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Monday, January 21, 2019

Social engineering and the Social scientists CHAPTER 4 The Tavistock Instutute for Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman from antimatrix.org

Social engineering and the Social scientists

Dr. Kurt Lewin was its chief theoretician who specialized in the teaching and application of topological psychology, which was and remains the most advanced method of behavior modification. Lewin was assisted by Major General John Rawlings Reese, Eric Trist, W.R. Bion, H.V. Dicks and several of the "greats" of brainwashing and social engineering like Margaret Meade and her husband, Gregory Bateson.

Bernays was the top consultant right up to the time George Bush was placed in the White House by the Supreme Court. We do not want to get too technical and thus will not get into specifics of how they applied the Social Scientists sciences. Most will accept the generic term of "brainwashing" as an overall explanation of the activities of this, the "mother of all think tanks."
It will come as no small surprise to learn that Lewin and his team founded the Stanford Research Center, the Wharton School of Economics, MIT and the National Institute of Mental Health among scores of other institutions fondly believed to be "American" institutions. During the course of years, the Federal Government contributed millions upon millions of dollars to Tavistock and its expanded web of interlinking institutions, while corporate America and Wall Street came up with matching amounts.
We make bold to say that without the amazing growth and advances techniques for mass brainwashing developed by the Tavistock Institute, there would have been no Second World War, nor any of the wars that followed, and certainly not the two Gulf Wars, the second of which is still raging in November 2005.

Tavistock's tentacles reach far

By the year 2000 there was hardly any aspect of life in America into which Tavistock's tentacles had not reached and that included every level of government from local to federal, industry, trade, education and the political institutions of the nation. Every mental and psychological aspect of the nation was analyzed, recorded, profiled and stored in computer memory banks.
What has come out of this is what Tavistock calls "a three-system response" and it is how population groups react to stress resulting from "contrived situations" that become crisis management exercises. What we have in the U.S. and Britain is a government, that creates a situation viewed by its citizens as a crisis, and government then manages that "crisis."

Pearl Harbor - a staged event

An example of a "contrived situation" was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor was "contrived" as previously explained herein with the transfer of Rockefeller cash to Richard Sorge the master spy, and then to a member of the imperial family to prompt Japan to fire the first shots so that the Roosevelt administration could take the United States into WWII.
The economic strangulation of Japan by Britain and the United States unilaterally choking off the flow of essential raw materials to the island factory that was Japan, had reached a point where a decision was made to put an end to it. Tavistock played an enormous role in crafting the massive wave of anti-Japanese propaganda that swept the United States into the war in Europe via war against Japan.
Unbearable economic pressure was put on Japan while at the same time the Roosevelt administration refused to "negotiate," until the Tokyo government could see no way out but to attack at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt had conveniently obligingly shifted the Pacific Fleet into harm's way by moving it from its safe-haven at San Diego to Pearl Harbor, for absolutely no valid or strategic reason, thereby placing it squarely in reach of the Japanese Navy.

The Gulf War lies

Another example is more recent; the Gulf War that began when a hue and a cry was raised about Iraq's alleged stocks of nuclear and chemical weapons, the so-called "weapons of mass destruction," (WMD's.) The Bush administration and the Blair government knew the issue was a "contrived situation" without foundation or merit; they knew that there were no such weapons. Indisputable proof existed that Hussein's weapons program had been nullified after the 1991 Gulf War and through continued brutal sanctions.
In short, the two Western "leaders" were caught out in a web of lies, yet such is the power of the Committee of 300 and the brainwashing power of Tavistock, that they remained in office although it is an accepted fact that because of their lies, at least one million Iraqis and more than 2000 American servicemen dead and 25,999 wounded (Russia's GRU Military Intelligence figures) of which 53 percent are maimed, with the cost in monetary terms as of October 2005, exceeding $550 billion.
The Iraqi death toll is the total of both Gulf Wars of which the majority are civilians who died from the lack of food, clean water and medicine as a result of the criminal sanctions imposed by the British and U.S. Governments under cover of the U.N.
In carrying out sanctions against Iraq, the U.N. violated its own charter and from then on became a crippled institution lacking credibility.
There is no parallel in history where a man holding the highest office was proved to be a liar and deceiver and yet could remain in power as if nothing had stained his office, a state of affairs that demonstrates the power of the Tavistock Institute's "long range penetration and inner conditioning" treatment of the American people, that would cause them docilely to accept such a turgid, horror-filled situation without ever taking to the streets in rage.
Well did Henry Ford say that "people deserve the government they get" if the people do nothing to turn that government out of office, such as is the right of the American people under their U.S. Constitution, then they deserve to have liars and deceivers running their nation and their lives.

"Social environmental turbulence" and "maladaptive response"

On the other hand, the American people may well be going through the one of the three phases of what Dr. Fred Emery, at one time the senior psychiatrist at Tavistock, once described as "social environmental turbulence." According to Emery: "Large populations groups manifest the following symptoms when subjected to conditions of violent social changes, stress and turbulence which can be divided into well-defined categories:
Superficiality is the condition that manifests itself when the threatened population group reacts by adopting shallow sloganeering, which they attempt to pass off as ideals."
Very little "ego investment" takes place making the first phase a "maladaptive response" because, as Emery stated, "the cause of the crisis is not isolated and identified" and the crisis and tension is not abated, but continues for as long as the controller want it to last. The second phase of the crisis reaction (since the crisis is continuing), is "fragmentation", a condition in which panic strikes, "social cohesion" falls apart with the result that very small groups form and attempt to protect themselves from the crisis with little or no regard for the expense or cost to other fragmented, small groups. This phase Emery calls "passive maladaption," while still failing to identify the cause of the crisis.

Introspection and obsession with self

The third phase is when the victims turn away from the source of the induced crisis and the resulting tension. They take "fantasy trips of internal migration, introspection and obsession with self." This is what Tavistock calls "disassociation and self realization." Emery goes on to explain that "the passive maladaption responses are now coupled with "active maladaptive responses."
Emery states that over the past 50 years that experiments in applied social psychology and resultant "crisis management" have taken over all aspects of life in America and the results are stored in the computers in the major "think tanks" such as Stanford University. The scenarios are taken out, used and revised from time to time and, according to Tavistock, "the scenarios are in operation at the present time."

Tavistock has the majority of the American people profiled and brainwashed

Translated this means that Tavistock has the majority of the American people profiled and brainwashed. If any part of the American public is ever able to identify the cause of the crises that have washed over this nation in the past seventy years, the social engineering structure built by Tavistock will come crashing down. But that has not yet happened. Tavistock continues to drown the American public in its sea of created public opinion.
The social engineering developed by the Social Sciences scientists at Tavistock has been used as a weapon during this century's two world wars, especially World War I. The pollsters who developed it have been quite frank that they employ on the American population the same devices and methods used and experimented with against enemy populations.
Today, the manipulation-by-polls of public opinion has become a central technique in the hands of the social engineers and controllers of the Social scientists employed at Tavistock and its many "think tanks" located all over the United States and Britain.

Do we have what H.G. Wells called "An Invisible Government?"


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