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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Daily 10 Step Immune Support Plan from Dr. Mechino

The Daily 10 Step Immune Support Plan

The immune system is tricky business. If it gets weak or underactive, your risk of cancer or overwhelming infections that can be life threatening increases significantly. On the other hand, if the immune system is overactive, the risk of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis increases.
There are certain factors that weaken the immune system which affect a lot of people. With the aging process alone, by the time you are 50, your thymus gland has shrunk down to almost nothing, causing your immune system to not work as well. Alcohol consumption weakens the immune system. If you're not dealing with stress properly, the high levels of cortisol will weaken your immune system. If you are an athlete and you are over-training, it will weaken your immune system and make you more prone to these problems. There are certain drugs like prednisone, other corticosteroid drugs, anti-rejection drugs and some drugs used for auto-immune disease management that weaken the immune system. The lack of certain nutrients like zinc and selenium also make the immune system more vulnerable.

Maintaining a strong, highly efficient immune system is important because cancer is an immune system failure. Immune cells are supposed to identify cancer cells that are emerging and knock them out. A weak immune system gives the cancer cells a chance to get a foundation and to start to multiply, forming tumors and spreading through the body.
We are living in a very stressful world. You see a rise in cancer after the age of 50 due to higher cortisol levels and weaker immune systems. People are on drugs that weaken the immune system. Here is a list of the top ten things you can do to keep your immune system working efficiently:
  1. Minimize your intake of alcohol.
  2. Maintain your ideal body weight and do not eat a lot of refined sugars.
  3. Have garlic and onions in some form almost every day.
  4. Eat 5 to 7 fruits and vegetables a day.
  5. Exercise moderately.
  6. Take a high potency multivitamin.
  7. Take a supplement with reishi mushroom extract, astragalus, milk thistle and indole-3 carbinol.
  8. Take the 14 mushroom blend (www.mushroomharvest.com)
  9. Take a probiotic supplement
  10. Supplement with vitamin D to get your blood levels above 85nmol/L
This program will also be meaningful to those with autoimmune disease. It will help regulate the immune system and properly modulate it. Click on the link below to read my article on the immune and detoxification systems which are vital in the prevention of cancer.
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