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Friday, April 28, 2017

Your Help Is Needed By Anna Von Reitz

Your Help Is Needed
By Anna Von Reitz

     To make sure that this business is carried forward properly and that the claims of the living people are honored requires a great deal of diligence, skill, and not a small amount of money tied up in the cost of correspondence, recording fees, claims, establishment of liens, and other work that I and other members of the Living Law Firm have to do ---free gratis except for donations--- for every state and every American.
     It isn't cheap nor is it easy. I have once again been saddled with several thousand dollars of filing fees and
related expenses undertaken in behalf of this entire country and its people and though I do not regret the loss in behalf of the cause, I nonetheless have to keep the
lights on and the printers going.

     I am also burdened down in heart today as I have learned that my own faithful Paralegal, my companion in all that has transpired, is suffering from heart failure and
in need of a special procedure and health program that will cost in excess of $10,000.00 to start.  It is rare in human history when so few have accomplished so much for so many. Not everyone is able or suited to act as an advocate in the arenas where we have ventured, but everyone can contribute a few pesos toward the final end, which is
nothing less than the establishment of global freedom that is actual as opposed to being an unkept and cynical promise. If you can, please spare a small donation toward these expenses.

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