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Monday, June 5, 2017

Carnicom Institute Update.

Greetings from CI,
We have recently returned to our home-base in Wallace, Idaho. Over the months of travel, Clifford stayed actively involved in research using portable scientific instruments. One instrument frequently used was a Biochemical Analyzer, which measures a broad array of reactions when used with proper and specialized reagents. The purpose is to discover biochemical markers in regard to samples being tested, which may relate to specific ailments from a research perspective.
Another portable instrument, a Visible Light Spectrometer, was used to investigate specific biochemical reactions that are under investigation. He has developed tests for detection of biofilm. For more information, the following link is provided.
Although much was accomplished while away from Wallace, there are some areas of research that are best done within the larger lab setting and that is where Clifford will be putting his efforts during the summer months.

All the testing has a role in furthering the research into the Morgellons organism, as well as health in general. More health related instrumentation will be the future direction of CI, as funding permits.
The Carnicom Institute Legacy Project and the WikiCI.org site have been created to preserve, protect, and distribute the extensive body of work and ongoing research conducted by this same organization. Our goal is to distribute the body of work represented by Carnicom Institute at an international level in a manner that is as compatible, secure, and reliable as possible. Carnicom Institute encourages you to freely mirror this information on various sites and servers across the world. There is information on the WikiCI.org site describing how to do this, if are you interested in participating.
As mentioned in a previous email, an important research paper that may be of interest to those with health concerns is Morgellons - A Supplemental Discussion:
While this paper is written from the perspective of research only, there may be practical applications. It is recommended that readers consult with their health practitioners in health and medical matters.
A reminder that the Morgellons Research Project Health Survey is complete and a vast storehouse of information for health professionals is now available. Base results are posted on the website. In addition, CI has taken the initial steps in developing a public platform to network health practitioners and the public. To learn more, please go to:
With the support of donors, CI has been able to acquire some of the needed portable lab equipment to continue the environmental and health research related to bioengineering and geoengineering. Along with the ongoing research, IT management of the website and the preservation of handwritten research notes are priorities that require funding.
Our work would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, and therefore we would like to ask that you consider becoming a subscription donor or making occasional donations as finances allow. Information regarding making donations can be found on the homepage of our website.
You may keep abreast of Clifford’s most recent research and the activities of Carnicom Institute on our website: www.carnicominstitute.org.
Carol Carnicom, Vice-President
Carnicom Institute
The existence of biofilm within the microbial growth characteristic of the “Morgellons” condition has been established with certainty. A method of reliably…

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