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Friday, August 3, 2018

1165-1168: Thank You from Lincoln County Watch

Thursday, August 2, 2018

1165-1168: Thank You from Lincoln County Watch

By Anna Von Reitz

I got a card yesterday that made my day.  It was from a lady in Florida, a Senior who sent me $10.  It
was all she felt she could afford given her very limited retirement income, but she sent it anyway, and she observed that with 10,000 seniors doing as much every month, we'd be on our way. 

And she's absolutely right.  Most of what we have been able to accomplish in terms of supporting our researchers and legal staff in the field has been accomplished because Americans from all walks of life and all stages of life have contributed what they could.  And given the way this country has been mishandled, robbed, and abused -- that might not be very much. 

The Living Law Firm is alive and kicking because Seniors realize that their income and the future of their grandchildren are both tied to a bankrupt corporation -- a sinking ship.  

Without extraordinary efforts, millions of American Seniors would already be facing the fate of other Seniors in other countries --- poof!  Their "Social Security" checks, mischaracterized as "welfare benefits" after the victims paid for everything themselves --- are being terminated in places like Israel. 

After all, "welfare benefits" are freebies. The "government" doesn't owe anyone "welfare benefits".  Old age pension insurance paid for by workers and employers is a totally different matter.  That's a contractual obligation that takes priority in a corporate bankruptcy. 

And exactly who or what is fighting for American Seniors in this rat fight?  

Who or what is standing in the doorway and advancing the claims of the actual States against the assets of the "States of States"?  

Who regained and reclaimed their own "standing" and put those claims in place to protect every State and every American? 

What Superheroes are stomping flat all attempts to similarly evade payment of military veteran's benefits?  

Hey, folks, it isn't AARP.  

We are doing it, and we are doing it alone against odds that would make any odds-maker gleeful. 

I just want to say to that retiree in Florida --- thank you.  Thank you to all those who send what they can, because we need it.  We need it for postage stamps.  We need it for office supplies.  We need it for travel expenses.  We need it for hotel rooms.  We need it for meeting space rentals.  We need it for audio-visual equipment.  We need it for court fees.  We need it for certified copies of documents.  We need it to carry on.  We can't do it alone. 

And I also want to say that I am a Great-Grandma myself.  My retirement and my book sales would give me a very comfortable living, if I just sat back and lapped up the cream.  I am not dependent on Social Security, but in the course of my life, I have experienced what it is to be very, very poor.  So that tells me that I can survive and pick !@$@ with the chickens if I have to.  It tells me I am free. And it tells me what a "Widow's Mite" is really worth.  

Thank you.  

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Whiskey and Why Writs of Habeas Corpus Don't Work

By Anna Von Reitz

The right of Habeas Corpus for Federales was suspended by Abraham Lincoln and never lifted. 

The problem is that Americans have been routinely misidentified and mis-characterized as Federal citizens --- as if we were all in the Army or all born in Puerto Rico --- and railroaded accordingly.  

So in order to access the right of Habeas Corpus or any other constitutionally guaranteed right, you have to overcome the false presumption that you have "knowingly and willfully" accepted Federal citizenship---- which is difficult to do once they attack and make accusations because in most cases, Americans have not been aware of the false claims against them and have not reconveyed their Trade Names, have not claimed control of the Assumed NAMES, etc., so they have no evidence that they refused federal enfranchisement on the record prior to the "crime".  

If they come back during or after their trial and try to say, oh, by the way, I am an American State national, not a Federale --- it looks self-interested and not credible. 

So the key is: (1) get evidence on the public record that you are aware of your political status and claiming your birthright status PRIOR to getting into any court trouble; (2) know the "Magic Words" and how to handle Administrative Courts; (3) appeal the situation after the fact to the Governor and/or President. 

Cases eligible for Pardon generally speaking have to be non-violent or resulting in no harm to living people.  This includes all the statutory infractions that don't result in harm to anyone and all "thought crimes". 

The only oddball exception is Marijuana use, which the Federales are trying to claim falls under their baileywick as a "controlled substance". 

In actual fact, the Federal Government was given regulatory power over interstate commercial transfer and sales of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as a means to raise funds for itself. This is why the "Whiskey Rebellion" flap happened. The farmers were butting in on Federal income streams by selling whiskey across state lines and not paying the Federal Government tax on this activity. 

So -- please note: (1) from the very beginning the Federal Government has been involved in shady business and profiting from it as a concession; (2) their granted authority applies only to alcohol, tobacco, and firearms -- and only to interstate commerce in these items; (3) they have attempted to expand into the in-state market in these items via their State of State franchise organizations, but this is gratuitous, as the franchises have no power that is separate or different from the parent corporations sponsoring them; (4) there is no grant of authority regarding marijuana, prescription drugs, or a host of other "controlled substances". Regulation of these items can be applied only to federal corporations, employees, and dependents. The problem is that most Americans have unknowingly been "misidentified" as Territorial and/or Municipal United States "citizens" and therefore "presumed" to be under these constraints. 

So, strictly speaking, if you are an American State national claiming your birthright political status, you can manufacture and use and enjoy all the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms you like, so long as you don't engage in interstate commerce in these items.  You can make wine and whiskey, you can grow and consume tobacco, you can build firearms --- so long as it is for private, non-commercial, in-state use. 

Since the Federales and their state-of-state franchises don't actually have any permission to treat drugs as "controlled substances" subject to their regulation, i.e., as concessions for their control and profit, your right as an American State national to consume marijuana or any other weed or substance, is actually unimpaired. The problem again, is that you have been misidentified as a Federal citizen, and subjected to the whims of Congress and state-of-state legislatures. 

The key to cleaning up the mess is to elect a land jurisdiction legislature that is fully empowered and properly seated with all participants permanently domiciled on the land and soil of that State --- that is, we need to "declare" our political status on the public record and do the work (Article 928 on my website) to convene the Ohio Legislature, not the State of Ohio Legislature --- and sort through these issues. 

Over many years, the Federal Government has been commandeered by 
foreign powers (Britain, France, and Rome) and allowed to run amok.  It has naturally become self-perpetuating and has usurped beyond its boundaries. As long as nobody understands the problem and the basis of their "presumptions"  and nobody stands up to object --- they get away with it.  

So if you want the government you deserve, get on your hind feet,  and do your part to get your political status records straightened out and  undertake the work of self-governance.  Only the People of Ohio can invoke and constitute and lawfully operate the Ohio Legislature. Read that: I can't do it for you. 

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To All White Hats Everywhere

By Anna Von Reitz

Our effort to restore our lawful government is being interfered with by low-level minions of bankrupt "states of states" who are still trying to prey upon Americans using their old mis-characterization and identity theft routine.  It is also being tampered with by "Homeland Security" and the British "Taskforce on Money Laundering" --- both of which are trying to extort money from us and control our access to our own money and also trying to censor us using German affiliates. 

It is well past the time for these impediments to go away.  Please make sure that this message goes viral and is forwarded to President Trump. 

Destry Payne has been arrested again by "COUNTY OF" officials who have absolutely no authority to even address him.  

They need to be informed by the Governor and the President that their "County" is a corporate franchise of a failed governmental services corporation and that they have no cause and no authority to arrest any American for regulatory infractions that do not apply to them.  

85% of all the Acts of Congress do not apply to Americans or extend to the States of the Union and they are not published in the Federal Register as a result.  

Neither Territorial nor  Municipal franchises operating as "States of States" nor "STATES OF STATES" have any separate or greater or different authority than their parent corporations. 

So if you are not a Federal Employee or Dependent and you are not "knowingly and willfully" accepting enfranchisement as a Territorial or Municipal corporation, you are owed immediate statutory exemption. 

What we have here are the equivalent of Dairy Queen employees attacking and arresting Americans off our streets under the false presumption that the victims are also Dairy Queen employees who are out of uniform or guilty of some other "infraction" against company policy.   Oh, and add that the "Dairy Queen" in question is bankrupt. 

This is an unconscionable violation against Destry Payne's Natural Person and against his guaranteed rights and freedoms and it doesn't matter whether you address it as a constitutional issue under Article IV freedom from unlawful arrest and attainder, or under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions or under the conventions of Law Merchant. 

Identity theft and the utilization of false legal presumptions as a result of identity theft is a crime in all venues and all jurisdictions. Period.  So the meatheads need to understand that and stop doing it.  


We are well-aware of the false "dossiers" that have been concocted by the IRS under the guidance of the IMF, which are made-up-out-of-thin-air totally fictional "stories" about each and every American.  According to these grossly falsified "Master Files" I am or have been employed as the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and my husband has been selling guns in South America --- all without leaving our kitchen table in Big Lake, Alaska. 

These criminal practices seeking to provide an excuse for false prosecutions and false presumptions against Americans have to stop. The whole damned "system" needs to be thrown out in the dung heap of history and replaced by the actual government we are owed without delay and any employee that doesn't agree needs to be fired. 

That includes both Territorial and Municipal employees, agency personnel and departmental personnel, State of State and County Of personnel, too.  

We are restoring and "reconstructing" the Federal level of our Federal Government, a task that is long overdue.  If anyone doesn't like it, they can find the nearest river and jump.  Mr. Trump knows what has to be done and the Queen has been given her marching orders. 

We expect: (1) all interference with our communications and attempts to censor our communications to stop; (2) all interference in our banking transactions and transfers of actual assets as well as credit owed to us to cease; (3) all "Company" personnel at the State of State, STATE OF STATE and "county" levels of all government service organizations to be fully informed and kept within the bounds of their limited jurisdiction. This includes "County of" Sheriffs and Patrol Officers and Judges. 

All Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  We have acknowledged and accepted the return of those Powers. Any 
other exercise of those Powers is extended on a month-by-month basis to President Trump and his Administration only.  

Proper communications are necessary to expedite progress and cessation of any infantile notion that we are "the enemy" must cease. We are the employers, owners, operators, underwriters, shareholders, and sovereigns and we are sick and tired of our employees being misdirected, misinformed, and allowed to run rampant. 

Please pass the word to the rank and file and up and down the food chain in both directions--- and make sure that everyone is informed and understanding --- or fired. 

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Jon McNaughton - Artist

By Anna Von Reitz
As most of you know, my husband, James Belcher, raised four kids on a paint brush in Alaska and has been a Signature Artist of the Oil Painters of America since 1994. So I really appreciate art and artists and the struggles they go through.
Earlier today (yesterday for most of you) I posted a photo of a painting. I didn't even have the name of it, much less the name of the artist, but it was so good I just had to post and comment.
The actual name is "Crossing the Swamp" and the artist is Jon McNaughton. It turns out that the work is available as a 16" X 20" open edition print, signed by the artist.
For anyone who loves what President Trump is doing in DC and appreciates fine art, you can't do better than this. A hundred years from now the heirs of the Antiques Roadshow will be peering at these prints and nodding sagely....
Here's the website link:
[List of figures from left to right: Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Ben Carson, President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, John Bolton, Kellyanne Conway, John Kelly.]

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trump Crossing the Delaware -- "Swamp Hunters"

Got this today from Anna Von Reitz. Does anyone know who the artist is?

This is just too wonderful.  Paul -- please post "Swamp Hunters" along with "Patience and Wisdom"?  
I laughed my socks off, but if he keeps going, it will be true enough.  If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know so I can give credit. 

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