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Friday, November 23, 2018

3-Trillion Dollar China-Russia-Canada-America Train/Tunnel Connection To California DEW Fires…

3-Trillion Dollar China-Russia-Canada-America Train/Tunnel Connection To California DEW Fires…

There are globalists who are betting that this 3 trillion dollar plan, goes off… feed resources to China, which under the globalist agenda, would be the manufacturing hub of the world… permanently so!! The only thing is… according to the swamp, California must burn to save California!
Notice the fires in California, Alberta, and British Columbia, are all paving the way for the intercontinental train tunnel linkup!!!!
1.  China needs Alberta oil…. big part of the equation… so why not build a big giant road directly to China… sure… why not… complete with oil pipeline…
China could conceivably import up to 3 million barrels of oil per day from Alberta, Canada, which by itself is enough to justify building the rail connection.
2. China needs Alaska coal too… yup… the signatures are fresh….
3.  The China-Russia-Canada-America already begun…. IN FLAMES… gotta just burn out the locals… so far, at least in California and Alberta, and also British Columbia has had unusual fires there too!
4.  Lockheed Martin DEW Athena likely connected to recent fires… all over the world!

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