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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Historical records can educate Irish nursing researchers on European nations’ rejection of water fluoridation from Belchertown Bulletin April 2017

Belchertown Bulletin April 2017
Historical records can educate Irish nursing researchers
on European nations’ rejection of water fluoridation
   A seventeen-year-old informal survey of European nations appears to have shed more light on Europe’s rejection of water fluoridation than a recent report from Irish investigators published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science.
   In 1999, Eugene Albright of North Versailles, Pennsylvania, USA wrote to European governments to verify the extent that water fluoridation is used in their countries. His letters are available in the Belchertown Documentation Center.
   Many of his respondents specifically cited opposition to the use of public water systems to distribute a medicine as a primary reason they do not fluoridate.
   In contrast Mary Rose Sweeney and co-authors from the School of Nursing and Human Sciences at Dublin City University list unspecified “concerns about mass medication” as one of many reasons why almost all European nations do not use water fluoridation. Their abstract of the research appears in full at the end of this report.

   Christian Legros, director of the water system in Brussels, Belgium wrote to Albright, “The main reason for [not using fluoridation] is the fundamental position of the drinking water sector that it is not its task to deliver medicinal treatment to people.”
   Wilfred Reinhold, legal advisor to the Directorate Drinking Water, Water, Agriculture in The Netherlands, wrote, “The main reason for opposition against fluoridation of drinking water…was that fluoridation was seen as putting a medical additive into drinking water by the government ‘for the benefit of the society’.”
   Truls Krogh of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Norway, wrote, “In Norway we had a rather intense discussion on this subject some 20 years ago, and the conclusion was that drinking water should not be fluoridated. It was thereby up to each individual to decide whether to use fluoride tablets, toothpaste or mouthwash to prevent cavities.”
   Paavo Poteri of Helsinki, Finland Water Treatment , wrote, “We do not favor or recommend fluoridation of drinking water. There are better ways of providing the fluoride our teeth need.”
   Jean-Marie Ries, Head of the Water Department in Luxembourg, wrote, “In our view, the drinking water isn’t the suitable way for medical treatment and that people needing an addition of fluoride can decide by there (sic) own to use the most appropriate way, like the intake of fluoride tablets, to cover their diary (sic) needs.”
  At the same time as Albright’s letter writing campaign, Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Smith of Near Stoke on Trent, Staffs, UK wrote similar letters.
   Gerda Hankel-Khan, Germany attaché at the London embassy wrote the Smiths, “The argumentation of the Federal Ministry of Health against a general permission of fluoridation of drinking water is the problematical nature of compulsion medication and the problem of fluoride-containing waste water, as more than 99% of the used fluorides will get into the water.”
   Sweeney and co-authors found fluoridation is used in only 3 of the 28 EU nations, but mistakenly report, “Ireland and the UK currently add fluoride to water at a whole population level with Spain fluoridating in some regions.” Since only about 10% of the UK is fluoridated, it would appear to be closer to Spain than Ireland in this regard.
   The authors note that their respondents – “the offices with responsibility for fluoridation policy” – “could not/did not provide evidence” for cited toxic effects, but it is unclear who these offices with responsibility for fluoridation policy would be if there is no fluoridation policy because the countries do not fluoridate their water.

A European policy examination of water fluoridation practices and review of latest evidence on risks and benefits

S. Koseoglu1, A. Reilly2, M.R. Sweeney2

1NURISH, School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City University; 2School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City University

Controversy surrounding the addition of fluoride to water have prevailed in public discourse for the past ~ 20 years (1). No previous research has examined fluoridation policy and practices across the EU. The aim of this review was to examine water fluoridation policy and practices across the EU and explore the rationale for same.
   The offices with responsibility for fluoridation policy and practice in all 28 EU members were contacted to explore fluoridation policy/practice, when they were implemented and to explore the rationale for same.
   Ireland and the UK currently add fluoride to water at a whole population level with Spain fluoridating in some regions. None of the other 25 member states had a specific policy on fluoridation or added fluoride to water currently, although some had in the past. Reasons fluoride was not added included naturally high levels arising from volcanic regions, presence in other foodstuff’s or alternative sources such as tablets and toothpaste were advised. The rationale for not adding or discontinuing fluoridation of water was cited by some as resistance from anti-fluoride lobby groups, concerns about mass medication, unethical and un-ecological (sic) while no policy maker could cite evidence of harm at current EU levels.
   It appears that countries across Europe discontinued fluoridation for a variety of reasons, naturally high levels in their water, medicinal reasons, some cited toxic effects (sic) but could not/did not provide evidence for what this was. It appears to have been motivated by politics/public pressure and strong anti-fluoride lobbying, not any evidence of harm.

1. Reilly, GA. The task is a political one: the promotion of fluoridation. In: Ward, JW, Warren, C., editors. Silent Victories: The History and Practice of Public Health in Twentieth Century America. New York: Oxford University Press; 2007. pp. 323-340.

Published in: Irish Journal of Medical Science (2016) 185 (Suppl 12): S549.

The Belchertown Bulletin is a monthly newsletter published by East Coast Science News, P.O. Box 797, Belchertown, MA 01007 USA. Volume 2 No. 3, April 2017. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Michael F. Dolan, editor. The newsletter is distributed by email, and is available for free upon request. Email: mdolan.ecsn@outlook.com

Reports from the Hardy Limeback Collection at UMASS

   University of Toronto dental professor Hardy Limeback has donated the following reports to the University of Massachusetts Du Bois Library. Apart from Rose and Marier 1977, none are available at the Belchertown Documentation Center.

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Susheela, A.K. undated. A Treatise on Fluorosis. No publisher indicated.

Additional inventory of George Waldbott’s Papers
   In our last issue we published the inventory of the first two boxes of the Walbott Papers. Here we add brief inventories of boxes three through five. Please note this is a list of the contents of the boxes as the UMASS Library received them, some from Martha Bevis and some from Prof. Albert Burgstahler. The Waldbott Papers will eventually be organized into a coherent series of files.

   George Waldbott Papers Box 3: 42 files. 1. Endorsements, 2. EPA, 3. Enzymes, 4. Dr. Farrell, 5. F- ingestion total, 6. Florida – St. Petersburg [mostly newspaper clippings], 7. Fluorspar, 8. Fluorides: naturally vs. artificial, 9. Cyclomates, 10. FDA: Kelsey- Thalidomide, 11. Goddard [Dr. Jes. L. Goddard, FDA Commissioner], 12. Dentists vs. Population, 13. Dunning, James M., 14. Editorials [one, from the Macon Telegraph 07/19/1968, 15. Endorsements – WHO [empty], 16. Effects on teeth, 17. Analysis of dental statistics, 18. Critiques of dental statistics, 19. Diet and dental care, 20. California, 21. H.T. Dean [includes Exner annotation of testimony transcript], 22. Definition, design and background, 23. Delay effects on teeth, 24. Caldwell, Gladys S., 25. Canada, 26. Canada – Waterloo, 27. Canadian Diabetic Assoc., 28. Cancer – Taylor, 29. Cancer, 30. Communist, 31. Cartoons, 32. Caustic soda, 33. Chelation therapy, 34. Chlorine in water, 35. Corrosion, 36. Connecticut statewide fluoridation, 37. Rosahn, New Britain, CT, 38. Conversion concerning ppm., 39. Cooperators, 40. Cost, 41. W.R. Cox letters, 42. Gerald Cox.

   George Waldbott Papers Box 4: 34 files. 1. Other pollutants, 2. P.T.A., 3. Organization national, 4. New Jersey, 5. New Mexico, 6. News & Notes, 7. Newsweek., 8. Parents magazine, 9. Pauling, 10. Drew Pearson, 11. Detroit, 1965 & earlier, 12. Rapaport and mongolism, 13. Mongolism 1, 14. Mongolism 2, 15. New York City, 16. Folder of loose papers, 17. Ohio, 18. Critiques of N.F.N, 19. Revision of N.F.N., 20. Binghamton, NY, 21. New Zealand, 22. North Dakota, 23. Norway, 24. North Carolina, 25. Akron, OH, 26. Cincinnati, OH, 27. Mongolism 3, 28. Loose papers – Lennart Krook, 29. New York City, 30. Pressure Group, 31. President (do they drink tap or bottled water?), 32. Rate increases due to fluoride, 33. Reader’s Digest, 34. Red Cross.

   George Waldbott Papers Box 5: 46 files. 1. Detroit City Council, 2. Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Zahn, etc. 3. Favorable News Media 1, 4. Favorable News Media 2, 5. Fand, Robert, unpublished paper, 6. Fluoride determination – Kettering, 7. Food and Drug Administration, 8. Frazier, Claude A., 9. F. questionnaire, 10. Foreign correspondence for Fluoride, 1967, 11. Groth, Edward, 12. German file, 13. Holland Conf. Oct. 1962., 14. Morden Comm., Ontario, 15. Critique of Hall report, Dec. 1968, 16. Canada Report, 17. Cancer (Research scientists), 18. Chicago Case, 19. The Healing Art of Christian Science, 20. Clinical Psychology, 21. Conferences on F- , 1956, 1961, 1963, 22. Contact dermatitis with book reviews, 1954, 23. Crank letters, 24. Great Britain, 25. Anglesey Great Britain, 26. Sammuels, A.E., London, 27. British Pure Water Association, 28. Bud Guest, 29, Burgstahler, Prof. Albert, 30. Burgstahler, 1965, 31. Australia, 32. Burgstahler-McKinney correspondence, 33. Lansing, 34. Lansing vote, 35. Kosel [George Kosel, Pasaic General Hospital, NJ], 36. The Journal of Asthma Research, 37. Jenkins, Prof. G. Neil, 38. Dr. Imberechts, 39. International Association of Asthmology, 40. International Congress of Allergology, 41. Honorary Societies, 42. Holland Conf. [one inch of loose papers], 43. Bibliography, 44. Bibliography, 45. Boston TV appearance, 46. British Anti-Fluoridation Drive.

Duesberg questions HPV’s role in cervical cancer
   According to an alternative theory of carcinogenesis developed by UC Berkeley molecular biologist Peter H. Duesberg cervical cancer is not caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), but by a long process of cell division that selects cancer cells with distinct chromosome numbers and arrangements.
   Duesberg and co-author Norma Erickson, writing in the Jan. 20, 2015 Sane Vax Newsletter, argue that the karyotypic speciation theory of cervical cancer better explains several aspects of cervical cancer epidemiology that are not explained by the HPV theory, including:
   1. Why do only 1 in 10,000 HPV-infected women develop cervical cancer?
   2. Why does cervical cancer only develop 20 -50 years after HPV infection?
   3. Why are cervical cancers so different from each other in terms of malignancy and drug resistance?
   4. Why are cervical cancers not eliminated by natural antibodies?
   The authors’ alternative theory focuses on a common attribute of cancer cells – aneuploidy, meaning they don’t have the correct number and arrangement of chromosomes. They argue that carcinogenesis is analogous to a process of speciation, in which each species has a characteristic number of chromosomes called the karyotype.
   “Until such time as scientists can verify or disprove the Karyotypic Speciation Theory of cervical cancer development, medical consumers must proceed with caution,” Erickson and Duesberg write.
   “This is a scientific debate which cannot be ignored,” they write. “Public health authorities and medical professionals must apply the precautionary principle by suspending the use of the HPV vaccines and supporting the already proven, safe and effective method of controlling cervical cancer – Pap screening.”
   “All risk and no benefit is not a wise medical choice under any circumstances,” they conclude.

Gastroenterologist would add probiotics to drinking water
   In her 2015 book The Microbiome Solution, Washington, DC-based  gastroenterologist Robynne Chutkan expresses concern over the effect chlorine in drinking water has on our symbiotic gut bacteria. While she also references “hundreds of other pollutants” in the water, she doesn’t mention fluoride specifically.
   Unfortunately, her book contains no citations or references of any kind.
   Here is the relevant passage from page 108:
   “Routine chlorination of public drinking water began in the early 1900s as a way to prevent outbreaks of cholera and typhoid fever, and although widespread chlorination has been successful at reducing the spread of waterborne diseases, it’s come at a cost to our beneficial bacteria, as even low levels of chlorine are very toxic to essential microbes.
   “Water filters designed for home use can remove most of the chlorine in tap water, as well as parasites such as giardia that may contaminate older water filtration systems and can survive low levels of chlorination. But treated water that’s been filtered still takes a toll on our microbiome, and in addition to chlorine, it can contain hundreds of different pollutants – including antibiotics. Perhaps a better idea would be to test for harmful pathogens, such as cholera and typhoid and put probiotics in the water supply instead of antibiotics and chemicals such as chlorine, in an effort to repopulate rather than deplete our already dwindling microbes.”

Belchertown Documentation Center catalog
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McNeil, Donald R. – interview notes (2)
-notes of interview with Frank Bull and Robert Mason, April 26, 1955
-notes of interview with H. Trendley Dean and J. Roy Doty, May 3, 1955
McNeil, Donald R. (1923-1996) –published writings (2)
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[attached to this document are two letters to The Nation published March 4, 1961, commenting on McNeil’s article. ]
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[In this article McNeil reports, “More than 10,000 scientific studies have shown that adding one part per million (ppm) fluoride to water will safely and effectively inhibit tooth decay…” A 2015 Cochrane Review found 157 on fluoride’s effectiveness, of which three were found to be of high quality.]
-cryptic note found with a photocopy of this article in the Bevis Papers
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-undated commentary (extract) on the film, author unknown
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Rapaport, Ionel – New CV
Rapaport, Ionel – art of mentally retarded (36)
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Robertson, Philip
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-Rosenberg, M. 2016. Five ways you are subsidizing big meat without knowing it. Counterpunch, Sept. 19, 2016.
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-handwritten note by M. Sapora  to unidentified reporter in the margins of the March-April 1967 issue of the National Fluoridation News.
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-Cold War Radiation Test on Humans to Undergo a Congressional Review, New York Times, Apr. 11, 1994
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Files - Localities
Australia (5)
New South Wales
Brazil (1)
Alberta (2)
British Columbia (3)
Calgary (6)
CANADA - New Brunswick- Moncton (1)
-CBC News – Moncton to debate return of fluoride to drinking water, Dec. 16, 2016
Ontario (10)
Québec (8)
St. Regis Akwesasne Indian Reserve (1)
China (3)
Germany (1)
Ireland (9)
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Israel (11)
Japan (1)
Scotland (2)
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Sweden (1)
UK (4)
Scotland (1)
UK-Northern Ireland (2)
USA  (1)
Alabama (3)
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Alaska (3)
Alaska – Anchorage (5)
-Kelly, D. 2016. Anti-fluoride ballot initiatives get Support from Anchorage legislators. And.com, December 25, 2016
Alaska – Fairbanks (2)
Alaska – Kodiak (3)
Alaska – Wasilla (1)
Arizona (4)
Arkansas (9)
California (75)
California – Los Angeles (3)
California – Oakland (1)
California – Proposition 65 (3)
California – Sacramento (1)
California – San Diego (3)
California – San Francisco (2)
California – San Jose (1)
California – Watsonville (3)
Colorado (3)
Colorado – Durango (2)
-Rothschild, J.A.  Letter to the editor, Durango Herald, December 17, 2016
-Eichm J. 2017. Water fluoridation is not just for kids. Letter to the editor, Durango Herald, march 13, 2017.
-Rothschild, J.A. 2017. CDC has dropped fluoride from the list Letter to the editor, Durango Herald, March 31, 2017
Colorado – fluoridated systems
Connecticut (2)
Delaware (2)
Florida (23)
Florida – Miami (1)
Georgia (3)
Hawaii (4)
Idaho (4)
Illinois (14)
Illinois – Chicago (1)
Indiana (4)
Louisiana (3)
Kansas (1)
Kansas – Humboldt (4)
Kansas – Wichita (1)
Kentucky (1)
Maine (13)
Maine – Portland (4)
Maine – Vinalhaven (5)
Maryland (6)
Maryland - Annapolis
Maryland – Baltimore
Maryland - Brunswick
Massachusetts (25)
-Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Annual Test Results, 2015
Massachusetts – Amesbury (2)
Massachusetts – Athol (2)
Massachusetts – Amherst (8)
Massachusetts – Barnstable (2)
Massachusetts – Cambridge (1)
Massachusetts – Chicopee (1)
Massachusetts – East Longmeadow (2)
Massachusetts – Holyoke
Massachusetts – Longmeadow (1)
Massachusetts – Milford (1)
Massachusetts – Natick (2)
Massachusetts – New Bedford (4)
Massachusetts – North Adams
Massachusetts – North Attleboro (4)
Massachusetts – Springfield (1)
Massachusetts – Sturbridge (4)
-Semon, C.S. 2017. DEP aid sought for area with tainted water. Sunday Telegram, March 5, 2017
Massachusetts – Templeton (7)
Massachusetts – Wilmington
Massachusetts - Westminster
Massachusetts – Worcester (4)
Massachusetts – Yarmouth (5)
Massachusetts – Yarmouth – petition (200)
Massachusetts – Yarmouth – letters (5)
Massachusetts, Commonwealth of – Department of Public Health (1)
-Special Report of the Department of Public Health relative to the Decay of Teeth Resulting from a lack of Flourine, 1947
Massachusetts, signatures (1)
Michigan (44)
Michigan – Detroit (2)
Michigan – Grand Rapids (3)
Minnesota (4)
Minnesota – Brainerd (1)
Mississippi (1)
Missouri (11)
Missouri – Liberty
Montana (2)
Nebraska (2)
Nevada (3)
Nevada – Henderson (1)
New Hampshire (5)
New Hampshire – Portsmouth (6)
New Jersey (12)
New Jersey – East Brunswick Township
New Jersey – Freehold (1)
New Mexico (1)
New York (57)
New York – Albany (4)
New York – Massena (2)
New York – Newburgh (6)
New York – New York City (3)
New York – Plattsburgh
New York – Poughkeepsie (1)
New York – Rochester (2)
New York – Schenectady (3)
New York – Yorktown (1)
New York – Department of Health (1)
New York – letters opposing fluoridation from (3)
North Carolina (6)
North Carolina – Hendersonville (14)
Ohio (7)
Oregon (3)
Pennsylvania (14)
Pennsylvania – Allentown (2)
Pennsylvania – Donora (1)
Pennsylvania – Oakmont
Pennsylvania – Lancaster
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh (4)
Puerto Rico (1)
South Carolina (1)
South Carolina – Charleston (2)
-G. Prazak to J. Lee, July 24, 1981
-typed note by Martha Bevis re. Charleston lawsuit, undated
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Texas (2)
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Texas – Houston (1)
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Utah (3)
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Vermont – Bradford (2)
Vermont – Burlington (1)
Vermont – Rutland (1)
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Virginia (3)
Washington  (12)
Washington – Bellingham (6)
Washington – Bremerton (2)
Washington – Seattle (4)
Washington – Tacoma (2)
Wisconsin (22)
Wisconsin – Antigo (87) in filing cabinet in three ring binder
Wisconsin – Fond du Lac (5)
Wyoming (3)

Files - Subjects
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aluminum (6)
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American Academy of Pediatricians (1)
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-schedule of speakers.
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bone (1)
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breast cancer (2)
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Building Capacity to Fluoridate, 2003 (1)
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Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
cancer (12)
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cattle, fluoride damage to (1)
CDC (see Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
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Center for Health Action – Update (3)
Center for Science in the Public Interest
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Democracy in Action
Dental Directors’ Meeting, 1951
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EPA – lead (1)
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FAN Conference 2010 (3)
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[This daily newsletter was published by Michael F. Dolan of Belchertown, MA between July 1, 2016 and August 11, 2016 in 38 issues. It consisted of news and commentary about fluoridation and related topics.]

-The Fluoridation Record, July 1, 2016 [skeletal fluorosis in India]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 2, 2016 [FAN report on water regulation violations in Texas]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 3, 2016
-The Fluoridation Record, July 4, 2016 [dentistry’s response to Cochrane Review]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 5, 2016 [endocrinologists call for end to neurotoxin exposures]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 6, 2016
-The Fluoridation Record, July 7, 2016 [split in Health Care for All over dental therapists]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 8, 2016 [CDC ignores cost of dental fluorosis]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 9, 2016 [“A mouthful of fluorosis is a beautiful thing”]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 10, 2016 [review of Psychiatry Under the Influence, part 1]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 11, 2016 [review of Psychiatry Under the Influence, part 2]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 12, 2016 [review of Psychiatry Under the Influence, part 3]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 13, 2016 [Health official’s ties to soda industry]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 14, 2016 [ADA’s response to threat from Andrew Young in GA]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 15, 2016 [Mullenix report suppressed by NTP]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 16, 2016 [Johns Hopkins’ experiments on pregnant women]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 17, 2016 [JH researcher: fluoride as pro-health elixir]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 18, 2016 [JH researcher denies fluoride crosses placenta]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 19, 2016 [JH researcher: more errors in literature review]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 20, 2016 [EPA ignores synergy]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 21, 2016 [Thomas Frank on the professional class]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 22, 2016 [FDA rule on fluoride labeling]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 23, 2016 [further errors by John Hopkins’ Burd]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 24, 2016 [NTP spin on Harvard meta-analysis]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 25, 2016 [Grandjean on EC and endocrine disruptors]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 26, 2016 [Children unlikely to die from weekly fluoride program]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 27, 2016 [Fluoride and Oral Health authors on children’s toothpaste]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 28, 2016 [Alzheimer’s orthodoxy refuted]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 29, 2016 [Prosecution for research fraud]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 30, 2016 [Scotland’s Childsmile program endorsed]
-The Fluoridation Record, July 31, 2016 [misleading consent forms on premature babies experiment]
-The Fluoridation Record August 1, 2016 [opposition to fluoridation in Canadian history]
-The Fluoridation Record August 2, 2016 [Nakazawa’s Childhood Disrupted]
-The Fluoridation Record August 3 2016 [triumph of heterodox Lyme disease treatment]
-The Fluoridation Record August 4, 2016 [Little evidence dental floss is effective]
-The Fluoridation Record August 5, 2016 [Dentistry’s response re. floss]
-The Fluoridation Record August 6, 2016 [Seneff on glyphosate exposure]
-The Fluoridation Record August 11, 2016 [PFOS widespread in drinking water]

Healing News [Gerson Institute] 28(1), Jan/Feb 2013

[This is a French group that was organized in response to the iatrogenic illnesses of children of women who were given sex hormones during pregnancy. The organization’s full name is Halte aux HORmones Artificielles pour les GrossessES.]
-HHORAGES – INFOS, numéro 12 – août 2016

Massachusetts Fluoridation News (10)
[This newsletter was published by Michael F. Dolan of Belchertown, MA in ten issues between December 7, 2015 and March 14, 2016. It combined the results of a signature campaign in western Massachusetts with topical news on fluoridation and related topics.]

-Massachusetts Fluoridation News, December 7, 2015
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, December 14, 2015
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, December 21, 2015
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, December 28, 2015
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, January 4, 2016
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, January 11, 2016
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, January 18, 2016
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, January 25, 2016
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, February 15, 2016
- Massachusetts Fluoridation News, March 14, 2016

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