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An American Affidavit

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Deep State Inc. Chapter 10:

You Know Something is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher
                        Part Ten:
            The Journey On
      All Roads (Still) Lead to Rome

The Roman Curia created all the legal fictions we use today for good reasons. Trusts transfer property to heirs. Public utilities encourage investment in infrastructure. Foundations preserve wealth for worthy causes.

But obviously, these helpful legal fictions can be criminally misused—and they have

The Roman Curia is responsible for correction, because, by Maxim of Law—we are all responsible for what we create.

                2009 – 2010

In 2009 a delegation of Americans had audience with Pope Benedict XVI and all this dirty
laundry got aired. The Americans complained about the mis-adminstration of the “federal
government” and the plundering of the individual public trusts. They got into the deep issue of
the Law of the Sea being allowed to trespass on the Law of the Land—the Pope is the
International Trustee. Our agreements clearly state that Americans live under the Law of the

Benedict XVI looked like he was ready to faint. It was the same look a man might have if his
horse suddenly talked to him, or if he looked up and saw flying pigs in the sky overhead.

Exit Benedict XVI and enter Francis, Pope Extraordinaire, Jesuit, and designated Damage

He has given the offending corporations three years to straighten up their acts and come into
compliance with their charters, or they will be liquidated. The clock started ticking July 1, 2013
and will stop ticking on June 30, 2016.

The bankers and politicians and other Satan worshippers (that is, war-shippers, in case you
hadn't caught on) are now attacking the Church and bringing out all the Church's dirty
laundry-- pedophiles groping choir boys, homosexuals prancing around St. Peter's, weird
thrones for the Pope with Lucifer and snakes coiling around, Church budgets that would make
Midas swoon, Vatican bank loans to known Mafiosi.

It's all true, so far as it goes.

“And the Serpent he became wroth with the woman, and went off to make war against her and
her children and those who stood for Christ...”

Pope Francis has taken major steps toward correction of the Church and the Church's
administration of the Global Estate Trust.

He has written the International Criminal Code and held the lawyers and judges and clerks who
are primarily responsible for the misadministration of justice liable for their acts and omissions (Motu Proprio of July 11, 2013). He has undertaken an exhaustive global diplomatic mission seeking to establish as honest banking system (BRICS initiative). Most of all, he has sought to keep the peace and avoid any conflict among the religious supporting the Law of the Land--- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam should stand together against the Cult of Mystery Babylon instead of being hoodwinked into fighting each other and letting their enemies profit from their mutual destruction.

There are among us followers of the Mystery Babylon Cult, who strive to get elected and wear
the mask of governments...like Hitler; like the Bush Clan, like FDR...

They go to Divinity Schools and Yeshivas and study the Koran...so that they appear to be
priests and mullahs and rabbis...
They get tenure at our Universities where they teach lawlessness and immorality and semantic
deceit as part of the subject matter...

The create endless “front” organizations to foist the blame off for their own misdeeds...Al-
Queda.... ISIS.... Hamas.... CIA.... BATF....
They draft their devotees in prestigious prep schools and clubs... like Skull and Bones....
Council on Foreign Affairs.... Trilateral Commission.... Bohemian Club...

While they stand around pretending to be Christians or Jews or Muslims, Americans or Brits or Japanese...they despise all the nations of the land and all religions except their own pagan Cult. They hold themselves to be the Master Race, the International Elite, the Créme de la Créme--- these Sickos imagine that they are gods and all the rest of the people on Earth are livestock.

This is because they are themselves deceived.

They have spent too much time being sly and secretive and pandering to each other that they
didn't notice....but....

Their religion which worships the Father of All Lies, and which considers a lie to be a prayer, is
itself a deceit designed to identify the goats among the sheep.

There is one Last call....one last period of Grace....

We are all being presented with a Choice....and it is a deeply religious choice. Will we worship
God or Mammon? Will we live under Law of the Land or the Law of the Sea? Or, as Children
of God, will we live under the simple Law of the Air?

“United States Citizens” live under the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.

“American State Citizens” live under the national Jurisdiction of the Land.

“World Citizens” live under the global Jurisdiction of the Air. As you can see, there are three jurisdictions, three basic kinds of law, three basic kinds of citizenship, and multiple varieties of religion giving rise to it all.

Certain groups of pygmies remain convinced that murdering an enemy and eating his brain to
ingest his strength and intellect is perfectly sane and reasonable. Their societies condone this as
a lawful act.

99.9% of us can recognize that this is illogical, but we refuse to follow logic to its end. We
continue to downplay the importance of our own beliefs. We abdicate our individual
responsibility for what we believe, and so, surrender our fate to whatever laws someone else
created—be they ancestors, prophets, politicians, or merely charlatans running a shell game.

         Money Isn't Money

If we believe pieces of paper; shiny pieces of metal, or numbers jotted down in a ledger have
value—they have value. In the past people have believed that tulip bulbs, trade beads, stamped
pieces of pottery, and wheels of denatured bronze held value, too.

It turns out that what we believe is of supreme importance. It is what we believe and what we
believe in that determines our fate and the fate of our world.

As long as we believe that something has value, we work hard to possess it—even if it is in fact
objectively worthless.

We know that paper is worthless, yet we have deluded ourselves into believing that printed
paper chits no different than casino chips have value. We have even allowed ourselves to
believe that numbers merely entered onto a bank's ledger book—arbitrarily and out of thin air
—are the same as money. We have allowed our employees—literally people who are on our
payroll to serve us—to enforce this delusion upon us via legal tender laws that benefit a few
perpetrators at everyone's expense.

We do this even though in the back of our brains somewhere a bell is chiming and saying,
“Hey, I don't care how nice the engraving is, it's still just a piece of paper!”

In our present airy-fairy fiat currency scheme the pieces of paper don't stand for money or any
commodity at all. They stand ofr debt, and the entire economy revolves around passing the
buck—literally passing around shares of debt—instead of ever paying anyone for anything.

If we continue this insanity to its logical conclusions we will eventually claim to own the stars in the sky and issue stock options on shares of Alpha Centauri. We will trade certificates for the privilege of breathing and pay for government licenses to defecate.

If we continue this insanity nobody in the world will want to trade with us nor have faith in our
economy—nor in us.

As Ron Paul has been saying for at least two decades, it past time to audit the Federal Reserve
and to shut it down permanently. It is also way past time to issue separate recognizable lawful
money and to insist that no private currency script or debt is ever again used as legal tender in
the continental United States.

   Gold, Gold, Who's Got the Gold?

As should now be apparent, there's nothing SO special about gold. It is relatively rare,
malleable, doesn't corrode, and is an excellent conductor of electricity which makes it desirable
for some industrial uses and it certainly makes lovely jewelry. Other than that, what's it good

Not much. You can't burn it for fuel for heat or power, eat it, drink it, build homes with it or
wear it. Which all goes to show why we have traditionally used gold for coinage.

Bearing in mind that gold is as essentially useless as ingots of denatured bronze and tulip bulbs trade beads, read on....

The Original Plan -- Step by Step

(1) Confiscate (that is. steal in the name of the Public Good) all the privately held gold in the
world by any means fair or foul, (2) collect it all together, (3) devalue all other currencies in the
world so that the value of gold appears to rise exponentially - note that gold traded for about
$30 per ounce in the 1930's and is now trading at about $1,3000 per ounce. And (4) then sell all
the gold back to the great-grandchildren of the people you stole it from in the first place. (5)
Use the profit to buy up all the arable land, natural resources, food sources, etc. (6)Force the
people to buy it all back with their labor – again.

Let a hundred years pass and everyone who was alive in Step One has passed on by Step Four,
so its easy pickings for the established "elite" to prey upon the rest of the populace.

        What Actually Happened

Everything was going along as planned and most of the governments of the world were going
along with it, but then, the Chinese woke up and said, what happened to all the gold that the
Nationalist Chinese government deposited for safe-keeping with the Federal Reserve bank of
New York? We should have that back as the successor government.....and they brought suit
against the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2011.

Which made a whole bunch of other governments and regular people start thinking....where's
our gold? The Americans started asking about Fort Knox and repayment of the gold owed to
them that was confiscated by Roosevelt, the Germans started asking about the gold the Imperial German government stashed for safe-keeping with the same federal Reserve Bank of NewYork, Lord Brown discovered that there had to be a LOT more gold in existence than the
official government statements were admitting (Lord Snowden famously blustered that "only
1500 tonnes" had ever been mined in history of the world.) and the plot began unraveling.

         The Partners in Crime

The Federal Reserve (Association) decided to bankrupt its subsidiary. The Federal Reserve
System (Incorporated) and to transfer its assets to Secondaries prior to doing so. This is an
abuse of bankruptcy protection, but who is minding the store?

The Federal Reserve accordingly transferred all the purloined credit created by the "National
Debt" (remember that a debt always generates a corresponding credit) to three agencies
supposedly representing the interests of the actual Priority creditors, the People of the united
States of America. The internal revenue Service, the Financial Services Division of the
Department of Defense, and the North American Water and Power Alliance split the pot.

They also transferred the American gold reserves to the tender mercies and keeping of the
World bank/IBRD, for execution of the original plan -- reintroduction of gold as the world
monetary standard and continued fleecing the victims of all this fraud.

              Since Then...

Understandably enough the banks have been trying desperately to find some way to divest
themselves of the stolen loot, and by our count, Ms. Karen Hudes has proposed no less than
three of these excuses.

Our favorite Bank Fairytale involved an “Unknown Philanthropist” named Wolfgang Struck, who just appeared out of nowhere holding gold certificates from the 1930's pretending to own and control a gold horde equal to seven (7) times the annual world demand for gold, and
offering to give it away—with a few unseen major strings attached – at $100,000.00 per man,
woman, and child.

All you had to do to receive your share of this increasingly hot and worthless horde was to sign
over your ESTATE—your body, your property, your rights and your future—to the banks
involved, in “equitable exchange”.

           The One Thought

It apparently never occurred to banks that their only hope is to admit their culpability and give
back the assets to the people they were stolen from in the first place---or; tragically enough, to
their great-grandsons and great-grandaughters.

What the @/*+x# is a Witholding Agent???
“1040” named after the bonds Lincoln sold to pay off union war debt—so called because they
could be redeemed after 10 or 40 years.

           The IRS Scam

The Old Version:

1. The "Internal Revenue Service, Inc." is hired as an accounting service to keep track of credit
accruing in the account of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, an estate trust created by the UNITED
STATES (INC.) under the laws of the Washington DC Municipal Government (an independent international City-State). The associated nine-digit Master Account Number is used as an Employer Number written like *123456789* representing the credit side of the account.

2. The "IRS (INC.)" is hired to perform the billing service of the governmental services
corporation and keep track of the debt accruing against the account of JOHN QUINCY
ADAMS, using the Master Account Number as a Taxpayer Identification Number written like
this: "123-45-6789" and representing the debt side of the account.

3. You, the living man called "John Quincy Adams" are presumed to be a voluntary
Withholding Agent responsible for keeping these accounts balanced, but you are ever told
anything about this job or how to do it, so you "mistakenly" pay the bill owed by JOHN
QUINCY ADAMS out of your own pocket.

The New Version:

A new version of the "INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (INC.)" run by a new FEDERAL
RESERVE -- all ultimately run by by the UN Corporation -- takes over.

You are still presumed to be a volunteer WITHHOLDING AGENT and still not
told what that means or what to do or how to do it, yet when you sign a 1040 Form every year,
you swear under penalty of perjury that you are a Withholding Agent and that you did the job
correctly. Or else.***

What Should Happen -- But Doesn't

The IRS should send you a statement showing how much is owed by JOHN QUINCY ADAMS
account #123-45-6789, along with a clearly marked Voucher or Payment Coupon asking for
permission to request transfer of credit from JOHN QUINCY ADAMS account #123456789 to zero out the Master Account.

This merely requires you to sign the Voucher in Upper and Lower Case Signature: John Quincy
Adams, dated, and the statement, "Accepted one time only for settlement of account as of the
date and in the amount shown."

That authorizes the "IRS" to bill the "Internal Revenue Service" or vice-versa in the new
system and allows the transfer of credit between the "Employer Account" and the "Taxpayer

That is what you should be doing as a Withholding Agent, but because you don't have a foggy notion what should be going on, and because as a Withholding Agent you are still required to settle the account somehow, you get stuck paying for it with your own labor -- again --

So, all these years, you have been "voluntarily" donating all this money in behalf of "JOHN
QUINCY ADAMS" a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust under Washington DC Municipal Law and
operated out of Puerto Rico.

As a trust "JOHN QUINCY ADAMS" is a corporation, so all profit it makes above expenses
separated from capital is "income". (The living man John Quincy Adams never has "income" --
only private property accruals.

So "JOHN QUINCY ADAMS" owes an "income tax". And what is that tax for? Technically, it
is an Excise Tax on the privilege of importing revenue to Puerto Rico.

They tax you, the living  man, for the privilege of donating your money to them. And they literally laugh all the way to the bank, which, unknown to you, set up "your" account in the name of "JOHN QUINCY ADAMS" without your knowing consent. This is an international crime known as "unlawful conversion."

Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Co-Chair of the House Baking Subcommittee, recognized it
for what it was and objected to this criminality wit the House Judiciary Committee. His charges
are still waiting to be heard.

               Public Lien
Let it be known to All Parties National and International and Global that a Public and
Commercial Lien is hereby established upon all assets and profits, all titles, deeds, and offices,
successors, assignees, and agents, all agencies, departments, subsidiaries, subcontractors,
affiliates, franchises, and franchises of the following beneficiaries of this criminal fraud

The city-State Municipality of Washington, DC, the City-State of Westminster, aka, the Inner
City of London, the British Crown corporation, The Vatican City State, the United Nations
City-State, the UN Corporation, Japan, CANADA, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the
UNITED STATES dba the United States of America (Minor), BANK OF AMERICA, WELLS

This lien is in favor of: the living inhabitants of the land jurisdiction of the Continental United
States and their States on the Land, the people inhabiting the land jurisdiction of Japan,
Canada, Australia, the nations of the United Kingdom, the European Union and wherever these evils have visited throughout the planet Earth—and is hereby incorporated in full as part of the attached Affidavit of Probable Cause.

                 Summing Up

– The Law, the "law" and Public Policy --

Law is very precise -- a mathematical equation.
for example: The Mosaic Law says, "Thou shalt not kill."
"Thou" -- means "you" -- John Doe Schmoe (subject)
"Shalt" -- means "shall" -- means by volition, will, design (motive)
"Not" -- means the opposite, the negation of what follows. (negation)
"Kill" -- means to deprive of life by any means. (action)

This Law could be restated as Positive Law: "Thou shall preserve life."


It means the same thing, just said without the use of negatives. It puts a different spin on how
we perceive the same truth. Instead of refraining from killing, we are motivated to preserve life.
Positive Law is stronger than Negative Law, because it shifts "mode" from passive to active:
not only must you refrain from killing -- you must actively support preservation of life.

Some people, including governments that pretend to represent a great many of us, don't obey
this simplest Law from the Highest Authority, so it is perhaps silly to think that law is valid or
useful at all. If we can't dope out the meaning of four words and obey them, what hope is there?

The governmental services corporations and their various agencies have promulgated an
estimated eighty million (80,000,000) "laws" and every federal "State" in the Union passes
somewhere between 200 and 300 new laws per year, with some passing more than that. In ten
years, that's 2,000 to 3,000 new laws just at the federal "State" level that everyone is
supposedly obligated to know, obey, enforce -- and, perhaps most importantly -- pay for

No wonder we are taxed into poverty. No wonder Mr. Obama's idea of stimulating the economy
to merely to create more and more and more government jobs. He and everyone else involved
in administering the governmental services corporation look only at their own corporate bottom line, failing to grasp the fact that they are acting as parasites upon the people they are supposed to be serving and protecting, and that parasitism carried to the extreme inevitably kills both host and parasite.

All these 80,000,000-plus "laws" are not Law.
They are codes, statutes, regulations, and
administrative rules -- meaning that nobody actually elected to create or repeal Law had
anything to do with making up these laws.

All bona fide Law in America has to be promulgated by legislative due process by properly sworn deputies of the land jurisdiction and it is required to have an Enactment Clause detailing exactly who, what, when, where, why, and how and by what authority it was enrolled as a Law of whatever political entity created it. From this we can judge the validity, jurisdiction, and authority of the Law.  The Enactment Clause tells us if a Law applies to us. All actions
proceeding from actual Law are "lawful".

Tellingly, "law" does not have an enactment clause, because it is understood to be just an "in
house" private rule of the corporation adopting it.
All "State Statutes" recorded in America
since 1860 are laws, not Laws. This is because the American government has been operated in
default as a military dictatorship and in international jurisdiction as a corporation ever since. It is incompetent to create

The Federal Code consists of Fifty Titles and thousands of Sub-titles and Sections and Sub-
Sections that represent the "law" of the Federal Corporation -- that is, -- internal "house rules"
that govern how the Federal Corporation is supposed to operate. Which federal corporation?
Certainly not the UNITED STATES, INC. which repealed all titles of Federal Code except Title

When suits are brought based on violation of "Federal Code", all we are doing is saying -- hey,
the corporate leadership said you were going to operate according to this rule, and instead, you
are doing this...

State Statutes and Federal code are "administrative law" -- not actual Law at all. All actions proceeding from enforcement of such laws are "legal" -- but not necessarily "lawful". Such a system can be perfectly legal and yet against the actual Law. Everything Adolph Hitler did was legal, but as the Nuremberg Trials clearly established, that the genocide, theft, and destruction caused by the Nazi regime was against the Law. It was criminal and recognized and prosecuted as such by the international community.

Similarly, it can be perfectly legal to evict someone from their home under the pretense that
they received a loan that they didn't receive, or jail them on the pretense that they owe
corporate taxes when they have never operated as a corporate entity at all, but these and similar
activities are in fact a form of inland piracy based on securities fraud and identity theft, and
they are against the Law.

As "law"the Federal Code and federal State Statutes represent only the private, in-House rules
of a corporation and its "State" franchises.

It is the same with "Public Policy" and with "Resolutions".

Since 1933 the "U.S. Government" -- that is, the Federal Corporation -- has been issuing Public
Policies and Resolutions that are perfectly meaningless, except as good intentions. That's why appeals on House Joint Resolution 192 fall on deaf ears. Not only was that "Resolution" offered as the good intentions of a now-defunct corporation undergoing bankruptcy reorganization, resolutions made by "Congress" are exactly that same as New Year's Resolutions made by Anita K. Flopdoodle.

The only way that such laws, public policies, and resolutions can be enforced by the victims of
this trickery, is when we interpret these published codes, regulations, statutes, policies, and
resolutions as contracts and prosecute them as commercial contracts that have been defaulted
upon in the foreign jurisdiction of International Admiralty.

More generally, if things are bad enough, we can address the corporations responsible in terms
of their failures to abide by their charters -- and demand their liquidation by the Global Estate

All corporations on earth, including the banks and the so-called "national governments" that are
functioning as corporations, are at the end of the day created and owned by the Pope. They
exist and operate under forms of Law created by the Roman Curia for the administration of the
global Estate Trust. The Uniform Commercial Code can be regarded as the "administrative
law" of the Global Estate trust.

If things are rotten in Denmark or the United States or Scotland or anywhere else for the matter,all the roads still lead to Rome. The Vatican holds the charters of all the corporations
responsible for this mess. That's why when Pope Francis ordered the various perpetrators to
come into compliance with their charters, their response should have been, "Yes, sir!"

All this "law" and the misadministration of "law" is really just the in-house business if the
Global Estate Trust and its many, many franchises running amok: this kind of law has nothing to do with the living people that the Global Estate Trust is supposed to honor, serve, and protect. It is law meant only for the corporate entities and their employees. It is their law.
Not ours.

That average people have been improperly mischaracterized as employees and as franchises
and even as franchises is apparent and is the subject of this Affidavit, but is corruption brought
about by politicians, military commanders, and church leaders who have shirked their duty,
disrespected their offices, and abused our trust. It is owed real and lasting remedy not just
"relief" for individuals.

Actual Law, however, is a different matter. There are principles of Natural Law that surpass and
transcend all principles of Law that have ever been established by Man-kind, and which are
present at all times for our discernment and enforcement as living, sentient beings.

Natural Law includes the right to life, to freedom, to work, to trade, to think, to speak, to act, to
move about freely, to meet with other men and women, to travel wherever we wish to go to
have enjoyment of land, to live peacefully and securely in possession of our homes, businesses,
farms, vineyards, orchards, and whatever else we create, to defend ourselves and our rights, and
to dream and think and plan and enjoy the fruits of our intellect.

Indeed, all of our rights enshrined by the Founders as stated in The Declaration of
Independence (1776) are Natural rights that derive from Natural Law -- and they are
"unalienable". We cannot be made "alien" to ourselves. We cannot be redefined as "things"
simply via the use of a name. We are not corporate franchises, trusts, transmitting utilities, and
so on. Our Natural Rights are not subject to "lien". Our right to travel, for example, cannot be
subject to taxation nor can it be licensed.

No individual man or group of men has nay right to interfere with us in the exercise of any of
our Natural Rights so long as our actions do not harm others or their property. This is the
venerable essence of Common Law, and Common Law is what every man, woman, and child living on the land of the 50 States United is owed by the Global Estate Trust and its Trustees.

Thus we must be set free and supported to convene our Grand Juries without interference by
the British Crown, to hold free elections in each County, to convene Common Law Courts to
serve the land jurisdiction, to elect Sheriffs on the land, to elect Judges to serve at Common
Law, to elect State Legislatures responsible for the jurisdiction of the land, to have free access
to all the court, trial, jail and other facilities that our labor has paid for, and to be obeyed as the
rightful heirs of the land jurisdiction of the United States regarding all matters pertaining to the
land and its resources.

Those who have merely pretended to represent us must be recognized as actors and charlatans
involved in a vast fraud scheme in which they occupied private corporate offices instead of
similarly named public offices they were elected to serve. Their predation upon the peaceful
inhabitants of the land jurisdiction must be recognized as inland piracy and unlawful
conversion, securities fraud, and identity theft -- another form of fraud.

Great Britain has benefited for over four centuries and through two World Wars from its
original Colonies, but then age of Imperialism is long gone. It is time for Britain to do its duty
as the Comptroller of the international Jurisdiction of the Sea with diligence and integrity, to
stop all piracy including inland piracy, to root out slavery, peonage, press-ganging, and Satanic
worship wherever it is found, to honor its treaty obligations and to release all fake claims, titles,
and agreements obtained under conditions of deceit and duress.

The difference between rape and making love is consent.

The difference between a gift and armed theft is consent.

The banks and their governmental services corporations have disrespected the vital element of consent and have turned deaf ears when Americans who are private citizens of the continental United States have clearly said, “I do not consent.”

I do not consent to be represented by these actors.

I do not consent to contract with these organizations.

I do not consent to have the interest due from the investment of my resources controlled by and
used to benefit these organizations.

I do not consent to “donate” my labor; my bank accounts, my retirement accounts, my land
holdings, or nay other private property to these organizations.

I do not consent to be taxed to death, harassed, or obligated financially by my employees.

I do not consent to letting any government corporation use me and my private property as
collateral for its debts.

I do not consent to being ordered to buy anything by anyone.

I do not consent to being prosecuted in any foreign jurisdiction of the law.

I do not consent to any presumption that I have ever agreed to any political status subjecting
myself or my estate to any incorporated entity whatsoever:

I do not consent to be licensed when I am exercising a Natural Right.

I do not consent to be named as if I were a public resource now or ever:

I do not consent...the the large number of self-interested demands, presumptions and predatory
practices of those who have been entrusted as my employees to provide nineteen enumerated

The banks, their governmental services corporations, and the politicians responsible, have told them not to do so. They have attempted to alienate us from our natural standing and identity.
They have attempted to lien our most precious material interests for their own benefit. They
have acted as criminals and must be set straight concerning the Law and the “law” and their
contractual obligations without further delay.

Most importantly, they must relearn the importance of consent, for they no longer enjoy “the consent of the governed” and do not enjoy the consent of their peers, either. They have no
granted authority to carry on business in the manner described by this Affidavit of Probable

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