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Friday, April 26, 2019

Section 2 — Law and Religion: The Jural Assembly Handbook by Anna Von Reitz

Section 2 — Law and Religion
As I anticipated my release of “For All Jural Assemblies” has stimulated quite a bit of discussion as more people are grasping the nature, function, and vital importance of our Jural Assemblies. As I also anticipated, this initial understanding is creating the need for more discussion of associated topics.
So here is Round Two:

Our land and soil jurisdiction government is secular not religious per se for a reason. Our Founders were familiar with the evils of Theocracies and the way that such belief systems try to thwart the greater and more Universal Principle of Free Will, so they very decidedly and purposefully cast the issues of religious belief out of the American Government.
There is separation of Church and State to allow the peace and provide for just treatment of all those living under this system.
The basis of the “American Common Law” is the Ten Commandments which are “common” to all three major land based religions in the West Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
This common ethical basis provides the heart of the Common Law an ethical matrix that is “common” to and/or acceptable to adherents of all these major religions and most thinking people world wide.
In the vast main, people agree that one should not lie, cheat, steal, murder and so on. The only significant exception to this is the religion of Satanism which is peculiar to the international jurisdiction of the sea and the realm of Commerce which pre-dates all the major western religions and includes premises that are very foreign to us.
Because of the separation of Church and State in this country, and because of the common law doctrine none of our land jurisdiction Offices invoke God and they do not require Oaths of Office.
This will come as a big surprise to many people, but is obvious enough upon reflection.
The God of Israel is not the God of Judah and the God of Judah is not the God of Islam and the God of Islam is not the God of Christianity and the God of the Sea is not the God of any of the others, so our Forefathers who were familiar with this conundrum and generally disposed to taking the Bible seriously did away with Oath-taking for Public Offices.
All those “swearing in” ceremonies we are familiar with and the phrase “so help me God” come from the sea jurisdiction courts not the land and soil jurisdiction courts.
Oath-taking is a pagan custom and the “God” being appealed to is not necessarily “the” God most people assume!
Because law comes from religion but is not in itself “a” religion there are many strange cross- overs, but generally speaking, the Law of the Land derives from the worship of Yahavah and the Law of the Sea derives from the worship of Baal (Satan) and the Law of the Air derives from the worship of Osiris.
Jural Assemblies as previously explained are constituted by people living on the land and soil of a country and whether Judaism, Islam or Christianity is invoked, the same ethical
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The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
standard of the Ten Commandments applies to everyone in Georgia as to everyone in Maine.
Jural Societies on the other hand are constituted by people acting as “Persons” existing in the realm of legal fictions such as the mythical “State of Georgia” they uniformly apply the international Law of the Sea which is based on Baal worship and commercial codes descended from the Code of Hammurabi. This form of law is thoroughly pagan and predates all the major western religions by millennia.
By comparison the Law of the Sea functions by adages called “Maxims of Law” instead of by any simple and commonly accepted ethical precepts. The Maxims attempt to establish practical standards of “truth in commerce” and these paradoxically result from the worship of Satan, the Father of All Lies.
The theory behind the Law of the Sea is that we only know the truth by its opposite.
As a result of the foregoing you now know why the Common Law is called “Common” and are further able to identify and distinguish between the Law of the Land and the Law of the Sea and between the Jural Assemblies and Jural Societies.
You also now know why land and soil jurisdiction Justices are elected and “confirmed” in Office but never “sworn” in, and why there is no mention of any “God” such as “So help me, God” in any land and soil jurisdiction court process.
As we restore our lawful as opposed to “legal” courts and begin to function as Counselors in Law (Bar Members can function as “Counselors at Law”) there is much to learn and remember.
We are vastly helped in this by the logic, simplicity and general familiarity of the Common Law, but in this process Jural Assemblies must honor the Separation of Church and State so as the further and additionally honor the Universal Principle of Free Will and Belief.
American Government is first and foremost designed to honor the inviolable rights of individual living people which includes the freedom to choose what you believe or don’t believe in.
Those who wish to function in the capacity of living people and who accept the ethical foundation of the Ten Commandments as their Law are welcome to form their Jural Assemblies and Courts.
Those who wish to function in the capacity of legal fiction “Persons” and live under the restrictions of Commercial Code and pagan Maxims of Law are similarly welcome to form their Jural Societies and Courts.
And anyone who wishes to cross back and forth and make use of both court systems must be aware of what they are doing.
When FDR “flipped” everything upside down by presuming that everyone was choosing to act in the capacity of “Persons” instead of as “People” he set up a vast and unjustifiable Unlawful Conversion of our society and our system of justice.
The “Holy Cause” mentioned in his First Inaugural Address was obviously an attempted “conversion” of a Christian country into a Baal-worshiping corporation accompanied by a
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The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
non-consensual and fraudulent conversion of our assets as “presumed” chattel backing the debts of that corporation.
This Hideous Nonsense is now being addressed both nationally and internationally and the issues raised are being addressed openly.
Are you a Satan-worshiping pagan who believes in such practices as infanticide, or are you a Christian, Muslim or adherent of Judaism?
If you are a Satan-worshiper you can just stay where FDR placed you and continue to act as a “Person” obligated to function under the international Law of the Sea.
Everyone else needs to correct the falsified public records, explicitly remove their Trade Names back to permanent domicile on the land and soil States and get their Jural Assemblies set up.
Posted: Friday, January 18, 2019
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The Jural Assembly Handbook By: Anna Von Reitz
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