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Friday, September 29, 2017

5.Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake “iconic” photograph by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. & Dennis Cimino from Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

Shannon Hicks denies staging 
her fake “iconic” photograph 

by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. & Dennis Cimino 

“I am not in that photo. I took that photo. And I took it while covering 
the evacuation ofSHES on Friday, December 14, 2012 ’’-Shannon Hicks 

The photograph to which Shannon 
Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown 
Bee, refers is one that I (with Dan 
Cady) published in “The Sandy Hook 
‘Smoking Gun’: Game, Set, Match!”, 
which seems to be one in a series 
of staged photographs. 

Among the features that suggest they 
were staged is that, in the one to which 
she refers, a little girl is at the front of 
the conga line of students led by a police 
woman in uniform. But she is missing in Shannon’s “iconic” photograph. 

If this was taken in real time under emergency conditions, how could 
she have taken more than one? And, as we explain below, the white arrow is 
not in the same position in the two photos, which suggests the second was 
taken later. 

And there is no sense of urgency about any of this. You have bystanders- 
whom Shannon Hicks claims were parents picking up their children-but does 
anyone buy that? And there should have been around 469 students and 83 
faculty and staff to evacuate: Where are they? 

What became of her? 


Jim Fetzer 

The “Smoking Gun” 

Perhaps the most extraordinary proof that the Sandy Hook “shooting” 
was a fabricated event in which no children died is the “iconic” photograph 
that was taken by Shannon Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown Bee, 

which Dennis Cimino and I have subjected to an extensive and detailed 
analysis. It is the only photo we have of any children being evacuated from 
the school: 

Hicks claims to have taken this on 14 December 2012 during the 
evacuation of children from Sandy Hook Elementary School ( SHES). Rather 
to our astonishment, Dan Cady, “ The Sun and Sandy Hook", had published 
another photograph on 14 January 2013, more than a year-and-a-half prior to 
the efforts of Dennis Cimino and me to establish when her photograph was 
actually taken. N otice the absence of any frost on the ground or exhaust from 
their breathing, which will 
become important. 

On the basis of 
a shadow analysis, 
Dan concluded that 
the Shannon Hicks’ 
photograph was taken at 
9:45 AM on 12 November 
20 1 2, over a month before 
Sandy Hook. But shadow 

to] ta Krwtmm, Ca 


Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake “iconic” photograph 

analysis turns out to be surprisingly complex and, given the distribution of 
the vehicles in the photo and such, it_would not surprise me if it had been 
taken in much closer proximity to the event. It is less important when the 
photograph was taken than that we now have a second photo at approximately 
the same time. 

Notice how many 
indications are present 
that this photo wasstaged. 

There was no emergency 
in progress, the people 
behind the woman in 
the center (closest to 
the children, whom Dan 
Cady has identified as 
Lisa Terifay) appear part 
of a drill by their body 
language, where the conga 
line sequence in the first 
photo is missing the girl in 
the front, meaning Hicks ’ 
claim that she took that 
photo under emergency 
conditions is indefensible: 
they staged multiple shots 
and selected the one that 
they thought was best. 

Dan Cady has conjectured that Shannon Hicks is taking the picture of 
the conga line and the parents. It is his guess that Lisa Terifay (near center, 
blue sweatshirt, clear line of sight to the kids, in front of Shannon) took the 
photo that got the most attention. A relative of mine with a keen eye, however, 
has observed, on the basis of the location of the (driving direction) white 
arrow, that the “iconic” photo was taken later and from a different position, 
reinforcing that the photo was staged. And facebook commentator, Lisa 
Spears, has noticed that the cars there on 14 December 2012 don’t look 
the same as in Hicks’ photograph. 

William Shanley and Shannon Hicks 

William Shanley, a film maker of some note who resides in Connecticut, 
was so incensed by this discovery that he wrote toShannon Hicks about it, 
where she has now asserted that she had also taken the second photo above 
(which appears to have been taken prior to her “iconic” image) and that 


Jim Fetzer 

she is therefore not in the 
photograph itself, implying 
that Dan Cady’s conjecture 
was wrong: 

William was not satisfied 
and wrote back his strongly 
expressed dissatisfaction 
that what she was telling 
him was true. The key 
point here, I think, is not 
whether Shannon Hicks was 
in the second of these 
photographs that has now 
emerged but whether 
the first-the “iconic” 
photograph-was of a real 
event (a bona fide shooting 
in which 20 children died) 
or was instead staged (during 
a drill): 


Su6#»ctMf S«n0r Moot Smctotg Own 
Thu J4 JU 7C14 OB M 4« -0400 

TarW—in SftM rt toy **CAttUftnOOuBBae 

I »UU tut U* mu I 

I lint mmil, 

otmu *4} am 

14 2042 M I MB KM MM M 

fton Whn Sharfrr t msvto «nl 


% >m w hw 

B»4«t 4* SMyUniSnaitniGui 

ThM B b ywto 0 *y a-4 r Mhcft ■ ydu/ Bfir ■ >trg Pn 
ewcihJK Hyaj * t» jhcto, thar-yOJ MttWMtrg 

r« tor M fOi M* M CJBM • 

Dennis and I believe 
that his photograph 
not only proves the 
“iconic” Shannon Hicks’ 
photograph was staged but 
that the entire episode-the 
alleged shooting at the school-about which so many have published so much- 
was indeed an elaborately fabricated event in which no children died (as Paul 
Preston has reported has even been confirmed by officials in the Department 
of Education) to promote Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda. 

• pnacL avouch « a • cm, darr«g« •* 
tatnarrma 30* you (Knot ran 

rtemj iwvb y»u Mar mn! ty Vm drtl crpmuam? AriM r —j onai 
0«a ruMorUBMtanroio » I«OTMm»MONKr 


Enter Dan Hennen 

Imagine our surprise when I (Jim) discovered (among the comments on 
my “Smoking Gun” article) one from Dan Hennen, which provided a link 
that 1 had initially overlooked. When I followed the link, I was taken to a 
web page with the following (now familiar) photograph, accompanied by a 
caption stating, "Picture at Sandy Hook taken on October 1 7, 2012, during 
emergency drill at the school”, which reinforces the question it raises: 

Bear in mind, Shannon Hicks has acknowledged that she took this 
photograph. If we take for granted that she took it as well as her “iconic” 


Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake “iconic” photograph 

photograph, then when 
was it taken? She appears 
to be compounding the 
fraud by reaffirming that 
she took it “during the 
evacuation” of students 
at SHES. But we and 
others have noted before 
the absence of evidence 
that any evacuation took 
place, including that those 469 students are nowhere to be seen. 

As C.W. Wade and others who are attempting to defend the indefensible 
have observed, Shannon Hicks claims to have taken hundreds of photos at 
Sandy Hook, including of the evacuation. There are not “hundreds” but 
21-and no “evacuation” photos beyond those we have already seen. 

There are some photos of kids walking along Dickinston Drive (who 
are not K-4th graders) and others beside a car, but those are not “evacuation 
photos”. This must be “the new math”-and confirms there was no “evacuation” 
because it was a drill, not a shooting. 

Resolving the date 

We now have at least three dates attributed to this photograph: the official 
date of 14 December 2012 (by Shannon Hicks and the NENPA, presumably, 
which made her “Photographer of the Year” for taking it); on 12 November 
2012 (by Dan Cady); and on 17 October 2012 during a drill conducted at 
SHES (by Dan Hennen). It’s obvious that this photograph was staged, as 


Jim Fetzer 

What is this officer doing running away from the scene of the crime , for 
example? He ought to be assisting in dealing with the threat from the alleged 
shooter. If there was one, there might have been more. And notice the officer 
whose silhouette can be seen in the background in front of the school. He 
appears more concerned with what’s going on in the parking lot than with 
what’s going on inside the school. And for good reason: there was nothing 
going on inside the school! 

Shannon Hick’s “iconic” photograph was thus an essential element 
of (what can only be described as) an act of terrorism. The events reported 

can also be seen from this 
photo on that day with 
frost on the ground and 
exhaust from the cold: 

We have no frost 
on the ground or visible 
exhalation from the cold 
in the Shannon Hicks’ 
photograph, which makes 
the date of 14 December 2012 no longer even remotely plausible. We should 
be able to narrow it down between 12 November 2012 and 17 October 2012, 
where we are inclined to believe that it was taken during the earlier drill as 
Dan Hennen reported. But it cannot be an authentic photograph taken on 14 
December 2012. And other photos afford more evidence that this was a drill: 


Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake “iconic" photograph 

to have occurred at SHES on 14 December 2012 instilled fear into the hearts 
and minds of every American-parents and children alike-in order to make 
the people more amenable to manipulation to promote a political agenda. It 
was despicable conduct and a grotesque form of treason for which Barack 
Obama and Eric Holder bear ultimate responsibility. 

This chapter originally appeared as “Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake 
‘iconic ’photograph ” (24 July 2014), in veteranstoday.com. 


Jim Fetzer 


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