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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Fasting by Jeff Hays

Ok, this is day 4 of my 5-day water fast.
Can I tell you why I’m doing this?

Short answer, I’ve interviewed the top experts on this and the effects on our bodies are amazing.

When you eat, every cell in your body is signaled, via 3 separate pathways. (IGF-1, mTor, and PK). That signal tells every cell to grow, we’re in a growth phase.

When you go over 3 days without eating the body adjusts and starts using its own cells for fuel. Not just fat cells...
The brilliance of your body’s innate system is, it starts with all of your damaged cells! It uses them first for fuel, while also digesting the mitochondria in your cells that isn’t functioning well.
It’s a cleaning phase that my body never gets to enter because I never stop feeding!

I’m 59 years old, it’s time for a housecleaning, and I’m going to do this 4 times this year.

By the way, I was just talking to our customer service manager, Justin. I was surprised and delighted that he’s on day 2 of his fast!

So, here’s the report:

I’m on day 4, mid-afternoon. I won’t send this email to you until after day 5, so I’ll add an update on day 5 at the end. Here it is:

I’m hungry.

That’s about it. I’m not dying, I’m not climbing the walls. I’m just hungry.

This fast is exposing all of my eating habits. “Ok, I’ll go drop my shirts off at the cleaners.” Immediate thought: “Alright, then where will I go eat?”

That’s about the worst of it, and it’s not that bad.

Okay, end of day 5.

I can eat now. It’s been 5 full days since my last meal.
I pass. I’m waiting until morning. My blood ketones are at 7.7, there is some major clean up happening.

Day 5 was by far the easiest, I can’t wait to do this again!

Do a little web research on fasting. A couple of the scientists that I’ve interviewed think that if we could get everyone in America doing a water fast once a quarter, we could effectively eliminate cancer in the US in one year.

Nothing to buy, just water and your own brilliant body.

To your good health!

Jeff Hays
Jeff Hays Films
"Movies that Make Movements"


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