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Friday, January 5, 2018

Cestui Que Vie Trust: Unfortunately, I Am Right Again By Anna Von Reitz

Unfortunately, I Am Right Again
By Anna Von Reitz

Remember what I said about Heather Tucci-Jaraf most likely being in trouble for
trying to access the trust account of HEATHER TUCCI-JARAF which is a Cestui Que
Vie Trust set up for a young child who was declared "missing, presumed dead" many
years ago? That she would have to go through probate and establish that she is

indeed that same "Heather Tucci-Jaraf"?
Well, here's the report from her website tonight:
There was a sealed hearing
They closed up everything and locked doors, black pieces of wool on window
They asked Bill, Yousef, and Neil to leave
Attorney came out and talked to Bill and Yousef after the hearing
Apparently TN, issued an arrest warrant for HATJ, for....? to gum up works for her
She will have an identity hearing on Monday. DC Jail lock up jail until then.
This all from Neil, live down there at the courtroom
Identity hearing on Monday. [ this is necessary, because HATJ refuses to sign her
name and contract with the system. ;) ]
It's not because she refuses to contract with the system. It's because the only way
she can do what she wants to do requires her to prove that she is the now-adult
woman who has been declared "missing, lost at sea" by the Municipal government
and whose identity has been stolen and redefined as a Foreign Situs Trust by the
Territorial government.
She has to answer both presumptions and rebut them with factual evidence
established on the public record. Ideally, she should have all the recorded
paperwork I have been encouraging everyone to record on the public land
jurisdiction records.
As it is, I hope someone has a High School Year Book or College Year Book or school
transcripts or something credible that can establish a chain of evidence between the
baby in the cradle and the grown woman now. Hurry up! Call her parents, her
husband, her best friend from third grade! Get them there so she can call them as
credible witnesses and collect whatever memorabilia related to the progress of her
life that you can find!
Get it to her ASAP and clue her and her lawyer into what is actually happening and
why this is an "identity" hearing.
If they go in there cold with some kind of drivel about contracting, confused about
why such a hearing is being conducted, they will be lost. This is a private hearing
being conducted in probate in canon law. It’s among the highest and most deadly
kinds of hearings possible. Pray for her and help her any way you can.

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