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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

USS Liberty Attack; Was It A False Flag CIA, NSA And Mossad Plan To Get US To Attack Egypt, Via Operation Cyanide, 303 Committee? Ralph Nader Discusses John McCain and Israel's Roles In The Bombing Of U.S.S. Liberty from A Green Road Journal

USS Liberty Attack; Was It A False Flag CIA, NSA And Mossad Plan To Get US To Attack Egypt, Via Operation Cyanide, 303 Committee? Ralph Nader Discusses John McCain and Israel's Roles In The Bombing Of U.S.S. Liberty







RT News talks about the 40 year anniversary of the attack on USS Liberty. 
To this day, the USS Liberty attack has never been fully investigated by impartial investigators. The two very cursory US and Israel inquiry conclusions do not match the evidence or the witness accounts.


USS Liberty Cover Up - Full Movie- The Loss Of Liberty
VIDEO: http://youtu.be/fFQrsdj7BLs 52 min.


Another source for this movie, in case the above link does not work...
USS Liberty Cover Up Full Movie The Loss Of Liberty US Navy Army Marines Military
VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/kBD6Gm6VoDM 52 min.

Liberty was cruising about 15 miles off the coast in international water, when without warning, 3 unmarked Mirage jets attacked the USS Liberty. After the jets got done attacking over and over again, then torpedo boats attacked it with at least 6 torpedoes. The torpedo boats also machine shot up all the life rafts and the boiler, trying to get the ship to explode, while leaving no escape in shark infested waters. Everyone assumed the ship would sink after a torpedo opened up a massive hole in the middle of the ship and it was shot full of thousands of holes.
Miraculously, the Liberty got off an SOS call to a nearby US America carrier. The US carrier captain was led to believe that Egypt had launched the attack on the ship. So the US carrier nearby launched two bombers, armed with nuclear bombs. The target for the nuclear bomb attack was Cairo, Egypt. The nuclear bombs were only minutes away from being delivered.
Then the US military high command called the carrier and told them to recall the nuclear bombers. Those bombers landed on the carrier, and were refitted with regular bombs, and then launched again. McNamara called the carrier and told them to recall those bombers too. The carrier commander challenged the order and President Lyndon Johnson came on the line and told the captain that he did not care of the USS Liberty sunk, he was not going to embarrass his allies (Israel).  In a recent interview, McNamara said he "knows nothing about it".

The same carrier also launched a squad of 12 jets to 'rescue' the Liberty from the attack, but those jets were recalled as well. 
Later, the US embassy was notified by the Israelis that a 'mistaken' attack had occurred on the USS Liberty. President Johnson announced the attack on the Liberty was a mistake and covered it all up. The New York Times put the story on page 29. 


The reasons for the attack are now clear. The Israelis hoped that the Americans would think Egypt attacked the USS Liberty and that this would draw the US into the war, just like the false claim of an attack on a US ship drew the US into a war in Vietnam. This is why the jets attacking the ship were unmarked.

The attacking jets called in and told their base that this was a US ship, and had them repeat the orders to attack it, twice. 
This attack happened, with the FOREKNOWLEDGE of certain people in the US and Israeli governments. If the ship had been sunk and all hands lost, the US could have said Egypt did it, with Soviet backing and the US would have been drawn into the war. 
This plan was hatched by MOSSAD and the CIA in the US. The plan was for the US to invade Egypt and overthrow Nasser. The plan had a code name 'Cyanide'. A key figure was James Angleton, a key figure in the CIA.


46: Proof that there was submarine in the water near Israel via a one page document with hand written note on it, sourced from the 303 Committee. The 303 Committee met around the corner from the White House, and consisted of high level CIA talking about how the President would be affected by a secret covert CIA operation if it failed, according to former CIA director Helmes. The 303 Committee met to discuss a combination submarine and USS Liberty operation, to 'help Israel'. 
There were also secret sealed documents in the safe of the USS Liberty, which were to be opened only in case of larger 'war' breaking out. 
49: Operation Cyanide did exist, and it consisted of joint submarine and ship exercises to counter Soviet operations in Egypt, including destruction of airports and jets in Egypt. It also consisted of unmarked Israeli and US jets, some of which were used on the attack against the Liberty. The only question left is; were the jets Israeli, or repainted US jets? Were the pilots US pilots, or Israeli pilots?


51; Some US jets were disguised as Israeli jets. The US was secretly in the 7 day war with Israel, helping them actively, as published in at least 3 major US news media outlets, along with pictures proving this was the case. After this attack, six Arab nations broke diplomatic relations with the US. 
53: Both the sailors and the families of the victims of the ship attack were told to not talk to anyone about it. One woman who's husband was a NSA operative, said that the NSA stayed in her house for a month after the attack and monitored everyone who came and everyone she spoke to. The families were never told what happened, or why anyone died by the NSA, the military or the CIA. At the funeral of the NSA operative, many people showed up for it, but the wife did not know most of those who were there.
Israeli attack on USS Liberty
VIDEO: http://youtu.be/fRZSzdQuOqM


55: The Navy investigation was led by an Admiral who seemed to have made up his mind about the whole thing before it even began, Despite testimony from the Chief Engineer aboard the ship about machine gunning of the life raft, napalming of the decks of the ship, and all of the other details of the attack for about 3 hours. But it turned out that much of that testimony was NEVER RECORDED, so it was not even part of the record of the investigation. The inquiry was not interested in what he had to say, despite him acting as captain during much of the attack, due to the captain blacking out from injuries sustained.


Ralph Nader discusses John McCain and Israel's bombing in the U.S.S. Liberty. From The Forum Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio. 
John McCain's father was Admiral McCain, who was in charge of the US Navy  investigation of the USS Liberty attack. 


56: Merlin Staring; the Navy's top lawyer, reviewed the final report by the Navy and said that the report did not seem to support the conclusion that Israel attacked the ship in error. There was no evidence that the attack was in error. The Court of Inquiry reached a conclusion, but  Staring could not find any evidence or testimony that would support this conclusion. 
57: Even today, 30 years later, the US Navy refuses to comment about it because it is so sensitive.


58: US Asst. Secretary of State Lucius Battle, believes that there was a cover up. McNamara refused to say anything about the incident, and would not confirm or deny anything. An Israeli inquiry concluded it was due to 'blunders' and innocent mistakes. Curiously, no one was charged or court marshaled on either the US or Israeli side. 
1:00 The men on the USS Liberty were ordered to keep everything about the attack a secret and not talk about it to their families, spouses, neighbors, press or anyone else, under threat of court martial. The Navy redeployed the men from the USS Liberty and scattered them all across the Navy, so that no two men were ever posted together on the same ship or in the same place. Even the medals awarded, were given in secret, not in public view. They all got their medals in secret, along with a warning, to never say where they got it, or what it was for. 
1:02 Capt. McGonagle knew something really bad happened, and that it had gone really badly, so he made a decision to get out of the Navy and resign his commission. He was awarded the highest award possible as a captain, but instead of the President giving it to him in public as was normally done, it was given to him by the Secretary of the Navy, in secret at the Navy yard, instead of at the White House, by the President. 
1:03 President Johnson did not want any of this made public. He thought it would harm relations with Israel. I witnessed a cover up of a huge magnitude. I witnessed citations being given and positions being awarded to any position in the Navy that was desired, in order to buy silence, nothing more and nothing less. The silence paid off. The captain never stepped forward or said anything until the end of his life, on his deathbed. What would have happened if he had stepped forward in 1967?
Presidential elections were coming up. No one wanted this incident to spoil the elections. 
1:06 The legacy of the USS Liberty consists of more suspicion, mistrust, and bitterness. The survivors are left with the memory of a cover up. Jim Ellis wrote a book about it. He hoped that the book would trigger a Congressional investigation and answer the open questions, but that never happened. The cover up stayed in place, just like concrete.  
1:07 There are 34 guys that can't talk, because they are dead. There are 34 guys that need some answers. There is the rest of the crew that also need answers. The guys were were ordered to pull the trigger, who gave them? The guys who gave the order, got away with murder. 


PressTV: USS LIBERTY Operation Cyanide, False Flag Attack
VIDEO: http://youtu.be/Ye_0oe81zhc 5 min.
USS Liberty – OPERATION CYANIDE – Incredible Disclosures of Israeli-American False Flag
As the documentary film shows, the USS Liberty was somehow able to miraculously overcome the sabotaged radio “jamming” and sent out a distress call to the American fleet. It also miraculously survived a midship torpedo. The boilers did not explode. 34 American sailors died – but it SHOULD have been 100% dead! Jets armed with nuclear bombs were actually scrambled from the carrier USS America with orders to nuke Cairo. Once Defense Secretary McNamara and Lying Bastard Johnson realized that the Liberty had not sunk, and that U.S. eyewitnesses were not only alive, but were actually communicating with other American ships, the U.S. jets carrying the nukes were recalled to their carrier by direct orders from McNamara and Johnson. Incredible!!! No wonder the survivors were ordered to keep silent at all costs!... Notice that the Israeli jets that attacked the Liberty that bright. clear, June day were delta-wing Mirage aircraft – with no identifying marks. It is clear that there was no “mistake” – this was deliberate and planned – without a doubt. Listen to the Israelis DENY any malfeasance, even now. This is completely unacceptable and unforgivable. Notice also the MOSSAD agents refusing to say a word about the incident 35 years later!
HIGH TREASON: Pres. Johnson:USS Liberty – OPERATION CYANIDE – Incredible Disclosures of Israeli-American False Flag
1. The plan was to torpedo and sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt. Everyone on board had to die in order for the LIE to succeed! There could be no surviving witnesses. 
2. Egypt would immediately be attacked with NUCLEAR weapons in retaliation.
3. The Soviet Union would then attack America in like manner. 
4. WW III would erupt.
As the documentary film shows, the USS Liberty was somehow able to miraculously overcome the sabotaged radio “jamming” and sent out a distress call to the American fleet. 
It also miraculously survived a midship torpedo. The boilers did not explode. 34 American sailors died – but it SHOULD have been 100% dead! Jets armed with nuclear bombs were actually scrambled from the carrier USS America with orders to nuke Cairo.
Once Defense Secretary McNamara (VN: He became the head of the world bank after this fiasco, scum) and Lying Bastard Johnson realized that the Liberty had not sunk, and that U.S. eyewitnesses were not only alive, but were actually communicating with other American ships, the U.S. jets carrying the nukes were recalled to their carrier by direct orders from McNamara and Johnson.


US Liberty survivor speech at the No more Wars For Israel Conference on October 13, 2007. He speaks about his experience on the US ship that was attacked by Israel in 1967 where many US sailors died in the attack. See this powerful speech, it will shock and awe you. 
Also see Dr. Hesham Tillawi Keynote speech at the same conference at the following link: 


Ernie Gallo (USS LIBERTY attack survivor) speaks about the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.


Wikipedia; "The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Testimony contains, as an aside matter during hearings concerning a foreign aid authorization bill, questions and statements from several senators and responses from then Secretary of DefenseRobert McNamara, about the Liberty attack. For the most part, the senators were dismayed about the attack, as expressed by Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper
"From what I have read I can't tolerate for one minute that this [attack] was an accident." Also, there was concern about obtaining more information about the attack, as expressed by Committee chairman J. William Fulbright: "We asked for [the attack investigation report] about two weeks ago and have not received it yet from Secretary Rusk. ... 
By the time we get to it we will be on some other subject." Secretary McNamara promised fast delivery of the investigation report ("... you will have it in four hours."), and concluded his remarks by saying: "I simply want to emphasize that the investigative report does not show any evidence of a conscious intent to attack a U.S. vessel."[61]
The House Armed Services Committee investigation report is titled, "Review of Department of Defense Worldwide Communications". It was not an investigation focused on the Liberty attack; although, the committee's report contains a section that describes communications flow involved with the Liberty incident.
The NSA History Report is, as its name connotes, a historical report that cited the U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry record, various military and government messages and memorandum, and personal interviews for its content. The report ends with a section entitled, "Unanswered Questions", and provides no conclusion regarding culpability.


The Liberty Veterans Association (composed of veterans from the ship) states that U.S. congressional investigations and other U.S. investigations were not actually investigations into the attack, but rather reports using evidence only from the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry, or investigations unrelated to culpability that involved issues such as communications. In their view, the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry is the only actual investigation on the incident to date. 
They say it was hastily conducted, in only 10 days, even though the court's president, Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd, said that it would take six months to conduct properly. The inquiry's terms of reference were limited to whether any shortcomings on the part of the Liberty's crew had contributed to the injuries and deaths that resulted from the attack.[62] According to the Navy Court of Inquiry's record of proceedings, four days were spent hearing testimony: two days for fourteen survivors of the attack and several U.S. Navy expert witnesses, and two partial days for two expert U.S. Navy witnesses. No testimony was heard from Israeli personnel involved. Some intelligence and military officials dispute Israel's explanation.[66]


Dean Rusk, U.S. Secretary of State at the time of the incident, wrote:
I was never satisfied with the Israeli explanation. Their sustained attack to disable and sink Liberty precluded an assault by accident or some trigger-happy local commander. Through diplomatic channels we refused to accept their explanations. I didn't believe them then, and I don't believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous.[67]
Retired naval Lieutenant Commander James Ennes, a junior officer (and off-going Officer of the Deck) on Liberty '​s bridge at the time of the attack, authored a book titled Assault on the Liberty describing the incident during the Six Day War in June 1967 and saying, among other things, that the attack was deliberate.[68] Ennes andJoe Meadors, also survivors of the attack, run a website about the incident.[69] 
Meadors states that the classification of the attack as deliberate is the official policy of the USS Liberty Veterans Association,[70] to which survivors and other former crew members belong. Other survivors run several additional websites. Citing Ennes's book, Lenczowski notes: Liberty '​s personnel received firm orders not to say anything to anybody about the attack, and the naval inquiry was conducted in such a way as to earn it the name of "coverup".[55]
In 2002, Captain Ward Boston, JAGC, U.S. Navy, senior counsel for the Court of Inquiry, said that the Court of Inquiry's findings were intended to cover up what was a deliberate attack by Israel on a ship that the Israelis knew to be American. In 2004, in response to the publication of A. Jay Cristol's book The Liberty Incident, which Boston said was an "insidious attempt to whitewash the facts" Boston prepared and signed an affidavit in which he said that Admiral Kidd had told him that the government ordered Kidd to falsely report that the attack was a mistake, and that Boston and Kidd both believed the attack was deliberate.[71] On the issue Boston wrote, in part:
The evidence was clear. Both Admiral Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack, which killed 34 American sailors and injured 172 others, was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. Each evening, after hearing testimony all day, we often spoke our private thoughts concerning what we had seen and heard. I recall Admiral Kidd repeatedly referring to the Israeli forces responsible for the attack as 'murderous bastards.' It was our shared belief, based on the documentary evidence and testimony we received first hand, that the Israeli attack was planned and deliberate, and could not possibly have been an accident. Cristol wrote about Boston's professional qualifications and integrity, on page 149 of his book:
Boston brought two special assets in addition to his skill as a Navy lawyer. He had been a naval aviator in World War II and therefore had insight beyond that of one qualified only in the law. Also, Kidd knew him as a man of integrity. On an earlier matter Boston had been willing to bump heads with Kidd when Boston felt it was more important to do the right thing than to curry favor with the senior who would write his fitness report.


Cristol believes that Boston is not telling the truth about Kidd's views and any pressure from the U.S. government.[72] Cristol, who also served as an officer of the U.S. Navy's Judge Advocate General, suggests that Boston was responsible in part for the original conclusions of the Court of Inquiry and, that by later declaring that they were false, Boston has admitted to "lying under oath." 
Cristol also notes that Boston's statements about pressure on Kidd were hearsay, and that Kidd was not alive to confirm or deny them. He also notes that Boston did not maintain, prior to his affidavit and comments related to it, that Kidd spoke of such instructions to Boston or to others. Finally, Cristol provides a handwritten 1991 letter from Admiral Kidd[73] that, according to Cristol, "suggest that Ward Boston has either a faulty memory or a vivid imagination".


The Anti-Defamation League supports Cristol's opinion:
... according to his own account, Boston's evidence of a cover-up derives not from his own part in the investigation but solely on alleged conversations with Admiral Kidd, who purportedly told him he was forced to find that the attack was unintentional. Kidd died in 1999 and there is no way to verify Boston's statements. However, Cristol argues that the 'documentary record' strongly indicated that Kidd 'supported the validity of the findings of the Court of Inquiry to his dying day.'[74]
According to James Ennes, however, Admiral Kidd urged Ennes and his group to keep pressing for an open congressional probe.[75]
The following arguments, found in official reports or other sources, were published to support that the attack was due to mistaken identity: Accidents do occur in wartime. According to journalist Ze'ev Schiff, the day before the attack on the Liberty, Israeli aircraft had bombed an Israeli armored column south of the West Bank town of Jenin, demonstrating such mistakes do happen.[76]
The incident took place during the Six Day War when Israel was engaged in battles with two Arab countries and preparing to attack a third, creating an environment where mistakes and confusion were prevalent. For example, at 11:45, a few hours before the attack, there was a large explosion on the shores of El-Arish followed by black smoke, probably caused by the destruction of an ammunition dump by retreating Egyptian forces. The Israeli army thought the area was being bombarded, and that an unidentified ship offshore was responsible. (According to U.S. sources, Liberty was 14 nmi (16 mi; 26 km) from those shores at the time of the explosion.)
As the torpedo boats rapidly approached, Liberty opened fire on them. This was after the aerial attacks. At the inquiry, Commander McGonagle expressed that the torpedo boats appeared to be approaching in an attack formation. Thus, he sent a person to the forward machine gun to fire at them. After several shots were fired, McGonagle ordered cease fire. Then a machine gun on 03 level sounded like it was firing, but nobody was seen at the gun. McGonagle said that he felt sure the torpedo boat captains believed they were under fire from the Liberty. Ensign Lucas, the ship's gunnery officer who left the bridge shortly after the beginning of the air attack and then returned during the torpedo boat attack, testified that he gave permission for manned firing of the 03 level machine gun after the torpedo boats began firing at Liberty. Then, later when the gun was unmanned, heat from a nearby fire apparently caused machine gun rounds at the 03 level gun to explode.[20]
Admiral Shlomo Erell, former head of the Israeli Navy in 1967, states that no successful argument of benefit has been presented for Israel purposely attacking an American warship, especially considering the high cost of predictable complications that would follow after attacking a powerful ally, and the fact that Israel notified the American embassy immediately after the attack.[77]
Amidships starboard hull andsuperstructure attack damage
Several books and the BBC documentary USS Liberty: Dead in the Water argued that Liberty was attacked in order to prevent the U.S. from knowing about the forthcoming attack in the Golan Heights, which would violate a cease-fire to which Israel's government had agreed.[78] However, Syria did not accept the cease fire until 9 June, after the attack on Liberty.[79] Russian author Joseph Daichman, in his book History of the Mossad, states Israel was justified in attacking the Liberty.[80] Israel knew that American radio signals were intercepted by the Soviet Union and that the Soviets would certainly inform Egypt of the fact that, by moving troops to the Golan Heights, Israel had left the Egyptian border undefended.[81]
Lenczowski notes that while the Israeli decision to "attack and destroy" the ship "may appear puzzling", the explanation seems to be found in Liberty '​s nature and its task to monitor communications on both sides in the war zone. He writes, "Israel clearly did not want the U.S. government to know too much about its dispositions for attacking Syria, initially planned for 8 June, but postponed for 24 hours. It should be pointed out that the attack on Liberty occurred on 8 June, whereas on 9 June at 3 am, Syria announced its acceptance of the cease-fire. Despite this, at 7 am, that is, four hours later, Israel's minister of defense,Moshe Dayan, "gave the order to go into action against Syria."[82] He further writes that timely knowledge of this decision and preparatory moves toward it "might have frustrated Israeli designs for the conquest of Syria's Golan Heights" and, in the sense of Ennes's accusations, provides "a plausible thesis that Israel deliberately decided to incapacitate the signals-collecting American ship and leave no one alive to tell the story of the attack."[83]
U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Barbour, had reported on the day of the Liberty attack that he "would not be surprised" by an Israeli attack on Syria, and the IDF Intelligence chief told a White House aide then in Israel that "there still remained the Syria problem and perhaps it would be necessary to give Syria a blow."[84]
The 1981 book Weapons by Russell Warren Howe says that Liberty was accompanied by the Polaris ballistic missile-armed Lafayette-class submarine USS Andrew Jackson, which filmed the entire episode through its periscope but was unable to provide assistance. According to Howe: "Two hundred feet below the ship, on a parallel course, was its 'shadow'—the Polaris strategic submarine Andrew Jackson, whose job was to take out all the Israeli long-range missile sites in the Negev if Tel Aviv decided to attack Cairo, Damascus or Baghdad. This was in order that Moscow would not have to perform this task itself and thus trigger World War Three."[85]
James Bamford, a former ABC News producer, in his 2001 book Body of Secrets,[86] says Israel deliberately attacked Liberty to prevent the discovery of what he described as war crimes, including the killing of Egyptian prisoners of war by the IDF that he alleges was taking place around the same time in the nearby town of El-Arish.[87] However according to CAMERA his claim that 400 were executed has been cast into doubt since reporters present in the town claimed that there had in fact been a large battle and this was the main cause of casualties.[88] Bamford also claimed that eyewitness Gabi Bron had claimed he saw 150 people executed by Israeli troops at El-Arish.[86] However Gabi Bron claimed to have only seen 5 people executed by Israeli troops.[89][90]
The press release for the BBC documentary film Dead in the Water states that new recorded and other evidence suggests the attack was a "daring ploy by Israel to fake an Egyptian attack" to give America a reason to enter the war against Egypt. Convinced that the attack was real, President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson launched allegedly nuclear-armed aircraft targeted against Cairo from a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. The aircraft were recalled only just in time, when it was clear the Liberty had not sunk and that Israel had carried out the attack. 
Also confusing this issue is an oral history report from the American Embassy in Cairo, now in the LBJ Library, which notes that the Embassy received an urgent message from Washington warning that Cairo was about to be bombed by US forces, presumably in mistaken retaliation for the USS Liberty attack. That strange message was never explained or cancelled.[91]
The video also provides evidence of a covert alliance of U.S. and Israel intelligence agencies.[92]
Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a critic of the official United States Government version of events, chaired a non-governmental investigation into the attack on the USS Liberty in 2003. The committee, which included former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia James E. Akins, held Israel to be culpable and suggested several theories for Israel's possible motives, including the desire to blame Egypt and bring the U.S. into the Six Day War.[93]
On 10 October 2003, The Jerusalem Post ran an interview with Yiftah Spector, one of the pilots who participated in the attack,[100] and thought to be the lead pilot of the first wave of aircraft. Spector said the ship was assumed to be Egyptian, stating that: "I circled it twice and it did not fire on me. My assumption was that it was likely to open fire at me and nevertheless I slowed down and I looked and there was positively no flag." The interview also contains the transcripts of the Israeli communications about the Liberty. The journalist who transcribed the tapes for that article, Arieh O'Sullivan, later confirmed that "the Israeli Air Force tapes he listened to contained blank spaces."[7]
The Liberty '​s survivors contradict Spector. According to subsequently declassified NSA documents: "Every official interview of numerous Liberty crewmen gave consistent evidence that indeed the Liberty was flying an American flag—and, further, the weather conditions were ideal to ensure its easy observance and identification."[101]


On 8 June 2005, the USS Liberty Veterans Association filed a "Report of War Crimes Committed Against the U.S. Military, June 8, 1967" with the Department of Defense (DoD). They say Department of Defense Directive 2311.01E requires the Department of Defense to conduct a thorough investigation of the allegations contained in their report. DoD has responded that a new investigation will not be conducted since a Navy Court of Inquiry already investigated the facts and circumstances surrounding the attack.


As of 2006, the National Security Agency (NSA) has yet to declassify "boxes and boxes" of Liberty documents. Numerous requests under both declassification directives and the Freedom of Information Act are pending in various agencies including the NSA, Central Intelligence Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency. "On 8 June 2007, the National Security Agency released hundreds of additional declassified documents on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, a communications interception vessel, on 8 June 1967."[102]


On 2 October 2007, The Chicago Tribune published a special report[7] into the attack, containing numerous previously unreported quotes from former military personnel with first-hand knowledge of the incident. Many of these quotes directly contradict the U.S. National Security Agency's position that it never intercepted the communications of the attacking Israeli pilots, saying that not only did transcripts of those communications exist, but also that it showed the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel.


Two diplomatic cables written by Avraham Harman, Israel's ambassador in Washington, to Abba Eban Israel's minister of foreign affairs, have been declassified by Israel and obtained from the Israel State Archive. The first cable, sent five days after the attack, informs Eban that a U.S. informant told him (Harman) that there was "clear proof that from a certain stage the pilot discovered the identity of the ship and continued the attack anyway."[103] The second cable, sent three days later, added that the White House is "very angry" because "the Americans probably have findings showing that our pilots indeed knew that the ship was American."[7]
On 30 October 2014, Al Jazeera English broadcast a documentary film containing recent first-hand accounts by several survivors of the incident.[105]
Details in dispute
The "Second Ensign" flown during the attack.


Official American reports say that the Liberty was flying her American flag before, during and after the attack; the only exception being a brief period in which one flag had been shot down and then replaced with a larger flag that measured approximately 13 ft (4.0 m) long. 
U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry finding number 2 states: "The calm conditions and slow speed of the ship may well have made the American flag difficult to identify." And finding number 28 states: "Flat, calm conditions and the slow five knot patrol speed of LIBERTY in forenoon when she was being looked over initially may well have produced insufficient wind for steaming colors enough to be seen by pilots".[106]

The NSA History Report (page 41) states: "... every official interview of numerous Liberty crewmen gave consistent evidence that indeed the Liberty was flying an American flag—and, further, the weather conditions were ideal to ensure its easy observance and identification."
Surviving crew members of the Liberty say that Israel's attack on the ship was "deliberate" and with full knowledge that the vessel was American. 
Admiral Tom Moorer stated that the Liberty was the most identifiable ship in the U.S. Navy and in an interview with the Washington Post stated: "To suggest that they [the IDF] couldn't identify the ship is ... ridiculous. Anybody who could not identify the Liberty could not tell the difference between the White House and the Washington Monument." 


Liberty bore an eight-foot-high "5" and a four-foot-high "GTR" along either bow, clearly indicating her hull (or "pendant") number (AGTR-5), and had 18-inch (460 mm)-high letters spelling the vessel's name across the stern. These markings were not cursive Arabic script but in the Latin alphabet. 
Ship's identification known during attack: A James Bamford book, Body of Secrets, by James Bamford,[108] published in 2001, said that secret NSA intercepts recorded by an American EC-121 reconnaissance aircraft indicate that Israeli pilots had full knowledge they were attacking a U.S. vessel.[109] This 2001 proposition has played a significant role in the ongoing controversies about the incident, and continues to be widely cited. 
The tapes were later released by the National Security Agency in 2003 as a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by Judge and author A. Jay Cristol. However, instead of the EC-121 attack tapes requested by the FOIA request, the tapes released contained post-attack communications of Israeli helicopter pilots, their ground controller, and someone on one of the torpedo boats. 
The helicopters were sent to the attack site to provide assistance after the air attack. The helicopter pilots noticed an American flag flying from the ship almost immediately upon their arrival at the attack site[110] and informed their controller. See other sources for a link to the NSA website with complete transcripts. The NSA Website denies that there are any U.S. recordings of the attack itself; although, this is disputed by several intelligence specialists who say they read the original transcripts.


The American crew says the attacking aircraft did not make identification runs over Liberty, but rather began to strafe immediately
The Naval Court of Enquiry, based on the Israeli timeline of events, found "One may infer from the fact that within a period of approximately 15 minutes, the request was transmitted (for aircraft to be dispatched), received, a command decision made, aircraft dispatched, and the attack launched, that no significant time was expended in an effort to identify the ship from the air before the attack was launched."[111]


According to Body of Secrets, by James Bamford, Liberty crewmen (including the Officer-of-the-Deck) and the Court of Enquiry findings the ship was steaming at 5 kn (5.8 mph; 9.3 km/h) at the time of the attack.
Commander W.L. McGonagle in his damaged cabin after the attack
Motive: James Bamford, among others, says one possible motive was to prevent the United States from eavesdropping on Israeli military activities and monitoring the events taking place in nearby Gaza.[109] In a study of the incident concluding that there was insufficient evidence to support either accidental or deliberate attack, Colonel Peyton E. Smith wrote of the possibility that "The attack was most likely deliberate for reasons far too sensitive to be disclosed by the US (or) Israeli government and that the truth may never be known".[112] 
Author and former crew member James M. Ennes theorized, in the epilogue of his book Assault on the Liberty, that the motive was to prevent the ship's crew from monitoring radio traffic that might reveal Israel being the aggressor in its impending invasion of Syria, which the White House opposed. 
Israeli aircraft markings: The USS Liberty Veterans Association says that the attacking Israeli aircraft were not marked,[70]but a crewmember recalls watching a Jewish officer cry on seeing the blue Star of David on their fuselages.[7] The torpedo boats that attacked Liberty did fly the flag of Israel.[45]


Jamming: During U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry testimony, Wayne L. Smith, Radioman Chief, testified: "... We did have [radio frequency] jamming in my estimation. I was unable to determine this exactly, but every time it seems when an attack was made on us, or a strafing run, it was preceded by, anywhere from 25 to 30 seconds, carrier on our HICOM circuit, and I had ascertained to check this by calling the transmitter room and they said that they had not keyed the transmitter. This prevailed during the attack and quite a bit after the attack, intermittently." In a U.S. Navy message dated 11 July 1967, sent by Rear Admiral Kidd (senior member of Naval Court of Inquiry) via the Naval Communications Unit, Naples, Italy to Commander in Chief U.S. Navy Europe and Chief Naval Operations, Rear Admiral Kidd stated, in part: "Liberty reported apparent discriminate jamming on certain CW and voice circuits just before and during each aircraft's individual attack. Effect was to scare mischief out of those below who heard it start, because they knew a rocket or bomb would soon follow." None of the Israeli Defense Forces' investigations or reports confirm or deny radio frequency jamming was performed during or following the attack.


Visual communications: Joe Meadors, the signalman on bridge, states that "Immediately prior to the torpedo attack, he was on the Signal Bridge repeatedly sending 'USS Liberty U.S. Navy Ship' by flashing light to the torpedo boats." The Israeli boats say they sent the signal "AA" (general call) for which the formal reply would be TTTT later followed by both vessels sending identification codes. Commander Moshe Oren says he thought Liberty signaled AA in reply, which was the same reply he received from the Egyptian destroyer Ibrahim el Awal eleven years earlier. Oren then consulted "The Red Book" (identification of Arabian navies) noting that the only match for the "old tub" with one funnel and two masts was the El Quseir. Meadors says he never sent "AA".[114]


Israeli ships' actions after the torpedo hit: Officers and men of Liberty say that after the torpedo attack and the abandon ship order, motor torpedo boats strafed the ship's topside with automatic gunfire preventing men from escaping from below, and either machine-gunned or confiscated the empty life rafts that had been set afloat.[115][116] The IDF says that Liberty was not fired upon after the torpedo attack and that a rescue raft was fished from the water while searching for survivors.[117]


U.S. rescue attempts: At least two rescue attempts were launched from U.S. aircraft carriers nearby but were recalled, according to the Liberty '​s senior Naval Security Group officer, Lieutenant Commander David Lewis. Lewis made an audio recording and later wrote about a meeting 6th Fleet Rear Admiral Lawrence Geis requested in his cabins: "He told me that since I was the senior Liberty survivor on board he wanted to tell me in confidence what had actually transpired. He told me that upon receipt of our SOS, aircraft were launched to come to our assistance and then Washington was notified. He said that the Secretary of Defense (Robert McNamara) had ordered that the aircraft be returned to the carrier, which was done. 
RADM Geis then said that he speculated that Washington may have suspected that the aircraft carried nuclear weapons so he put together another flight of conventional aircraft that had no capability of carrying nuclear weapons. These he launched to assist us and again notified Washington of his actions. Again McNamara ordered the aircraft recalled. He requested confirmation of the order being unable to believe that Washington would let us sink. This time President Johnson ordered the recall with the comment that he did not care if every man drowned and the ship sank, but that he would not embarrass his allies. This is, to the best of my ability, what I recall transpiring 30 years ago."


Robert Greenwald - The CIA, 1% And Government War on Whistleblowers; via @AGreenRoad

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Bobby Kennedy,  'Evidence of Murder' Movie - CIA Links to John Kennedy Assassination
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Civil Trial Verdict: MLK Was Assassinated by FBI And CIA
President Kennedy Speaks On Dangers of Secrecy, Classified, Top Secrets Culture Inside CIA, NSA, 18 US Intelligence Agencies


John McCain's father helped cover up the Liberty disaster. The above video shows how the media and politicians today, including John McCain, treat the Veterans who stood for freedom and democracy on board the USS Liberty. His father refused to send aircraft to help the Liberty, according to this poster. 


This is just another dark underbelly incident inside of the secret shadow government made up of agencies like the CIA and NSA. They seem to operate outside the laws and rules of normal society and their motives are extremely suspect, due to President's being in control of them, with no other oversight or controls. A sociopathic President can literally get away with starting wars, committing murder and assassinating anyone he/she likes, while having control of a super secret budget that no one knows anything about, except for the President. Any US President has his own secret army of assassins, warmongers, torturers, and more. Do you trust all US President's present and future, to use this secret army for only good things?

Is this the kind of United States that people really want? Why are secret armies that have no regard for law and normal rules of war allowed to be controlled by one man? The CIA literally has grown from just plain foreign spying to starting wars, conducting wars and assassinating plus torturing people, and conducting propaganda campaigns on US soil. (See link above)
What is clear from the documentary and witness accounts that were there, but not listened to until recently, is that something very dark and sinister happened on that day. It was so dark and evil, that even 30 years later, with most participants dead and gone, no one in government on either side will talk about it.
LIBERTY defied all of the odds. It survived a ruthless 20 minute jet attack by 3 or 4 Mirage jets that jammed all signals for help. It survived 3 - 4 torpedo boats shooting 6 torpedoes at the ship for 2 hours after the initial jet attacks, plus machine gunning it after the jets finished with bombing and strafing it. It survived a 30 by 40 hole in one side and another hole in the other side of the ship. 
The unmarked jets that did not even try to ID the ship before attacking it purposely destroyed the communications gear and flag on top deck, then dropped multiple napalm bombs on board the ship, designed to kill anyone left over. The attacks left 34 sailors dead, and another 172 people were injured. The medical doctor on board was severely injured, but still kept on working on the crew.
After the torpedo boats finished with hours of attacking the ship and ravaging it with machine gun fire AFTER the torpedo attack, Israelis helicopter gunships arrived with Marines, armed with machine gunners, potentially to finish off any survivors in the water. (To do a rescue mission after you ID a friendly ally, that has been mistakenly attacked, you do not fill up helicopters with armed machine gun toting Marines. At about this time, a Soviet intelligence ship showed up and was another source of witnesses, so the helicopters and torpedo boats left. 
The initial jets used heat sinking missiles to take out all communications on the ship, and were successful in doing that in about the first seconds of the attack. This was a perfectly timed, perfectly executed military attack that if it had gone as planned, would have finished off anyone who survived after sinking the ship.
There was NO life raft left on board after both the jets and the torpedo boats got done with the ship. They assumed it was sinking. The sailors were told that help was "on the way" from the US carrier group during the attack, but it would be 17 hours later that ships FINALLY came alongside. It should have taken a maximum of 45 minutes.  No planes ever arrived to help out. 2 separate groups of jets were turned around and told to turn back after being sent by the carrier captain. Over 800 missile/rocket holes were counted in the ship. Over 1,000 machine gun holes were counted in the ship.
The LIBERTY was abandoned by the US government, the CIA, the US military and left to sink, hopefully with all hands included. The only thing that makes sense is that the conspirators were 'waiting' for the ship to sink and get rid of all evidence or witnesses. Since there were no life rafts and everyone was injured, sharks would have quickly taken out anyone left alive, if the Israeli helicopters did not finish the job using machine guns.
When the admiral finally arrived on site, he told everyone to keep quiet. He threatened everyone with imprisonment, or being killed if they did not keep the secret. The admiral helped in the cover up and forced all witnesses to stay quiet, so that the real planners and architects would never be revealed.
Despite this overwhelming strafing, rocket attacks, machine gunning, napalming and a torpedo attack that lifted the boat out of the water, and opening up a huge hole in the side of the boat, it survived miraculously. The boat then called for help, also miraculously. Somehow the boilers did not explode, miraculously, despite best efforts to make that happen.
A nearby US sub just stood by and watched, without lifting a finger, and without doing anything to help. The US America carrier sent several jets to help out, but then recalled them, due to McNamara ordering them to do so. Why would a carrier NOT send help immediately, unless something really stinks to high Heaven? Why would the jets have no markings? The ship was left to sink by the US Navy, despite numerous calls for help.  How could this combination of events and circumstances be anything other than the fingerprint of dark forces like the CIA at work?
As the ship was supposed to have been sunk with 100% loss of all lives, it was then going to be blamed on Egypt/Soviet jet fighters, causing the US to enter the war to 'help' Israel survive the evil Arab/Communist Russian onslaught that dared to sink an innocent US ship. Once the US got into the war, Israel and the US could quickly win over the whole Arabian peninsula, greatly expanding the territory of Israel and gaining huge oil reserves for both the US and Israel. 
The Vietnam war was started with an incident much like this one, also via a false flag operation, so this event is very believable. US bombers were launched from a USS America carrier with nuclear weapons on board, to bomb Cairo, once it was assumed the Liberty ship was gone and sinking, with all hands on board, and none left to escape as witnesses, to tell what really happened. 
But once Defense Secretary McNamara and President Johnson realized that LIBERTY had not sunk and not everyone had died, (which meant there were witnesses), they ordered the nuclear bombing of Cairo cancelled, (This is where 303 Committee came in. They did not want President Johnson to look bad, or spoil is election chances, so they recommended pulling the plug on the attack. Odds are very high that they had eyes and almost live reports on the LIBERTY, via the US sub in the vicinity.)
This was no case of mistaken identity. No wonder the witnesses were ordered to keep quiet or be thrown in jail forever to rot. The only way that something this big and complex can be planned and carried out is via a major dark and undercover MOSSAD operation, since the origin of the jets was from Israel. The 303 Committee involvement points at the CIA, using US military cooperation and coordination, possibly also NSA. The President almost never wants to start wars for himself. There are always dark forces behind him pushing the agenda for war, such as the military industrial complex, oil companies, extremists, and more..
Both the US and Israel had to protect each other, since anyone telling the truth would open up a can of worms that would lead back to them, so the whole thing just disappeared and everyone got paid or threatened one way or the other to keep quiet.
What are your thoughts? Do you believe this was all just an innocent accident and that everyone on board both USS America carrier and on the LIBERTY are lying to this day? 
Why was the testimony of the eyewitnesses present that day never taken or entered into the official records? 
If these witnesses (who are all trained to observe, listen and tell the truth for their job on this ship) were all lying about a deliberate attack, why was no one charged with lying under oath?
If the rabbit hole indeed goes in the direction of a deliberate attack and sacrificing the crew of the USS Liberty, what does that say about the governments of Israel and the US, the CIA, and Mossad? 
USS Liberty Attack; Was It A False Flag CIA, NSA And Mossad Plan To Get US To Attack Egypt, Via Operation Cyanide, 303 Committee? Ralph Nader Discusses John McCain and Israel's Roles In The Bombing Of U.S.S. Liberty

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