene in Melbourne on that day:

"For two months preceding, the country had been under the desiccating
winds, which appeared  to be highly charged with electricity. The
herbage was parched up, and everything that the eye could rest upon
was dry, dusty, and disagreeable. The 6th of February dawned much as
very hot days generally do; the roseate tints of the horizon were
rather brighter  and more lurid than usual - the glassed glare over
the sky more vividly perceptible. The north wind set strongly in early
in the morning, and by eleven o'clock in the fore-noon it had
increased to almost a hurricane.

‘’In the streets of Melbourne the heat was intense, and the
atmosphere densely oppressive.  Clouds of smoke and dust hung over the

The fires which blazed in the surrounding country no doubt increased
the suffocating sensation  which was generally experienced. It was
hardly possible to go abroad; the streets were nearly deserted; and a
few of the persons who were compelled to make the effort to traverse
them stalked along with their faces closely enveloped in cloth; no
man, however  bold, appeared able to face the furiously-suffocating
blast, which seemed to wither up their physical energies. By noon, the
inhabitants, generally, had shut themselves up in their various
dwellings, too happy to have got out of the reach of the overpowering
blast. They continued to sit until night listening in terror to the
howl of this real sirocco. Had any portion of Melbourne ignited the
whole of the city must have been reduced to ashes, as no effort of the
inhabitants could have prevented the conflagration  from extending and
becoming general. The citizens were providentially preserved from so
terrible a disaster."

Catastrophic Bushfires hit Victoria again in 1898 (Co2 levels 295 ppm)
know as ‘ Red Tuesday’  when fires burned 260,000 hectares in
South Gippsland. Twelve lives and more than 2,000 buildings were

In 1939 (Co2 levels 311 ppm) the 13th Jan became known as ‘Black
Friday’, the fires in  Victoria burned 1.5 to 2 million hectares,
they killed 71 people and destroyed more than 650 buildings.

In 1944 (Co2 310 ppm) levels fires in the Western Districts of
Victoria destroyed more  than 500 houses and caused huge losses in the
pastoral industry. Four or more grass fires near Hamilton, Dunkeld,
Skipton and Lake Bolac burned about 440,000 hectares in eight hours.
Between 15 and 20 people died. The total area covered by grass fires
that  season was about one million hectares.

In 1962, (318 ppm) Fires in the Dandenong Ranges and on the outskirts
of Melbourne killed  32 and destroyed more than 450 houses.

In 1965, (320 ppm) fires the in Gippsland burned for 17 days, covering
300,000 hectares  of forest and 15,000 hectares of grassland. More
than 60 buildings and 4,000 stock were destroyed.

In 1969, (324 ppm) Two hundred and eighty fires broke out on the 8th
Jan, Twelve reached  major proportions and burned 250,000 hectares.
Twenty-three people died, including 17 motorists at Lara, trapped on
the then highway between Geelong and Melbourne. The fires also
destroyed 230 houses, 21 other buildings and more than 12,000 stock.

In 1977, (333 ppm) widespread fires occurred across the Western
District of Victoria.  The fires killed four people and burned about
103,000 hectares. More than 198,500 stock, 116 houses and 340 other
buildings were also lost.

In 1983, (342 ppm) the 16th Feb became known as ‘Ash Wednesday’
more than 100 fires burned  210,000 hectares and killed 47 people.
More than 27,000 stock and 2,000 houses were lost.

That’s just Victoria.

And to think, that the Greens have the anti-scientific superstitious
belief that we can  stop Bushfires by importing more solar panels from
China. These people are not only demented, they have a complete
ignorance of Australia’s history. But then again they are perhaps
just the worst of dishonest liars, exploiting tragedy and spreading
untruths  for their own political gain.

  If common sense is so common, why do so few have it?

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