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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

You Know Something Is Wrong When . . . . . “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” by Jean from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

You Know Something Is Wrong When . . . . . “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

A reader has asked me to read this, and until today, when I must continue to ‘rest’, I have not found the time. She asked me again serendipitously this morning in a comment, which I’m posting here, because that comment pointed out exactly what I think KrisAnne Hall is missing — what she and those who follow here ‘don’t yet get’, and I think it’s keeping Americans stuck. I think we need this info as well as what KrisAnne is teaching. It comes from Anna von Reitz, but I don’t care where it comes from if it helps to provide a fuller answer to our present dilemma. If I am correct, KrisAnne describes herself as a ‘convert ‘to Christianity, and this might account for many of her problems as this Reader diplomatically describes them to us. We must each find our own truth where we are able — a bit here, a bit there. (The highlights below are mine) :
“I really appreciate KAH’s passion, though I do find myself feeling that these ‘Constitutionalists’ will ultimately HAVE to lead themselves to fill-in-the-blanks,
as-it-were, regarding the role of the church in all of this. It is interesting to me that she begins her explanation of the ‘genealology’ at 1042, but completely skips over the Papal Bull of 1302 known as the UNAM SANCTUM (still at play today), the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 railroaded through in the Great False Flag Fire of London. She mentions not the role of any ‘secret brotherhoods’ as though there is not VOLUMES of data indicating that they exist(ed) and are/were highly influential, and merely brushes over the fact that one of King Williams’ sons had even gone to ‘fight in the Crusades’. It is more and more becoming clear to me that the bible itself–particularly the New Testament, was created, on purpose, in order to foment 1) the ‘savior meme’ encouraging the greatest deception of all which is that we are not the ultimate authority unto ourselves–we need ‘jesus’ to ‘save’ us…. and 2) because those writing it were also the ones at the Head of the Beast described in Revelations and having created (or having been given via alien influence) the Babylonian Money Magik System which is what we still have today and is completely predictable with regard to its cyclical nature and can be easily calculated with regard to relatively precise ‘boom and bust’ periods a la ‘Shemitah’…
Only until the ones such as KAH real-eyes that RELIGION ITSELF was the very basis for the slavery we find ourselves in, will we be able to move forward in a truly free fashion–liberties intact. For it was indeed the ‘church’ that first brought forward the technology (which I am coming more and more to believe to be ‘alien tech’) in the form of ANY money system that is opaque with regard to the true value of said ‘money’.
I don’t know, maybe KAH knows this and real-eyes-es that the majority of Americans (and dare I say Humans in general) have been SO disfunctionalized via all this madness, that they cannot yet absorb the totality of what I’m suggesting here and need to be ‘spoon-fed’ the Truth in stages. From her energy, she seems sincere, though please recall the ‘Oath of the Jesuits’…. a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing is their very best weapon…some can even be used ‘unknowingly’….
I feel that most folks still –even highly thoughtful readers of this blog– don’t yet see the connections I’ve attempted to draw lines between herein. I feel that Santos Bonacci said it very succintly and clearly here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51fXUfOkv7s , just two weeks ago…”

I have posted the beginning content of this .pdf below,
but the link to it is AnAmerAffidavit
I think this reader for her efforts on our behalf to create greater understanding. ~Jean

The content of this document is from the book “You Know Something is WRONG When….” An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” by: Anna Maria Riezinger & James Clinton Belcher. It is meant for educational purposes only and represents the vast majority of the information contained in the book. Many of the cartoon drawings and representations are not featured in this PDF, nor is the table of contents. Every effort was made to copy straight from the book and to preserve all capitalized words and letters as they appear in the book.
Part One:
The History You Don’t Know or Think About
The Trust
Trusts are created when one party, the Donor, places assets in the care of another party, the Trustee, for the benefit of a third party, the Beneficiary.
God (the Donor) ….. gave Earth (the Asset)…..to Adam (the Trustee)….for all future generations (Us – the Beneficiary)
We take our turns…
As children we are Beneficiaries As adults we are Trustees
As elders we are Donors
The 1302 Brainstorm…..”Let’s see…God gave the Earth to Adam, Adam gave it to his kids, it all came down to Jesus who gave it to Peter in his absence who passed on the responsibility to…ME?!?! I am Global Trustee…?”
The Global Estate Trust is Born!
The Unam Sanctum (1302) creates the world’s first and largest Express Trust. (Boniface VIII) The Romanus Pontifex (1455) first Testamentary Trust published by Nicholas V
The Aeterni Regis (1481) Second Testamentary Trust published by Sixtus IV
The Convocation (1537) Third Testamentary Trust published by Paul III
The Trust Includes
The Air Jurisdiction:
Which includes living and dead souls, spirits, angels, demons, ideas ~ Global in nature And is controlled by the Pope & his appointees.
The Sea Jurisdiction:
Which includes all vessels, mariners, sailors, merchants, creatures, of the Sea International in nature…and is controlled by British Monarchs.
The Land Jurisdiction:
Which includes all resources of the land including people, animals, plants, and minerals are National in nature and are controlled by the Spanish King (if there is one).
The Law Forms
Each Jurisdiction has its own Law Forms…the Jurisdiction of the Air has only three Laws:
1. Keep the peace
2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
3. So long as it does not take away another’s freedom, life, property, or do other such harm, do what you like and let others enjoy their free will too
There’s also the Law of the Land and the Law of the Sea…
Law of the Sea U.S. citizens fly the War Flag with HORIZONTAL stripes. (shown above left)
National Law of the Land Americans fly the Civil Flag with VERTICAL stripes. (shown above right)
The Trust Operates providing SERVICES
1~ Postal services via Postal Districts and Post Offices.
2~ Legals services and standards via Bar Associations.
3~ Banking services and standards via Banking Associations. 4~ Domestic Police Services.
5~ Medical and Welfare Services.
6~ Insurance Services.
7~ Defense and Treaty Alliance Services.
All this and more was being accomplished by the Global Estate Trust more than 200 years before the American Revolution.
Rome is Headquarters
The Trust is the largest corporate conglomerate and interlocking trust directorate on earth with four administrative hubs operated as independent international City-States.
This trust operates out of the Vatican, Westminster, Washington D.C., and the United Nations. The inner city of London, also known as “Westminster” operates Legal & Banking services. The Washington D.C. Municipality operates defense services.
The United Nations provides trade, treaty, and negotiation services for members.
These independent city-states together create “The Empire of the city:. – but it is really the Empire of the Global Estate Trust….and we are all part of it, like it or not, for the past 700 years!
The Global Estate Trust comes to America 1492 to 1776
Private Investment for Public Advancement: The dance of public & private begins.
During these years large commercial investment companies formed under Royal Privilege (corporation) throughout England for the purpose of developing the land and resources of the North American Continent. So eager were English investors for new opportunities that the Crown (not the Monarch – the Monarch’s investment company) had to establish investment districts throughout England and assign colonial territories for investors from each district in England to fund.
Thus, we had The Virginia Company and The New England Company and various other investment companies drawing in private investment money from designated locales in England to back colonization of the New World.
Most early investors were buoyed by the hope that gold would be found in North America similar to the discoveries made by the Spanish in South America. French investment companies under the French Monarchy also staked out claims and formed Trading Companies.
Aside from hopes of finding gold these commodity trading companies focused on development
of natural resources – fish, timber, mining, and agriculture to begin with. The colonists came as members of the military, as wealthy adventurers and most commonly, as bondservants indentured to serve their commercial sponsors for a period of years in return for their transportation, tools, food, and other goods needed to settle the land.
Each trading company depended on a charter from their Monarch and each Monarch depended on land claims made in their behalf by the commercial companies and military missions.
For the better part of two centuries England, France, and Spain fought over and claimed chunks of North and South America, but the basic premise of public military power extended in support of private commercial interests remained the same.
This same arrangement continues unabated to the present day.
The government uses the military to support and promote commercial expansion, and the commercial expansion pays for the government and the military.
See the Problem?
This triumvirate of Government – Military – Commercial Interests is a closed and self- perpetuating system.
The Commercial Interests pay the Government, the Government pays the Military, the Military works to protect the Government and the Commercial Interests.
The People ho consume the goods that the Commercial Interests produce, and who also provide the labor necessary to harvest, clean, process, transport, and manufacture goods are not really part of the loop.
We and the natural resources of our planet are the actual source of all the Moolah the Commercial Interests have and which they use to pay the Government and the Military, but our power to control or even have input into this system is extremely limited.
Once every 2, 4, or 6 years we get to choose a new Government official who is supposed to champion our interests – which leaves us totally dependent on the good character and intelligence of the individuals elected.
Beyond that, we are free to gripe – and those elected are free to ignore us.
“A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.”
~~~ Lysander Spooner
The Horns of Our Dilemma
With less than 30% of the people voting in the General Elections there is no consensus supporting the current political regime in Washington, DC.
Even among those who do continue to participate in the electoral process there is no unity and a great deal of discontent. Millions of Americans have simply voted with their feet.
We appear to be on the Horns of a Dilemma: unwilling to support what is, and unable to find our way forward to reform it. And we are still dealing with problems from a long time ago that people failed to address. Both the bulls and the chickens have come home to roost.
Part Two: The First Big Lie
Now step back in time to the earl 1600’s…
The colonists pretended that the land was vacant and open to claim. They discounted the Indians because they weren’t Christian.
The Second Big Lie
Later, the Colonists tried to buy the land from the Indians who told them that they didn’t own the land – the land owned the people. The Colonists ignored this and forced the Indians to accept “gifts” as payment and concocted contracts of sale based on this practice.
This and every other nation you can think of is founded on lies and false claims. Buying and selling and taxing land is a con game in which we buy back the right to enjoy assets that were already given to us (Genesis 1:26-28). Those in the middle – the “Trustees” – are cheating us and enriching themselves whether its the Pope, the King of Spain, or the State of Ohio.
Because the Indians continued their efforts to being this fraud to everyone else’s attention, they were deemed “Enemies of the Crown” and subjected to physical and cultural genocide for 400 years.
Men, women, and children…they died to bring you this basic truth. They were killed because they knew and spoke this truth in your behalf as well as their own.
The Trust — Again
Native Americans had their own vision of The Trust. In their view it was simple and obvious.
1. The Trust is SACRED and belongs equally to all people.
2. The Trust requires our GRATITUDE. We cannot take without giving.
3. The Trust requires CARE TAKING. This generation cannot destroy what is owed to the next.
It is every adult’s duty to hand over The Trust in the same or better condition that he received it.
Anyone who wastes resources or pollutes the world is viewed like a two year-old with a hammer – too ignorant to know better, dangerous, and needing guidance and discipline.
The Europeans conquered by force and by guile, but they lost the moral debate forever. “Kill the buffalo and you kill the Indians.”
–Commander Wm . F. Cody
(but nobody can accuse you of genocide….)
“Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children.”
–Sitting Bull

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