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Friday, January 12, 2018

Hydrogen Medicine by Dr. Sircus

Hydrogen Medicine

Published on January 11, 2018
These past months you have not heard much from me because I am busy writing an extraordinary book called Hydrogen Medicine and am holding back publishing piecemeal, winding up for a big
release. There is a revolution that is going to sweep across the world of medicine and the anti-aging community, a hydrogen revolution. Today for free you can get the first 60 pages free in a pdf by going to http://hydrogenmedicine.info/ and signing up on its newsletter. The finished volume should be out sometime in early February.
Hydrogen Medicine will be a true turning point for patients and the practice of medicine. What will be established will stand the test of time, a pillar of truth centered on the three essential gases. It is an exciting moment for me and for the world of medicine that will benefit tremendously from hydrogen. In a thousand years we will still see hydrogen running the sun as well as it being established as the primordial gas of medicine.
No one was really looking into hydrogen until about 10 years ago, but Hyperbaric Medicine knew the secret of hydrogen almost 70 years ago. They discovered that wee can breathe hydrogen and survive at bone crushing depths in the sea. We can breathe hydrogen and run our selves on it just like a hydrogen fuel cell car can. The same hydrogen that can blast rockets off into space and run all the suns in the universe can be harnessed as a medicine, useful even when we are on or near our death bed.
Want to live longer? Recover from late stage cancer? Recover from neurological diseases? Need heavy-duty healing power? Need to recover from a dark hole of suffering? Mix hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide together to gain command of life. All you need is a hydrogen inhaler that outputs both oxygen and hydrogen while it makes your hydrogen water.
What was not possible before in medicine is now possible with a hydrogen inhaler. The United States Navy developed procedures allowing dives between 500 and 700 metres (1650 to 2300 feet) in depth, while breathing gas mixtures based on hydrogen, called hydrox (hydrogen-oxygen) or hydreliox (hydrogen-helium-oxygen). Arne Zetterström in 1945 was swimming at record breaking depths breathing mixture of 96% hydrogen and 4% oxygen.
What is important to realize is that same unique power it has for preserving life under tremendous stress can be harnessed to pull most people out of the deep holes they often find themselves in.

Consumer Review Site for Hydrogen Inhalers

One can see on this site some of the major brands of hydrogen inhalers, which range in price between 1,997 dollars and 6,000 dollars. Luckily the lower price units seem to be the best because they allow us to inhale oxygen in addition to hydrogen. That said, all the machines will work. One just has to work harder to increase oxygen if one is using a hydrogen only output machine. The first one I recommended was a 2 percent unit (hydrogen only) and it saved the patients life from a brain cancer tumor that was blocking the spinal fluid.
I will be starting a private Facebook group for all hydrogen inhaler users soon, so they can receive direct support from me and others who are enjoying this new medical breakthrough. If one is in immediate need of a hydrogen inhaler one might have to narrow down one’s choices because there simply is not that many available. My readers will get priority in shipping so if you have difficulties please contact me.
One hydrogen inhaler will serve an entire family so with insurance rates going through the roof this year it certainly will pay to have a hydrogen inhaler. Maximum use is around 4 hours a day for bringing people back from the edge of life. Two hours a day will keep you young, for almost ever, but when facing death, we just turn on and leave the gases running until some signs of recovery begin to take place. There is no real limit to how much hydrogen one can inhale or drink.

Women and Beauty

Women will go crazy over hydrogen when they discover what it will do to their skin. Athletes too. All forms of stress will be alleviated if enough hydrogen and oxygen gas is consumed with the addition of pH sensitive CO2 and bicarbonates which increase oxygen.

Hydrogen and Athletic Medicine

“I have a molecular hydrogen inhaler, and have been using it for athletic protocols. I’ve been measuring incredible benefits from my Ora sleep ring, much deeper rem sleep, and recovery after my long runs (I do the 100 mile + ultra marathons) A friend who I recently introduced to hydrogen inhalation is a top world ranked tri athlete. He has seen amazing benefits for his recovery, and giving him more ability to train each day,” writes Todd Shipmen.


A hydrogen machine is the most important purchase one can make in medicine for one’s health. Hydrogen is the ultimate warrior against death and disease. Need to recover from a dark hole of suffering? Mix hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide together to regain command of life.

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