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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Boston Marathon Bombing: Joggers Bill Iffrig and Rebecca Roche ARE a Part of the Scam from NoDisinfo.ocm

Boston Bombing — 14 May 2013
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Updated and corrected, with removal of speculations based upon Internet videoswith former retractions and redactions returned, May 15, 2013, new title
Note: while on the road and no one to double-check, we got trolled. Upon review, can see as clear as day what nodisinfo.com posters can see, which is the ultimate proof of the involvement of Iffrig and Roche in the scam, that is the turning around of Roche and her tossing something in Iffrig’s direction, which he catches in perfection. It would appear that the woman actually turned around and stopped her forward movement. This, along with her testimony, would confirm her role in this hoax.
Smoke Bomb Detonation by Jogger? Suspicions at the Finish Line; Are these runners scammers working as part of the operation?
There is a high suspicion that the infamous fallen jogger of the Boston Marathon, Bill Iffrig, along with his cohort, Rebecca Roche, are a part of the plot and scam of this fake massacre hoax. This is demonstrated by the fake that both of these individuals lied about the event that day, particularly Roche, glaringly so.
Here is the Vimeo video:

Note: the Vimeo video is in dispute. Do study it to determine the precise nature of these observations.  the Vimeo video is in error about an item being thrown at Mr. Iffrig by Rebecca Roche. However, the thrust of this post is not that particular issue but, rather, their testimony together about the event, which is suspect. This is a blog. Information is used from other sources. In the future, this will be scrutinized even more intensively.
Note: it is not known what they were doing but, regardless, they are likely fraudsters. Whether they had anything to do with the detonation is unknown, The premise, here, is that they knew about it and are part of the scam. Both supported the deceptive claim of a powerful, dangerous bomb. Rebecca Roche told great lies about injuries to relatives which never occurred. They were on that spot for only one reason, which was to assist as agents of the plot. Just a nice elder gentleman, like George Hochsprung: not believable.
There surely is cause for deep suspicion regarding the so-called fallen jogger, Bill Iffrig, along with associate, Rebecca Roche. They are both suspect primarily because of their lies as well as their actions. Regardless, the caption on TV which surrounds them is a lie, which proclaims the faux bombing as “Terrorism in Boston,” not mere presumably Islaamic but defined as Islaamic.
What is seen, here, is no coincidence. This is the fact that right after the detonation of the smoke bomb something exceedingly revealing occurred. Roche was detected perpetrating an act of high suspicion proving her role in this plot. It was an act which would never occur legitimately in a race. She threw an object directly to Iffrig, that object being unknown.
This was at a minimum a cue for Iffrig to go down. Who knows, maybe it was something more diabolical, like the detonation device? This proves that Iffrig and Roche were not there accidentally but, rather, by plan.
What is seen, here, can be no coincidence. This is the fact that right after the detonation of the smoke bomb Roche threw a white object back directly to Iffrig, who in an astounding acrobatic feat caught it, mid-step. It would seem at the minimum as a cue to drop down, acting as if he was knocked over by the blast. The suspicion, here, is that it was all by plan and Iffrig, as well as Roche are operatives.
The Game Has Changed – Boston Bomber In Plain Sight from myfalseworld on Vimeo.
It seems that the video analysis of the catching of an object is in dispute. Left up for visual purposes only and for further assessment. Still open for discussion regarding any actual action taken by Rebecca Roach with a white object. Now proven as disinfo: disregard the conclusions.
Long form of the interview with the two operatives
The smoke bomb with pyrotechnic and sound shock value, blasts right through the area, there, where virtually no one can be seen. The highest density of people is considerably left screen to the blast site. The bomb is so feeble it can’t even on its own blow away the flimsy blue banners. That region is clearly one of the most reduced population density of the entire strip. That surely can be no coincidence.

Sequential screenshots show that the blast did not knock anyone done; no blast wave affecting people right next to the banner or near the scaffolding.
Yet, the runner, a darling of the news media, takes a dive? There is a reaction, but is it for effect? Of note, none of the others react in such a way, including people a few feet in front of the barrier.
It’s the woman in ‘green’, Rebecca Roche, who reportedly throws, now, a white item to Iffrig. He is in on this, there can be no other conclusion. It’s on cue, and he knows it’s coming. He needs to take the fall regardless, since this will serve as the necessary distraction. At this time the pink hooded and pom-pom moles are fully in place. Regardless, there is no way while focusing on finishing the race he would notice this flying object and, then, catch it unless he was a fixed part of this scandal.  There is no way he would notice this flying object unless this was prearranged and also not possible he would catch in just coincidentally.
Object is thrown to him by a woman on cue, presumably Rebecca Roche:
Contrary to what trolls on this site have posted, he does bend down and catches something, with full concentration on that something.
Yes, it is an impossible coincidence; the catches it an athletic feat bordering on unfathomable. No way: it’s a plot, and they are key players.

Another view without the arrow: yet another magic trick. Right precisely at the epicenter: he catches it, perfectly? Who would believe it?
Note: contrary to the video he does not catch the piece of paper. He could easily have fallen from the entire issue; it’s the story that is being primarily dispute, here.
The question is, though, is a real fall, or a fake? He could have lost his balance. However, he appears on TV in tandem with Roche, who tells a wide range of lies.
Could it all be for effect, with the smoke bomb having nothing to do with it? At that moment and just before it seems that the woman in green stops jogging. It is simply way too coincidental for this man to take such a non-toxic fall, and he alone, right at the epicenter of the fake bomb and then lie about it. He claims to have been only five feet from the blast. That is clearly not the case.
What a perfect distraction for the eye, so no one could see what was really happening at the site, to buy extra time to position the fraud, including the positioning of Jeff Bauman.
Back to the finish line
Is this Roche looking over to check out the dirty deed. regardless of any other issue, she surely knew about the scam, as is demonstrated by her testimony on the major news networks.
The interview
All of a sudden this enormous blast just kind of buckled my legs.
Editor’s note: not so, he moved into the squat to catch the object thrown toward him by the Mossad operative
It just went off right next to me.
Editor’s note: not true
It sort of buckled my legs
Editor’s note: possible but the entire coincidence is suspect, especially upon noting Roche’s fallacious testimony.
As soon as I hit the black top, I looked around to see how I was doing, and I seemed to be OK (he didn’t hit the blacktop)
The impact, I think, drove me right to the ground (in light of the lies told by Roche, this, too, is suspect)  it was his feat of magic that brought him downward; nobody would suspect a downed, old runner of being involved in this crime) – It took both my legs out right underneath me (more lies)
Rebecca Roche: bizarre or wicked?
It would appear to be a part of the set-up. Why the lies? If this duo is legitimate, why not simply say what happened instead inventing false crises?
Stephanopolous: And Rebecca, you must have been just a little bit ahead of Bill. You crossed the finish line. Then, what?
Editor’s note: now, keep in mind that CNN knows this is a hoax and that it wasn’t  real bomb. One way or another, this interview is a kind of scam.
Um, I crossed the finish line ahead 30 to 60 seconds prior, and the bomb, um, went off, um.
Actually, my mom and some dear friends were injured in the  impact.
Stephanopolous: How are they, now? 

Roche: (answering immediately) They’re recovering from surgery Stephanopolous: What kind of injuries?

Note: a variety of facial expressions issuing in the attempt to draw story lines from the brain–in other words, the crafting of lies:

Roche: (answering virtually immediately) Um, a tibial compound fracture and a patella, uh, shatter.
I thought the worse.

Um, I turned and saw the smoke from both bombs and though, “Something terrible has happened.”
This confirms the use of a wide range of crisis actors to help confirm in the public consciousness the lie of this fake massacre. Roche is hereby called upon to prove her words true. Or, let anyone else do so.
They can’t, because she truly is lying.

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