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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

1042-1048 "Virgo Triad" is Just Another Name for Kim Goguen By Anna Von Reitz from Lincoln County Watch

Monday, May 28, 2018

1042-1048 "Virgo Triad" is Just Another Name for Kim Goguen

By Anna Von Reitz

And Kim Goguen is just another name for "Kim Possible". 

And she is just a front for a group of hackers from MIT who thought they saw a ripe opportunity to steal from the thieves who have pretended to be our own dear government. Stealing from the thieves
made sense to them, but they couldn't make the next logic hump that that also ultimately meant stealing from us--- the American states and people.

Uh-duh.  Once more --- capture by pirates does not change ownership.

I have made sure that she won't be able to do any more such damage. So now all the venom and fangs are out.

It won't do her any good. 

I am not Catholic and I am not involved in any of the things she says.  I am not under arrest, subject to any warrant, nor in any trouble whatsoever.  And I am still an American land jurisdiction Justice of the Peace in Alaska--- and she isn't.

It is written that we reap what we sow.  She has sown selfishness and greed and deceit and lies and let's face it, what do you get back when you sow beans and radishes and carrots and peas?

All the lies and ill-will she directs toward me is coming back to her, just as surely as grass grows.  All the suffering she caused to innocent people?  That, too, is inevitably on a return trip. 

And as for me?  I have planted truth and goodwill and abundance for all people. That crop will also inevitably come to its fruition.  Hopefully, sooner than later.

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The Even Shorter and More Complete Summation

By Anna Von Reitz

Prince Philip received $950 Trillion Dollars worth of "Life Force Value" annuities as settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA which occurred April 15, 2017.  These are bonds places on living people without their knowledge or consent, in Breach of Trust and all decency, already universally outlawed.

At least $750 Trillion of that belongs to us, the present generation of Americans, and their ancestors for the past six generations who were also bilked by these vermin.  The Canadian Governor of Ottawa was holding our purported bonds when CANADA declared bankruptcy and so the "presumed" but not actual creditors swooped in and claimed them as "abandoned property". 

See The Canadian Ownership and Control Act.  This was all orchestrated and made possible by the British-controlled Territorial United States Government acting in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract.

This is a reprise of another insurance annuities scheme that was outlawed circa 1700.  They just waited for popular memory to fade and brought it out again.

And now, we come to the direct bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and its franchises, dba STATE OF WISCONSIN and so on.... same schtick, oh, we don't know where the actual owners of this real estate went.  They just sailed away back in 1933---- if you believe their version of this story --- and haven't been seen or heard from since.

It's time they heard the news, folks.   We're back, and we've been back about twenty years, so there is no possible excuse for any misunderstanding. 

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No "Article III" Courts, Because There is No National Government --Except Ours

By Anna Von Reitz

You can't have an Article III Court without a National Government.

When they moth-balled the National-Level States of States and substituted Territorial-Level States of States, the Article III Courts that the people of this country are owed disappeared, too.

Instead, what you have are Territorial United States Courts that have been cobbled together to appear as Article III of the Territorial Constitution Courts, which are all corporate tribunals. 

As a result, the only true courts of record are those created by Americans standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of this country invoking them.

The so-called "Federal Government" as you understand that term, is totally broken, dysfunctional, and doesn't have a contract. The only portion of it that is redeemable is redeemable only by your action to assemble the actual States of the Federation and finally reconstruct the National-Level States of States.

The Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES accepted bankruptcy and have attempted to jettison their debts on you after embezzling $20 trillion of National Credit, and delivering approximately $750 trillion in your own "Life Force Value Annuities" and those of your ancestors to Prince Philip.

This is all part of an insurance annuities fraud scheme first dreamed up circa 1700 and soundly defeated and outlawed back then, so they just waited for awareness to fade and brought it back in the 1860s. 

Time to wake up, folks.  The bankers that agreed to this form of enslavement and bondage are the ones at more fault even than the greedy immoral "royals" who claimed to have such credit to trade.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is the only National Level Government you've got and you'd better believe it and support it and get your County and State Jural Assemblies organized to operate it. 

I will put in a plug to support The Living Law Firm and its research staff, because without them, you wouldn't know what is going on behind the scenes and you wouldn't have anyone in the trenches defending your claims and sending the letters and doing all the work necessary to keep your noses above water and keep the rats from winning this outrageous fraud scheme.

We have to keep the lights on and food on their tables, folks, because without these dedicated volunteers, we would all be up the proverbial creek with only one paddle.

Please send donations via my PayPal at: avannavon@gmail.com or via snail mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

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The Deadening Effect

By Anna Von Reitz

Those with whom we contest in this spiritual war have forced six generations of people on this planet to live their lives as if already dead.

They have been worked to death, constantly tormented by worries and fears, plagued with pains and diseases, afflicted with mindless lusts and persistent melancholy, deprived of even the simplest comforts and securities that they have needed to live, and the basics of food and shelter and clean water.  Everything has been withheld without sanity or reason.

And why?  To expedite an insurance scam which was already outlawed in 1702.

Today, on this Memorial Day 2018, lift up your heads and take a deep breath.

Remember those who have died for no good reason. 

And make it your business to live life fully and well.

Open up to the Greater One that you are part of and fear nothing and no one.
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A More Formal Objection Will Be Forthcoming

From Anna Von Reitz

For those wondering about the informal nature of our "Notice" issued last night, yes, there will be a version with signatures and bells and whistles and everything proofread to a gnat's eyelashes, but in the popular vernacular, you have all been given Notice of what is going on and have it logged into your computers effective May 27. 
If there is ever any question that we objected, it is already recorded that we did.
And you all understood why Prince Philip is "King Rat" in this business without a lot of further explanation. 

Your Copy of Our Public Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

The individual land estates dba JOHN MARK DOE were taken into bankruptcy by the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and the various STATES OF STATES.  At about the same time, CANADA was in municipal bankruptcy, too.
Unknown to us at the time, the Canadian Governor of Ottawa was acting as Trustee of our ESTATES under the Canadian Ownership and Control Act---- in receipt of our “Life Force Energy Annuities” --- CUSIP Bonds.
In the settlement of the CANADA bankruptcy, Prince Philip was awarded $950 trillion dollars-worth of our “energy” which he received on or about April 15, 2017.  He “retired” from public life within 72 hours of receiving those bonds. 
However, those bonds are part of our ESTATES and not his, and probate is never closed.
FRANCIS needs to be reminded of this. Also the fact that fraud has no statute of limitations.
We must being objection to the final settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA before June 10, 2018.
And only we can do that. 
Mr. Trump has no standing while being in the employ of the rats, and even if he had standing, he would have no claim established prior to the bankruptcy of the Municipal and Territorial entities.  We, the American people, do.
The very existence of “Life Force Energy Annuities” is an insult to the entire race of Mankind and a more than adequate reason to repudiate the entire monarchical system forever.
The Queen has threatened us with death by the millions.  Prince Philip has received stolen goods representing the profit from the slave labor of six generations of Canadians and Americans.
Shall we all say--- we do not consent?  Shall we say this was involuntary and the fruit of fraud and Breach of Trust?  Shall we say that those who perpetuated this and profited by it are criminals?
Shall we demand the entire removal of every member of the Bar Associations from our shores forever?
The entire long plot that the British Government and the Archons have pursued over the past 150 years is fully exposed.
And now comes the Judgment of Heaven.
We are hereby giving worldwide Public Notice and Due Process and are entering our objection to the Bankruptcy Settlement of CANADA/Canada and requiring the return of the receipts of the unconscionable labor contracts, mortgages, and insurances and the principal and profit from all other vicious means used to extract our assets, which Britain has attempted to purloin. 
This is being sent directly to Pope Francis and will land on his desk by tomorrow evening.
It is also being sent to the Galactic Council and Federation Members, the White Hats, the US Court of Federal Claims, the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court, the Secretary General of the United Nations, and other officials around the world.
The Government of France and the Bank of France/FRANCE is also up to their necks and attempting to keep this “plantation” idea going in the face of our “return” from “overseas”.

Can we all say--- up yours?
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Legislation is Not Law

By Anna Von Reitz

This is going to come like a thunderclap on a very quiet day, but this is the truth and the fact:
Legislation is not now and never has been law for anyone but those subscribing to or employed by or dependent upon the government services corporations.

The vermin have neatly side-stepped this by forcing our inclusion in their scheme almost at birth, and claiming that we are either volunteers, employees, or dependents. To hedge their bets in this swindle, they claim that we are all three.
JOHN MICHAEL DOE is purportedly the name of a "decedant estate trust" formed when our Mothers "donated" us as "wards of the state" before they left the hospital.
JOHN M. DOE is the name of a volunteer employee and public transmitting utility franchise, recently bankrupted in Puerto Rico.
JOHN DOE is the name of a pauper dependent on the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) kept as the Attorney General's Charitable Trust in each county in this country.
And it is all Bushwah. All deliberate fraud. All foreign finagling.
So, remember that you are not subject to legislation, no matter what they claim---- object to it. Also remember that you are the original Entitlement Holder to your name and you can prove that simply from the fact that your actual birthday on the BC is always at least a few days earlier than the "file date" when the local branch of the municipal US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE dba Bureau of Vital Statistics created the Decedant Estate NAMED after you.
It is time that the entire world woke up and realized that this entire process is based on extortion, fraud, racketeering, and unconscionable contracts being foisted off onto innocent people by commercial corporations that are simply in the business of providing governmental services.
It is also time to realize that our employees have been embezzling from us for the better part of 150 years, which means that they cannot hope to ever pay us back, and must be forgiven, just as we must be released from the resulting odious debts.
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Why Extend Sovereignty?

By Anna Von Reitz
I have been asked why William Belcher extended sovereignty to all the soldiers who fought in the Revolution and "every Mother's son and daughter" born on the land afterward. 
To stop what the rats are trying to pull right now.
Look at what they are doing.  They are trying to claim that we are all unaccountably "absent" ---- "at sea".  They are trying to say that our land jurisdiction is vacated, so that they have a basis for claiming it.
But, with millions upon millions of Americans who are innately sovereign scattered all over the world, all that is necessary is for one of us to remember who and what we are and to "come home" and announce the fact.
Well, we are here. 
We remember who we are.

We claim our names and our estates. 
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