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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism

                              Neturei Karta
                         (Guardians of the City)

     Not all Jews are in favor of Zionism.  Zionism has been defined by some as a movement for a homeland for the Jews, a nation to call their own, even if that homeland seems to include just about everywhere and everything.   Group Neturei Karta are a sect of Orthodox Jews who have been opposed to Zionism and have paid a price for this point of view.  Rabbi Weiss of the Neturei Karta explains what Zionism is all about from a Neturei Karta point of view.
     Rabbi Weiss is well aware that he has his work cut out for him exposing the many deceptions of Zionism. 
     Rabbi Weiss explains that Zionism is a very powerful and wealthy movement that began over one hundred and fifty years ago and includes the wealthy family of the Rothschilds. 
     Some believe that Zionism has been behind both WWI and WWII and lots of money making skirmishes right to the present. 
     Rabbi Weiss can expect plenty of abuse. 



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