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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Republican Form of Government Section 26-The National Jurisdiction: Soil from Anna Von Reitz

Section 26 — The National Jurisdiction: Soil
In our discussion of the American Government that we are heir to, we identified three “unions” of various kinds of “states” that existed long prior to the creation of the Federal Government.
They were and are:
The United States — a union of soil jurisdiction “landed (e)states” formed by the former colonies via Unanimous Declaration issued July 1, 1776, published July 4, 1776. This is our “national
jurisdiction” state has defined geographical boundaries.
The United States of America — a federation of Land Jurisdiction States formed September 9, 1776 for the purpose of joint operations in international jurisdiction, including the international land and sea jurisdictions. This is our international jurisdiction. Each State has defined geographical boundaries.
The States of America — a confederation of inchoate “States of States” formed under The Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781, for the purpose of conducting the business of the States in global commercial jurisdiction. These “Federal States of States” have no defined geographical boundaries and exist only on paper. (These are the “Missing” Federal States of States.)
Please note — all this is our American Government, which existed prior to and which created the Federal Government as an “instrumentality” to provide services to the States and People of this country.
Let’s look briefly at our “national jurisdiction” — the soil jurisdiction of each state in The United States.
Imagine the familiar outline of your State of the Union. Got it?
Now pretend you are slicing it like a layer cake horizontally, taking the top six inches of the soil off. It has the same outline and shape, but not much depth.
This is your state’s national soil jurisdiction.
We call all the rest underneath the soil “the land”. The land is also shaped exactly like the outline of your State of the Union, but it is a much thicker layer, miles deep, and it forms your State’s international land jurisdiction.
Together we call this “the land and soil” of your State of the Union. The two jurisdictions — the national soil jurisdiction state and the international Land Jurisdiction State — are both geographically defined and both work together hand in glove.
So, what does the “national” soil jurisdiction of your State do and how does it operate? The first thing it does is guarantee local control.
This is the level of the “state republics” and “republican states” guaranteed by the constitutional contracts.
The soil level states are seldom referenced in print, but when they are, they appear in all small letters: maine, virginia, florida, etc. These are the member states of The United States.
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The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
When we are born we all enter the world via the soil jurisdiction of our state, and are in the political status of a “man of the soil” known as “jus soli” or a “state national”.
This determines our basic nationality. We are, for example, “virginians” and because we are “virginians” we are also considered “Virginians”. This in turn identifies us as “Americans” for international purposes.
When we are born, we are not “citizens” of anything.
Being a “citizen” implies an obligation to serve a government. It is patently ridiculous to claim that a newborn baby has an obligation to serve any government, nonetheless, certain disreputable governmental services corporations have made exactly such claims against babies born in America for several generations. This is part of what we need to address.
It is the “jus soli” status of the baby that leads to the political status at the State level of State National. Neither one have any obligation to serve any government at all; they are required to obey the Public Law and keep the peace and other than that, they are free as birds.
The basic dictum of the national soil jurisdiction is, “Harm none and be harmed none.”
Likewise, the republic states and their state republics are seldom referenced in print and even more seldom are they officially populated and used to conduct business — but they can be. This results in a quorum of state nationals opting to act as state citizens, and invoking the national soil jurisdiction of their State of the Union to conduct national-level business.
For these purposes, Texas is a nation. Pennsylvania is a nation.
The soil jurisdiction also includes surface water, so each state republic also has a republic of state attached to it, and for business purposes, you have “The Texas Republic” operating the soil jurisdiction of Texas and “The Republic of Texas” operating the surface water jurisdiction of Texas.
All of these entities are unincorporated and operate as unincorporated businesses.
They are owned and operated by the people who are native to Texas and those who have been “naturalized”.
Naturalization at the State level is a process of having a home inside the borders of the State for at least a year and a day, without committing any felonies or taking public assistance, and firmly declaring on the public record your desire and intention (after meeting the basic requirements) to make that State your permanent home.
In the old days this was done by taking out three small ads in the local papers over a period of 90 days, and there is still no obstruction to doing this now. In this way, a guy from Florida can adopt Texas as his home, for example, or a “U.S. Citizen” born in Croatia or Washington, DC, can become a Minnesotan.
Obviously, the soil is like the skin on a body. By owning and controlling the skin, the local people retain the vast majority of the power of government if they act in their proper capacity and organize to do so. Everyone is standing on the soil, so the power of arrest basically belongs to the soil jurisdiction and the republican state authorities and their county/County Sheriffs.
However, operating the Soil and Land jurisdictions of our States of the Union requires us to foreswear and expatriate from any other citizenship, including any federal citizenship.
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The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
Most Americans do not realize that they have been kidnapped on paper into a foreign jurisdiction and misidentified as either “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” or “US CITIZENS” almost from birth, a circumstance that keeps us from actually owning land and controlling our own assets.
In fact, most States of the Union became severely de-populated prior to this current effort, simply because people didn’t realize that they were the victims of unconscionable contracting activities by their own employees.
Coming home to the “land and soil” of your State means that you are eligible to inherit all that you have been deprived of, that you come under the Public Law, instead of any private “Statutory Law” you can exercise local control of your land and surface water resources, and that you can operate your “republican states” — that is, the national soil jurisdiction of your State of the Union, again.
So long as you see the advantage of doing so and educate yourselves and declare your birthright political status — and work with others of like-mind to restore the “land and soil” jurisdiction government owed to this country — there isn’t a power on Earth than can stop you from inheriting and controlling what is rightfully yours.
—Posted: Monday, February 11, 2019
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The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
Section 27 — International Jurisdiction

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