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Friday, December 9, 2016

Cancer Horror Story: Cancer Industry Hides Awful Truth That Chemo Often Kills Patients Before Cancer Does By Bill Sardi from Lew Rockwell.com

Cancer Horror Story: Cancer Industry Hides Awful Truth That Chemo Often Kills Patients Before Cancer Does

     The shocking study was published in LANCET ONCOLOGY in September of this year and was reported by a limited number of news sources.  Guardian Aug 30, 2016] Most were obscure online portals.  [ChristianTruther.com Aug 7, 2016; The Free Thought Project Sept 3, 2016; Opposing Views Sept 6, 2016; What Doctors Don’t Tell You Sept 6, 2016]  But alternate news sources were apparently drowned out by the recent Presidential election in the USA.  Absent were CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters, The Associated Press — the major news media.
In some hospital-based cancer treatment centers the death rate from chemotherapy (not cancer) is as high as 50%.  The study involved thousands of patients with lung cancer in England. 
In Britain, the overall death rate among lung cancer patients is 8.4% within a month but in some hospitals, the death rate was much higher, as much as 50.9%.  The hospitals were advised of the problem (actually years ago).  Some reviewers are explaining away the findings of the study on poor data, but the demonstrative difference in deaths between treatment centers would be difficult to attribute to faulty data. 

MedScape, the online website for doctors, issued a report on the Lancet Oncology study which said: “The high mortality rate we report here is a concern…. a large proportion of patients with higher mortality than is typically reported in clinical trials.”  Cancer: 7 Powerful And... Sara Givens
The Medscape report went on to cite that “80% of patients from 27 hospitals appeared to die within 30 days of their first cycle of chemotherapy.” 
The Lancet Oncology report comes 10 years after a similar report of high mortality rates associated with chemotherapy.  One physician called this a “tragedy.” [Medscape Sept 6, 2016] 
That prior 2008 study, entitled “For Better, For Worse” conducted by the National Confidential Enquiry Into Patient Outcome & Death, disclosed the problem of chemotherapy-related deaths, in excess of deaths reported in clinical studies. 
The report said chemotherapy “probably caused or hastened death in 27% of cases.”  Chemotherapy was deemed to be inappropriate in 19% of treated cases. However, one professor inexorably concluded that: “cancer treatment today is enormously successful.” [University College London Nov 13, 2008]
A physician commenting at Medscape said: “Soon the concept of chemotherapy and radiotherapy will vanish from the standard of care.”
The Lancet Oncology report precedes a more recent dire report of deaths from an experimental chemotherapy drug.  [MarketwatchNov 23, 2016]
Meanwhile, in a misdirection, patient groups are leading an effort to lower the cost of certain chemotherapy drugs (??).  [The Oakland Press Dec 6, 2016]
Comments from a physician consultant in Britain recently made news headlines when he claimed said: “Cancer patients are wasting six-figure sums on chemotherapy.” [I News Nov 9, 2016]
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