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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Barbara Loe Fisher on Medical Exemptions to Vaccination

Barbara Loe Fisher on Medical Exemptions to Vaccination

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical organizations, who do receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry, have stated that their goal is to eliminate
non-medical exemptions [to vaccination]. And in this country, the only way that we have the right and freedom to exercise informed consent to vaccination is the exemptions that exist legally in state vaccine laws. … Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get a medical exemption in the United States anymore.
Doctors won’t write them because when they do and those exemptions don’t conform to very narrow guidelines of what constitutes a medical reason for not vaccinating somebody, that’s promulgated by the AAP and the Centers for Disease Control, then they are called by public health officials in the state and they’re harassed for giving a medical exemption. … They’re leaned on to withdraw the exemption. They’re leaned on to conform strictly to the very narrow guidelines of medical contraindications.
So if a physician, in their personal, professional opinion believes that a child or an adult is at risk for having a vaccine reaction… even if they believe that, they are afraid to give a medical exemption if it’s not a CDC or AAP guideline. And, frankly, ever since the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed, those contraindications to vaccination have narrowed so that almost nothing is a contraindication, medically, to not give a vaccine to someone.
So here you have very few medical exemptions being given. Parents whose children have suffered vaccine reactions, who have been permanently injured by vaccines, can’t get a medical exemption for their children or the siblings of their children. This kind of oppression leaves people with only the non-medical exemption to take. That is the personal belief, or conscientious belief exemption, or the religious belief exemption to vaccination. But, again, those exemptions are under attack by the medical/pharma lobby that don’t want to have any exemptions, except the ones that they give, medically… which I already have said, they don’t give.
— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)


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