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Saturday, July 28, 2018

1154-1155:More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitutions and Common Law from Lincoln County Watch

Friday, July 27, 2018

1154-1155:More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitutions and Common Law from Lincoln County Watch

By Anna Von Reitz

More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitution and Common

We have long been aware of the "sea change" that happened in the American Court System circa 1965-66. We have been aware that the result was an unlawful conversion of the State of State Courts from operating in Common Law to Statutory Law and that this was accompanied by an equally unconstitutional and improper shift in legal presumptions about our "Persons"---in fact, an unlawful conversion and trafficking in our Persons occurred.

The organic constitutions under which our states (soil) and States (land) function all refer to "persons" defined as Natural Persons --- living men and women -- and "inhabitants" -- again, living people who have made their home (soil) and established their domicile (land) in one of the sovereign States of The United States of America.

So exactly how was this sleight of hand "redefining" Natural Persons as legal fiction "Persons" accomplished, and how was the Organic Constitution and Common Law overthrown? And why?

The why is simple enough. The Territorial and Municipal United States and their federated "State of States" business franchises had been operating on a fiat currency system for decades and draining away our American silver dollars via their inequitable "dollar for dollar" exchange rate established by the 1934 Emergency Banking Act. By 1965 they were looking for new actual, factual assets to "exchange" for their I.O.U.s.

Credit systems based on I.O.U's. are not real in the sense of having something of intrinsic hold-in-your-hand value to exchange. Having established a virtual monopoly on our monetary system and having removed both gold and (largely though not entirely) silver from circulation at that time, they moved on to the next obvious step -- creating the fictional Persons/PERSONS to go with their fictional money -- and seizing upon and subjecting our actual Natural Persons as the source of their credit.

So profit and control of our assets were the motives. That's why.

And here's how: an unconstitutional and undisclosed "amendment" to the State Constitutions, allowing the rats to tack on statutory law as an administrative option and allowing the commingling of "Persons"----which then allows them to use "judicial discretion" to unlawfully convert Natural Persons to legal fiction Persons and prosecute these under statutory law.

These "amendments" were presented as voter initiatives by the schemers who then purposefully misled voters as to the nature and affect of the proposed amendments to their State Constitutions.

We have it dead in the water in New Hampshire and it is being confirmed as a repeat performance at about the same time in all fifty States. This is proof of a nationwide conspiracy, promoted by local Bar Association members and allowed by politicians.

All these "amendments" are null and void for fraud and failure to disclose their intent and affect, and in violation of the original organic Constitutions owed to the States and People.

The paperwork related to New Hampshire's case is being posted on my website:  http://annavonreitz.com/danielrichard.pdf

We need researchers in all fifty (50) states to examine the voter initiatives and constitutional amendments proposed in your states in about the same time period -- 1965-66 -- to nail down the same fraud being promoted in all fifty states.

These amendments allowing commingling of "Persons" need to be nullified by declaration from the moment of their adoption and brought forward for nullification by the courts themselves.

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Here It Is, Tied Up With a Bow

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are still having a hard time grasping what went on here, even after the research has been done and published and re-researched and affirmed again.
The states that went to war in the Civil War were the Federal-Level “Confederate States” --- yes, there were “Confederate States” long before the Civil War.  Those States of States were formed in 1781 under the Articles of Confederation as doing business entities belonging to the States of the Union.
We have the Federation (Union) of States doing business as The United States of America (September 9, 1776) and a few years later, we have the Confederation of States known as the States of America formed under The Articles of Confederation (March 1, 1781). 
The members of the States of America Confederation were all corporate entities doing business using names in the form: The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, The State of Massachusetts, etc.  They  got along well enough and exercised the Delegated Powers under the Federal Constitution (The Constitution for the united States of America) from 1787 to 1861, when some of the “confederate” states broke away from the original Confederation and formed their own group, the Confederate States of America.
So not all “confederate” States were in rebellion against the original Confederation.  There were “Union” States of States like The State of Ohio and The State of Wisconsin that elected to stay loyal to the original Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation, and other break-away States of States that wanted to go their own way---the Southern members that formed the CSA.   
And none of this had anything to do with the actual sovereign States of the original Federation, The United States of America, and their members--- Ohio, Wisconsin, Massachusetts et alia that existed at the same time.
The American Civil War was a cat-fight among commercial business entities and their backers, what we call a “mercenary war”.  This is why there is no actual Declaration of War associated with the civil war and no actual Peace Treaty ending it.
It wasn’t really a war and Abraham Lincoln wasn’t really a President of this country, either.
But that’s another story.  For right now, we want to follow the thread of what happened.
In 1863, the Northern Confederation States of States were bankrupt.  Abraham Lincoln signed the Lieber Code (General Order 100) which is the first Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. The next day he entered the Northern Confederation of Federal States into bankruptcy. 
He made the Army responsible for the duties of the Federal States of States during their bankruptcy.
After the hostilities ceased two years later in 1865, the Federal States of States in the North were still in reorganization and the Southern States of States were in ruins and total disarray.
Britain saw its chance.
It came in via the guise of the banks acting as creditors to the Northern States of States and proposed to substitute British-backed Territorial States of States for the Federal States of States we are owed.  Thus, in 1868, The State of Georgia was surreptitiously moth-balled and the British Territorial equivalent, the State of Georgia, took over.
It was a commercial fraud aimed at commandeering our Federal Government by Britain and it worked.
As a result, the “Federal” part of our “Federal Government” has been moth-balled and held “in abeyance” for 150 years, while the actual international government owed to this county – The United States of America [Unincorporated] has been vicariously “represented”--mostly by the perpetrators of the aforementioned scheme. 
The actual international government that delegated the “Delegated Powers” in the first place, The United States of America, was left ineffective and unable to contact and assemble their member States, cut off from its sources of revenue, and its executive officers mercilessly hunted and murdered by British-sympathizers and spies.
Fast forward to 1933.  The British-Territorial interlopers have made a mess of things and let the international bankers manipulate and destroy our stock market for their profit.  The Great Depression socks down. Millions of Americans lose their homes and farms and businesses.  The banks buy up everything in sight for pennies on a dollar, profiting from the disaster they created for exactly this purpose.
As part of the clean-up, FDR pulled the biggest identity theft in history, declaring that we were all franchises of the British Territorial United States Government; that is, he seized ownership and copyrighted our Given Trade Names, and stole our most private property from us – our identities --- falsified them, and offered these new “franchises” as chattel backing government debt. 
The theft was unobservable and unconscionable.  On paper, there is no way to tell the difference between the Trade Name of a living man, John Mark Doe, and the name of a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust doing business as “John Mark Doe”.  Millions upon millions of Americans were thus kidnapped into the foreign jurisdiction of the British Territorial United States and mis-characterized and impersonated in this fashion without their knowledge or consent. 
It was and is a commercial crime of staggering proportions.
In order to legalize this theft the then-Congress published its intent as House Joint Resolution 192, enacted Public Law 73-10, UCC 3-104(c) and numerous court cases were fought: Guaranty Trust Co. of New York v. Henwood et al., 307 U.S. 247 (FN3) and Spencer v. Sterling Bank, 63 Cal. Ap. 4th, 1055 (1998), and as further proof we have the charges brought to the House Judiciary Committee by then-Co-Chair of the House Banking Sub-Committee, Congressman Louis T. McFadden (still waiting to be heard, but firmly lodged against the bastards nonetheless), and the admissions found in Witkin Negotiable Instruments, Volume III including the 2002 Supplement. 
As a result of this outrageous and undisclosed claim by FDR, the assets including the names and property of virtually all Americans were “conscripted” and used as chattel backing the debts of a privately owned and operated governmental services corporation chartered in Delaware by the Roman Catholic Church and calling itself the “United States of America” (Incorporated).   
As a further result, the Congress and the Church and the Bank of Scotland (for a prior bankruptcy of their commercial “service” corporation doing business as “The United States of America” Inc.) and the British Crown and the British Monarchs and the Popes all became liable to the American States and People for all debts, all damages and losses we have incurred.
And that is why our “friends, trustees, and allies” sought to paint us with the brush of their own guilt and have undermined our lawful government---to gain control of and profit from our assets.
Prince Philip collected $950 Trillion dollars-worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” from the bankruptcy of CANADA (Inc.) --- yet another bogus governmental services corporation, last April 15th, and promptly “retired” from his public office --- if he ever had one.  Most of that credit as already reported, belongs to us, the American People who have been defrauded, and the People of Canada, who have been sold under the same completely outrageous and fraudulent circumstances.
That’s our credit, not anything owed to Prince Philip, not anything rightfully belonging to CANADA or the UN or some muckety-muck in the Philippines.  We mean to have it back and to be fully credited for our time and labor and that of our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents, too.  If the Queen doesn’t like it, she and Hubby know what they can do.
Also, please note, that our actual General Government, The United States of America, was never conquered, never directly involved in any of this ugly commercial squabbling, and not a participant in any “war” – civil or otherwise –related to any of this con game and it is owed every jot of every treaty and commercial services contract.  We are here to exercise all the above in sum total.
We have called the actual States to assemble and they are doing so.  Every American is being told to get their political status correction on the public land jurisdiction records and to join their State Assembly: go to the National Assembly website. 
Also please note that we are not in any kind of “abeyance” and that Donald J. Trump is qualified and has been bonded to enter the actual Office of the President of The United States of America.
What is left to do is to exercise our indemnity – our “insurance” against loss and damage.
As explained in the prior article, you are responsible for examining Bills addressed to the franchises for accuracy and approving them for payment and sending it back to the Billing Party.  They are then responsible for taking it to the TTL Officer at their bank and he is responsible for sending the approved bill to the Treasury via certified or registered mail with a return receipt requested; sixteen days after the bill is received by the Treasury, the TTL Officer at the Billing Party’s local bank is authorized to deposit credit in the amount claimed into the Billing Party’s account.
This then cancels the billing out, credit for credit.
You, Joe Average American, were never meant to pay any of these bills that are associated with mortgages, car loans, college loans, credit cards, public utility bills and so on.  You have merely been coerced and suffered racketeering ---seeking to force you to pay, rather than letting you claim your indemnity.  

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