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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cornelia Franz, MD on Vaccines from NVIC

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Cornelia Franz, MD on Vaccines 


When I started practice, everybody only got two [vaccines] at a time. And I actually began to see problems with it even early on because when I started practice we used the original DPT. So, kids on monitors, I noticed that they had increased alarms after vaccines. So I made sure that they were aggressive with fever control and things afterward. And then, as time went on in the late 80s they started to increase the number of vaccines, and I had a problem with that because giving just two at a time was hard enough but now they wanted to give four or five, six at a time. So I made the decision at that time that our practice would only give two at a time. It was never more than two at a time. And then, as more time went on, I started seeing truly vaccine injured kids. I started seeing a lot of autistic children and their parents all said the same thing. They said my child was fine till they got this shot and then within a week we lost him.

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