“APUSH” is short for Advanced Placement United States History. It’s a class that many American high school students take.
That moment when your paranoia turns out to be a perfectly tuned intuition.
European ruling classes seriously miscalculated with Erdogan. They thought that he depends on them, turns out they depend on him.
Just as seriously they miscalculated with supporting an anti-Russia project in Ukraine and the sanctions.
Today people of the Netherlands are voting in the Dutch election seen as a face-off between Geert Wilders and the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
I have heard recently some Dutch journalist on RT saying that the Dutch invented a free trade, which would make them the first liberals. With this statement I have to agree, since slavery and piracy is an unalienable features of the liberal market. In 2013, Russia was buying from Netherlands flowers and cheese and selling to them bulk raw diamonds to the extent of $75 billion dollar, now the trade between two countries it’s close to zero. On the top of this, Russia is developing trade routes including the New Silk Road that are alternative to the one going through the port of Rotterdam. Overall, if Russia and China succeed, the Netherlands will grow into obscurity. Remarkably, the Dutch politicians help in achieving this “had been” status.

Just this week, Geert Wilders with his characteristically strident response to Erdogan has handed the entire Middle east and billions of followers of Islam to Russia.
“Today, I have a message for the Turks,” he said. “Your government is fooling you in to believing that one day you will become a member of the European Union. Well, forget it. You are no Europeans and you will never be. An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe. All the values Europe stands for: freedom, democracy, human rights are incompatible with Islam.”
Russia has twenty percent of Muslims and about eighty percent of population being Orthodox Christians and Buddhists, who wholeheartedly embrace the Muslim people and culture. It’s the liberals that we cannot stand.

By the way, the current immigration crisis in Europe will be resolved when Russia, Iran and China will stabilize the Middle east and will start rebuilding what was destroyed by the Westerners. People who fled to Europe from the near sure death, will come back home. We are getting closer to this judging by the remark I got from the Kulak regarding the Israel’s threats to destabilize Lebanon and to send millions more refugees into Europe.
Thoughts from retired DIA/US Army Col Lang on ISR threats to bomb Lebanon ‘back into the Middle Ages’
“It’s gonna be a lot more nasty surprises than just Russian Kornets lighting up Merkavas if there’s a next time. The game has changed and Israel is not as dominant as it once was.
“This is the kind of hardass talk an Israeli politician gets trying to forget about the generals and realists from Mossad warning Bibi behind closed doors that Hezbollah learned a few tricks  from the ‘Polite People’ they fought alongside in Syria since 2006 and next time the IDF tries to roll south of the Litani if not into the Syrian Golan there won’t be any Russians there but Persian knockoffs of Russian Smerch MLRS can drop cluster munitions on a convoy of Bennys, Zvis and Davids leading to 10 KIA and 25 WIA from a single volley. And Hezbollah probably has dozens of those in caves or tunnels ready to roll out along with arty to drop using drones the Israelis thought their bug zappers could handle.
I have lost count how many politicians, journalists and other sleazy personalities have publicly put on a different pair of shoes after the Trump’s victory.
That’s what the stench in the air is about.
Meet Steve Pieczenik
Some people call him a fraud. He claims that be a CIA executive, a founder of the political psychiatry, and in this capacity he claims he served five American Presidents, destroyed the USSR and Ukraine, and organized Delta forces.
Steve Pieczenik is a voice for those who promotes  the “soft counter coup” in the US
He says:”The new world order doesn’t exist anymore. It’s gone.” Don’t worry, he tells us. There is absolutely no one there to be in charge of some bygone world order.
LOL… So, we are being told that the world government has collapsed not due to the great efforts of millions of people around the globe to fight the deep state and their “color revolutions,” it’s not the work of the government’s of Russia, China, Iran and many others, it’s not due to sacrifice of blood and treasure of Russians, Syrians, Iranians … no…. According to Mr.  Pieczenik (a cookie in Polish) it’s because the young generation of the Soroses and Rothschilds isn’t just that interested in the world domination.
There is nothing more precious in the current situation than to watch people who served the “deep state” to self-implicate themselves and their co-workers in the crime against humanity, which is what the coup of the USSR Communist party leaders lead by the CIA was.
Steve Pieczenik: The Truth About Regime Change and the collapse of the USSR