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An American Affidavit

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Forest From the Trees Final Chapter:

You Know Something is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher

             Part Twelve:

      The Formal Affidavit


            Affidavit of Probable Cause

We – the Affiants-- a living man known to the public as James Clinton Belcher and a
living woman known to the public as Anna Maria Riezinger free born on the land
jurisdiction of the united States of America known as the Continental United States are
able and competent and of age to present ourselves in the flesh and bring forth this
affidavit in our own behalf and that of all the others similarly abused and affirm it as
truth from without the Federal United States. We have first-hand experience and knowledge of the circumstance herein described and are also enabled via the Last Man Standing Maxim of Law to speak in favor of the Alaska State—one of the Several States on the land owed The Alaska Statehood Compact and the Wisconsin State and the Washington State which are our birthright and we do present our claims without representation of any kind and without any purpose of evasion or deceit and do depose the following:

1. We say that the preceding 101 items catalogued in the Table of Contents of this bound and sealed document present the verifiable history and facts necessary to ascertain reasonable and
probable cause of this action and claim and does justify the establishment of Public Lien
favoring the Alaska State and the people inhabiting Alaska and upon all actual property assets owned, claimed, indebted, securitized, or bonded by the now-defunct United States of America, Incorporated and its State of Alaska franchise; also the UNITED STATES, INC. and its STATE OF ALASKA, INC. franchise and the UNITED NATIONS, INC. and its ALASKA franchise and any other so-called state of state corporations established under the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. We likewise affirm that similar Public Lien and interest is owed to all of the actual Fifty States of the land jurisdiction belonging to the States of America and the United Colonies of America such as the Wisconsin State and Washington State and the people inhabiting the land itself.
This is important because without a thorough and fairly detailed grasp of the history and public records and issues of public interest involved it is
impossible to understand the basis and necessity of the Public Lien being established;

2. We say that the lawful government owed to our nation by the Unam Sanctum Global Estate
Trust and out International Trustees—including the Rector of the National Shrine in
Washington DC who is supposed to govern and safeguard our portion of the global Jurisdiction
of the Air and the United States Postmaster who is supposed to govern and safeguard our
national Jurisdiction of the Land and the British Monarch entrusted with governing and
safeguarding Americans and American vessels operating in (the) international Jurisdiction of
the Sea-- has been purposefully usurped by those Trustees and by international banking cartels
operating deceptively named governmental services corporations as if these privately owned
for-profit legal fiction entities were in fact the actual government and as if they were in fact in
receipt of our granted authority and lawfully enabled to act as our Deputies.
This is important
because this mammoth Breach of Trust has given rise to the fraud schemes and other
criminality herein discussed and also to our material claims and requests for permanent
protective injunctions safe-guarding the interests of all those affected;

3. We say that we and our parents and our grandparents and our children and grandchildren and
all our estates and land and businesses and homes together with our bodies and labor and other
natural resources and assets both material and immaterial including our most fundamental
natural rights have been plundered and harmed as a result of the history and facts presented
This is important because as our individual estates have been commandeered and
plundered the welfare of the entire planet has suffered as a whole. It is also important to
establish our own standing as Injured Parties. We have been misrepresented and denied
remedy due and most recently extorted and threatened at gunpoint;

4. We say that we have been misrepresented and mischaracterized and defrauded by people and
by institutions including foreign governments and banks and governmental services
corporations that owe us friendship and support and good faith service. Those who have
assaulted and were successors to contract including solemn trust indentures and international
treaties and commercial service contracts including the Treaty of Paris (1783), the Treaty of
Versailles (1784), the Treaty of Westminster (1794), The Supreme Perfected Declaration of the
United Colonies of America (1787), The Constitution for the united States of America (1789)
and various trade and defense and mutual support agreements since then too numerous to list.
This is important because we have had good cause to trust the offenders and to reply
upon their goodwill, honesty, and intent;

5: We say that we have suffered personage and barratry and unprovoked attack from the
members of the American Bar Association which has acted in the role of an organized crime
syndicate and operated private so-called administrative courts which are corporate tribunals as
if they were public courts and have used semantic deceit as a means to promulgate this fraud
and deception upon the American people. The membership of the American Bar Association
has preyed upon the people of our country in the guise of undeclared foreign agents and inland
pirates seeking the overthrow of the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States and in
defiance of The Constitution of the united States and in breach of the Treaty allowing their
presence on our shores. They have also breached their Bar Association Charter by
mischaracterizing living Americans as mental incompetents and wards of the State and federal
employees and in various other false personas.
This is important because it shows a
widespread pattern of willful and purposeful abuse that cannot be explained away as the
result of individual ignorance or lax procedure, and because the members of the Bar
Associations cannot be presumed to be acting in ignorance of their own Charter and
Treaty much less the basic requirements of The Constitution governing the land
jurisdiction of the Continental United States and the Public Law;

6: We say the Government of France doing business as FRANCE has colluded with the City
State of Westminster and Inner City of London doing business as WESTMINSTER and as
ELIZABETH II and as the CROWN CORPORATION and has harbored and incorporated and
protected other crime syndicate organizations including the United Nations, Incorporated, and
the International Monetary Fund, Incorporated, so as to expedite and aid and abet the crimes of
these corporations against Americans and Australians and Scots and Irish and Canadian and
other peoples of the former Commonwealth nations and most of the other nations of Western
Europe in contravention of international treaties, corporate charters, trustee relationships and
other obligations.
This is important because the cooperation of these governmental services
corporations in establishing private business entities in foreign jurisdictions and then
using them to carry out undisclosed predatory actions in other countries shows a pattern
of deceit and intent to avoid detection of their actual identities and purposes;

7. We say the Government of the United Kingdom and the Lord Mayor of London and the
Temporal Office of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II doing business as ELIZABETH II
and most especially the Lords of the Admiralty have promoted and perpetuated false claims via
fraud and the repugnant and unlawful practices of usury and press-ganging and inland piracy
resulting in the enslavement of landsmen in the foreign Jurisdiction of the Sea. Successive
British Monarchs, Lord Mayors, and Lords of the Admiralty have allowed these attacks upon
peaceful neighbors and former colonies and Allies have and have been instrumental in
promoting the destruction of the peace and economic well-being and private property rights of
at least one-half of the living people worldwide including ourselves.
This is important
because it demonstrates long-term and purposeful and self-interested criminality on the
part of the Government of the United Kingdom, the City-State of Westminster, and the
Crown. These institutions and officials have been in control of and responsible for
administering the International jurisdiction of the Sea for centuries and cannot be
presumed to be ignorant of the duty nor of the Laws of admiralty which have recognized
press-ganging and inland piracy as capital offenses for two hundred years;

8. We say that the United Nations City State which was given land and sanctuary upon our
shores and supported primarily with our labor and resources since its Charter was signed has
shielded the perpetrators of the vast crimes revealed herein and that the United Nations, Inc.
has profited from and given aid and assistance to individuals and organizations known to be
criminals including the Federal Reserve Banks doing business as the FEDERAL RESERVE
which has been given sanctuary and charter under United Nations City State and United
Nations, Incorporated auspices.
This is important because we and many other people
worldwide have trusted the United Nations to function as a bastion against criminality
and violence and it has instead aided and abetted these activities;

9: We say that the Swiss Government is also culpable for harboring, aiding, and abetting
known international crime syndicates including the perpetrators of the 1930 and 1933
bankruptcy debacles including the World Bank and Bank for International Settlements and
Federal Reserve Banks and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development which
have all taken profit and advantage from the destruction of war and the pillaging of innocent
people's private property.
This is important because the Swiss Government and the Swiss
banking industry have been respected worldwide for centuries for their expertise and
high ethical and professional standards. Their failure to address the perpetrators of
bankruptcy fraud and securities fraud on such a massive scale again demonstrates a
pattern of willful deceit and collusion that cannot be explained away on the basis of
ignorance and inadequate procedure;

10. We say that the UNITED STATES (INC.) operated by the International Monetary Fund,
Incorporated and its incorporated STATE franchises doing business under names like the
STATE OF OHIO have operated a confidence racket and fraud and enslavement scheme of
unimaginable proportions and imposed it by force and extortion upon the innocent and trusting
American People including: (A) Bait and Switch sales of land transformed into lease of real
estate; (B)imposition of land titles held by the UNITED STATE and its STATE franchises
under color of law; © the UNITED STATES had promoted multiple Ponzi Scheme Fiat
monetary systems imposed in Breach of Contract and Trust upon the American State Citizens;
(D) the UNITED STATES has operated Reverse Trust Schemes against the estates of individual
living Americans; (E) the UNITED STATES has abused of the rights of usufruct and has
employed them against the American people and their private and public property assets; (F)
the UNITED STATES has committed unlawful conversion of American assets carried out by
systematic entrapment and probate fraud exercised by semantic deceit and non-disclosure; (G)
the UNITED STATES has forced sales of UNITED STATES corporate services under the false
pretense that receipt of these services or enrollment in these so-called benefit programs was
mandated by the lawful American Government; (H) the UNITED STATES has routinely and
self-interestedly kidnapped individual American into the foreign jurisdictions of international
commerce and maritime law and subjected them without granted authority; (I) the UNITED
STATES has made false claims of contract and capacity to lawfully represent these same
Americans; (J) the UNITED STATES has deprived Americans of access to Common Law
Courts guaranteed to them under commercial contract and international treaty; (K) the
UNITED STATES has mercilessly plundered the national trust assets of our people and nation
and profited itself from war and prison industries and the promotion of drugs and prostitution
and arms sales and sale of alcohol and contraband and vice of every possible description; (L)
the UNITED STATES has appropriated unimaginably large sums of credit from the public
purse for people and purposes such as international relief efforts – resources that have instead
been siphoned off by criminals and political cronies and never reached their purported
destinations; (M) the UNITED STATES has served as a vehicle to spread war for profit
throughout the world and both by act and omission has served to create endless war and
conflict; (N) the UNITED STATES has lied incessantly to the American People and carried out
sophisticated and unprincipled propaganda campaigns designed to make them believe that
slavery is freedom and poverty is wealth and predation upon private assets is the price of being
kept safe from False Flag attacks carried out by the perpetrators against the American people;
(O) the UNITED STATES has knowingly promoted faked and politicized scientific data and
promoted scientific theories known to be false in a prolonged effort to justify taxation to further
enrich itself; (P) the UNITED STATES has recklessly pursued destruction of the American
Dollar's reputation and value by substituting US Dollars and Federal Reserve Notes and Petro
Dollar exchanges for American money and bilking the entire unsuspecting world; (Q) the
UNITED STATES has established oppressive and unlawful monopolies and self-interested
regulatory controls upon basic commodities and services; ® the UNITED STATES has openly
practiced peonage, press-ganging, and enslavement including enforced including enforced
registration for Selective Service (military draft) and has used criminalization of basic natural
rights as the means to implement its control of the bodies and minds of the individual American
State Citizens; (S) the UNITED STATES has pursued additional forced registration of many
private property assets including automobiles and livestock and even activities such as
operating machinery so as to claim false ownership and controlling interests in these assets and
activities as a basis to raise ongoing revenue and hypothecate more debt against the American
People and their private property; (T) the UNITED STATES has never fully disclosed its nature
or current Charter or actual shareholders and other information necessary for it to form valid
contracts of any kind with American State Citizens nor with the Continental States; (U) the
UNITED STATES failed to retool for peacetime trade after World War II and has continued to
export implements and commodities of war as its primary exports products which as led to
promoting war for profit and to unnecessary widespread unemployment and poverty; (V) the
UNITED STATES has suppressed many basic elements of education leaving American students
in free fall and at the mercy of whatever ignorance is profitable for the UNITED STATES: (W)
the UNITED STATES has deregulated banking and encouraged lawlessness in the securities
markets of the nation and the world; (X) the UNITED STATES has failed to honor virtually all
publicly stated remedies that the UNITED STATES has agreed to in the past including payment
of interest on investments and access to the credit owed to individual living people; (Y) the
UNITED STATES had obligated the American People to numerous trade and treaty agreements
which openly victimize them and plunder their assets for little or no equitable consideration in
return; (Z) the UNITED States has acted as a criminal syndicate for decades and has misused
the trust of the American People and their asses ti wage war and genocide against other nations
throughout the world. We say that the UNITED STATES and its parent corporation the IMF
deserve to be liquidated and that their joint assets must be returned to the rightful entitlement
holders and their profits must be distributed to their priority creditors.
This is important
because without a widespread and public recognition of the vil done by these corporations
and an equally public repudiation of their criminality it is impossible to sustain any basis
for trust, trade, or Public Law;

11. We say that the former Federal Reserve System and the current FEDERAL RESERVE and
its respective front organizations doing business as the United States of America (Incorporated)
and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) are guilty of all the same crimes as the
UNITED STATES cited as (A) to (Z) above – plus they bear the additional onus of being the
original perpetrators of this criminality. These organizations and their bank sponsors are
responsible for redefining criminals as slaves and enshrining the practice of slavery and for the
promotion of prison industries and the misuse of commercial penal bonds as a means of
enriching the member banks supporting the associated front organizations pretending to be
successive national governments representing the American People. We say that the United
States of America (Incorporated) has already been shut down and its assets re-distributed to
other corporate entities with which it acted in collusion to siphon off the assets and profit owed

to the American People and that the credit and interest owed to the American People and
mischaracterized as the National Debt has been handed off to the INTERNAL REVENUE
these organizations have been used to receive the purloined principal and profits owed to the
American People by the Federal Reserve System under false pretense that they represent the
American People as fiduciaries and that in fact they have misappropriated the credit and funds
under distribution to spawn another private fiat monetary system and continue the enslavement
and purposeful mischaracterization of the American people and the Continental United States.
This is important because is demonstrates again a purposeful and long-term and
malicious collusion to deceive and deprive the Priority Creditors of both the Federal
Reserve System and the IMF;

12. We say that these incorporated organizations have been misused to convey stolen assets and
promote misappropriation of credit and assets that have been purloined must be returned to the
American People and the American States on the land as the Priority Creditors and that the
American People are owed all good faith vested in the Global Estate Trust and the other nations
of the world to come to their assistance and help them bring an end to this fraud which has
engulfed the whole world.
This is important because the criminality of these banks and of
the governmental services corporations these banks have employed as fronts has extended
tentacles to the farthest reaches of the Globe. Such vast criminality cannot be defeated by
efforts of one, ten, or twenty nations. The history of the United States exposed by this
affidavit has been replicated as if from a common play book in country after country
throughout the world and it has had the same results – results that must be addressed as a
global community and resolved in favor of the living people;

13. We say that the only valid equity contract existing between
and of the Several continental
States and the Federal United States is the original equity contract known as The Constitution
for the united States of America and that no authorized Deputies of ours have created or
contributed to this criminality. Far from being complicit or authorizing this behavior on the part
of the Federal United States we peaceful inhabitants of the Continental United States have been
outrageously harmed and abused as a result of British mismanagement of the Federal United
This is important because the people of the Continental United States and the
actual States of the land jurisdiction have not benefited from nor have we authorized the
criminal activities of the Federal United States and its corporate and municipal
franchises. We have been victims along with the rest of the world of malfeasance and
fiduciary trust fraud on an unimaginable scale;

14: We say that in addition to all the material damage and harm to the American People and
the American States on the land our reputation among the other nations of the world has been
all but destroyed by the British-controlled Federal United States and their endless war-
This is important because while the American people and the Continental
United States have been at peace for 150 years the rest of the world wrongly blames us as
the source of this criminality and war-mongering.

15: We say that our honorable American Dollar defined as fine silver and issued by the
Continental United States has been deliberately confused via semantic deceit with United
States Dollars and the value thought to be vested in these US Dollars represented by Federal
perpetrators of this gigantic fraud.
This is important because the reckless devaluation of our
currency is the direct result of the criminal usurpation and fiduciary trust fraud on the
part of the Federal United States and international banking cartels;

16: We say that these foreign commercial corporations including the banks and their
government services corporations and all their franchises do not now and have never in the past
functioned as our lawful government and they do not represent us.
This is important because
until other people and other nations around the world clearly grasp the enormity of the
crimes perpetuated upon us all by those under contract to serve us we will continue to
blame each other instead of rooting out the criminals and impostors responsible;

17. We say that these foreign corporations are merely under commercial contract to provide
nineteen stipulated services known as enumerated powers and that their claims to be the
beneficiaries of the Continental United States and the American State Citizens on the land are
criminal usurpations and fraud against their employees.
This is important because the
perpetrators already pulled this once during the 1930's and they are attempting to go
forward and do it again;

18: We say that these foreign corporations - banks and governmental services corporations and
franchises and agencies of these entities - have run amok and that those responsible for their
mis-administration have been given due Notice and Process by American State Citizens and the
Continental United States without appropriate remedy.
This is important because we have
shown good faith and due diligence and have given these corporations and their managers
ample and appropriate Due Process and opportunity to correct their operations and
provide remedy without result;

19; We say that misadministration of the international Jurisdiction of the Sea has been the
means to all these evil ends. Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth II and her Predecessors and the
Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor of London and their Predecessors have been in
Breach of Trust with respect to the United States Trust, the United Colonies of America and the
Continental United States for 150 years.
This is important because the longevity of the fraud
demonstrates its nature and intent as a conscious long-term state policy pursued with
guile and in breach of trust and in violation of international treaties and commercial
contracts for a century and a half;

20. We say that similar misadministration by the British Monarchs and the Lords of the
Admiralty and the Lord Mayor of London have resulted in similar betrayal and Breach of Trust
against the nations of the former Commonwealth, Japan, and most of the nations of Europe.
This is important because it demonstrates that the purposeful promulgation of this fraud
is not any oddity or peculiarity of the British-American relationship but is rather an
international conspiracy to control and defraud and subject entire nations;

21: We say the insomuch as the Holy See has declared and endeavored to build a Global Estate
Trust per the claims issued as the Unam Sanctum, Romanus Pontifex, Aeterni, Regis, and
Convocation of 1537, and has included all nations within that trust and striven to establish the
Jurisdictions of the Air, Land, and Sea and to establish common governmental services
available to all, the Holy See is obligated to obtain peaceful resolution of our claims and
enforce the return of our private property assets.
This is important because without prompt
action by the Holy See to correct and halt this systematic fraud against the living people
of the Global Estate Trust will also stand in Breach of Trust;

22: We say that insomuch as the Holy See and the Vatican have been instrumental in
converting almost all national governments on Earth into national corporations operated in the
international Jurisdiction of the Sea and the Roman Curia has created the law forms giving rise
to incorporated legal fiction entities, it is the unique responsibility of the Holy See and of Pope
Francis doing business as FRANCISCUS to correct the Breach of Trust and the
mismanagement of these corporations.
This is important because the Holy See and the
Roman Curia have created all the various forms of corporations -- trusts, public utilities,
and so on -- and they remain responsible for what they created by Maxim of Law;

23. We say that in accord with the published Law of the Air Jurisdiction of the Global Estate
Trust we individual Affiants have acted within the Law of Love and have respected the Free
Will of other People and kept the peace despite being criminally presumed upon and attacked
by corporate entities that are supposed to be providing us with governmental services under
This is important because it is first-hand confirmation that non-combatant
civilians who are in fact Priority Creditors of the banks and the governmental services
corporations involved – living people who are owed Protected Person standing – have
been deliberately mischaracterized and subjected to attack;

24. We say that our employees and debtors have attempted to kidnap and extort property from
us despite being given fair notice and offered sufficient proof of our identity.
This is important
because employees who do not obey their employers are insubordinate, and debtors who
attack their creditors are clearly criminals subject to arrest and prosecution, yet nothing
was done to correct this circumstance by the local franchise of the UNITED STATES
doing business as the STATE OF ALASKA and no action was taken by the Alaska Court
System nor the British High Court to discipline and properly inform the erring Bar
Association Members;

STATES OF AMERICA (INC.), the UNITED Nations (INC.), and their agents and franchises
have presumed upon us – their employers, clients, and benefactors – and have acted as
criminals in our midst and in violation of their charters.
This is important because it is good
and sufficient reason to fine, discipline or liquidate these corporations and their offending
franchises and to prosecute the offending employees;

26: We say that we and our parents and our grandparents never authorized any change of our
birthright status as American State Citizens born on the land as peaceful co-inhabitants of the
Continental United States and according to no less than three public declarations by President
Andrew Johnson our nation has been at peace for 150 years.
This is important because it
demonstrates the absurdity of claiming that we are combatants in any kind of war, that
we are enemies of the state, or subject to any foreign military law. If our birthright status
has been changed by any nation at war it is proof of violation of the Geneva Convention
Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3 and
prima facie
evidence of a capital crime having
been committed by agents of the IMF and the UNITED STATES and their franchises
under color of martial law;

27. We say that we never authorized anyone to offer us or our credit or any asset of our private
estates as surety for the debts of any governmental services corporation whatsoever and we did
not take any sides or participate in any war and we do not recognize any right of conquest
related to us and our property.
This is important because those responsible for the fraud
described by this affidavit have attempted to claim that they are at war and to use this as
an excuse for their criminality against their employers and Priority Creditors. No
corporation on Earth has authority to declare war and therefore has no legitimate claim
upon the Laws of War nor the Law of Nations. These are merely criminal commercial
syndicates and their attempted recourse to any form of martial law or right of conquest
claim is more
prima facie
evidence of criminal wrong-doing;

28. We say that we never authorized anyone to enter our estates into commerce nor to
incorporate or enfranchise or probate them and that the existence of entities construed as trusts
named in the form: ANNA VON RIEZINGER
transmitting utilities named in the form: ANNA M. RIEZINGER and JAMES C. BELCHER –
are entirely the unauthorized acts of individuals and organizations claiming to be Usufructs
benefiting from the existence of these legal fiction entities by Maxim of Law: they are
responsible for what they create.
This is important because the
modus operandi
of these
criminal banking cartels and their governmental services corporations is to pretend that
the living personas that are merely named after them – when in fact the banks and
governmental services corporations that create these deceptively names trusts and
transmitting utilities are responsible for all debts, fees, expenses, etc. related to these legal
fictions. Charges brought against these legal fictions yet addressed to the living people of
the same name is
prima facie
proof of attempted personage and mail fraud;

29. We say that we did not undergo the process mandated by 2 Statute-at-Large 153 [Chapter
28, Subsection 1, Revised Statute 2561] which is required for American State Citizens to adopt
United States Citizenship and any claim otherwise is false.
This is important because the
Statute-at-Large requires that we cannot be alienated from the land jurisdiction of the
Continental United States by any private contract. The absence of public Due Process and
recording by competent adults is
prima facie
evidence in negative averment that no valid
change of status from American State Citizen to United States Citizen has taken place;

30. We say that we have never considered Federal United States Citizenship to be beneficial in
any way and that as American State Citizens we and our brethren are owed all material interest
vested in the National Trust owed to The United Colonies of America and the Continental
United States including all interest in our land and its resources, all rights and prerogatives
guaranteed to us by birthright, plus all insurance policies, premiums, interest, dividends, stocks,
credits, bank accounts, mortgages, promissory notes, bonds and other securities that we either
paid for directly with our labor or which were created under conditions of non-disclosed
contract, semantic deceit pretense by foreign governments and governmental services
This is important because we are owed lawful claim to all assets naturally
belonging to us and to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. As the
entitlement holders of the assets we are owed their return free and clear of unauthorized
secondary beneficiary debts and encumbrances;

31: We say that any presumption that we knowingly and willingly donated our life savings,
retirement accounts, bank accounts, homes, business, or any other material assets held in our
NAMES to benefit any incorporated entity is insupportable.
This is important because
plausible motivation to donate our assets is lacking. There is no actual and equitable
benefit to us from any registration or enrollment or application process foisted off on us
under false pretense of it being a “government” mandate.

32: We say that improperly seated and incorporated 39
and 40
United States Congresses
created incorporated states of states merely named after the actual organic States of the Union:
State of Michigan and State of Ohio and State of Florida....were merely named after the
Michigan State, Ohio State, and Florida State.
This is important because this semantic deceit
was used to defraud and confuse people and as a device to force American State Citizens
to operate in the foreign international Jurisdiction of the Sea;

33: We say that the federal corporate franchises operating as States of States under the Uniform
Commercial Code are exactly like franchises of Burger King or Wendy's or Target or J.C.
Penny or I.G. Farben and have no sovereign nation state attributes. They are not and do not
represent the Continental States of America.
This is important because these franchises
operating under names like State of Ohio and STATE OF TEXAS have no governmental
authority and no public fiduciary capacity and no public office related to the Continental
United States. They are merely using deceptively similar names and wielding what
appears to be public office for their private benefit.

34: We say that we and our parents and grandparents and our States on the land of the
Continental United States are
the states and citizenry whose good faith and credit was
pledged as surety benefiting the bankrupt United States of America Incorporated by the so-
called Conference of Governors on 6 March 1933 and that such Governors were never
authorized to represent us nor our assets upon the land.
This is important because we were
mistaken-on-purpose as the-same-as Federal United States corporations operated under
names like the State of Washington and James Clinton Belcher – a
foreign situs
registered by the same State of Washington, Inc. As a result of this false claim and venal
semantic deceit our private property and our assets were improperly subjected to their
corporate bankruptcy as sureties without our knowledge or consent;

35: We say that all the Governors attending the Conference of Governors 6 March 1933 could
pledge was limited to the assets of the federal corporation State franchises established circa
1868 and operating in each organic State of the Continental United States as business
enterprises and service delivery organizations. Their additional given names did not create any
value vested in those franchises nor constitute any valid pledge of our assets.
This is
important because all the credit and assets collected from American State Citizens and
extracted from the States on the land by Creditors and Bankruptcy Trustees acting under
false pretenses from 1934 to today are due and owing to the actual entitlement holders;

36: We say the Federal Reserve banks running the bankrupt United States of American
Incorporated as a bankrupt pass-through purposefully advanced vast sums of credit based on
our assets and those of the Continental United States to the perpetrators of this fraud scheme in
exchange for establishing unseen bonds and maritime salvage liens against us and our private
property assets.
This is important because it establishes intent to defraud us and our actual
States on the land on the part of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve had already
used semantic deceit based on similar names to pass itself off as a government agency and
had bankrupted the United States of America, Inc. together with all its similarly named
State of State franchises. The misuse of
foreign situs
trusts names after us was part and
parcel of the overall fraud designed to entrap our assets and our actual States assets and
access our combined credit for the benefit of the perpetrators.

37:We say that our given names were presents given to us by our parents and all names of use
we have adopted as trade names as artists, brick-layers, musicians, writers, engineers, and
others engaged in lawful and unregulated occupations are all our privately held intellectual
property without exception.
This is important because the fraud practiced against us by the
international banking cartels in the 1920's and 30's is now a very familiar crime: identity
theft. They literally stole our names and created legal fiction personas names after us –
which they then claimed t own and control. As long as they could maintain the resulting
illusion caused by the similar name connecting their make-believe corporate persona to us
and to our actual estates they could plunder at will;

38: We say that these false usufructs – the Members of Congress acting as officers of the
private commercial corporations involved and also acting as members of a foreign government
under commercial contract to provide us with stipulated services—seized upon our property
including our names and stole our identity and our assets and our credit under conditions of
fraud no different than any hacker or credit card snatcher.
This is important because the facts
of the matter must be established and related in a way that people understand. This fraud
scheme was complex and long term and hidden by veils of semantic deceit and
constructive fraud carried out over decades. It was carried out on an unbelievable scale,
but it all reduces down to common fraud gambits;

39: We say that the Federal Reserve Banks unlawfully converted the private bank accounts of
millions of Americans into corporate accounts technically belonging to corporate franchises
merely named after living Americans and that the banks and governmental services
corporations have knowingly colluded in this fashion since the 1930's as evidenced by the still-
unheard charges brought by Congressman Louis T. McFadden then-Co-Chairman of the House

of Representatives Banking Subcommittee before the House Judiciary Committee and by the
physical evidence seen on every personal check these banks issue. A close examination of the
signature line on every check reveals that it is not a line but a row of microprint endlessly
repeating –
authorizing signature –
or similar words. These words cannot be seen with the
naked eye and are purposefully obscured to hide the fact that the bank accounts have been
seized and the banks have unlawfully converted private bank accounts into accounts belonging
to federal corporation franchises without disclosure.
This is important because it establishes
criminal intent to defraud and deceive and presents prima facie evidence of it.
Congressman McFadden's unanswered charges show that he recognized the criminality
and tried to expose it. The microprint on checks reveals similar intent to conceal and

40: We say that this circumstance requires the unprejudiced observer to believe that hundreds
of millions of Americans are knowingly and willingly agreeing to operate as franchises of the
UNITED STATE, INC. and to be owned as chattel by the United States Congress per their
repugnant Act of 2 February 1871, 41
Congress, Third Sessions, Chapters 62, 63, 64, 65. It
also requires such an observer to believe that Americans have been knowingly and voluntarily
donating 100% of their earnings and retirement and savings accounts to franchises of a
governmental services corporation operated by international banking cartels and that the same
Americans willingly and knowingly obligated themselves to do this for no credible reason at
This is important because the preposterous premise required to explain the
circumstance exposes the fraud. All private bank accounts in America have been
unlawfully converted to the ownership of IMF franchises merely named after us. This has
been done without our knowledge or consent;

41: We say the peonage and enslavement has been outlawed on a worldwide basis since 1926
and that press-ganging of land assets into the international Jurisdiction of the Sea and inland
piracy have both been recognized as capital crimes for centuries. The banks fronting the
government service corporations responsible for these practices in the modern day are crime
syndicates. The politicians who colluded with them committed fraud and treason and crimes
against humanity. Anyone claiming that these acts were undertaken as a result of war or under
war powers is additionally a proven war criminal, as they have knowingly taken these venal
actions against peaceful non-combatant civilians via mischaracterization forbidden by the
Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949, volume II, Article 3.
This is important because we
must clearly state the harm that has been done to us and the severity of the crimes
committed, whether they are considered as civil crimes, crimes in admiralty or crimes of

42: We say that all titles to land and other private property have been secretively converted to
the ownership of State of State franchises in the same way. The land patents belonging to the
American State Citizenship and Continental States are being held under color of law and used
as chattel backing the debts of successive governmental services corporations: (1) the United
States of America, Inc. and its franchises styled like this: State of Florida; (2) the UNITED
STATES, INC. and its franchises styled like this: STATE OF ALASKA – and now, looming on
the horizon – (3) THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and its franchises styled simply
like this: OHIO, FLORIDA, WYOMING...and so on.
This is important because the fraud is
ongoing with no end in sight and nothing but increasing criminality and violence on the
horizon as the perpetrators prepare for another round of fraud against the public.

43: We say this circumstance requires the unbiased observer to believe that millions of
Americans have knowingly and willingly and voluntarily given away the benefit of their true
trust land patents for social benefits which they have then paid for themselves with their own
labor and private enterprises, then also knowingly and voluntarily agreed to lease back their
own land and pay rent on it to foreign banks and their corporate franchises instead of
possessing it in fee simple—all to benefit commercial corporations whose only business is to
provide nineteen enumerated services to us that we could otherwise provide ourselves or which
we could easily contract out to other service providers.
This is important because the absurd
premise exposes the fraud. No one in their right mind would agree to the deal just

44: We say that real estate titles benefiting the State of State franchises of the United States of
America, Inc., or the STATE OF STATE....franchises of the IMF doing business as the
AMERICA or their corporate franchises doing business as OHIO, ALASKA, etc., are all held
under color of law and are null and void for fraud upon the unsuspecting American People
since 1933.
This is important because color of law is being used to enforce fraudulent
maritime salvage liens against actual land assets across America;

45: We say that in addition to these frauds seeking to redefine people as various forms of legal
fiction corporations – a crimes known as personage – and in addition to placing undisclosed
and unjustifiable maritime salvage liens against the land holdings of the Continental united
States and the American State Citizens the perpetrators have sought to destroy the meaning and
sanctity of marriage and family by extorting people to obtain Marriage Licenses under false
pretense of government mandate and the creation of civil marriage contracts which secretively
reduce marriage to a commercial business contract in which the STATE franchise claims a
repugnant and veiled interest-- to wit-- to own the products and proceeds of the partnership
formed: living children, businesses, homes, and estates.
This is important because this vile
deceit results in de facto enslavement and repugnant claims of commercial interest in
living people and their most sacred relationships.

46: We say that the corporate commercial STATE franchises have used this undisclosed
commercial civil marriage contract as the basis of their ability to distribute jointly held private
property in divorce settlements and to decide issues of child custody and it impose vicious and
self-interested fines and fees upon non-custodial parents upon custodial parents.
This is
important because it demonstrates the way in which these undisclosed and deceitfully
imposed commercial contracts are used as means to exercise arbitrary control over
parents and children and family assets that do not belong to any bank or foreign State of

47: We say that the bankrupted United States of America, Incorporated operated by the Federal
Reserve System and the UNITED STATES (INC.) operated by the International Monetary
Fund (IMF) colluded to further pillage and enslave the American People by the imposition of a
federal income tax overtly placed upon corporations as a corporate privilege tax but then
misapplied en masse to individual people and private property via personage and barratry and
false presumption that we willingly and voluntarily agreed to operate as Federal United States
corporate franchises, DC Municipal franchises and now, United Nations Corporation
This is important because IRS claims are the result of these same criminal
fraud schemes perpetuated by private, mostly foreign-owned banks acting in violation of
their charters and the Public Law. Living Americans are not corporations. They don't
accrue income. They are not liable for an income tax nor obligated to perform as
withholding agents for any corporate franchise named after them yet millions of
Americans have been jailed under these false pretenses, harassed, robbed at gunpoint,
and defrauded of their time and their actual private property;

48: We say that hundreds of millions of Americans have been harassed and defrauded and
enslaved and reduced to peonage and kidnapped and press-ganged into foreign jurisdictions
and imprisoned for profit by these monsters in suits who have taxed them for the privilege of
supposedly donating their private property – their time on earth and their labor, their land and
their businesses – to “service” corporations run by banking cartels. Those operating the United
States Congress have appropriated fat salaries and fatter retirement benefits while pretending to
represent the victims and the lawful government established by the American People and the
Continental United States. Proof of their perfidy stands upon the public record as their Oath of
Office: the Members of “Congress” take their oath to the United States – not the united States
of America
This is important because without public office and a property executed
public oath nothing thee charlatans say or do has any valid affect upon the land or the
people of the Continental United States. Everything they have said and done is null and
void with respect to us and applies merely to themselves and their own corporations for
which they are 100% liable.

49: We say that we have fully documented this circumstance for STATE and US DISTRICT
COURTS and for high ranking elected and appointed officials: Governors of STATES and
United States Secretaries of State and United States Secretaries of the Treasury. We have
documented it for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and members of Salt Lake City to Rome and yes –
even the Pope.
This is important to establish our due diligence over a period of years from
1998 to today. We have worked tirelessly to fairly inform those responsible for the
continuing fraud and criminality;

50: We say that the only individual representing the High contracting Powers who to our
certain knowledge honored their office took immediate action to correct the situation are the
Popes—Benedict XVI and Francis.
This is important when confronted with obvious fraud
and criminality hundreds if not thousands of people in positions of trust failed to act,
which has resulted in ever increasing criminality and violence;

51. We say that we fully informed various COURTS acting for the STATE OF ALASKA
STATE OF ALASKA and the Superior Court for the State of Alaska and various COURTS
DISTRICT COURT and the District Court of the United States....all via U.S. Certified mail, all
documented, and none of them honored the Law in spirit or in fact.
This is important because
it demonstrates the incorrigible criminality of the Bar Associations and their Members
and their failure to investigate and address the mis-administration of their courts;

52. We say that absolutely all of these COURTS representing the United States of America, Inc.
their parent corporations – the FEDERAL RESERVE, IMF, and UNITED NATIONS have in
our direct experience avoided and dishonored both the actual Public Law and the published
Public Policies of these various commercial corporations, and have even dishonored the State
franchise statutory law – a codified private law form based on the lawful State Statutes – which
they deceitfully misrepresent as Public Law. They have ignored Uniform Commercial Code,
UNCITRAL, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Universal Right of Self-
Declaration, the Lieber Code and the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949. They have not
even bothered to obey their own rules and have plunged headlong into open criminality, fraud,
force, and plunder.
This is important because it demonstrates the willful criminal intent
and misconduct of the Bar Association Membership in a wide variety of settings running
the full gamut from Federal District Courts to County Courts;

53. We say that we brought this circumstance to the attention of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, and the Alaska State Troopers and the US Marshals Service and none of these
law enforcement agencies did anything to bring charges or arrest any of the perpetrators of this
fraud and pillaging.
This is important because the complicity and ineffectiveness of these
agencies as anything more than competing commercial mercenary forces;

54. We say we contacted multiple employees of The Office of the U.S. District Attorney and
provided evidence of wrong-doing and fraud on a massive scale. They did not respond to our
letters or our sworn affidavits.
This is important because it demonstrates criminal neglect
and willful refusal to perform in the public interest;

55. We say we contacted the Office of the Inspector general and got multiple form letters
stating that our issues involved matters outside the scope of their duties.
This is important
because is demonstrates criminal administrative negligence and failure of oversight

56: We say that we contacted numerous members of the United States Congress and
documented the entire history of this circumstance and cited examples and evidence of
interstate bank fraud and securities fraud and gross abuses committee by the IRS and the
Internal Revenue Service and foreclosure fraud against living constituents. We fully informed
them of the facts. They took no action to correct or remedy.
This is important because it
demonstrates willful complicity and tacit approval of fraud, violence, racketeering, and

57: We say that beginning in 2011 we objected to mortgage contracts we autographed in good
faith in the 1990's before we were aware of the facts presented here. We acted throughout via
Special Appearance as Third Party Interveners.
This is important because we never granted
the COURT any consent to address us in any other capacity or role;

58: We say that we took action under American Common Law in the land jurisdiction in accord
with Article VII of the actual Constitution.
This is important because refusal to adjudicate
disputes affecting us and our land assets according to the Common Law of the Alaska
State is denial of our guarantees and violation of both Article VII and the Uniform
Commercial Code which preserves these same guarantees at Section 1-308;

59. We say we contacted the local Public Notary to execute the necessary Due Process. She
faithfully mailed and held each step of the Due Process action and the purported Mortgage
Lender Roswell Properties never replied. In June 2012 the Public Notary – an officer of the
court who fully witnessed the proceeding in Common Law and controlled the process so that
nobody could complain that any part of it was tainted or improperly executed – issued
Declaratory judgment in our favor.
This is important because our effort to resolve conflict
was pursued in the proper jurisdiction, witnessed and administered by a disinterested
officer of the public court and resolved by acquiescence. In any honest court this would
have been the end of the matter;

ALASKA of the superior court's findings and the the Due Process Common Law Declaratory
Judgment was ignored. The attorney representing the Plaintiff was allowed to continue her
attacks against various legal fiction personas operated under our given names in the foreign
Jurisdiction of the Sea.
This is important because the attacks continued even after the
claim was settled in the proper jurisdiction and even after we objected to being
mischaracterized and misaddressed as corporate entities;

deliberately continued in the face of rebutted false presumptions, despite admitted lack of
jurisdiction, and despite lack of evidence that we ever signed anything as corporate
officers or consented in any way to their proceedings.
This is important because it
demonstrates willful disregard for the most basic tenets of actual Law and provides
evidence of criminal wrong-doing.

62. We say that the land jurisdiction of The United Colonies of America and the Continental
united States and the Several States thereof guaranteed by The Constitution for the united
States of America was wantonly disrespected and violated.
This is important because the
proceedings were claims against land assets knowingly made in a foreign jurisdiction by
officers of a private corporate tribunal pretending to be a public court and a judge
pretending to have judicial powers while operating as an Executor de Son Tort;

63. We say that we informed THE SUPREME COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA and
requested that it intervene and provide guidance to the lower court without result.
This is

important because it demonstrates collusion in fraud throughout the Alaska Court
System, Inc. and the failure of THE SUPREME COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA
to administratively correct the operations of the lower court is
prima facie
evidence that
our demonstration case is not an isolated mistake or administrative error;

64. We say that as Third Parties acting as Interveners entering Special Appearance as Friends of
the incorporated franchise DEFENDANTS we informed THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT
COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA of the fraud being practiced and as the only sworn
Witnesses having first-hand knowledge of the facts and events resulting in the existence of our
purloined Promissory Note and the fraudulent Mortgage Contract we provided affidavits more
than sufficient to convict the PLAINTIFF, the COURT and its OFFICERS of multiple felony
level crimes and fatal defects of administration.
This is important because the COURT
violated the rules of evidence and ignored the basis of its own deceits. It is also important
because all parties concerned were given explicit instruction and were fully informed;

entertained a parade of corporate “personas” which were separately named and falsely accused
as DEFENDANTS or Defendants during the course of the Case 3AN-12-6858CI: Anna M.
Riezinger – von Reitz and James C. Belcher – which are Federal State level transmitting
federal municipal ESTATE trusts, and ANNA M. RIEZINGER – VON REITZ and JAMES C.
BELCHER – which are municipal transmitting utilities.
This is important because addressing
the same complaint to so many different corporate personas demonstrates
prima facie
evidence of a deliberate contrivance employed with willful intent to defraud;

66. We say that the case
First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota, vs. Jerome Daly
[1968] known as The Credit river Decision established
res judicata and stare decisis
in all
similar cases and did so by jury decision in the superior court of the People which no inferior
court or jurisdiction has authority to overturn or review according to Article VII of The
Constitution for the united States of America.
This is important because a jury decision in
Public Court stands over any decision by corporate administrative tribunals which are
expected to act in conformance with Public Law;

67. We say the Jerome Daly case proved that the Federal Reserve banks and other lending
institutions organized under their System never give anything of equitable value in exchange
for the Promissory Notes and Mortgage Contracts that they obtain.
This is important because
once such a determination is made by a jury it stands as fact;

68. We say that Jerome Daly forced the bank manager to admit under cross-examination that
the bank created the funds it loaned to Jerome Daly out of thin air simply by entering numbers
in a ledger and which represented credit already owed to Jerome Daly by the same banks.
is important because it demonstrates the basic fraud process: the banks create the credit
they loan out of thin air simply by entering numbers in a ledger and that credit is based
on the borrower's own assets – not the bank's. The bank loans nothing of value of its own;

69. We say that the bank manager in the Daly case also admitted that this was the practice
throughout the Federal Reserve System.
This is important because virtually all banks in this
country are members of the Federal Reserve System;

70. We say that there is no excuse whatsoever for any foreclosure action that has been taken in
America since 1968 in favor of the banks and lending institutions operating under the Federal
Reserve System, nor any successor system operating under the same principles.
This is
important because the Daly case proved that no equitable consideration was given by the
banks and no valid contract ever existed as a result;

71. We say that the U.S. Small Business Administration that obtained the Promissory note and
Mortgage Contract in Case 3AN-12-6858CI in THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR
THE STATE OF ALASKA was operating as part of the Federal Reserve System and using the
same exact procedures as the First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota in the Daly case.
This is important because the Daly case was already decided and there was no obligation
to prove the same facts again;

72. We say as the only sworn Witnesses having first-hand knowledge of the facts that no actual
cash ever traded hands in the transaction discussed throughout Case 3AN-12-6858CI and that
the U.S. Small Business Administration received our Promissory note without disclosure of its
value and without disclosing its own status as a false storefront for undisclosed baking
This is important because the bank knowingly misrepresented itself as a
government institution offering a Federal Disaster Loan and obscured both its nature and

73. We say that undisclosed to us our Promissory note had Actual Cash Value equal to the
entire amount of the purported loan and was redeemable for cash at any United States Treasury
This is important because it establishes the motive for the bank's deceit. They
were able to obtain funds equal to the entire amount of the loan from us without our
knowledge. This enabled them to deposit our own funds in a bank account and write a
check off those funds back to us, thus creating the illusion that they gave us a loan of their
own assets;

74. We say that other than providing the only actual asset which underwrote the entire
transaction we received nothing but peonage from the banks and the STATE in exchange.
is important because if we had acted as employees of the STATE or the BANK they would
have had to pay us for our services as builders and caretakers of their property. They
would also be responsible for paying any taxes or other fees. This is important because
their failure to pay us and failure to pay the taxes owed provides
prima facie
evidence that
they were never the owners of the property;

75. We say that more than forty years after the Daly case established the fraudulent nature of
mortgage loans this same fraud is occurring every day throughout America. Additional
information and publications obtained from the Federal Reserve banks themselves has
confirmed that the same practices that led to the Credit River Decision are ongoing today.
is important because it proves that ongoing systemic fraud and usury is being practiced
by baking institutions throughout America and far from addressing the crime the Bar
Associations, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Administrative Courts are aiding and
abetting it;

76. We say that as a result of this fraud and racketeering we have suffered extortion under
armed force and the loss of over $228,000.00 USD in private credit and an estimated
$100,000.00 USD in actual private property loss and usage deprivation and have been evicted
from our home by armed commercial mercenaries masquerading as police officers.
This is
important because millions of people are suffering in the same way and for the same
reasons: private corporate tribunals acting in conflict of interest and pretending to be
public courts, executive administrators acting as Executors de Son Tort and claiming to
have judicial powers, banks loaning the borrower's own assets to them, armed
commercial mercenaries pretending to be policemen;

77. We say that on 17 November 2014 armed mercenaries wearing uniforms impersonating
actual police officers but instead representing the STATE OF ALASKA corporation trespassed
upon our posted private property and physically evicted us from our land on the basis of
ORDERS from a JUDGE employed to act “FOR” the same corporation and acting under all the
same false pretenses we have described.
This is important because this gives us standing as
injured Parties and Witnesses directly and physically harmed by this fraud and violent

78. We say that the man who trespassed upon our private property to evict us was wearing
STATE OF ALASKA TROOPER uniform and carrying a sidearm. He was fully informed that
he was trespassing and that neither he nor the JUDGE nor the COURT issuing such ORDERS
had any right, jurisdiction, or authority to be present on our land or to address us about any
matter at all and that he was committing grand felony level property crime as well as a capital
crime of inland piracy.
This is important because he was fully informed and warned;

79. We say that he pleaded the Nuremberg Defense and stated that he was just following orders
and didn't know anything but the words on the paper in front of him that was signed by a Judge.
This is important because it is
prima facie
evidence that the people enforcing this fraud
are being misled about the nature and authority of these so-called Judges who are private
corporate employees and not public officials at all;

80. We say that we questioned this man and asked if he knew the difference between a STATE
OF ALASKA TROOPER and an Alaska State Trooper and if he realized that he was
functioning as a commercial mercenary and not as a police officer. He shrugged and appeared
This is important because it is
prima facie
evidence that this man didn't know
and wasn't being informed of his lack of authority by his employers – which resulted in
him unknowingly undertaking criminal acts of trespass, grand felony armed theft, inland
piracy, and assault;

81. We say that we would have been well-within our rights to shoot this man and those who
accompanied him in defense of our own lives and property but we realized that he and his
companions were ignorant and deliberately misinformed and had no idea that they were acting
as criminals and in behalf of criminal syndicates.
This is important because there are a great
many people who might under similar circumstances of criminal assault fire upon armed
trespassers acting as commercial mercenaries and they would be justified in doing so;

82. We say that this circumstance and these conditions are a direct result of criminal usurpation
against our lawful government carried out by incorporated banking institutions and
governmental services corporations that have no right to exist when they are operated as crime
This is important because foreign governments have chartered these
corporations and allowed them to run amok on American soil;

83. We say that it is self-evident upon the Public Records of the past 150 years plus the
documented experience we bring forward that these banks and governmental services
corporations have operated as criminal syndicates. They have done so despite determined and
documented objection.
This is important because it demonstrates continuing willful intent
on the part of these organizations to commit felony level crime against the public;

84: We say that similar fraud and misadministration committed by the internal Revenue Service
and the IRS have resulted in millions upon millions of innocent Americans being harassed,
fined, and even jailed for long periods of time for the crime of
paying taxes that they
owe, and
owed and again it is rooted in the crime of personage—pretending
that living people are corporations.
This is important because it ties in with all the other

85. We say that the COURTS responsible for these and similar actions throughout America are
criminal syndicates knowingly practicing personage and barratry and purposefully
mischaracterizing their victims and misinterpreting and misapplying private statutory law for
corporate profit and individual gain. The are looking innocent Americans in the eye full-well
knowing that these living people are the Priority Creditors of the corporations they work for
and they are sentencing these same innocent Americans to prison terms for not accepting
peonage, press-ganging, fraudulent conveyance, inland piracy, forced evictions, at the hands o
private mercenaries, harassment, personage, barratry, racketeering, and armed extortion.
This is
important because these vile and self-interested acts are being carried out by our
employees acting in ignorance and by people who are here under the conditions of a
treaty and corporate charter they are violating;

86. We say that slavery and peonage and press-ganging have all been overtly outlawed for
nearly two hundred years and that these continued misrepresentations resulting in the
enslavement and press-ganging of living people and their private property assets is repugnant
capital and felony level crime that is not being addressed by those responsible. We have
addressed the Var Associations themselves and the various British and American court officials
without result.
This shows our due diligence via certified correspondences issued over a
period of years and demonstrates that the Bar Association Members and leadership of the
various Court Systems are willfully pursuing felony level crime on our shores;

87. We say that non in-house corporate tribunal merely calling itself a STATE COURT has any
authority beyond interpreting the internal policies of its own corporation and to discipline its
own actual employees and that the purposeful misuse of the word STATE to imply public
functions and authority for such a COURT is an obvious venal deceit.
This is important
because the corporate tribunals being run by professional members of the Bar
Associations must be presumed to be aware of their limitations and to be knowingly
violating them;

88: We say that there is no statute of limitation on the crime of fraud and that this fraud which
began as of 27 March 1861 has tainted all resulting debts and contracts and agreements and
representations made by these commercial corporations pretending to represent the Republic
and the People of the Continental United States.
This is important because longevity of this
crime has no affect upon its timely prosecution once discovered.

89: We say that the Federal United States have never represented the Continental United States
in any matter apart from those responsibilities specifically delegated by the original
Constitution contract.
This is important because it allows us and the rest of the world to
begin sorting out what these miscreant employees and false Usufructs have done in our
names without granted authority;

90: We say that the vast majority of the individuals who currently occupy what appear to be
public offices throughout the Continental United States have taken no valid Oath of Office and
have no public bond or fiduciary capacity related to the Continental United States and the
American State Citizens inhabiting them.
This is important because individuals have been
occupying vacant public offices and abusing them for private gain and appearing to take
actions binding public resources and affecting American State Citizens without any
authority to do so.

91: We say The Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act and other Constitutionally
repugnant Acts undertaken by members of Congress apply only to Citizens of the Federal
United States and to their own corporate employees and cannot be foisted off onto the
Continental United States and American State Citizens.
This is important because the
Federal United States has attempted by force and fraud to press-gang American State
Citizens and to lay claim assets of the States on the Land of the Continental United States
under color of law and false pretenses. They have depended upon the ignorance of their
employees to provide enforcement as already demonstrated;

92. We say that all varieties of Federal “State of State” corporations have no right to continue to
operate on our shores outside defined federal enclaves and are not allowed to use public
facilities belonging to the Alaska State and other States of the Continental United States so as
to confuse people and assume the identities of the States on the Land.
The is important
because these private for-profit franchises of bank-owned governmental services
corporations have occupied public buildings and pretended to be and/or represent the
actual Continental States while in fact operating in a different and foreign jurisdiction.
This is another aspect of the fraud and identity theft that must be addressed and

93. We say that the People and the States operating the land jurisdiction retained for themselves
all powers not directly and explicitly ceded to the Federal United States. That includes the right
to control all federal military and agency personnel operating on our soil. The Joint Chiefs of
Staff have been directed under the civil authority of the Continental United States to re-
commission the Grand Army of the Republic and to prepare to take action to protect the living
inhabitants of the Continental States in the event that the renegade Congress and the President
continue to make improper claims upon us.
This is important as it demonstrates the
seriousness of the situation and the need to take action to protect the public and the peace
from banks deploying commercial armies under the guise of being federal agencies. It also
exposes the same danger to the United States military – that they could be misused in the
same way;

94: We say that Western States which have been organized under Statehood Compacts are
owed immediate recognition of their land jurisdiction and receipt of all original patent to land
resources within their geographic borders and that the living People born in these
geographically defined States at any time since they entered into Statehood Compacts in Good
Faith are American State Citizens known to be peaceful inhabitants of the land of the
Continental United States.
This is important because the public peace and stability of the
region depends on fully honoring the Statehood Compacts;

95: We say that the living people and the geographically defined States must be set free of any
presumption or debt or encumbrance related to the Federal United States and its criminally mis-
administered governmental services corporations.
This is important because these entities
have promulgated fraud against their employers and benefactors as demonstrated by the
entire content of this affidavit;

96. We say that all members of the Federal United States military and law enforcement
agencies are under known and public contract and treaty to protect and defend the people and
the assets of the Continental United States, and that the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been issued
competent General Civil Orders under the Last Man Standing Rule to disarm and and all
Federal Agencies (FBI, CIA, FEMA, BATF, NSA, DHS, BLM, etc.) and to prevent these
agencies from being employed as commercial mercenary forces and to arrest any corporate
officer including Barack H. Obama who initiates any armed action whatsoever against the
people of the Continental United States.
This is important because anyone taking a
paycheck based on the labor and other assets of American State Citizens either allows
their good faith service under contract or they act as criminals subject to arrest and
prosecution. This includes the President of the United States Inc., and members of
“Congress” operating as corporate officers;

97. We say that Federal “State of State” officials are operating as undeclared federal corporate
officers and that they have no valid contract to administer or lease or control any asset of the
land jurisdiction of the Continental United States.
This is important because private
corporation officers are engaged in constructive fraud and are impersonating lawful
public officials and exercising public authority for private gain;

98: We say that just as we were never informed of these nefarious bankruptcies and false
claims hundreds of millions of other Americans were never informed. As we were self-
interestedly presumed upon, so were millions of others.
This is important because we have
only now become fully aware of the enormous crimes of the banking cartels and
governmental services corporations and Bar Associations and able to rebut the false
claims being made as a result of this con game;

99. We say that we are owed a full and accurate accounting of all assets of the land that have
been conscripted, manged, or otherwise controlled by any federal agency or corporation
including the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and that each American is
owed the proceeds from all bonds issued in their names and the interest from all investments
generally plus the mortgage payments they have made in error on all homes and private
businesses, plus the credit balances collected as “abandoned funds”, “capital credit accounts”
and “insurance and indemnity” accounts created and operated under their given names and that
we are likewise owed a similar accounting of all public assets conscripted by the Federal
United States and rightfully belonging to the Continental United States.
This is important to
set the records and accounts straight so that the country as a whole can make a clean

100. We say that the problem that now faces us and our world has been largely caused by the
failure of those responsible for the Jurisdiction of the Sea to honor their solemn obligations
owed to all nations everywhere. Control of our individual estates on the land and restoration of
our purloined credit and peaceful unopposed restoration of our lawful government on the land
is not subject to negotiation.
This is important because corporations are legal fictions that
exist only by agreement and for beneficial and lawful purposes;

101. We say that we contributed our faithful labor to improve the land we are heir to and build
sound homes upon it and to drill good water wells and to establish plantings of trees and
flowers and vegetables and useful herbs. Insomuch as we are able we have preserved the land
from disaster, damage, or pollution and have promoted its physical beauty and biological
health. We say that we are entitled by birthright to the enjoyment of the land we have improved
in this manner without claim or interference from any other individuals or any incorporated
entity on Earth and that preservation of such peaceful enjoyment of these and other natural
rights are the only reason that any government has a reason to exist.
This is important because
it establishes the basis of our claim in Natural Law and attaches it to The Declaration of

102. We say that as we demonstrated by allowing ourselves to be evicted under armed threat
rather than harm other innocent people and yet have continued our strong non-violent objection
and determined action to end this fraud and criminality and to reclaim our rightful property
assets, we encourage everyone to keep calm and go forward from here. There are only 515
people who are directly responsible for the operations of the Federal United States and only the
members of “Congress” are accountable for the Washington, D.C. Municipality and its
This is important because it demonstrates our will to keep the peace and treat
these matters as crimes and treaty violations;

103. We say that instead of looking at our differences which only serves the criminals who
skillfully use differences of religion and culture and skin color to divide and conquer us we
must re-train ourselves and our children to seek out our similarities so that we are never duped
into war for profit again, never mischaracterized again, never defrauded in this manner again.
This is important because it demonstrates the necessity of openly addressing systemic
criminality. It is only because we failed to do so in the past that these problems have
festered and left us still dealing with issues of peace, jurisdiction and slavery arising from
the Civil War;

104. We say that our only true duty is to nurture our planet and the animals and the rest of
mankind. As it was when Genesis was written it remains to this day.
This is important
because it attaches our claim and our will to the most ancient source of all Law of the
Land, the Torah, and clearly shows the intrinsic criminality of all those who destroy our
peace and our planet;

105. We say that poverty is caused by robbery for wherever we find poverty we find that people
have been robbed – robbed of their time or their resources or their credit or their good names or
their hope. People worldwide have been robbed by those they trusted and had reason to trust:
their own teachers, doctors, preachers, lawyers, judges, bankers, kings, presidents, Indian
Chiefs, and elected officials who have grossly abused their positions of trust.
This is important
because those who assume positions of trust owe an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to
all the rest of us and that obligation must be enforced;

106. We say that the actual problems we face are not caused by any of the scapegoats offered
up by the corporate propaganda machine. We must fix our attention instead on thousands of
ignorant local officials, on sheriffs and military officers who don't know their duty, on
dishonest lawyers and judges, on bankers who steal us blind, on doctors who show no true
concern for health, immoral religious leaders and criminals in political offices are the real
enemies we have to worry about from Boston to Bangkok.
This is important because we
can't fix a problem or seek justice until we define what it is and what it is not. We are now
finally in a position to do so. The problem doesn't lie with any of the innocent average
people trying to live their lives in peace and take care of their small bit of the planet. It
lies with criminally-minded megalomaniacs using corporate structures to defraud the
whole world;

107. We say that we are setting the history of this massive fraud scheme all verified as true
upon the public records and placing this Affidavit of Truth and Probate Cause before the
Members of the United States Congress who are directly and uniquely responsible for these
deplorable lies and repugnant claims made against the American People they claim to
represent, the President of the United States, Inc., the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are hired to
protect us, and all those law enforcement officers who are drawing their pay throughout the
world while allowing all this fraud, usury, violence, peonage, enslavement, and piracy to go on
and on and on.
This is important because although we have given them all fair notice of
this criminality before, they are now receiving Notice from the American Public served up
in front of the whole world;

108. We say that we are likewise placing this Affidavit before Pope Francis, Her Royal Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II, all Heads of State, all Senior members of All World Governments, all
Members of the United Nations and the Secretary General thereof.
This is important because
everyone on Earth deserves to know that the Popes messed up but are now trying to
correct, that the British Monarch continues to be uniquely responsible for this mess and
that all the Presidents and Chancellors and Heads of State are fiduciaries being called to
account for the condition of our world whether they took the proper Oath or not;

109. We say that we are placing this Affidavit before the Officers of the World Court, the
International War Crimes Tribunal, the Roman Curia, the Vatican Chancery Court, the British
High Court Chancery Division, and the United States Supreme court via this extremely Public
Affidavit claiming violation of our Natural Rights, violation and plunder of The National Trust
of the United Colonies of America, the United States trusts (1787) and (1789), violation of The
Supreme Perfected Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of America, and criminal
violation of individual State Trusts, The Treaty of Paris (1783), The Treaty of Versailles (1784),
The Treaty of Ghent (1814), the Treaty of Westminster (1794), all British Admiralty Treaties
owed to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States, commercial and administrative
default upon The Constitution for the united States of America giving rise to the existence of
the Federal United States, of The Alaska Statehood Compact and insomuch as the perpetrators
and their organizations are members of the United Nations and obligated to its charter and
declarations, violation of individual Human Rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights including the Universal Right of Self-Declaration, violation of UNCITRAL, and
violation of the Geneva Protocols of 1949, including volume II, Article 3.
This is important
because those responsible for this state of affairs died long ago and those presently
administering the train wreck cannot answer for it short of being gibbeted – which
attaches our Will and claim to the Law of Love and the Mercy Seat of Justice, such that
all those who now realize their errors and who turn away from them and assist in making
due correction are to be held harmless ant not held subject by this Affidavit of Truth and
Probable Cause to any law but the Law of Love;
We are requesting Permanent Protective Injunctions against the Federal United States,
the IMF, UNITED STATES, INC., the fifty STATE OF STATE franchises, the Washington
DC Municipality, the UNITED NATIONS, INC., the FEDERAL RESERVE and the fifty
state of state corporations recently set up by the new FEDERAL RESERVE and doing
business as OHIO, NEBRASKA, IDAHO...and all their franchises. We act in the Public
Interest and in behalf of ourselves and the Alaska State and all those living people
naturally inhabiting and belonging to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United
We claim all assets of the Continental United States, all trusts, utilities, copyrights,
patents, subdivisions, municipalities, land and assets of the land held in trust, insurances,
inheritances, stocks, bonds, securities, mortgages, titles, and profit derived from the assets
of the Continental United States and from our own assets including our labor, and we Will
a just and proportionate like-interest to all those who have been born on the land of the
Continental United States and who are owed both their private and public property
interests returned and set free and clear of fraudulent debt, claims, and conveyances,
including all deeds and titles to land and land assets held under color of law by corporate
franchises operating deceptively as States of States and under the given names of living
people, release of all mortgages and other dubious maritime contracts and salvage liens
tainted by fraud, return of all Promissory Notes obtained under conditions of non-
disclosure and semantic deceit, and settlement of all debts held against us, our fifty (50)
geographically defined States, and the land jurisdiction and assets of the Continental
United States in favor of (1) the living inhabitants and our own private estates and all
similar estates of living people inhabiting the land jurisdiction of the Several States on the
land; (2) the Alaska State and similar States geographically described and having actual
substance; and (3) the Continental United States as a whole;
We solemnly affirm that this Affidavit is true and confirmed by abundant public records
and corroborating testimony beyond reasonable doubt and we present it for the Good of
Mankind and in the Public Interest and for the recoupment of property and controlling
interests rightfully owed to us and our countrymen by the Federal United States and the
colluding international baking cartels and the governmental services corporations and
municipal corporate franchises that have violated our trust and their contracts – and for
no other reason or purpose.
We act as living beings naturally belonging to the land jurisdiction of the Continental
United States and acting thereon without any privilege of incorporation and desirous of
none, under penalty of perjury should we be found to have knowingly erred or
purposefully obfuscated any fact herein presented. Here are our autographs and our seals
presented by the flesh and in the flesh and in our own right without the Federal united
States, without any corporate office, without representation of any kind, being Witnessed
by these other living souls who are also present in the flesh and standing upon the land
jurisdiction of the Continental United States and whose autographs and seals similarly
appear as Witnesses before the courts of the world addressed and summoned and before
seven-billion-people-worldwide—all of whom have been harmed in some respect by those
who have committed these crimes and perpetuated these acts of fraud:


             Appendix – A

The United Colonies of America today
The Continental
United States
The Federal
United States
Municipal United
Regional United
Land Jurisdiction
Sea Jurisdiction
Sea Jurisdiction
Sea Jurisdiction
Civil Authority
Martial Authority
50 Nation States
57 Inchoate States
Millions of Public
Oligarchy run by
Oligarchy run by
The Constitution
for the united
States of America
the Constitution
of the United
States of America
the Constitution
of the United
American State
United States
U.S. Citizens or
Natural Rights
Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Human Rights
British Control
Charter and
Charter and
American Control
British Control
UN Corporation
“John Quincy
Adams” - a
Natural Person
“John Quincy
Adams” - a
foreign situs trust
ADAMS” Cestui
Que Vie Estate
ADAMS” - a
Silver Dollar
US Dollar
Federal Reserve
U.S. Treasury
(IMF) Notes

             Appendix – B

Dunn and Bradstreet Numbers of the US corporate Government and Most of Its Major

United States Government–052714196
US Department of Defense (DOD)–030421397
US Department of the Treasury-026661067
US Department of Justice (DOJ)-011669674
US Department of State-026276622
US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)-Office of the Secretary-112463521
US Department of Education-944419592
US Department of Energy-932010320
US Department of Homeland Security-932394187
US Department of the Interior-020949010
US Department of Labor-029536183
US Department of Housing & Urban Dev. (HUD)-Office of the Sec-030945779
US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-931691211
US Transportation security Administration (TSA)-050297655
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-056622429
Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP)-796730922
Federal Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)-130221646
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-057944910
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)-003259074
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-079933920
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-364281923
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-037751583
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-020309969
US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)-003475175
US Public Health Service (USPHS)-039294216
National Institutes of Health (NIH)-061232000
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)-927645465
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)-138182175
US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-040539587
Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Fed)-001959410
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-878865674
National Security Agency (NSA)-617395215
US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-167247027
Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco (BAFT)-1322823310
Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-926038563
Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)-926038407
DUNS Numbers of Each US Corporate State and Its Largest City
State of Alabama-004027553
City of Birmingham-074239450
State of Alaska-078198983
City of Fairbanks-079261830
State of Arizona-068300170
City of Phoenix-030002236
State of Arkansas-619312569
City of Little Rock-065303794
State of California-071549000
City of Los Angeles-159166271
State of Colorado-076438621
City of Denver-066985480
State of Connecticut-016167285
City of Bridgeport-156280596
State of Delaware-037802962
City of Wilmington-067393900
District of Columbia-949056860
City of Washington-073010550
State of Florida-004078374
City of Miami-965299576
State of Georgia-069230183
City of Atlanta-065372500
State of Hawaii-077676997
City of Honolulu-828979612
State of Idaho-071875734
City of Boise-070017017
State of Illinois-065232498
City of Chicago-556057206
State of Indiana-071789435
City of Indianapolis-964647155
State of Iowa-828089701
City of Davenport-963855494
State of Kansas-827975009
City of Wichita-069862755
State of Kentucky-828008883
City of Louisville-943445093
State of Louisiana-0612389911
City of New Orleans-033692404
State of Maine-061207536
City of Portland, Maine-071747802
State of Maryland-847612442
City of Baltimore-052340973
State of Massachussetts-138090548
City of Boston-007277284
State of Michigan-054698428
City of Detroit-021733631
State of Minnesota-050375465
City of Minneapolis-009901959
State of Mississippi-008210692
City of Jackson-020864955
State of Missouri-616963596
City of Kansas (City)-832496868
State of Montana-9457822027
City of Billings-068925759
State of Nebraska-041472307
City of Omaha-926604690
State of Nevada-123259447
City of Las Vegas-019342317
State of New Hampshire-066760232
City of Manchester-045009073
State of New Jersey-067373258
City of Newark-019092531
State of New Mexico-007111818
City of Albuquerque-129962346
State of New York-041002973
City of New York-021741036
State of North Carolina-830979667
City of Charlotte-809275006
State of North Dakota-098564300
City of Bismarck-080245640
State of Ohio-034309166
City of Columbus-010611869
State of Oklahoma-050411726
City of Oklahoma (City)-073131542
State of Oregon-932534998
City of Portland (Oregon)-054971197
State of Pennsylvania-933882784
City of Philadelphia-929068737
State of Rhode Island-008421763
City of Providence-069853752
State of South Carolina-067006072
City of Columbia-878281562
State of Tennessee-04143882
City of Memphis-051386258
State of Texas-002537595
City of Houston-967421590
State of Utah-009094301
City of Salt Lake City-017096780
State of Vermont-066760240
City of Burlington-037442977
State of Virginia-047850373
City of Virginia Beach-074736299
State of Washington-079248936
City of Seattle-009483561
State of West Virginia-828092515
City of Charleston-197931681
State of Wisconsin-001778349
City of Milwaukee-004779133
State of Wyoming-832826015
City of Cheyenne-021917273
DUNS Numbers for the United Nations Corporation and Some Agencies
United Nations (UN)-824777304
UN Development Program (UNDP)-793511262
UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-053317819
UN World Food Program (UNWFP)-054023952
UN International Children's Education Fund (UNICEF)-017698452
UN World Health Organization (WHO)-618736326ro

          Appendix – C

    The Basic Fraud Process

1. Members of the Federal United States Congress acting as Board Members of a governmental
services corporation owned by international banks pledge your assets and the future assets of
your children and your children's children as collateral backing the debts of their corporation.
You and your progeny are indebted far into the future as a result. You are born in debt, live in
debt, and die in debt as a result of their actions.

2. The same Members of the Federal United States Congress take the credit they have created
by indebting you and yours, and give it to the banks they work for. The banks thereby become
indebted to you.

3. The banks then loan your own assets back to you, your children, and others and charge you
anywhere from double (2X) up to eight hundred times (800X) the total amount of the “loan” in
exchange for this “service”.

4. All this activity generates a small profit back to the original “lenders” – you and your
children get a whooping one or two percent “profit” off this whole transaction.

5. This profit is presented like money from an investment – the current example is the TARP
Bailout. The Congress committed you up to $@ trillion dollars of debt, and now claims that a
profit of $166 billion has been realized as a result of this investment. (It sounds like a big
number, but $166 billion is nothing compared to $2 trillion.)

6. The same Members of Congress responsible for this criminality then “accept” the profit in
your behalf, which seals the contract and makes you liable to pay back the whole $2 trillion. If
it is your profit, after all, then the underlying debt that is generating that profit has to be yours,
too. – The real profit, of course, is being made by the bankers.

7. If not this final step, it would be easy to rebut the charges and deny any fiscal accountability,
but accepting any profit makes you appear to be (1) party to the fraud and (2) liable for
payment of the entire TARP Bailout – for example.

8. Of course, absolutely all of this is taking place without your knowledge, without your
consent, without your granted authority, and is being promoted by people merely claiming to
represent you. They haven't ever occupied the public offices competent to represent you.

9. The Members of Congress acting in this way and in such a capacity have no ability to indebt
you, your children, nor your grandchildren – but they will continue to work this fraud scheme
until you object. Loudly.

Federal State-Level Natural Resource and Public Property Fraud

1. Just as the Members of the Federal United States Congress make deals on your behalf
without ever actually occupying a public office of the continental United States, the Federal
State Governors and Legislatures pretend to fill public offices that rightfully belong to your
State on the Land and control natural resources and public property that belongs to you, too.

2. These Federal State of State franchise corporations, like State of Alaska and the STATE OF
ALASKA and most recently, “ALASKA” --- serve a variety of purposes, none of which are
beneficial to you. They act as a means to manipulate natural resource availability and act in
support of commodity market manipulations beneficial to the banks that own and control their
parent companies.

3. For example, Alaska has vast undeveloped oil and mineral wealth, and is therefore a threat to
banks and industrial interests that have other deposits of these same resources and fear
competition, or who want to cramp the market long term to create unnaturally high commodity
prices. So the “State of Alaska” Legislature does everything but actually build infrastructure –
gas pipelines, railroad interities, roads, ports, and other infrastructure-- that would bring
Alaska's resources to the world.

4. Instead, they create mini-statewide monopolies, by investing in critical public infrastructure
through third party intermediaries. For example, they have outside investment management
firms bu the only gas utility company in the state, and then selectively develop gas pipelines
projects that will guarantee the “State of Alaska” Corporation top dollar guaranteed returns on
the construction contracts and on the long term supply contracts by grouping the consumers
and making sure that energy remains very expensive in a State that has some of the most
abundant energy reserves on Earth.

5. In these and other ways, these private enterprises pretending to be public institutions choke
growth and development for selfish gains that have nothing to do with serving the people of
Alaska or Public Good.

6. The Alaska Permanent Fund is another example of the same fraud duplicity at work. Each year Alaskans – who are the actual resource owners – have to “apply” for a “Permanent fund
Dividend” if they want a small return on their resources and investments. This ploy is similar to
the “profit” from the TARP Bail Out debt. When the victims accept this “dividend” they
unknowingly serve their claims to the much greater proceeds that would otherwise be theirs.
This very brief and simplified discussion of typical Federal and Federal State misuse of people and property belonging to the Continental United States can be extrapolated throughout the

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