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Sunday, July 29, 2018

1156-1157: How to Recognize the Walking Dead -- aka, Undeclared Federal Agents from Lincoln County Watch

1156-1157: How to Recognize the Walking Dead -- aka, Undeclared Federal Agents from Lincoln County Watch

By Anna Von Reitz

As you now know, most of us have been declared legally dead and have to prove that we are alive and have to take action to establish our birthright political status and re-convey our Trade Names
back to the land and soil of our birth in order to protect ourselves and exercise our reversionary trust interest in our own birthright estates.

This is because we are being targeted as victims in the biggest identity and credit and bankruptcy/insurance fraud scheme in history. They indemnify you from loss and damage to legalize their theft and literally "put a gloss" over their seizure and use of your identity, credit, and assets---- and then prevent you from ever making a claim, simply by not telling you how and never revealing that you have the option.

But at least you can, by dint of hard work and learning and help from others along the way, regain your living status.

As things stand, federal citizens are "dead" and remain so, because their only presence is as "dead" corporate entities: JOHN DOE (Public Charitable Trust), JOHN M. DOE (Bankrupt Public Utility) and JOHN MARK DOE (Foreign Grantor Trust). And many of them have no choice in the matter, other than invoking "Equal Civil Rights". They are in terms of law, among the "walking dead" by definition.

Now, nobody in their right mind wants to be stuck in that helpless zombie status, but as long as nobody knows that they've been handed a second class "citizenship" instead of their Natural and Unalienable rights-- who is going to complain, right?

Most Federal Citizens are harmless, but there are some notable exceptions: crooked judges and lawyers, insurance adjusters, paid snitches and trolls and runaway politicians.
So how do you recognize these predatory zombies?

Many of them are blowhards who speak the loudest and take the most extreme stances and try to convince you that they know what is "really" going on (and you don't). They also regularly entrap innocent people and encourage them to take wrong action as a means of getting them into trouble.
That's what happened to Schaeffer Cox. That's what happened to the "Colorado Nine".

Schaeffer's story is typical. The Federales imposed upon people of shady character who were in trouble already to act as infiltrators and snitches.

The snitches were then encouraged to lead Schaeffer to make mis-statements that could be used as evidence against him and they recorded those statements without Schaeffer's knowledge. They also used their position of trust to feed him wrong information and encouraged him to be paranoid and react to phantom threats. That's what landed him in jail with a very long sentence.

The Colorado Nine story is also textbook. An insurance adjuster (Honk! honk! Buzz! Wee-O! Wee-O! "Licensed professional" Honk! That's my Shinola Sensor going off in the background) named Michael R. Hamilton showed up all of a sudden and was immediately the loudest voice in the room, the most ardent advocate of "taking action" --- always implying violent action and "resistance" and "preparation" and calling me and anyone who supported me names and making suggestive remarks and even outright accusations against my "loyalty".

People who require licenses from the government to make a living are always at a disadvantage, and because they are, they can more easily be "compromised" and outright forced or "encouraged" to run these sting operations.

So Michael R. Hamilton, insurance adjuster, came in and made himself out to be the brightest legal mind that ever was, the most knowledgeable, most ardent patriot around, and he shoved the Colorado Nine into making exactly the wrong moves and he cast doubts in their minds about me so that they didn't heed my warnings.

But -- please note -- when it really came push to shove, Michael R. Hamilton was nowhere to be found. After preaching action, action, action --- he took none. He wasn't arrested. Once the others were in jail, he took a powder and disappeared. Probably went to the Bahamas for a well-earned vacation on Uncle Sam's ticket.

Beware the loudest voices, the ones that taunt and ridicule and cast doubt on others. Beware the big egos that are all about "me, me, me, and mine" touting their own horns and bragging about their accomplishments. Beware those preaching action without really defining what "action" they advocate and especially beware of anyone pushing violence, fear, or suspicion aimed at local people and long-time friends.

Michael R. Hamilton wasn't even from Colorado.

If you listen carefully to these shysters you will always hear faint echoes of a carnival barker, someone selling you something, someone overbearing you, someone making you afraid, someone making you doubt your own horse sense.

Turn away from these characters, because they are up to no good. Just pay them no mind. Turn the knob. Shut them down. Don't let them dominate you or hog the floor at meetings and don't stand around while they insult and cast doubts on other members of your group.

Chances are, when you see these behaviors, you've got an undeclared foreign agent on your hands.
One way to help "cut to the chase" with these scenarios is to use the Bevins Declaration at the start of every meeting public or private. Just say, "Anyone here acting as an undisclosed federal agent or provocateur, anyone seeking to collect information for Third Parties, anyone working for some other agenda such as entrapment or solicitation or redirection of our group is now invited to declare themselves or leave."

Strange as it may seem, this simple precaution often causes Federal Agents to respond. They raise their hands or they vacate and that's just fine. If they don't respond appropriately to a Bevins Declaration, they are made fully liable for their lack of disclosure and any evidence they collect is tainted.

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Not Alone

By Anna Von Reitz

I used to feel alone.  I used to sit in my office known as "The Toad Hole" because it was in the basement, and pour over documents like the IRS Code and feel utterly forsaken, scared, and alone. Faced with a lawless and an unaccountable and out of control government, how is anyone supposed to feel? 

Once I realized that the IRS was being run illegally, the bottom dropped out. My faith in law and government was forever decimated. My innocent belief that things were as they should be was shattered. I was left to contemplate the "rest of the story".

If the IRS was a racket, what else was a racket, too? 

And what to do about it? 

The IRS Code alone is thousands upon thousands of pages of the worst legal gobbledygook known to man.  Imagine me, sitting in my little basement office in Big Lake, Alaska, confronting the entire bulk of the Congressional Record and Federal Code?

Consider it a feeling of hopelessness and sheer, awful, gut-wrenching panic.

Not only was the government clearly being operated in a criminal fashion, but the rest of my countrymen were sound asleep, functioning on automatic, unaware ---- as I had been --- that anything was wrong, and mostly ill-disposed to hear any bad news about "their" government. 

Everyone --including me-- had enough on their plates without having to take time out to delve into government corruption and what most people consider to be dull, musty history.

So I prayed for help.  What does one do in such a hopeless situation? You reach out to the Infinite and admit that you are just one little small dot in the universe, unable to deal with what you are facing.  And that is what I did.

I did that again, just recently.  I prayed for the manpower and researchers and money I need to finish the job and nail down the genesis of all this corruption.

Now we know that the worst of it was created by purposefully obfuscated and undisclosed Voter Initiatives at the Territorial State of State level, which were then misapplied to the living people in violation of the actual Constitution owed to them and their States.

The researchers are coming forward in greater and greater numbers and in more fields of endeavor; as they do, more and pieces of the "puzzle" are falling into place.  What emerges is a vast tableau of self-interested corruption, breach of trust, and purposeful deceit ---- mostly by Bar Association members, who were the only people aware enough of the legal niceties to pull off such a color of law scheme.

Sometimes I get mail from people who apparently think that I have or am doing all this research by myself.  That is not true.

My early efforts were guided and comforted by a great many Americans who were on the road long before me ---- heroes from the 18th and 19th centuries who blazed the trail and marked the dangerous place, more heroes from the 20th century who connected the dots.  At the very beginning of "You Know Something is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" we paused to remember and name just a small number of all those many whose work contributed to our work and understanding.

That same debt has continued to grow as more and more people join the effort and come forward to add their knowledge, their research, and their experience ---their piece of the puzzle--- to the whole picture.  Together, we are building a factual history of America and American politics and American government for the past two and a half centuries. 

It's not always a pretty picture.  It is certainly nothing like George Washington and the Cherry Tree.  But it is what it is, and knowing what it is enables us to move forward with a firm foundation and understanding that wasn't possible while we remained asleep and in the dark.

Little by little and bit by bit my days in "the Toad Hole" have morphed into a small part of a national restoration movement that is now impacting every facet of government and every portion of society. Millions of Americans are now on the road and pushing forward, taking up and shouldering their portion of the burden, sharing their discoveries, and taking action to restore their rightful government.

A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct sense that we have reached The Tipping Point and from here on, the snowball rolls --- maybe not on its own, but under its own weight.  The change we needed was us, Americans, waking up and minding our own store.

With every one of us who reclaims their birthright and who "returns" to the land and soil of their birth, the future of our nation is secured and the downfall of our enemies and those who would profit themselves by our demise is assured.  One by one we are coming back to life.

And that's a good feeling.

Much has been learned. We now have the secure means to stand on our own feet and on our own jurisdiction again.  We have claimed back our Delegated Powers.  We have claimed back our assets.  We are learning how to make the U.S. Treasury and the banks come to heel.  The nightmare of lawlessness and government oppression is receding. 

America -- the real America, not "the US" -- is rising, because all of you are rising, and because I got up one morning and took a walk, too.  We are not alone anymore. 

With prayers that continue to be answered, often in the most unexpected ways, and with faith in justice and love and what is right, we continue to move forward and make gains every single day.  We are doing this together, as a vast unincorporated team --- Team America.  It doesn't have one face or one color.  It doesn't have a political party.  The Declaration of Independence is its only Mission Statement.

And despite all the odds, here we are. And we are winning.

The part that the historical researchers and The Living Law Firm are playing in all of this continues to be very important --- maybe not in terms of ultimate success, for I have to believe that even without our efforts the rest of our countrymen will guarantee ultimate success---but in terms of getting time-sensitive pieces in place and laying foundations.  And for that, we need your support for our efforts.

My husband and I don't have access to the assets owed to The United States of America, though we have secured them. As a result, we can't pay people for what they are doing and all the sacrifices they are making. This is all being done out of pocket by retirees and yes, a lot of younger people who still have families to support. Your donations to the effort allow us to pay court filing fees, postage, printer ink and paper, travel costs, and to meet emergencies that otherwise threaten the work these volunteers are doing. 

In the past two weeks, my readers have learned more of real substance about their history and "how things work" and how to protect themselves and make use of the remedies that are on the books for them to use than has ever been published by any single source anywhere. 

This isn't because I am so brilliant and did it all by myself!

Some of you reading this are barely surviving and we don't ask for anything but prayers from you.  Send your goodwill and blessings on the effort to restore a lawful government for America.  Hold that goal in your hearts. 

Some of you are engaged in your own struggle with the Beast.  We understand that, too. 

But to all the rest of you, who have the peace and largess to send a donation, please look into your hearts and do so.  There are many, many good and worthy causes -- but none that underlie and support and protect all the rest of what is worthwhile, like the effort to restore good government in America. 

Without this effort, the criminality of the courts and the government will only continue and grow.  Without all of us pulling together and educating ourselves and each other, we are all at the mercy of petty tyrants, arbitrary "taxing authorities", mercenary police forces, legal chicanery, wars for profit, and other evils.

If being a helpless chattel and guinea pig is not a life you look forward to, weigh in. Help. Send what you can.  I am still the Chief Cook, Bottle Washer and Pay Master for this operation, still managing the "unofficial payroll" as best I can to keep noses above water every week. 

All the money from my book sales and a big dollop of my own retirement goes into supporting The Living Law Firm and our historical researchers every month.  My husband and I are doing all we can, and that is not enough--especially not with all the new research and new court cases coming on board. So I will leave it with all of you and with God:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  PayPal: avannavon@gmail.com .

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