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Thursday, February 13, 2020

USS Liberty: The Anatomy Of Silence By Jim Kirwan

USS Liberty: The Anatomy Of Silence By Jim Kirwan


The Anatomy Of Silence
By Jim Kirwan

Perhaps the most underrated weapon being used against the populations of people everywhere is silence. Not the kind of silence that denotes indecision or forbearance: NO this is the that brand of 'silence' that is rooted in sheer terror of what could happen if and when people finally snap-out-it; pick up a weapon and begin to make the streets run red with the blood of those that have been behind every single one of these treasons that have brought us to the brink of WWIII.

I'm not suggestng that anyone do this, I'm simply stating the obvious that history has shown to anyone that bothers to look at actual results, going all the way back to before formal history records were even kept. If we want to survive we must begin to take the chances that we each have been given; each and every day that require us to make the hard choices.
Live a little take a chance now and then because the rest of your life is at stake!

The day before yesterday I sent out this article, which carefully explains, with documentation, the entire saga behind the events surrounding the attempt by Israel to sink the USS Liberty, during the six day war in the Middle East. Far from "an accident or mistaken identity; the Liberty was sent to the spot where she was attacked, by orders in a plan called Cyanide. This PLAN was conceived TWO MONTHS BEFORE THAT WAR BEGAN: This involved US intelligence, the US Navy and Israel in a carefully constructed plan that was designed to sink the Liberty and blame it on the Egyptians. (1)
When the Liberty was attacked, the US ordered A-4 aircraft, with nuclear weapons to attack Egypt with nuclear weapons to obliterate Cairo. But as soon as Washington realized that the Attack on the Liberty had not succeeded the nuclear armed planes were ordered to return to the carrier. At the same time the Commander of the Fleet ordered aircraft (armed only with conventional weapons) to go to the aid of the Liberty. Washington again intervened and ordered the commander of the US Fleet to withdraw those rescue fighter-aircraft as well ­ and all of this is documented by White House briefing notes, and other data from that day and time, in the Cyanide file that was discovered in the LBJ Library, by a time tested researcher.
The amazing thing that happened to my message of the 14th was this; from a friend of mine about this entire episode:
"As I mentioned last week, I already know that the CIA/FBI/NSA, and any number of letter agencies are monitoring social media such as Facebook. Therefore, I INTENTIONALLY submit truthful and politically incorrect websites to Facebook on a regular basis. Today, I submitted your below USS Liberty related link, right from that website itself, as can be done often with an imbedded social media icons links.
What happened doesn't happen very often at all, not to me. I clicked the "F" icon which represents Facebook, and I was immediately asked to submit my comment, which would be shown on Facebook with the link to the USS Liberty article. After typing a few angry sentences, it simply disappeared. So, I went to my Facebook profile to see if it appeared there anyway. The link to the USS Liberty article did indeed appear, but minus my angry and accusing comment. Moments later, I clicked off of my Profile page and onto my Facebook "Home" page, which shows all my contacts' submissions (which I subscribe to see as they are posted). I saw my own posts as well, which is normal, except the USS Liberty article link was now MISSING. An earlier post showed up which I had submitted, as well as a later post which I submitted from a totally unrelated website concerning homeopathies (I normally have several browsers open at once).
My comments disappeared first, then the link to the USS Liberty also disappeared from Facebook, while the other almost simultaneous link submissions I'd made were still there. That's political censorship in action, as it happens, in cyberspace.
Sure, I've thought I must have my "own" tiny group of censors monitoring me. Now I have the proof. Which of course means that YOU also have the same honor, because I receive your emails and write you back, and I submit your articles to my blogspot. But I think you're already aware also that you're being monitored." (Private email)
This is only the latest in the long chain of treasons that have been practiced against this country. The first one in the New Millennium was this horrific act:
"We left the United States Because on December 12, 2000, the United States Supreme Court nullified the results of a national election and installed George W. Bush as president. And then I saw millions of my fellow Americans deliriously happy the Rule of Law was broken by the Supreme Court of the Land so "their guy" could "win."
That's when I knew partisanship had ultimately won out over reality. More Americans believe in angels than election fraud. If millions of Americans could turn a blind eye to a stolen election, simply because their side stole it, and then have that coup legitimized by not only the Supreme Court but by all of Main Stream Media then I knew the country I lived in was not the land of my birth.
I can't emphasize this enough. Millions of Americans were ecstatic that George W. Bush won regardless of how he won. Unquestioning blind partisanship was more important than the law to these people. But more ominous was Main Stream Media ratifying the coup. At that moment Corporate Media proved they were committed to the destruction of our democratic republic.
That was pretty scary to witness. We've all heard of similar ham-fisted tactics used in banana republics south of the border but this was happening here." (2)
The third and clenching-condemnation of what was left of the old USA was when the congress chose to grant Bush-the-Dictator a License to Kill. With this action I started to write because it was now clear that these back-from-the-dead Robber-Barons would not stop until they owned or controlled everything that was once considered to be the USA. (3)
The final dropping of "the other shoe" came with the creation of The SUPER-CONGRESS and its thirteen members (that includes the resident of the Oval Office). This final travesty finally removes all possibility of any representation of or for the people, by any member of the congress: Thereby having formalized the creation of the POLICE-STATE firmly and clearly in that part of the public that has not chosen to remain oblivious to the continuing crimes being done to every American, 24-7, and 365 days every year. The USA is now clearly USI, and our freedoms and our supposed rights no longer exist!
Today the news has begun to take on the final elimination of the formerly fixed leaderships of all the players in the war-torn Middle-East, including the failing and almost-encircled Israel. Turkey has formed new alliances with Egypt and possibly Iran; while NATO's obscenities have begun to be exposed as never before in places like Libya and Syria, with Russian and China on the scene but still in the background.
It begins to appear that the yet to be house-broken Israel with all of her hatreds and fears has finally crossed the line in too many places now, and she too will soon be sacrificed on the alter of the New World Order. But however this plays out, it is certain that the surprise release of the long dead secrets that were kept in the Cyanide File for just such an occasion ­ could not have been an accident.
There is however one very bright spot in all of this. These formerly dead bodies that have now been reincarnated have been using the wrong end of the microscope in their planning to destroy the public.
Their primary beneficiaries were always thought to be the massively criminal corporations many of which are larger than most of the nations in the world. But if this were true then you would think that the corporations would want to stay not just profitable but growing? Apparently; since the bankers and the corporations do NOT look at outcomes but only at profit margins and numbers, instead of people, they have managed to overlook the one thing that could very quickly kill them all: The people they pnce employed.
What once set this country apart from all others is that we were actually able to buy the products and services that this country once provided to the world. We can no longer do this. Moreover, the people that were thought to be needed to show a profit were downsized and traded-in for overseas workforces that cost next to nothing; because that would increase the companies profits even more while almost eliminating the costs of production. The companies, even though they are overseas now are still listed on the Stock Exchange as American companies ­ but that is lie. Still this allows these corporations to buy and sell each other (out of view of the American public) which is how these basically destroyed American corporations can still show profits when everything is dying, everywhere in this country now.
But in their haste and greed they seem to have forgotten the most important thing of all, their own survival. All of the food and the water and the electricity that is needed to keep their lives and their obscenely grand mansions functioning is dependent not upon their profit and loss sheets but upon the slaves that are needed to keep everything moving. When the goods and services businesses can no longer survive; neither will they. No one can eat or drink their phony money or the gold and silver that they have amassed: And without real money there is no way to continue to pay their private-security forces to protect them from us. In countries very far from this one the ragged populations of the poor have figured out that even unarmed, and in their rags, these starving people could and did descend upon their overlords in such numbers that the corruptions that had been controlling them had to run for their lives and not the other way round. (4)
We have the power and the strength in numbers to overrun this government and end this nightmare once and for all. Ah but apparently things have not yet become BAD ENOUGH, but when they do reach that point - this will end their entire construct with such finality; that this will truly be over because most of those in charge now will be dead, precisely because they have overlooked this most-dangerous of all threats to their petty tyrannies and their grievous TREASONS which they are now practicing daily.
This time round the collapse of this nation will not be followed by tent-cities all over this land; it will be followed instead by a massive resistance against all those who have stolen and murdered their way through the entire infrastructure and the ruins (which they have created) from what was once the actual-culture of this flawed but thriving United States of America.
2) Why We Left the United States
3) Open Letter to Congress 2002
4) Belonging ­ see the first footnote ­ The War on Democracy - film


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