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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sandy Hook: How we Know the Lawsuits against Alex Jones are Malicious Jim Fetzer


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sandy Hook: How we Know the Lawsuits against Alex Jones are Malicious

Jim Fetzer  

malicious prosecution =df a legal action brought by one against whom a civil suit or criminal proceeding has commenced without probable cause and for a purpose other than that of bringing the alleged offender to justice

A couple who claim to have lost their son, Noah Pozner, at the Sandy Hook shooting alleged to have taken place on 14 December 2012, and another purported parent, Neil Heslin, who claims to have lost his son, Jesse, on the same occasion, are suing Alex Jones, the national TV program host, for defamation on the ground that he has denied the shooting took place and that their children died as a consequence and thereby spread "vicious lies" about them. Since truth is an absolute defense against defamation and Sandy Hook was a drill where no students died, they appear to have no case.
In NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), I published research with a dozen other experts, including six (current or retired) Ph.D. college professors, demonstrating that the school, which was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards, had been abandoned by 2008. It was not an operating school; there were no students there. But it was used as the stage for a two-day FEMA exercise, with a rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th, where we even have the manual itself, published as Appendix A to the book, which you can download for free as a pdf by searching on its title.

Sorting out the images that were broadcast from Sandy Hook, they fell into a pattern: the sign, the Port-a-Potties, the pizza and bottled water at the firehouse, the name tags on lanyards and parents bringing children to the scene were from the day of the rehearsal, which was treated as a festive occasion. The following day, however, was striking for its failure to conform to the protocols that apply to an emergency: there was no surge of EMTs into the building; no string of ambulances to rush the little bodies to hospitals where they could be pronounced dead or alive; no Med-Evac chopper called.

In order to convince the pubic something urgent had taken place, Newtown Bee photographer Shannon Hicks took a photograph (upper image) that appeared to show a police woman escorting a string of children to safety. But, as the book documents, she also took a second photograph (lower) a few minutes earlier, in which you can see parents present with their arms folded and in no evident state of anxiety while the woman rearranges the kids to get "a better shot". In between Boy #1 and Boy #2, several women casually look on, which I have described as "lounging at the massacre".

Ch. 7 presents 50 photos furnishing an empty house to serve as "the Adam Lanza residence", but notice the dearth of photographs, paintings or other decorations on the walls. Ch. 8 presents another 50, this time of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. The classic is Exhibit 26 (above), where a string of four windows of Classroom 10 can be seen above the roof of the SWAT Team (or Crime Scene) van, which are undamaged. They would be shot out after the event, which means it was taken before the purported shooting. Notice crime scene tape is up for a crime yet to be committed.

Exhibits 30, 41, 42 and 44 of Ch. 8 provide further confirmation, where Exhibit 44 (bottom left) shows the perps drilling holes in the aluminum window frame to simulate gunshot trajectories. (Ask yourself: What else could they be doing?) As a former Marine Corps officer who supervised 15 DIs and 300 recruits going through the training cycle in San Diego, I can affirm that no one familiar with marksmanship would be taken in. The pink rods are 90 degrees to the panes and parallel to one another, which reflects a fantasy, not a reality. This was the blatant perpetration of a shooting hoax.

When it comes to the Pozners and the death of their alleged son, "Noah", Lenny no doubt regrets that he sent Kelley Watt a copy of a death certificate in response to her demands for proof that he even had a son or that his son had died, because it turned out to be a fabrication, with the bottom (darker) half of a real death certificate combined with the upper (lighter) portion of a fake, which has no file number and the wrong estimated time of death at 11 AM, when the shooting "officially" took place between 9:35 and 9:40.  If Lenny had lost a son at Sandy Hook, he could have sent her a real one.

Kelley also noticed a striking resemblance between "Noah Pozner" and his older step-brother, Michael Vabner. So six of us collaborated in the investigation of this issue, discovering that they had the same eyes and eyebrows, the same shape of their skulls and even the same ears. I asked Larry Rivera, who had done brilliant work exposing that the figure known as "the man in the doorway" of the Texas School Book Depository was indeed Lee Harvey Oswald, as Harold Weisberg and Jim Garrison, among others, had supposed, to create a gif for the purpose of superposition comparison:

So they fabricated the kids out of photographs of older kids when they were younger, which explains why the parents were not allowed to enter the school to observe the bodies of their dead children but instead identified them on the basis of photographs--because they were fictions who only existed in the form of photographs! Does anyone think that Lenny, for example, is unaware that the death certificate he sent to Kelley Watt was a fabrication or that his child, Noah, only existed in the form of photographs? But others upon whom those photos were based appear to be alive and well:

Wolfgang Halbig, with whom I traveled to Sandy Hook years ago to confront the Newtown School Board, has obtained a photograph of eight of the Sandy Hook girls--cute and perky, doing very well, indeed, from all appearances--juxtaposed with the images that were used to represent them as deceased. A crucial feature in planning this event was to evoke the emotions appropriate to the wanton slaughter of first-grade children, who are so young and innocent. But those who perpetrated this fraud--which instilled fear into the heart of every American parent--were anything but! And here's yet another:

When Megyn Kelly did her special confronting Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, they used a clip of Neil Heslin, who went off script by describing how he had held his dead son in his arms at the time, which contradicted the narrative that the children had been identified using photographs. So I knew that Neil Heslin had lost his way and improvised! Indeed, he brought this photo of him with his son when he testified to Congress, which provides its own indications of prevarication insofar as this should have been only six years later from the time of the photo, but he looks closer to sixteen years older.

We have perhaps 100 lines of proof that lead to the same conclusion: there was no shooting massacre. It was a FEMA drill presented as a REAL event to promote gun control! But there does appear to be a cause of action here in the form of apparent facts discovered through logical inquiry that would lead a reasonably intelligent and prudent person to believe that an accused person has committed a crime, thereby warranting his or her prosecution, or that a Cause of Action has accrued, justifying a civil lawsuit. But not by Lenny Pozner and Neil Heslin against Alex Jones but by Alex against them.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of moonrockbooks.com


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