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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Appendix B: Hillary used Body Doubles during the Campaign--and even during the Debates Jim Fetzer

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Appendix B: Hillary used Body Doubles during the Campaign--and even during the Debates

Jim Fetzer

Separating issues, I am publishing additional demonstrations of the power of new research techniques to establish new findings, even about the presidential campaign of 2016, which illustrates the application of the techniques used to establish that "Noah Pozner" was created as a fictitious character by using photos and films of Michael Vabner as a child in exposing the chicanery of Hillary Clinton. 


A similar technique has been used to demonstrate that Hillary Clinton used body doubles during the campaign, one of whom was good enough to actually participate in debates with Bernie Sanders and with Donald Trump. The first of three doubles was sent out of Chelsea's apartment building, lest public anxiety about her health create an insuperable obstacle to the continuation of pursuit of our nation's highest office:

She was 2-3 inches shorter, 35-40 pounds lighter and looked at least ten years younger. She was limber and agile and--most unlike Hillary--pleasant. She was not surrounded by bodyguards, was missing her health handler and Chelsea did not come out to wish her well. She reminded me of the actress in "You've Got Mail!" that I refer to her as Hillary's "Meg Ryan" double. But just a few days later, another was impersonating her on the plane to Greensboro:
Most astonishing of all, Hillary used a third double, who was outed using a technique like that which has cemented "Noah" as Michael-Vebner-as-a-child. Consider the ratio of the distance between the pupils to the bottom of the upper teeth, which appears to be constant throughout one's life. Hillary had an eye-teeth ratio of 1/1.2, but her double--who was by far the best and even substituted for her during the debates--had an eye-teeth ratio of 1/1.06:

Here's the video study that established that Hillary had gotten away with a monstrous fraud upon the American people, which is only one more proof that she is completely and totally corrupt and would have made a terrible President of the United States. The one we elected has his obvious human failings, but only some combination of megalomania and narcissim could possibly justify a deception of the public of this enormous magnitude:

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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