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Friday, December 29, 2017

The Simple Solution and the Simplest Solution: Notice to Pontiff and United Nations By Anna Von Reitz

The Simple Solution and the Simplest Solution: Notice to Pontiff and
United Nations
By Anna Von Reitz

    Repeatedly during the recent wildfire dramas in California the name "Santa Rosa" came up in the

national news.  Santa Rosa was particularly hard hit.
Those who are still asleep might not know why.
They will want to watch this video:
and go to this website:www.StoptheCrime.net.

     This is by far one of the best "from 1933 to today" summations of the secretive realities of Corporate
Feudalism attempting to sink its fangs in us.
It is one of the best presentations I have ever seen on
these topics.  It's succinct, logically presented, and very quickly reveals the nature of the Beast.

    My two complaints are: (1) the video never delivers on the promise to discuss solutions made early in the presentation and
(2) they didn't go far enough back in history to grasp the fundamental fraud that all this is based upon --- the mistaking of the Territorial Government as the actual government of this country, which was promulgated under conditions of fraud and deceit in the wake of an illegal commercial mercenary action misnamed "The American Civil War" which was fought on our shores by rival governmental services providers seeking control of our resources and population 150 years ago.
      These crooks have been playing name games and practicing identity theft and making false commercial
claims ever since.

     Once you grasp the fact that all these corporations are chartered under our authority and can and should be liquidated as crime syndicates, the world snaps back into view.  You understand that the "federal government" has always been foreign and has always been functioning on purely delegated authority and that its debts and its bankruptcies and its criminality --- are not our responsibility.
     There is one simple answer to all of this.
Correct the falsified public records that they created by registering your name as one of their franchises. Notify the Adjutant General and the Port Authority.
Come home and clean house. We aren't the "Enemy".
We are the heirs, owners, landlords, and
Then set up your county jural assemblies.
Bring your jural assemblies together and "populate" your
Please bear in mind that when a government sinks to the level of an incorporated entity, it has no "state
immunity" and has no granted authority over anyone but its own employees.
It's a for-profit
corporation like any other corporation, except that---if you allow it to boss you around--- it has the
ability to write its own paychecks. And that is what these rats have been doing.
The "federal government" corporations have been racketeering against the American states and people,
and then giving kick-backs to local governments that collude with them in the form of "federal grants".
All these supposed units of
government are private, for-profit, incorporated entities listed on the stock
markets and Dunn and Bradstreet and they have no more granted authority over you and your private
assets than J.C. PENNY.
They ceased to function as actual government entities a long time ago, and have continued to function
"as" government in name only.
They are in fact merely corporations in the business of providing
"governmental services", and increasingly, they have functioned as crime syndicates on our shores and
have set up camp as armed pirates acting under color of law.
According to the agreements we have with the Holy See, a condition of allowing incorporated entities
to exist is that they function lawfully.
Not "legally"-----lawfully.
They have failed to do so and need to
be liquidated.
The UNITED STATES, INC. has been liquidated for cause and unless it gets its act
together, the USA, Inc. must follow.
However, that does not change the fact that we are the actual
Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of both and all these legal fiction entities
that have been chartered in our names and under our delegated authority.
Remember that all these incorporated entities have no natural right to exist and that the Pope in his
Office as the Roman Pontiff has the authority to disband them. So now you know for sure who is
responsible for allowing all this corporate criminality to get out of hand---- the Roman Curia and the
Roman Pontiff.
Closer to home, you also now know that the "US Army" is responsible for overseeing the functioning
of the "federal" --- that is, "corporate" --- courts and also the functioning of the "federated state of
state" franchise courts.
They are the ones falling down on the job and allowing these predators to seize
upon innocent Americans and plunder public trusts created in our names without our knowledge or
Obviously, this all requires that you bang your dishes on the floor like angry dogs -- once you have
repudiated all their claims against you and seized back your Common Law copyright to your name(s)
and political identity--- complain to the Church, to the CEO's in charge of these corporations, to the
derelicts who are supposed to be serving their communities as "representatives" and aren't, to the
military leaders who are not doing their duty by the American states and people, either.
All these corporations are acting as Middle Men.
They are stealing from us and sating themselves and
paying our employees as their enforcers.
The banks are especially guilty of subverting lawful
government in this manner, and so are first on the list for liquidation and our favorite word ---
"Nationalization" is the process by which lawless corporations are brought down and dissolved, with
their assets going back to the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors that chartered
them in the first place.
Nationalization is by far the simplest and fastest way to put an end to all the evils created by these legal
fiction entities.
Pope Francis and the Roman Curia could save us all a lot of time and bother simply by
admitting the facts and nationalizing all the central banks and returning control of the assets to the
lawful owners.
To us, in other words.
The living people.
We have no interest in ill-gotten gains.
We seek no control over any other nation. We do not wish to
interfere in the exercise of free will --- so long as it doesn't trespass on the free will of others.
We are
able and willing to forgive the debts of others.
We are sympathetic to Mankind as a whole, and
respectful of all people who embrace honesty and good will.
We can dispose of this Mess in short order, and in fact, have given the correct instructions to the Holy
See and the banks to eradicate the old debt system and put aside the blasphemous "Doctrine of
It's very simple and it doesn't hurt anyone.
Not even the Ugly Step-Sister banks.
And what was their response?
They laughed.
They re-doubled their efforts to create scarcity and debt
and misery.
They puffed up like Puff Adders and refused to humble themselves and follow simple
directions from the Fiduciary of Iaeosus (Jesus).
So it's time to ask yourselves --- if Jesus paid for the debts of the whole world, once and forever on the
Cross, all debts in all jurisdictions worldwide --- why is Satan still here with his hand out?
I asked this question once before and received an interesting answer from Gaia, also known as Mars----
the day of the Crucifixion is the day that the world acquired its debt to Iaeosus, and that is true.
And what is the summation of that debt in all respects?
The debt we owe is love and gratitude and generosity toward others.
The debt THEY owe is the complete and total erasure of all debts and all scarcity forever afterward.
am here, as the Fiduciary of
Iaeosus, to collect.
I have told them so.
I have presented the private Payment Bond and Bill of Lading.
And as of
7, 2018
--- a year and a day since the True Bill was presented --- none of THEM have any excuse.
payment and settlement of all debt worldwide is due.
And so is a Thousand Years of Peace.
They may not like it, but what is true is true.
So we have the Simple Solution --- nationalization of all the Municipal and Territorial corporations,
including the central banks.
And we have the Simplest Solution ---
the conversion of Satan's
Kingdom to Truth --- the end of debt, scarcity, fraud, and blasphemy.
The United Nations is hereby put on Notice that the United States has no known population and no
"domestic population" to experiment upon other than the Seven Insular States of the District of
Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. and that any deployment of weather modification weaponry by the
USAF against any other target including SANTA ROSA otherwise known as Santa Rosa, California, is
a violation of the ENMOD Treaty and the Genocide Treaty.
The United Nations is also hereby put on Notice that the United States Army is a sub-part of the
American Armed Forces that has been functioning under delegated authority which it has abused.
are undertaking our own corrective action to ensure that it resumes its proper duties and do not
any presumptions regarding our national sovereignty by the United Nations or any employment of UN
Corporation troops on our soil.
Thank you, very much.
Anna Maria, World Trust Fiduciary
James Clinton, Head of State, United States of America, Unincorporated
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