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Monday, February 29, 2016

Man of the Year: Stella Trimblay, NH Legislator By Jim Fetzer from Veterans Today

Man of the Year: Stella Trimblay, NH Legislator

by Jim Fetzer

“Why are you leaving it to some dumb representative to ask questions, when the reporters should be doing their job? Are you that blind that you’re not willing to ask questions of your government?”–Stella Trimblay
My candidate for “Man of the Year”, at this point in time, would be Stella Trimblay, the New Hampshire legislator, who has shown more intelligence and integrity than the national media put together, including the hacks and shills we hear every night, such as Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer and the legion of others.
The “talking heads” endlessly parrot the “official story” of Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook–and now the Boston bombing. Her “shocking claim” is that the government did it.  
The two brothers have been framed for the Boston bombing, just as Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the assassination of JFK–right down to the claim that Dzhokhar shot a security guard, just as Lee was supposed to have shot a Dallas cop.
There is no doubt that Stella has it right. I have published two studies of the Boston bombing, “Some ‘hard lessons’ from the Boston bombing” and “Welcome to Amerika: No more Truth, Justice or American Way”.
The perps were from Craft International and one of the backpacks was being worn by one of them, who subsequently rushed from the scene without it. They were not SEALS, but they were mercenaries from Craft.
The FBI was so embarrassed by the alternative media cracking the case that they send out a stooge to tell everyone not to look at the man behind the curtain but to focus ONLY on the photos they presented. They asked for the public’s help in identifying them, but the brothers had been under the FBI’s surveillance for some five years. They already knew their identity. They were the patsies.

The Huffington Post attack

In an article in The Huffington Post, “Stella Temblay, New Hampshire Legislator, Says U.S. Government Planned Boston Bombing”, the author,  John Celok, quotes a post that Stella posted to the facebook page of Glenn Beck, as though that by itself showed that she had to be wrong.  Even in this instance, where she posted before Dzhokhar had been arrested, she still had it right, where Celok does not seem aware that the backpack he was wearing was not the same as either of those that had exploded:

Celok quotes a representative of the Democratic Party in New Hampshire, who, like himself, doesn’t have a clue: “Even for the New Hampshire Republican Party, which has become synonymous with the tea party and radical extremism, Representative Tremblay’s claims are a new low,” state Democratic Party spokesman Harrell Kirstein said in a statement. “She is an embarrassment to the New Hampshire House of Representatives, to her constituents, and to the entire state of New Hampshire.”
There is now so much evidence that Craft International was perpetrating this crime in collusion with DHS that I was just a bit taken aback that The Huffington Post couldn’t do better.  Too many of those commenting on Celok’s article were taking it for granted that he was right.  So I posted a comment of my own, which was intended to encourage its readers to take a serious look at the evidence, which has become both abundant and compelling.  I thought they would refuse to post it, but they did:

Russia Today gets it right

Indeed, after I had published my original comment, I realized that I should have mentioned that RT had just done a program, “Boston Bombing: What you aren’t told”, which deserved to be included.  So I returned and added a note about it.  My comment disappeared, which led me to believe I had cross the line with The Huffington Post, but later it reappeared, where I now suspect that they wanted to review the program I had linked before allowing it to stand.  But it was there and marks a major advance:
When RT presents a more honest and accurate depiction of a major event in the United States than the American people are getting from their own mass media, there has to be a huge uproar about it, which no doubt DHS and the Obama administration is going to do everything it can to suppress.  But I believe that a “red line” has been crossed with the broadcast of this program:  RT got the perps right, the backpacks right, and how it was done, right down to framing the patsies and the murder of Tamerlan:

Among the nice points it drives home is that Jewish terrorists, white terrorists and Laino terrorists commit more acts of terrorism than do Muslim terrorists–and that there are more deaths from bee stings and falls in the bathtub than there are from all terrorist acts combined!  The power of propaganda is such, however, that even when a member of a state legislature raises very appropriate questions about the latest “false flag” attack here in the United States, she is pilloried and belittled by the media.  Stunning!

What about Jeff Bauman?

In his ongoing assault on my candidate for “Man of the Year”, John Celock published, “Stella Tremblay, New Hampshire State Legislator, Says Jeff Bauman ‘Was Not In Pain’ After Bombing”, where he quotes her as having observed that Jeff Bauman, an alleged victim of the bombing, was not “screaming in agony” after both his legs were blown off:
“my first gut reaction seeing the horror of that person that has their legs blown off,” Tremblay said. “You know, the bone sticking out? He was not in shock. I looked and I thought, there’s something. … I don’t know what’s wrong, but it seems surreal to me. I talked to my sister, who’s not into politics at all, and she said, ‘Yes, I saw the same thing.’ He was not in shock. He was not in pain. If I had had those type of injuries, I’d be screaming in agony.”
And she makes an excellent point.  As I and others have observed, the loss of his legs below the knees appears to have been faked, which can be seen from photographs like those I presented in my earlier articles.  If this man had really lost his legs due to blunt force trauma, then there would have been blood everywhere. The victim would have been drenched with it. Here not even a tourniquet is applied to stanch arterial bleeding. And the others are treated first, before he receives any attention:

Sofia Smallstrom has noticed that he is raising his head, apparently to keep his hair from becoming soiled by the debris–hardly the response of a man who had just lost his legs. The man in a hood is assisting him, where there is no spurting blood, which should have been gushing from the wounds (on the left) and is being added to the scene (on the right). When he is subsequently rushed off in a wheel chair, a prosthesis (with the extending bone) falls off and they have to stop and reattach it:

Even if this guy, who is alleged to be “Jeff Bauman”, is not actually Nick Vogt, which turns out to be the case, the resemblance is still substantial.  But there is no room for doubt that he was faking his injuries.  Missing legs that aren’t spurting blood, like the dog that didn’t bark, had this been real, would have lowered his blood pressure and rendered him unconscious, not upright and alert in a wheel chair.  The fake prosthesis, I surmise, was meant to disguise that his legs had been lost above the knees to defeat his identification.
Analysis showing the extension is not a human tibia by Sofia Smallstorm

Stella, Stella, Stella!

So Stella got it right–again!  Other studies by students around the world are confirming that the Boston bombing was a fraud, where actors were involved and it may be the case that–apart from Tamerlan and the security guard–no one was actually killed.  Nicholas Kollerstrom, for example, an historian of science from the UK who is an expert on the London 7/7 bombing, has published two new articles,“Boston Bombs – The War against Terra Continues” and  “They Stole his Heart: Fate of the Boston Patsies”.
The desecration of Tamerlan’s body, as Nick analyzes it, will give pause to anyone who can read, where his report about his personality and life-style provides convincing indications that he was not inclined toward terrorism but was laid-back and generally happy with his life.  And similarly for Dzhokhar, who was actively involved in school with his friends and who had no axe to grind with the American government.  As Kevin Barrett has observed, they were both even committed to 9/11 Truth!
Some extremely good work by Pasquale DeFabrizio has established that Jeff Bauman and Nick Vogt are indeed two separate persons based on physical differences between them, including both an ear comparison and the fact that one of them has a missing little finger on his left hand. Here are Pasquale’s studies, which settle the question of identity, but where we have already established the fakery involved in the pretense–apparently, by Jeff Bauman–of faking having lost his legs in Boston:

The blood seen here (on the right) does not contradict the points I have made about the fakery involved here, but, on the contrary, reinforces them.  As Sofia Smallstorm has also observed, while the blood that spurts from arteries is initially bright red, it rapidly oxidizes and assumes a dark red color.  That means the “blood” we are seeing in this photo is not real blood but fake, probably the same kind that Hollywood specializes in using for dramatic effect.  The presence of fake blood rather than real blood at the scene therefore confirms that we are seeing injuries that have been faked.

 The most obvious “false flag” in history

The hundreds and hundred of articles that have appeared from the alternative media have heightened my expectation that the public would finally put “2” and “2” together and discover that they equal “false flag”.  The government has been lying to us so often and with increasing lack of concern for transparency that I find it embarrassing that the American people aren’t catching on.  Here’s yet one more example of how blatantly we are being deceived, in this instance, a report from Lt. Col. Roy Potter, who served for 28 years (military police and intel) around the world in the US Army:
My great fear, however, is that even this event–as obvious and transparent as it is–will not penetrate the public’s consciousness and they will continue to play the role of gullible saps for DHS and the American government.  In fact, there are so many indications of Israeli complicity in this event–where Israeli investigators were en route to Boson before the bombing had taken place, Israeli medical units were sent “because we are used to this”, and the alleged victims, including Kzhokhar, who appears to have had his throat cut there.
The Huffington Post is hardly alone in promoting false information about the Boston bombing. I have been dumbfounded by the extraordinarily long and detailed reports that are appearing everywhere, including The New York Times. An article entitled, “Before Bombs, a Battered American Dream”, for example, is intended to be so overwhelming that no ordinary reader who did not already understand that the brothers were patsies would not be taken in. This has to be the most massive disinformation campaign since 9/11. It’s another example of lies so extensive that normal Americans would never imagine that the key elements are nothing but historical fiction.
Perhaps no one has articulated my concerns better than Paul Craig Roberts, who is our nation’s leading public intellectual.  In his article, “You are the hope”, he has explained where we are today and the complete abdication of moral leadership and public accountability displayed by our elected officials.  Indeed, it is against this rather ominous background of moral cowardice, corruption and stupidity that I nominate Stella Trimblay as “Man of the Year” rather than as “Woman of the Year” or even “Person of the Year”. She deserves the title because she is the only one out there with the balls to tell it like it is–and for that we owe her our gratitude and admiration!

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a journalist and editor for Veterans Today.

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