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Thursday, June 8, 2017

False Flag: USS Liberty June 8, 1967 It Is All About The Money?

 False Flag: USS Liberty June 8, 1967






This is just another dark underbelly incident inside of the secret shadow government made up of agencies like the CIA and NSA. They seem to operate outside the laws and rules of normal society and their motives are extremely suspect, due to President's being in control of them, with no other oversight or controls. A sociopathic President can literally get away with starting wars, committing murder and assassinating anyone he/she likes, while having control of a super secret budget that no one knows anything about, except for the President. Any US President has his own secret army of assassins, warmongers, torturers, and more. Do you trust all US President's present and future, to use this secret army for only good things?

Is this the kind of United States that people really want? Why are secret armies that have no regard for law and normal rules of war allowed to be controlled by one man? The CIA literally has grown from just plain foreign spying to starting wars, conducting wars and assassinating plus torturing people, and conducting propaganda campaigns on US soil. (See link above)
What is clear from the documentary and witness accounts that were there, but not listened to until recently, is that something very dark and sinister happened on that day. It was so dark and evil, that even 30 years later, with most participants dead and gone, no one in government on either side will talk about it.
LIBERTY defied all of the odds. It survived a ruthless 20 minute jet attack by 3 or 4 Mirage jets that jammed all signals for help. It survived 3 - 4 torpedo boats shooting 6 torpedoes at the ship for 2 hours after the initial jet attacks, plus machine gunning it after the jets finished with bombing and strafing it. It survived a 30 by 40 hole in one side and another hole in the other side of the ship. 
The unmarked jets that did not even try to ID the ship before attacking it purposely destroyed the communications gear and flag on top deck, then dropped multiple napalm bombs on board the ship, designed to kill anyone left over. The attacks left 34 sailors dead, and another 172 people were injured. The medical doctor on board was severely injured, but still kept on working on the crew.
After the torpedo boats finished with hours of attacking the ship and ravaging it with machine gun fire AFTER the torpedo attack, Israelis helicopter gunships arrived with Marines, armed with machine gunners, potentially to finish off any survivors in the water. (To do a rescue mission after you ID a friendly ally, that has been mistakenly attacked, you do not fill up helicopters with armed machine gun toting Marines. At about this time, a Soviet intelligence ship showed up and was another source of witnesses, so the helicopters and torpedo boats left. 
The initial jets used heat sinking missiles to take out all communications on the ship, and were successful in doing that in about the first seconds of the attack. This was a perfectly timed, perfectly executed military attack that if it had gone as planned, would have finished off anyone who survived after sinking the ship.
There was NO life raft left on board after both the jets and the torpedo boats got done with the ship. They assumed it was sinking. The sailors were told that help was "on the way" from the US carrier group during the attack, but it would be 17 hours later that ships FINALLY came alongside. It should have taken a maximum of 45 minutes.  No planes ever arrived to help out. 2 separate groups of jets were turned around and told to turn back after being sent by the carrier captain. Over 800 missile/rocket holes were counted in the ship. Over 1,000 machine gun holes were counted in the ship.
The LIBERTY was abandoned by the US government, the CIA, the US military and left to sink, hopefully with all hands included. The only thing that makes sense is that the conspirators were 'waiting' for the ship to sink and get rid of all evidence or witnesses. Since there were no life rafts and everyone was injured, sharks would have quickly taken out anyone left alive, if the Israeli helicopters did not finish the job using machine guns.
When the admiral finally arrived on site, he told everyone to keep quiet. He threatened everyone with imprisonment, or being killed if they did not keep the secret. The admiral helped in the cover up and forced all witnesses to stay quiet, so that the real planners and architects would never be revealed.
Despite this overwhelming strafing, rocket attacks, machine gunning, napalming and a torpedo attack that lifted the boat out of the water, and opening up a huge hole in the side of the boat, it survived miraculously. The boat then called for help, also miraculously. Somehow the boilers did not explode, miraculously, despite best efforts to make that happen.
A nearby US sub just stood by and watched, without lifting a finger, and without doing anything to help. The US America carrier sent several jets to help out, but then recalled them, due to McNamara ordering them to do so. Why would a carrier NOT send help immediately, unless something really stinks to high Heaven? Why would the jets have no markings? The ship was left to sink by the US Navy, despite numerous calls for help.  How could this combination of events and circumstances be anything other than the fingerprint of dark forces like the CIA at work?
As the ship was supposed to have been sunk with 100% loss of all lives, it was then going to be blamed on Egypt/Soviet jet fighters, causing the US to enter the war to 'help' Israel survive the evil Arab/Communist Russian onslaught that dared to sink an innocent US ship. Once the US got into the war, Israel and the US could quickly win over the whole Arabian peninsula, greatly expanding the territory of Israel and gaining huge oil reserves for both the US and Israel. 
The Vietnam war was started with an incident much like this one, also via a false flag operation, so this event is very believable. US bombers were launched from a USS America carrier with nuclear weapons on board, to bomb Cairo, once it was assumed the Liberty ship was gone and sinking, with all hands on board, and none left to escape as witnesses, to tell what really happened. 
But once Defense Secretary McNamara and President Johnson realized that LIBERTY had not sunk and not everyone had died, (which meant there were witnesses), they ordered the nuclear bombing of Cairo cancelled, (This is where 303 Committee came in. They did not want President Johnson to look bad, or spoil is election chances, so they recommended pulling the plug on the attack. Odds are very high that they had eyes and almost live reports on the LIBERTY, via the US sub in the vicinity.)
This was no case of mistaken identity. No wonder the witnesses were ordered to keep quiet or be thrown in jail forever to rot. The only way that something this big and complex can be planned and carried out is via a major dark and undercover MOSSAD operation, since the origin of the jets was from Israel. The 303 Committee involvement points at the CIA, using US military cooperation and coordination, possibly also NSA. The President almost never wants to start wars for himself. There are always dark forces behind him pushing the agenda for war, such as the military industrial complex, oil companies, extremists, and more..
Both the US and Israel had to protect each other, since anyone telling the truth would open up a can of worms that would lead back to them, so the whole thing just disappeared and everyone got paid or threatened one way or the other to keep quiet.
What are your thoughts? Do you believe this was all just an innocent accident and that everyone on board both USS America carrier and on the LIBERTY are lying to this day? 
Why was the testimony of the eyewitnesses present that day never taken or entered into the official records? 
If these witnesses (who are all trained to observe, listen and tell the truth for their job on this ship) were all lying about a deliberate attack, why was no one charged with lying under oath?
If the rabbit hole indeed goes in the direction of a deliberate attack and sacrificing the crew of the USS Liberty, what does that say about the governments of Israel and the US, the CIA, and Mossad? 
USS Liberty Attack; Was It A False Flag CIA, NSA And Mossad Plan To Get US To Attack Egypt, Via Operation Cyanide, 303 Committee? Ralph Nader Discusses John McCain and Israel's Roles In The Bombing Of U.S.S. Liberty

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